Eclipse: 'Perspectives' - EP Review

Merthyr Tydfil was once known as the iron capitol of the world back in the 1800s. To this day not much has changed, as this town has found another way to export metal to the masses. Fighting to keep the South Wales valleys heavy are five-piece djent-iles Eclipse, who are pounding out riff after chest beating riff with the force of category five Doris. Hailing from one of the more underrated scenes in the country, Eclipse are bringing a fresh sound to the low-end beef of contemporary metal. With their debut EP, Perspectives slamming into our ear sockets like a roided-up rhinoceros, think Architects meets Heart Of A Coward and Periphery - but in space. The atmospheric and ethereal nature is ba

Noizze: This Week in Metal

"I feel bad for Metallica. Honestly, because at this point in their career they shouldn't have been disrespected like that. The fact that… They shut [Hetfield's microphone] off. Metallica doesn't have control of that." Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour comments on Metallica's treatment at the Grammy's. A quite unfortunate appearance for Metallica. He continued: "The thing that people have to remember... I'm gonna give you a little background. All of Metallica's people are not allowed to work on live performances on television. None of us are. They have a sound producer and a whole crew of people who work on those shows, and then your people work right behind them, all right? But yo

Lower Than Atlantis Set To Embark on UK Tour

Lower Than Atlantis are set to hit the UK hard with their headline tour commencing in a couple of weeks. The band are riding high after releasing their hugely successful album Safe In Sound. With the album extending LTA's hits you can expect belter after belter. The guys won't be alone either, in support are Young Guns, Hands Like Houses and Roam who have all been smashing it in their own right as well! So if you are looking for a night of hard-hitting and passionate singalongs then you do not want to miss this one! Catch Lower Than Atlantis at one of the dates below:

Introducing... SICKONES

SICKONES are a three piece hardcore-punk band based in South West UK. With an energetic live show and dominating stage presence the band have gained themselves a decent amount of recognition. The trio's influences range from 80's punk to 90's hip-hop to create a subtle blend of modern hardcore and old-school punk. The band released two EP's in 2016 which were welcomed onto the scene with open ears. The band's DIY ethic is a testament to how hard they work. Their latest video 'I Don't Exist' gives you a little taste of the band and chaotic nature. You can check it out below: With a strong underground following and the potential to push outside of this, who knows where we will see this hardw

Daria Kulesh 'Long Lost Home' Album Review

I confess, I have been looking forward to this album for quite a while now, and I am so happy to finally be able to give it a listen. I have enjoyed Daria Kulesh’s unique musical style and fantastic singing voice since I first came across her at Oxford Folk Weekend last year, and this concept album about her ancestral home of Ingushetia is intriguing with its beautiful artwork, stunning photographs, and the lovely stories that are told in the sleeve notes. 'Tamara' opens exactly how I imagined it would, with a haunting lead vocal line accompanied by an ominous sound from the Shruti box, before the percussion comes in to give a decidedly Central-Asian feel that works so well. It is a strong o

Album Review: Daycare For Jedi 'This Is What You Get'

On the face of it with a name like Daycare For Jedi it’s fair to say the majority would expect a satire outfit with songs focusing on the galaxy far far away. It would also be a fair statement that most people would switch off on that basis. Society seems to hold music as this sacred medium that can’t be comedic. As a fan of the likes of Rodney Carrington, Weird Al, and Jarrod Alonge I can say with sincerity that the generality of satirical acts fail and for good reason, most are either not funny or plain and simply put, awful. Daycare For Jedi, however follow almost none of these tropes, yes they have a name that nods to, and stands as a satire to everyone’s favourite Sci-Fi series but the

EP Review: Underdog Champs 'Skeletons In Daylight

Underdog Champs are a band who pride themselves off not being pigeonholed to one specific genre, but rather spread their wings across many different musical paths without the fear of uncertainty - something that shines through in Skeletons in Daylight. Tracking a total of seven songs, each holds their own uniqueness that creates for seven completely different listening experiences. The EP's opening track 'Safe In The Dark' gets the ball rolling with a thundering guitar riff that yells punk rock, soon breaking out into a contagious sing along vocal led track, accompanied by some husky screams. The midsection of the EP sees the outburst of track five 'Here For You', a powerful ballad which sl

Album Review: Decade 'Pleasantries'

Bath based alt-rockers Decade have been seemingly quiet for the past two years since their debut release Good Luck in 2014. Nonetheless, the five-piece have triumphantly returned to the UK music scene with their newest offering - Pleasantries. Within this short space of time, Decade have clearly matured and fused genres, creating a hybrid between 2017 pop-punk and a more nostalgic 90s vibe. Opening with ‘Human Being’, the listener is instantly teleported into Weezer territory (never a bad thing). The song offers a belter of a chorus, with catchy upbeat guitar leads that make this a great song for the summer and festival circuit. This is echoed within tracks like ‘Turn Off Your TV’, and ’Bran

Album Review: Nightlife 'Salt and Acid'

London pop-rockers Nightlife have certainly kept fans on their toes, having not released material since 2013. However, with the first single from their debut LP Salt and Acid teasing us on the album’s potential, the anticipation is almost too much. Already having two EP’s under their belt, we assume that we will be exposed to a similar sound offered before. This definitely is not the case for the release, which has taken a much more pop-rock influence, as opposed to their previous pop-punk vibe. Nevertheless, this album is the perfect debut for these guys. Opening track ‘Left Alone’ strongly establishes their position on this record; bold riffs throughout from guitarist Will Wilson paired wi

This Week In Metal: February 16th - February 24th 2017

Dillinger Escape Plan have cancelled the remaining dates on their European tour due to a traffic collision involving the bands tour bus while in Poland. On February 11 while on their way to play the Polish city of Krakow, the New Jersey tech metal outfit had pulled their bus to the side of the road due to it breaking down. A truck collided with the gear filled trailer before crashing into the tour bus itself. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured however all the band’s equipment was destroyed in the incident. All further dates in Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and Belgium have been cancelled. A GoFundMe campaign is up and running to help the band in this time of need

Album Review: Suicide Silence 'S/T'

Can be quite juxtaposed cant it, metal? Put the same album out over and over again and you’re a one trick pony. Try and do something different and you’re bound to be called a sell-out. In fairness this can evidently reign true throughout all genres of music, but is seemingly most prevalent in extreme metal. With this self-titled record; California’s Suicide Silence have taken what you know and expect from the band, and turned it on its head, resulting in an album that has plenty of shock and awe – but thinning insides. After more than earning his stripes on 2014’s You Can’t Stop Me, vocalist Eddie Hermida is expectedly at the forefront of this direction change, stepping away from ferocious

All Else Fails: 'The Forever Lie' - EP Review

The power of metal is it’s staying power and it’s sheer strength. It isn’t just catchy it empowers you. It can feel violent or smooth but as long as it does this then this will be a something that you return to years later. A lot of bands never achieve this, a lot will just be a part of the heavy sea of Metal. Every so often a song will come forth to grab you for a moment and if it’s good enough it’ll be the moment that stays forever. All Else Fails are a Canadian Metal band and they recently gave us The Forever Lie. This EP is a slow burner. ‘Beneath the Waves’ and ‘The Sons of Plenty’ are a part of the heavyweight sea of Metal. The true sense of powerful rhythm guitars and that emotive b

EP Review: Hawk 'She Knows'

Hawk are a London based Alternative Rock outfit ready to take 2017 by storm and to the next level. Their new release She Knows is the perfect indication and justification for this. The ambient tones of introductory melodies fill your ear drums and you are transported to an alien listening station. Then familiarity strikes, disgruntled chords break through and ring with plodding drum rhythms. Its simplicity is its beauty with raging vocals ‘Intro’ could be the best opening track to any rock release. ‘Take it Away’ keeps the alternative heavy tone, developing it somewhat into some coherence. The chilling vocals will remind you of Evanescence, whereas the instrumentation falls naturally somewhe

Boston Manor - The Fleece, Bristol | February 2017

The Blackpool Emo-Punks Boston Manor know how to energise their live shows. Here is a montage of their show from Bristol on their tour with Four Year Strong. Video by Theodore Swaddling

Album Review: Danny Worsnop 'The Long Road Home'

Music can be unpredictable. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who could have predicted what the last 4-5 years have had in store for English metalcore heart-throb Danny Worsnop. The Yorkshireman has found himself at almost every end of the musical spectrum as of late – with ‘The Long Road Home’ being Worsnop’s stab at a country inspired, empathy filled solo album. Worsnop’s unique voice has helped set him apart from the competition no matter the genre in question, and it does so again here. Tracks such as ‘Prozac’, ‘Quite A While’ and ‘Anyone But Me’ feature a lick of ingenuity from the Yorkshireman which while hardly lyrically inspiring, are a pleasant listen. It’s in these stripped ba

This Week In Metal: February 8th - 15th 2017

The 59th Grammy Awards took place last Sunday and if you’re a metal fan, the evening didn’t disappoint. Baroness, Gojria and Periphery were all nominated alongside heavyweights Megadeth and Korn for ‘Best Metal Performance’. Though always underrepresented by the mainstream, to see such respectable acts picked might be a changing sign of the times. Considering Gojira are also nominated for ‘Best Rock Album’, it’s refreshing to see some recognition from the mainstream. With Megadeth taking the award respectively, it was the Master Of Puppets being payed to mark the victory that raised a few eyebrows. Taking it in their stride, Dave Mustaine even played air guitar down the aisle. Regardless of


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