The Acacia Strain - Gravebloom | Album Review

The Acacia Strain's over 15 year tenure as a band has been a roller-coaster tale of lineup changes and brutality. There's even a sense that the chaos of member changes has helped keep the band ticking over - rarely having the opportunity to settle on a lineup for too long. The blueprint for TAS' sound was seemingly found long ago, and with vocalist Vincent Bennett the only surviving original member - this won't be changing any time soon. New record Gravebloom is a slogging kick to the jaw from start to finish, with a sound that falls within the slow, beat-down tone of Malevolence and the tearing vocal presence of Thy Art Is Murder, Gravebloom is a record that is very much set out for fans

Igorrr: 'Savage Sinusoid' - Album Review

Every once in a while Metal seems to produce bands that you just can’t describe or even that is a struggle to recommend because for all their brilliance it’s just off the wall. Sigh, Aborym, Winny Puhh, Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Marley and Dir En Grey are but a few mentions…. And Igorrr certainly fall into this category. Igorrr are one of these bands that are hard to review because they’re unique and original in a way that you’re either going to love or hate – but you’ll remember them. Music verging on experience in a way that Metal can experiment with. You just can’t tell what could come next… Savage Sinusoid, their latest effort just doesn’t hold back. It comprises of s

Interview with Griffin Landa - The Acacia Strain

With The Acacia Strain due to release Gravebloom on the 30th June, we had a quick catch up with bassist Griffin Landa to discuss the release of the album and the band's experience so far on this summer's Warped Tour. Noizze: We are just days away from the release of Gravebloom. It is sounding brutally heavy, which is synonymous with The Acacia Strain. How are you feeling about the album's release? Griffin: We are all very happy with Gravebloom, and are feeling good about it. It has been a little under a year since we completed the record so woe are all very anxious to finally release it. N: Talk us through the creative process of creating Gravebloom- what influenced the sound on the album,

Goatwhore: 'Vengeful Ascension' - Album Review

New Orleans is already famous in metal circles for the legendary Pantera, as well as for birthing the murky, crusty music that is sludge, a fusion of the crawling, monolithic heaviness of doom with the attitude of hardcore and crust punk, filtering it through a swampy atmosphere so thick you could cut it. Goatwhore hail from NOLA but unlike countrymen Eyehategod or Crowbar (or local supergroup Down) their brand of metal is an altogether more blackened, thrashing beast, taking cues from both the burgeoning black and death metal scenes and fusing it with elements of thrash and sludge. Seventh album Vengeful Ascension sees Goatwhore continue to expound their own brand of black/death metal, infu

Introducing... Story Untold

Five-piece Canadian pop-rock band Story Untold are starting to make some serious waves in the music scene marked with their latest release of single "Delete". The Montreal rockers' foundation was laid by youtuber Janick Thibault, the groups vocalist, who recreated alternative version of pop songs. After recruiting local friends Jessy Bergy, Max Cloutier, and Aiden Von Rose Story Untold was formed. Since their inception, Story Untold have cultivated an impressive following of over 330,000 subscribers on YouTube, with over 30 million views including over 300,000 likes on Facebook and thousands more across other various social media platforms. They have since toured North America with Simpl

Live Review: Four Year Strong w/ Homebound at The Black Heart - London - 10/06/17

On Saturday 10th of June 2017, 150 lucky people had the pleasure of attending a very special night in London at a teeny tiny venue. Just a day after playing not one, but two sets at the legendary Download Festival, the beardy boys (and the not so beardy boys) in Four Year Strong decided to have a bit of fun and book the smallest London venue they could find available at short notice. The venue in question was The Black Heart in Camden, a small bar tucked away down a backstreet just a few paces from the notorious Camden Underworld. Homebound [7], a UK Pop Punk band from Surrey, were up first as the singular support band for the night, giving a great performance despite only a select few membe

Live Review: Knuckle Puck w/ Wallflower at The Old Blue Last - 07/06/17

Chicago natives Knuckle Puck have been making waves in the pop-punk scene since starting out in 2010. With a string of successful EPs under their belts, they finally released their much-anticipated debut album, Copacetic, in July 2015. The band’s return to the UK has been long-awaited, especially since the cancellation of their co-headline tour with fellow Chicago band Real Friends that was announced for December last year. A reschedule of dates saw Knuckle Puck soon announce a short run of shows across the UK in some very intimate venues, kicking off the tour was a sold-out show at London’s Old Blue Last and it made for a triumphant return. With just two bands making the line-up the night w

Float Here Forever: 'Inexhaustible' EP Review

Alternative rock three-piece Float Here Forever are on today's chopping block with their latest EP Inexhaustible. Hailing from Metro Detroit Michigan Darrell Bazian and Nick Marko take their experience and years and have combined them to create the band. The line up is completed by Andrew Murray (No not the tennis player). Let's get into it. The opener is the titular track which bursts onto the ears with some gritty vocals and impressive upbeat drumming combined. Vocally the track is frequently overshadowed by the guitars, especially when the lead lines kick in, and unfortunately this takes away from the song slightly. "Tranquilize" is a bit of Foo Fighters meets Blink 182 (the drumming!) an

Introducing... Tape Machines

After deciding that the music industry was lacking the space for individual artists to explore their vibes without the complexity of large-scale collaborations, the Scandi Tape Machines decided to cut the middleman and create a space for artists to meet them and make music both easily and naturally. Consisting of two Stockholm based producers a whole host of skills and one simple joint desire to release good music, Tape Machines are ready to continue on their sonic voyage, this time featuring the up and coming pop act Sam Seg. The duo, along with Sam Seg, released new song 's.t.u.p.i.d' earlier this month and it is safe to say it's a banger! When asked what ‘Stupid’ is about, Fredrik Jansson

Man With A Mission: 'Dead End In Tokyo' EP (European Edition) Review

Rock, Punk, Pop and Dance all mixed into one? Yes you read that right, meet Man With a Mission (MWAM) and their infectious sound. Now obviously the band are a Japanese rock band or this crazy combo would simply not have been invented. The band release the European edition of their EP Dead End In Tokyo tomorrow and you should definitely have yourself a listen. The band have had a lot of success already. a song co-written with the frontman of Fall Out Boy, music on TV adverts and songs featuring on popular anime series too. The bands first global single "Dead End In Tokyo" was released in January and was co-written and produced by Patrick Stump. After learning this fact it is easier to underst

Introducing... Hightower

Hightower are a punk rock five-piece from from Paris, France. The band's debut album Sure. Fine. Whatever. was released in 2014 and was recorded by Steve Evetts (Real Friends, Sick Of It All, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite). The band recently released their music video for new song 'The Party' which is taken from the upcoming album CLUB DRAGON due for release September, 2017. Interesting fact about the music video for 'The Party'... The music video was shot in two different places: the live scenes in Paris and the narrative scenes of "the girl" in Budapest! The story behind the song, you ask? "The song is mainly about people who get really excited about something, but who give up when difficul

Trash Boat Have Dropped New Music Video For 'Tring Quarry'

Trash Boat have dropped their awesome new video for 'Tring Quarry' off their full-length album Nothing I Write Can Change What You've Been Through. The band shot the music video, directed by Adam Webb, during their first U.S. tour with New Found Glory. Later this year, Trash Boat are touring in the UK, Australia, and Germany. Trash Boat released their debut album Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through on June 17th, 2016. The album, which was produced by The Wonder Years frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell. The band have a good amount UK tour dates this coming September too: 17th – Southampton, UK – Southampton Talking Heads 18th – Cardiff, UK – CLWB lfor Bach 19th – Liverpool

Download Festival in Review - Part 2

Photo Credit: Ben Gibson Helping to warm up the Avalanche Stage, biggest of the two tented stages, were hardcore hard-hitters Code Orange [9] from Pennsylvania. The four-piece are certainly not ones to shy away from shredding chugs, raw vocals and brutal pits and they did not fail to deliver. Opening with the title track of their new album, Forever, they plunged the Avalanche Stage straight into the deep end. Playing through the majority of their album, with anthems like 'Bleeding In The Blur' and 'Kill the Creator', the crowd were kicked from 0 to 100, back to 0 and to 100 once again, finishing with 'I Am King' to leave the tent steaming with, we imagine, blood, sweat and tears. Over on the

Ruby Muse: 'Just Like You' EP Review

Ruby Muse are a singer-songwriting duo, comprised of Jools and Malcolm Heyes. They base themselves in blues and rock genres, with a hint of Americana. Their music has aired internationally on radio, TV, and film, and has been used in award-winning TV shows, such as Banshee and Ravenswood. Just three songs long, their new EP features tracks from their next full studio album - it’s a small taste of what is to come - a taste you’ll be craving from the first song. Even the CD itself is appealing with vinyl-style, eco-friendly packaging. The first song, the titular track ‘Just Like You’, has a sultry lo-fi rock sound. It is lofty and smooth and has wonderfully poetic lyrics. The guitar adds an el

Vallenfyre: 'Fear Those Who Fear Him' - Album Review

There seems to be a trend in some circles of subgenres being a “gotta catch ‘em all” affair; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Other times people just don’t give a rat’s ass and want to throw back to the glory days of the old-school and worship at the altar of good ol’ Swedish death; Vallenfyre are resolutely in the latter camp. Fear Those Who Fear Him sees Vallenfyre return with their third full-length since being formed in 2010 by vocalist/guitarist Greg Mackintosh, former and founding member of gothic titans Paradise Lost but very little of the melancholy makes it way here. No, Fear Those… is an entirely different animal. Opener ‘Born to Decay’ somewhat sets the tone with its chan

This Week in Metal 14th - 20th June

Covering 14th - 20th June Noizze presents... Hywel Davies gives us the highlights for everything Metal in the past week. Problems with Five Finger Death Punch, Gene Simmons insanity, Of Mice and Men's unfortunate times and tour updates: And for From Beyond's Evil (From Beyond) see here. For all things Noizze: Facebook: /noizzeuk Twitter: @NoizzeUK YouTube: /NoizzeUK Instagram: /NoizzeUK Snapchat: /NoizzeUK All general enquirie

Freakangel: 'How the Ghost Became' - Album Review

I find that Industrial Metal tends to fall in to two categories. Whereas Metal can have a lot of strength or aggression to it, industrial can be experimental and has almost a bouncy quality to it. So Industrial Metal either favours the strong aggressive powers or falls into the club dance beat. Neither is better than the other but you tend to find that they feel one or the other. Freakangel have the strength of Metal but definitely fall into that Industrial Metal Club that you’d pick up the dance to. They have strong beats and offer a good chance to move with the music in your best industrial gear. How the Ghost Became is an album that begs a listen. The album takes a while to get into but s

Interview with Lucas Woodland of Holding Absence

We had a chat with our friend Lucas Woodland to talk about his rollercoaster year since he his chapter began as a part of Holding Absence. They are the band you are hearing a lot about at the moment but do you really know what Holding Absence are about? Read the interview below to find out everything you need to know about these guys who are sweeping the rock scene and find out what is important to Lucas and Holding Absence... Noizze: Hey Lucas, thanks for chatting to us! How’re you doing? Hello! I'm doing great. Thanks for having me. N: It’s been a pretty eventful year for you and the boys already! You’ve signed to both Sharptone Records AND Raw Power Management, supported We Are The Ocean

Decade - An Interview with Alex Sears

Photo Credit: Elliot Russell With their second album Pleasantries hot off the press we used Slam Dunk to have a catch up with Alex from the Bath pop punk lads, Decade. We had a chat about the writing processes and how he feels about the industry. Jess: How’re you feeling about today? Alex: I feel good, we’ve already played. We didn’t get there late but just in time to load in so it was a bit of a rush, we basically just got there loaded in and got onstage and played. It was in a massive room, quite a few people come to see us! J: So you guys just released your second album, and as you said you write. So can you talk us through your writing process? A: So, I normally just start with the guita


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