Jacs Top 10 Albums of 2016

Its been one of those years that every band of interest to me have released new music. This is a good thing but makes for a difficult decision process when it comes to making this list. Before we begin here are a few honourable mentions for some albums that really have stuck out this year. First up Panic! At The Disco's arguably best album to date. It hasn't been until now that Panic! AKA Brendon Urie has made an album so infectiously catchy from start to finish. It feels the most Panic! album he has released to date and has moved comfortably into a blend of feel-good, stage-show influenced pop rock. Local South Welsh boys Casey have had one hell of a year and dropped a debut album that has

Simons (Mostly Folky) Top 10 Albums of 2016

Well, 2016 is coming to a close. It’s been a tumultuous year for most of us, I am sure; it certainly has been for me. I am not one for emotional goodbyes, but I suppose we do have two traditions to hold sacred: the tradition of deciding what the best “Thing of the Year” is, and the tradition of listing things. Personal feelings aside (or at least, as much as that can be said when I am forced to compare everything I have listened to this year and come out with an overall “victor”), I have done the best of both. Here is the result; I give you my Top 10 (Mostly Folk) Albums of 2016. 10. Wolfe Sunday – Empty Bottles, Broken Bones I start the list in familiar territory. I have been following Wolf

Marias Top 10 Albums of 2016

Here are some honourable mentions to start off my list. With new material coming from Pixies, Die Antwoord Slaves and many more, its been a huge year for the music world in 2016. Overall there have been some brilliant releases, one of these being The Saint Leonard record which is a mix of lyrics and melodies striking you with hypnotic powers, I’m so proud to say I had the opportunity to witness them sing live and it was great to support a couple of the shows they performed at. Alongside this record some other honourable mentions include the new bluesy Rolling Stones record, a collection of Bob Dylan live recordings and also singles/EPs released by artists such as ‘The Garden’ ‘Cherry Glazerr

Dave White's Top Ten of 2016

So I’ve been a fairly busy bee this year. Between getting married, changing my job around 3 times and moving house music has kinda taken a back seat for the past twelve months. Therefore populating this list wasn’t as easy as it could have been as any new music I’ve listened to this year hasn’t really had the playtime it deserves to bludgeon it’s way into my ever dwindling little grey cells and stay there for longer than the duration of the album. For example, my lovely wife bought me the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album ‘Skeleton Tree’ on vinyl for my birthday and I’ve only had the chance to listen to it once. I’d love for it to have a place on this list but it’s definitely an album that

Metal Blade Records to be inducted into "The Hall of Heavy Metal History"!

Exciting news for Metal Blade Records! As part of Metal Blade Records' 35th anniversary celebration in 2017, "The Hall of Heavy Metal History" will induct the label at an all-star ceremony, which takes place on Wednesday, January 18that the Anaheim Expo Center in Anaheim, CA. See below for the 2017 "Hall of Heavy Metal History" inductees: *Ronnie James Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio (with Wendy Dio accepting the induction) *Metal Blade Records (with Brian Slagel accepting the induction) *Scorpions (with drummer Mikkey Dee accepting the induction) *Rainbow Bar and Grill (with Rainbow Bar and Grill owner Mikael Maglieri accepting the induction) *Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead (with Manage

Thyrane: 'Black Harmony' - Demo Review

So one of the things to look forward to in 2017 would be Woodcut Records looking back at a few albums and demos. Now Woodcut Records have actually released some wonderful Black Metal over their time. Looking at some of the most impressive Finnish Black Metal you can find. Though, like one of my favourites from their output, Funeris Nocturnum, there's a lot of dead bands. Disbanded in 2006, Thyrane are being given a new spotlight. Their debut Demo is getting a re-release January 13th. Thyrane aren’t exactly very well-known and sound a lot like an early era Dimmu Borgir; and do in fact come from that legion of bands in the mid to late 90s. So why’s ‘Black Harmony’ getting a treatment and how d

The Haunted added to Meshuggah's UK 2017 tour!

The band have just been announced as main support to Meshuggah for their upcoming UK/IRE tour in January next year. The 8 date tour is kicking off on 12th January at Bristol's Academy and will finish at London's Forum on 20th Jan. THE HAUNTED supporting Meshuggah 12.01.2017 Bristol (UK) - O2 Academy 13.01.2017 Birmingham (UK) - O2 Institute 14.01.2017 Nottingham (UK) - Rock City 15.01.2017 Glasgow (UK) - O2 ABC 17.01.2017 Belfast (UK) - Limelight 18.01.2017 Dublin (Ireland) - Vicar Street 19.01.2017 Manchester (UK) - O2 Ritz 20.01.2017 London (UK) - O2 Forum Kentish Town THE HAUNTED’s latest album “Exit Wounds”, 2015, was an exciting release for them and well worth a look!

Jess Sits Down With Area 11 Interview

You released a new album earlier this year didn’t you and an EP earlier this month, right? Kogie: That’s right yeah, we released our second album in July which is called “Modern Synthesis” and we did a tour to support that. It did way better than we anticipated and we got in the charts which was something we weren’t really expecting which is brilliant for us especially as a band our size. We just released an acoustic EP called ‘Let It Resonate’ with three acoustic versions of songs off the second album. N: This is the first time you’ve done any kind of acoustic release, isn’t it? Leo: I mean, yeah. On our first album we had like a fifth of a track that ended up being acoustic in five parts.

What An End To An Amazing Year.

Ryan attended his last show of the year. A special one for him, for us and for the three HUGE bands he took snaps of. Madball, Korn and Limp Bizkit all under one sweaty roof. Here are the highlights! Photo Credit: Ryan Winstanley

The Hell + Constructor + Nightlives at Fuel Rock Bar, Cardiff

Love them or hate them, The Hell couldn’t give two shits. Brash and vulgar with a fondness for facial bandanas that borders on the fetish, this Watford sextet decided to stuff our stockings this festive season by paying a visit to Cardiff’s Fuel Bar. Now, it’s hard to enter a show like this without having a bit of scepticism about the headline act and what it says about their support. However, when Cardiff electro-hardcore trio Nightlives [7] open with their brand of chest-thumping digitised beats with head banging riffs, they immediately grasp our attention. Filling a small space with a big sound is never an easy job, let alone when it’s your second ever show. This is the perfect environmen

That Time Hacktivist Rocked The Boat

Kieran Gallop put together this incredible video that captures the intensity and energy of an amazing band; Hacktivist. Check it out and show the love! Video Credit: GLK Media

The Amity Affliction w/ Northlane, Stray From The Path and Wage War.

The date was Sunday 4th December, as I entered Bristol’s prestigious 02 Academy as Wage War [8/10] already drove their fierce sound into the faces watching, an already full venue so my expectations were immediately heightened. Hailing from Ocala, Florida, which A Day to Remember have already marked on the map of metalcore, the band open with an absolute belter entitled ‘Hollow’. A short track, but vocalist Briton Bond’s vocals over a heavy drum beat and high pitched lead-line, there was no hesitation in my mind that this band was serious. In today’s market the band risk being lost in a sea of metalcore band’s, but their set left me wanting to check out their debut album 'Blueprints' in an in

Beartooth w/ Vanna & Trash Boat at Birmingham Institute

A never ending queue kicks off my first time at Birmingham’s 02 Institute, with fans young and old eager for a night of undeniable heaviness. US Hardcore favourites Beartooth are nearing the end of a jam packed European tour, with the last few stops here in the UK. Opening the night, St Albans pop punk outfit Trash Boat. Despite being a fan, the crowd is less responsive than I’d have hoped for. Frontman Tobi Duncan attempts to rally the crowd, but lacks in his vocal abilities, with the three weeks previous on the road seeming to take its toll. However, the enthusiasm is evident, paired with their familiar gritty angst. A clean cut sound throughout the set, as well as Duncan’s personable appr

Sams Top 10 Albums 2016

Korn – The Serenity Of Suffering A refreshingly familiar trip around Nu-Metallville, Korn’s latest opus is a strong and firm reminder that while the late-nineties have disappeared, an appreciation for the veteran band’s unique concoction of loose-stringed riffs and introspective madness has not. From single and standout track “Insane” to “Rotting In Vain”, Korn’s trademark sonic signature hasn’t lost any of its dexterity or impact. Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us An album that carries an increased gravity in light of the recent tragedy, Architects latest release is punctuated with a mature, electronic flavour that doesn’t betray the previous albums raw fury, but merely meshes nat

Kates Top 10 Albums of 2016

Earthbound – Bury Tomorrow Earthbound demonstrates how mature Bury Tomorrow’s sound has gotten over recent years, and how tight the metal-core band are currently. The album still features sickeningly catchy choruses, and huge mosh-pit worthy breakdowns. But, Earthbound stands out for being that bit more aggressive, and compelling when compared to Bury Tomorrow’s previous albums- it also sounds absolutely massive live. Stand outs; Last Light, 301 and Cemetery Hardwired… To Self-Destruct – Metallica As far as Metallica go, this personally is no Ride the Lightning (but then again it is also no St. Anger). With that being said, the album does contain some real stand-outs, with Spit out the Bon

Arro Jones: 'Middle of the Night' EP Review

Today I take a long overdue listen to an artist I thoroughly enjoyed back when he was in a duo called Bones. Now Arro Jones has gone solo and his debut EP 'Middle of the Night' came out a few days back. 'Fever' was the first single released and opens up the EP. It has all the melancholic vibes amongst an ambient riff and a commanding bass line. According to Arro the song is "A homage to the neon lit late night drives through Los Angeles with his then girlfriend on a trip they took together, and is about being with someone who burns with a fire that makes the world brighter." DEEP. The title track comes at a bit of a shock with a minimal backing-track and a rap effort from Arro. Don't get


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