SHADED - The Better Man In Me | EP Review

Young Surrey rockers SHADED are everything you could ask for if you are after a band that strays away from the generic 'pop punk' pathway that many groups of today get cemented to. Grinding together poppy melodies with driving drum beats and thrashy riffs sees SHADED captivate the attention of mainstream music with their rock and roll image, as well as maintaining a factor of heavy for punk fans alike. The four pieces debut EP The Better Man In Me showcases their potential massively, with six tracks holding its own pleasurable sound. Kicking things off with a song that falls into a typical category about love and heartbreak, 'Better With You' builds with the sound of revving amplifiers whi

High Down - Moving On | EP Review

Pop punk may be understood as a playful genre, but Portsmouth five-piece High Down aren’t messing around on their new EP Moving On. Due to hit shelves on September 1st, the self-release injects some much-needed creativity into a scene often prone to being inundated with unoriginality. Jam-packed with a hearty helping of upbeat riffs like those cooked up by trailblazers Blink-182 and Neck Deep, and still sounding original enough while honouring the classic recipe, High Down has served up a feast worth sinking your teeth into in Moving On. Opening with lead single ‘Life Lessons’, listeners are instantly hit with that youthful pop punk sensibility we’re so used to, building up to a fairly cat

Crafteon: 'Cosmic Reawakening' - Album Review

Inspired by all things horror and especially H.P. Lovecraft, Crafteon's debut album Cosmic Reawakening is a dark piece of music covered in Black Metal to the likes of Drudkh, Ancient, Carpathian Forest and Watain. The brainchild of Lord Mordiggian and traced back to 2012, this album has been a long time building itself. Black Metal is one of the few genres that lends itself to experimentation and atmosphere a lot more than most. Where some almost use ''atmospheric'' as an insult, Black Metal uses it as a modus operandi. Crafteon know this and the buzz of an evil guitar and rather echoed and nulled thud of a base drum lends itself to the cries of evil gone made with sinister anger. Though wha

Festival Review | ArcTanGent - Day 1 |17/8/17

Now in it’s fifth chapter, Bristol’s ArcTanGent has rightfully proven itself to be the Mecca of post-rock, math rock, noise rock and general weird contemporary rock music, with 5000 dedicated fans from across the globe making the annual pilgrimage. The sister festival of 2000 Trees, ArcTanGent has quickly amassed a global following due to it’s phenomenal and diverse line-ups, fantastic organisation, local food, absorbing atmosphere, intimate setting and scene orientated ethos, shunning corporate ties in order to be its own independent entity. With the fifth instalment being a sold out event, and with people traveling from all over for a weekend in the exotic hills of Somerset, we decided to

WARPED TOUR: In Photos. Pt 2.

Our lovely Kate took Noizze above and beyond, over to the states for the holy grail of every emo teens dream: Warped Tour. Here's her time out there in photos! FEATURING: Creeper, Hatebreed, Knocked Loose and Stick To Your Guns. .

WARPED TOUR: In photos. Pt. 1

Our lovely Kate took Noizze above and beyond, over to the states for the holy grail of every emo teens dream: Warped Tour. Here's her time out there in photos! FEATURING: Tillie, Sick Of It All, CKY and The Acacia Strain.

Montroze | Escape | EP Review

Working to build a strong fanbase with two EP’s under their belt, Montroze are set to release their third and newest EP Escape this September. For a very ‘DIY’ band, the EP itself brings a raw yet professional sense throughout, letting Montroze stick to their own roots. Throughout Escape, the eccentric familiarity of Montroze’s pop-punk elements shine through, especially from their leading single ‘Shameful You’ that brings not the fastest pace, but a good fluid pace that fits the lyrical aspect of the band. The band's emotional fluidity is also shown through a couple of the tracks, and is highlighted most through ‘Escaping Part II’. The emotion in the songgets stronger as the track develops

Live Review: Sainte at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen - 11/8/17

‘This is what I’ve been up to for the past two years’ were the words former We Are The In Crowd frontwoman, Tay Jardine, announced to a sold-out London crowd before her new project Sainte (9/10) began what was only their second ever live performance. Jardine burst back onto the scene last month with the release of Sainte’s debut EP Smile, and Wave. Compared to the pop-punk stylings of We Are the in Crowd, Sainte, also compromising of former We Are The In Crowd members; Cameron Hurley and Mike Ferri, is orientated in a much more pop direction. The EP is packed full of infectious synth/electronic melodies, upbeat lyrics and twinkling guitar lines, which make for an enticingly fun live show. Sa

The Hirsch Effekt: 'Eskapist' - Album Review

The Hirsch Effekt are a band from Hannover in German that escapes classification. Sitting within the realms of Math/Indie Rock and Progressive Metal with a bit of Post-Punk for good measure. Despite their mad amount of influences, they’ve been very successful since the release of their first album, Holon, in 2010. Eskapist is their fourth album and was released August 18th via Long Branch Records. By now The Hirsch Effekt have built up their signature style. Unique to them is a rather epic sense of song structure that owes its roots within progressive metal. Whilst the guitars go between Djent and Indie Rock riffs and all the while the sheer energy brought to their songs is overwhelming. The

Noizze Goes Stateside: Warped Tour 2017

Photo Credit: Kate Harrison This year Noizze was fortunate enough to be able to visit the iconic US summer festival Warped Tour, in Mountain View California. Spanning from May to August, the festival is both notoriously strenuous and hectic for musicians who decide to endure the entirety of the tour. Nonetheless, compared to festivals back home in the UK, Warped Tour has a completely different atmosphere, which is largely due to the totally varied punters who often travel hundreds of miles to attend the show (in the case of some fans, they will follow the entire West Coast touring schedule). Furthermore, the fans in the US are super friendly, and will often just start chatting to you about w

I Prevail Share New Video

Detriot's I Prevail today revealed their official video for 'Lifelines', the title track from their album released last October. The band are hot off the heels of announcing their 'Rage On The Stage' tour this autumn with The Word Alive, We Came As Romans and Escape The Fate. Dates below: On the video for 'Lifelines' I Previal vocalist Bryan Burkheiser said: Lifelines is no doubt our proudest video to date. We set out to create something that embodied what "Lifelines" as a song and as an album really meant to us. It centres around the harsh reality that life doesn't care about what you have planned. The biggest moments, whether ones of amazing opportunity or painful loss, are coming no ma

Vukovi: Interview

Jess sat down with Vukovi a while back and chatted about what's going on with their hectic scheduel since the debut release! Noizze: So you guys have just released your self titled debut album and you been together seven years. How have you found the reception to your debut? Janine: I felt like it was such a good turnout and people were singing, that’s not what I expected. That moment for me was kind of like “this album means something, this album has done something for us.” Jason: You notice stuff online, don’t you? You also notice stuff at shows but we came here like everyone sang along to our songs. Janine: There’s so many amazing bands playing today and we were clashing with some fucking

Festival Preview: ArcTanGent - The Bands You Need To Watch

We’re smack dab in the middle of festival season and already this year has seen some unforgettable moments from some of the world’s best. The fun isn’t over yet; oh no! For three whole days, the west country will bear witness to the finest underground tech, math, hardcore and punk bands to ever grace the muddy fields of the Bristolian countryside. Are we pumped? Judging by the ridiculous line-up (and assuming they’ll be an ostrich burger stall), we’re giddier than Arya Stark crashing a feast. After what can only be described as a near flawless headliners (Explosions In The Sky, Converge and Tesseract), there are a plethora of the most important, exciting and arse-blasting bands that you simp

Neck Deep - The Peace And The Panic | Album Review

It's hard to think of a time when Wrexham pop punkers Neck Deep weren't one of the biggest bands in the genre. The truth is however, this by now imaginery concept was a reality not that long ago. The bands debut album Wishful Thinking was released a mere three years ago, making the realisation of just how big Neck Deep are, and how quickly they have got there a staggering one. They've slayed the infamous Warped Tour, worked with both Jeremy McKinnon and Mark Hoppus, won Kerrang! & Alternative Press awards as well as selling over 52,000 tickets on their 2016 headline tour. Make no mistake about it - Neck Deep are hot property. Sophomore album Life's Not Out To Get You set the tone for the

Converge Announce New Album And Release New Track

Boston hardcore band Converge have announced details of an album set to release this winter as well as revealing a song from the album 'Under Duress'. The album will be titled The Dusk In Us and will be released November 3rd via Epitaph and Deathwish. You can pre-order the album here:​ You can get a taster of what to expect on the album by checking out 'Under Duress' below: Produced by the band themselves and mixed by guitarist Kurt Ballou, The Dusk In Us is the bands' ninth studio album and follows on from 2012's All We Love We Leave Behind and have a UK/EU tour kicking off this week, dates will be below. Aug 18 - Bristol, UK - ArcTanGent 2017 Aug 19 - Eisleben

King Leviathan - Paen Heretica | Album Review

Since forming in 2014 in the seaside town of Brighton, King Leviathan have gone from strength to strength, releasing a string of EPs and storming venues and festivals, all the while beavering away on new material, culminating in debut album Paean Heretica; and what a debut it is. Right from the outset (bar fifteen seconds spent wondering if the speakers were actually working), King Leviathan make their intent clear; worship speed, violence and the Old Gods and flatten all those in their way. The intro to ‘Primitive Baptism’ reeks of Gojira in its irregular, lurching rhythm before bursting forth into savage growls and thrashing. Seemingly disparate elements are brought together throughout not

Fangclub - S/T | Album Review

Despite only forming in the latter end of 2013, Dublin’s Fangclub have enjoyed a recent streak of fantastic, yet unprecedented events; from building a solid reputation on our shores due to their fantastic raw and wild shows to even being signed to Universal Records before releasing a full-length record. With this in consideration, many questioned if their eventual debut would be worthy of their quick ascension of the ranks in the underground scene and respective live circuit. However, after a couple of EP’s, the Northern Ireland trio have released a fantastic album filled with material that truly captures and represents the groups vibe, tone, and even after released by a major label, their D

Anti-Flag Release New Song In Wake Of Charlottesville Violence

Pennsylvanian punk rock band Anti-Flag have today released a song titled 'Racists' in response to the violence seen in Charlottesville. On the track itself the band said: "We stand in solidarity with those fighting racism and fascism in the streets of Charlottesville and beyond. We believe it is time for the removal of all monuments to the confederacy and the racism for which they stand. We must put these symbols of white supremacy into places where the proper context can be provided for what they actually are; outdated, backwards, and antithetical to what we believe the values of humanity should be. It is past time to have real conversations on systemic racism and America's history of it

Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation | Album Review

When CJ McMahon announced his return to vocal duties for Thy Art Is Murder back at the start of the year, it was met with a mixture of emotions; relief, ecstasy, and scepticism to name but a few - with all of them being justified in their own right. Citing a lack of steady income and tour exhaustion as some of the reasons his departure from the band was necessary, there was a hint of a concern as to whether McMahon's return to the band would bring with it the level of passion required for TAIM's new material to swing punches with their previous efforts. While surprise track release 'No Absolution' from earlier in the year somewhat calmed concerns over CJ's return and the direction the ban

Hit The Deck Festival: The Review

Emerging after a year’s absence, the state of this once well renowned all day festival is a curious affair. Founded in the Nottingham in 2011, Hit The Deck was once a multi-city all day event spanning the best venues Bristol and Nottingham had to offer, whilst playing host to such acclaimed artists such as Brand New, The Wonder Years, Don Broco and Skindred, just to name a select view. In turn, at its peak, it was once comparable to the likes of Slam Dunk Festival; the event often viewed as the undisputed king of multi-city all day events within the alternative scene. Thus, it’s once established standing in the festival calendar may seem like a far cry to this year’s even; a single venue all


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