Sasha Bannister


I have been an audiophile from the get go- from asking my mum to put Waltz of the Flowers on before nap time as a toddler, to hearing Appetite For Destruction for the first time on a well-used tape in my dad's car, to getting my first iPod (and being distraught when it met its unfortunate demise of falling into the loo).


Since moving to Cardiff and beginning a council apprenticeship in digital content, I'm continuing to pursue music by writing reviews, participating in Wales National Opera's community chorus events and contributing musical and lyrical ideas to the band Root Zero.


Favourite Bands:  Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Ghost B. C., Misfits, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Tame Impala, ABBA, Björk, The Dixie Chicks, The Doors, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Von Hertzen Brothers, Sonata Arctica, Rhapsody of Fire, Lost Horizon, Nightwish, Haggard, Ensiferum, Eluveitie, Children of Bodom and Woods of Ypres.