Seaway - Interview with Ryan Locke & Andrew Eichinger

Seaway - Photo Credit: Unknown Pop punk band Seaway are doing a phenomenal job of spreading their brand of charming rhythms across the globe with phenomenal success. We caught up with members Ryan Locke & Andrew Eichinger to find out the things you really want to know. Cait: Hey guys how are you? Ryan: We’re great thanks, how are you? C: I’m good! Looking forward to seeing anyone today? R: We have a lot of our friends playing this year, so it’s always cool to see them, like Boston Manor, Trophy Eyes, Like Pacific… they’re all great. C: Yeah there’s so many great pop punk bands on the bill this year! With these UK shows and festivals, how do they differ from your shows back home and i

Like Pacific - Interview with Jordan Black

Like Pacific: Photo Credit - Connor Feimster Punk band Like Pacific are known for their transformation of raw emotion into their pacing music. We managed to catch a few words with Jordan Black after their absolute stormer of a set at Slam Dunk Midlands. Cait: How was your set earlier on today? Jordan: Amazing! So sick. We had such a huge crowd it was literally insane C: A great turn out for the first band of the day! J: For sure, I’m still amazed C: So are you excited to catch anybody this weekend? J: My friends in Seaway, Boston Manor, Neck Deep, Trophy Eyes. They’re all my friends, Homebound also will be sick. It’s a huge friend party right now. C: So Distant Like You Asked cam

Slam Dunk Midlands and Leeds: In Review (Pt.1)

Photo Credit: Ben Bentley Acting as one of the most prominent festivals of the summer for rock fans, Slam Dunk Festival pulled out all the stops this year. Noizze were lucky to experience both Midlands and Leeds sites for 2017, and both did not disappoint! Kicking proceedings off on the Jägermeister Stage was Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness [9]. Accurately introducing himself as the ‘least heavy act’ on the main stage, McMahon’s notably toned-down piano led set was truly captivating. Playing material from his most recent album, Zombies on Broadway as well as his self-titled album, fans were treated to an ambient spin on songs such as ‘Cecilia and the Satellite’, ‘Fire Escape’ and ‘Canyon Mo

This Week In Metal: 24th-30th May

Covering 24th-30th May. Noizze presents... Hywel Davies talks about the Manchester bombings, our hearts go out to the friends and family of those who were unfortunately there. For all things Noizze: Facebook: /noizzeuk Twitter: @NoizzeUK YouTube: /NoizzeUK Instagram: /NoizzeUK Snapchat: /NoizzeUK All general enquiries to Noizze at

Introducing... The Barnum Meserve

A three piece band without guitars? That still works? The idea itself seems confusing and quite the mountainous task, but Nottingham's The Barnum Meserve are the culmination of risk taking music that remains energetic and pushes boundaries whenever possible. Formed in 2007 by Leon Wiley and Dylan Griffiths and later adding drummer Paul Moss, the trio have had a decade of finding and improving themselves, working tirelessly to write two EP's and release their debut album back in 2015. They're a trio who refuse to stand still. Instead of opting for a pounding alternative sound, The Barnum Meserve instead achieve a cinematic aspect with their flair and style of song-writing - achieving a

Alestorm - Interview with Christopher Bowes

I recently had a chat with Christopher Bowes, from Scottish based Pirate Metal group 'Alestorm' prior to the release of their new album No Grave But The Sea. I caught him in the middle of drinking tea and playing Crusader Kings, which he tells me is a real time strategy game about conquering Europe in the middle ages. We waste no time getting to the questions, as I'm eager to find out more about what makes Alestorm, well, Alestorm. Noizze: So you guys have your new album, No Grave But The Sea coming out very soon, what's the process been like on making that album? Chris: Well we started writing about a year and a half ago, mostly me doing the writing and Elliot on the keyboard played us a lo

Havok w/ Warbringer, Gorod & Exmortus at Underworld, Camden. - 4/4/17

It was a warm, Tuesday evening outside the Underworld, Camden. John Kevill, singer of Warbringer ran around the que recording the fans excitement. As I entered the venue, I managed to find a great view of the stage while Exmortus began their set. Exmortus [8] are an American, extreme metal band. The first thing I noticed about the band was how young the lead guitarist and bassist looked. But, all four members blew me away with the energy they brought to the performance. They were head banging to every song and they all had massive smiles on their faces, which was great to watch. It was clear they wanted to be up on that stage performing to all those people. They interacted with the crowd fre

Interview with David Sanchez of Havok

I caught up with Havok’s singer, David Sanchez before their show at The Underworld in Camden Town. As a huge fan of Havok, it was very hard to contain my excitement of meeting such a talented artist. I started the interview by congratulating David on the success of the new album Conformicide. I proceed to ask what it was like for him being back in the studio after four years. He responded by saying “It was cool, it was the first time going to a different place to record. In the past I produced all our records and all the engineering and recording. This was the first time I was not responsible for all that stuff so, for me it was nice. All I had to do was record my parts right and yell well”.

Weirds - Swarmculture | Album Review

With a genre like grunge it’s incredibly refreshing to see bands pushing limits and breaking away from the traditional formula. With their debut album, SWARMCULTURE, Leeds natives WEIRDS have done exactly that. Spanning ten encapsulating tracks WEIRDS have delivered a sonic offering of grit and darkness that is almost impossible to refuse. As album opener ‘Things You Create’ kicks in it’s clear that the band have delved into a sound that is hard-hitting and psychedelic while still managing to maintain a pop-sensibility. The verses are driven along by an infectious bassline and intricate guitar melodies while the fuzz and distortion are cranked up to the max for an anthemic chorus as frontman

Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea | Album Review

Hide the booze and lock up your valuables, Alestorm are back. The Scottish “Pirate Metal” five piece have mastered a formula that brings fantasy stories about plundering buckaneers questing the high seas, fighting everything they see and getting absolutely wasted on all manner of alcoholic beverages with a wide variety of musical styles stemming out of the metal genre. They've been doing this since 2004, and their latest musical venture, fifth album No Grave But The Sea, takes all the qualities that makes Alestorm so uniquely brilliant and runs with them. Right off the bat, opening song and album title track 'No Grave But The Sea' delivers a plethora of grand brass instruments accompanied by

From Eden To Exile - Modern Disdain | Album Review

Winning the prestigious Metal 2 The Masses competition and then subsequently performing at the world renowned Bloodstock Festival is all well and good, but the true test of the potential a band has comes when there is a full release where bones can be picked apart, and the band can be given he chance to express themselves across a 40 minute platform. Northampton's From Eden To Exile have seemingly taken this opportunity and have used it to drive them to a debut album which is little short of a bull in a china shop. Chaotic. Possessive. Supercharged. Modern Disdain is the very definition of the phrase "It does what it says on the tin" and From Eden To Exile have hit home with an album th

Frown Upon Release New Single & Debut EP

Frown Upon - Photo Credit: Ashlea Bea Photography Welsh rock band Frown Upon have released a new single titled 'Sratch' as well as their debut self-titled EP. Said to share musical similarities with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, the band have nailed a recent tour with Holding Absense and are hitting the road again in July with Catch Fire. Their self titled EP is currently available on all platforms and will have a limited amount of physical copies available for it also. When discussing what kind of lyrical themes you can expect from the album, vocalist Zac Noneley said: "Our self-titled EP covers a range of themes from friendship, politics, bereavement, and love, 'Scratch 'is a

Live Review | Madball w/Ignite, H20 & Anal Hard at The Razzmatazz, Barcelona - 5th May 2017

Having travelled to Spain in the name of hardcore, it’s safe to say Barcelona’s stickiest venue, the Razzmatazz, was the perfect venue for New York HC veterans Madball. Having only announced a short run of European dates, it was clear that incorporating these guys, as well as some of the scenes most prestigious veterans into a well-deserved holiday was essential. Show openers Anal Hard [7], who reside in BCN, brought the intensity that we were all eagerly anticipating. Their metalcore edge signified bodies flying around the room, with frontman Rubio Meister joining the crowd at several points in the set. Despite their between song chats being in Spanish, it was clear that the crowd liked wha

Introducing... Bare Teeth

France isn't really known as a particular hot bed for punk bands with plenty to say, but this might be the winds of change. Four piece Bare Teeth are looking to emerge on the scene as front-runners for French punk rock, and they might just be successful with it. After releasing a demo that managed to shift more than 250 copies, the quartet recently released debut EP 'First The Town, Then The World' which is currently available on CD, vinyl and all digital formats. We thought it best to give you a little taster of what you'd be getting with Bare Teeth... so here's 'Parted Ways': When asked what they hope their fans take from the latest EP, the band said: "We don’t really know what to ex

Invisions Release New Video & Share Details On New Album

Metalcore band Invisions have shared a new video for their song 'Purge' as well as announcing details of their upcoming album. The York quartet will unleash their self-released debut album Never Nothing on the world August 18th, with Purge showing a dark, gritting tone to the band. “Purge was actually the last song we recorded for the album. We were right at the end of the recording process when we wrote it, so it almost never even happened. It’s about feeling numb to the everyday things that are happening around you and needing to find a way to release yourself from the emotional void. In this case, causing extreme pain to another just to try and feel something yourself” - Lucas Gabb,

Eleven Bands to Watch Out For at Latitude Festival!

Watching bands you already love can be extremely enjoyable, but discovering an entirely new act to add to your playlists however, is truly an integral delight of life. That is why Noizze have decided to thoroughly file through this year’s line-up and determine the eleven top acts that should be added into your festival schedule for the annual four-day celebration. The Coral Since 2001 and their first album, the jaunty indie entourage have continued to produce knock-out material that justifiably sent their album sales into the millions. The all too familiar opening notes of ‘In The Morning’ and the trademark bass lick of ‘Dreaming Of You’ are usually enough to get the fans blood pressure ris

Interview: Kin Etik - Twelve Foot Ninja

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Twelve Foot Ninja have endured five years of progression up the ranks of the metal scene, it hasn't come without hard-ship (does it ever?) but remaining positive, talented, and driven - the quintet have constantly barged doors down all over the world. Their captivating live show has made them a project that needs to be experienced by any corner of the metal spectrum. We caught up with Kin on the bands last date of the UK tour for some perspective on their achievements. Noizze: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today! Tonight’s the last date of your UK tour, how’s it been so far? What have been the best and worst moments? Kin: It’s been amazing! We’ve

Next To None Announce New Album

After recently finishing off a European tour along-side Haken, prog metal band Next To None have released details of their sophomore album. The record will be titled Phases and is slated for release via InsideOutMusic on July 7th 2017. On the album itself, the band said: "We're so excited to finally be releasing our new album. We feel it's a huge step forward for the band and shows a much heavier and much more technical side.This album is very special to us because it's the first time we recorded and self-produced our entire album. We were able to create music that it completely our own. Every note, every sound, every word, came from us and we can't wait for you all to hear it." Ph

Karkaos: 'Children of the Void' - Album Review

Canadian Metal seems to be making more and more of a mark on the world. It seems in the ashes of the world there are some violent screams still reaching through the darkness. It’s also heavy, diverse and varied. This pulse seems to carry with it a healthy amount of everything you’d want from metal. There is at least one band for you out there it would seem. Montreal’s own Karkaos have been gaining a lot of support recently and over their approximately 10-year lifespan they’ve certainly haven’t lost that energy but refined it. They’re also like a more extreme Within Temptation, showing hints of In Flames for good measure. Female fronted, symphonic and with that aggressive touch of extreme met


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