Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes announce March 2017 Headline Tour!

Fresh off the back of their most recent headline tour, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes have announced yet another UK headline tour for the release of their upcoming album 'Modern Ruin' which is set for release 27th January 2017. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am GMT.

Galactic Pegasus: 'Phantom of the Hill' - Album Review

Galactic Pegasus are another of Canada’s most brutal. In the sheer technicality of Djent we’re seeing a vast explosion of bands. It’s clear we’re to see many more bands from Canada and many more bands playing Djent. So what makes Galactic Pegasus any different? The new Album ‘Phantom of the Hill’ hits us November 18th and by the first track ‘Jenova’ we establish some of the usual staples of modern Metalcore with a pinch of energy. ‘Bottoms Up’ breaks in something harder but reveals itself more with its clean vocals. By the title track we’ve, so far, had an album treading similar paths to a lot of Metalcore. It darts almost energetically chaotic into some of its punches. Deceptive, as a faint

Six Time Champion 'More Than Me' Review

British punk five piece, Six Time Champion recently released their brand new E.P 'More Than Me' which in general; holds everything you'd expect from a modern day pop punk record. With opening track, 'Lost' being a strong starter for the E.P, the song shows you exactly what direction the Brighton boys are heading with this record. Starting with a short yet sharp upbeat guitar appearance to set the tempo, the track is soon accompanied by a fast paced drum beat which propels the track forward throughout. From the get go I instantly noticed similarities in vocals to Punk heavyweights, The Story So Far with their passion filled lyrics and highly pushed vocals - something that works consistently

From Rust 'Lost Sense Of Life'

Every now and again a band can flash on to the radar of not just metal-core, but heavy music in general – that don’t need any gimmicks, outlandish personalities or songs featuring controversial lyrics/topics, their simple ability to shine as a musical outfit is enough to put themselves over. Somerset’s From Rust are the very depiction of this. Thrusting themselves into the spotlight with an entourage of aggression, passion and technical proficiency, the five piece’s debut EP ‘Lost Sense Of Life’ should do nothing less than place the bands flagpole high on the mountain of up and coming bands in the metal-core genre. Opening track ‘Whispers’ is admittedly where the EP peaks, but in beautiful

Faustus: 'Death and Other Animals' Album Review

Ever since discussing their Halsway Manor residency and the then upcoming album resulting from that earlier this year when I interviewed Faustus, I was looking forward to hearing the result. Several friends of mine saw the band promoting Death and Other Animals on their recent tour, and afterwards lamented a departure from the Morris tunes of Doctor Faustus that takes them now more towards songs; yet as Slaves opens up I find myself grateful for that. The catchy chorus picks up exactly where their previous album, Broken Down Gentlemen (2013), left off. It’s catchy, boisterous, and contains an apt message for these political times we find ourselves in, matched with the punchy song arranging t

Will Varley: 'Kingsdown Sundown' Album Review

“These are the most honest songs I've ever written and they represent new ground for me creatively. They may not be radio friendly or even 'friendly' at all, but I’ve been wanting to make a record like this for a long time." That is how Will Varley describes his new album, and it is a description that immediately drew me in, excited to give the record a first listen. Even more delighting to me was the discovery that the album was recorded just outside my hometown in Kent, as the first few chords of To Build A Wall began playing in a style reminiscent of a calmer track from the likes of Kim Churchill or early Mumford and Sons. Whilst it lacks the anthem-like nature of protest songs from The L

SHVPES with Press To MECO & Holding Absence - Clwb Ifor Bach 20/10/16

Tonight sees three fresh faced bands take to the stage and hold their own very comfortably. Here is our review of SHVPES live at Clwb Ifor Bach with support from Harmonists Press To MECO and new blood Holding Absence. Holding Absence have been on a bit of a warpath in terms of taking shows left, right and centre to get their name out there. A recent change of their frontman and a single that has seen the band receive an impressive 32k views on YouTube has put them in a definite position of authority in the local music scene. It is no surprise then that they are first on the bill for another two up-and-coming bands on a bigger scale. Holding Absence's sound is raw, passionate and full of

Onslaught w/ Beholder & Anihilated at Fuel Rock Club - 8/11/16

Classic thrashers are unleashed in Cardiff The glorious stench of B.O, beer and unwashed denim can only mean one thing – thrash night at Cardiff’s number one rock bar, Fuel. Though the rain is pissing it down in biblical fashion in the capitol, a handful of metal’s most faithful come surging into the venue to witness a very furiously heavy night of classic, fist to your face metal. Things seem to be somewhat tame to begin with as Anihilated [7] take to the stage. Given the thirty-five years this band have been circling the metal scene around the UK, the quartet throw all their punches with a set that could give Usain Bolt a run for his money. Vocalist and bass pounder, Si Cobb, has all the

The 69 Eyes w/ Generation Graveyard at Nottingham Rescue Rooms - 05/11/16

Everyone has their traditions...and for three years now the tradition for this reviewer seems to be getting his goth-on every Winter for some incredible live music. December 2014 was Fields Of The Nephilim in Shepherd's Bush, London...last December was HIM in Nottingham Rock City...this year I travelled back to Nottingham, albeit slightly earlier, for the return of The 69 Eyes. Currently in the UK supporting The Mission who are celebrating their 30th anniversary, the Finn's took it upon themselves to play a couple of their own headline shows while they were over here (it has been a while after all)...and on November 5th, we find them at the Rescue Rooms. Let's see what happened when Noizze c


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