Live Review - Frank Iero & The Patience w/Dave Hause & The Mermaid,The Homeless Gospel Choir

Punk-rock has been seen as a sanctuary since its initial conception back in the mid-seventies with the likes of The Ramones, The Clash and heavier acts like Black Flag offering a strong sense of feeling and belonging to their audience members. These bands also went on to inspire many musicians who are now doing just the same for younger generation’s: Frank Iero among them and, if there’s one thing that could be taken away from seeing Frank Iero and the Patience perform their hearts and souls out on the Brighton date of their UK tour it’s that punk rock truly isn’t dead. Dutch trio Paceshifters (7/10) opened the night with a frantic blend of alternative rock and grunge that on multiple occasi

Bad Machines Drop New Single 'A Life Of Chasing Butterflies'

Bad Machines have emerged on to the rock scene with brand new single "A Life Of Chasing Butterflies". The four piece is made up of the remaining members of They Say Fall who called it a day earlier this year. When guitarist Kyle Leeman left TSF the members took the opportunity to start afresh and Bad Machines was born as a fresh start. The bands new single "A Life Of Chasing Butterflies" is an intense high-flyer with soaring vocals and passion all round. It provides a promising starting point and the tenacity and raw grit behind what the band have produced is quite something. On the new single guitarist Brad Bishell says: "Bad Machines represents perseverance, unity and strength. Behind this

Like Moths To Flame Release New Video

Columbus Ohio's Like Moths To Flames have shared a video for their track 'Nowhere Left To Sink'. The song is taken from the metalcore bands upcoming record Dark Divine which is set for release on November 3rd via Rise Records. Dark Divine will be the bands fourth full LP release, following on from 2015's The Dying Things We Live For which made it's way into the world renowned Billboard 200, hitting the 150 spot. You can check out the video for 'Nowhere Left To Sink' below: Pre-order 'Dark Divine' here:

UpCDownC - I, Awake | Album Review

Despite being active for the best of 17 years, Kent post rock outfit UpCDownC (Formally known as UpCDownCLeftCRightCABC+Start, a name which effortlessly rolled off the tongue) are mostly unknown with the extended alternative scene and have only retained a cult following within post-rock circles on our shores. Yet, despite their more modest following in comparison to the length of their carrier, the act have enjoyed the inevitable spoils of such an extensive carrier, from sharing stages with revered acts such as Bossk and 65daystostatic, to performing at festivals such as ArcTanGent, feats that have surely bolstered their following within the post-rock related scenes and circles. Following a

August Burns Red - Phantom Anthem | Album Review

It's easy to forget just how much August Burns Red have accomplished in their 14 year journey as a band. GRAMMY nominations, consecutive albums in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200, and countless worldwide tours have helped craft a truly impressive career for the metalcore quintet. To put it simply - there's a short list of bands who have done as much for the metalcore genre as ABR have. While it was debut album Constellations that first cannoned the band into a sea of awe and popularity, by the same token it's this record that is set as the benchmark for the Pennsylvanians. While follow up releases have flirted with the idea, nothing that the five piece have conjured up since their debut ha

Gallery 47 - Adversity Breeds | Album Review

With the essence of Woodstock laced with the current affairs and the struggles of life, Adversity Breeds by Gallery 47 is a gorgeous look into the difficulties of being young in the world today. Many of the tracks in Adversity Breeds follow the theme of pining after old, toxic relationships. These are all beautifully composed, with a variety of different tones that make each familiar story feel unique and will have you hypnotised by the band’s haunting use of guitars and drums. The middle of the album steps away from the conventional bad romances. ‘Emigrate’, for example, is an introverted look into an idyllic future the artists dream of. ‘In Odessa’, also takes a break from the love cyc

Implore: 'Subjugate' - Album Review

Grind can be hard to get right; do you go for murky, unintelligible malevolence or do you go for a more mechanical, methodical kind of violence? European noisemakers Implore’s response is clearly both and what follows is a tour de force of violence and hatred informed by vocalist Gabriel Dubko’s disdain for society and humanity, condensed into debut full-length Subjugate. Opener ‘Birth of an Era’ opens with silence, morphs into feedback and then takes a sledgehammer to the quiet, going for the jugular and refusing to let up. Massive riffs abound at the two minute mark and the song then ends in feedback again. Midway point ‘Patterns to Follow’ is an utter monstrosity, boasting heaviness to le

Ensiferum: ‘Two Paths’ – Album Review

From the echoed sounds of battle: a smith at his weapon; a prayer for the sword to be drawn again. It is time for Ensiferum. This ultra-melodic folk metal powerhouse seems to be one of those bands that have a well-rounded mature sound that won’t leave you. In the face of the extremely powerful Folk Metal scene we have so many bands to have true variants of this genre. Despite Turisas, who had made Battle Metal distinctly theirs by naming an album Battle Metal, Ensiferum are one of the few to be holding this banner high. Their sound more firmly rooted in melodic hooks and a stunning gallop over an epic sounding atmosphere. One Man Army, Ensiferum's previous album, showed the beginnings of Net

Samoans - Laika | Album Review

Following on from their debut album Rescue, Samoans are back with their second offering Laika self released on the bands own “Apres-vous” records. Driving in to the album with a perpetual rhythm on drums, album opener 'Second Tongue', builds slowly with soaringly spaced melodies reminiscent of desert roads and night skies. For an album opener though, the track runs a little long without really showcasing the bands competency. This is quickly remedied in the album’s second track, 'Monuments', with infinitely more interesting dynamics than its predecessor. The real shame about Monuments however is the fantastic hook is used too sparsely. With hooks that good you don’t need to be shy about usin

Introducing... Andi

Following the release of her debut EP “Sketches”, Toronto based singer-songwriter Andi is back with new single “Half Home.” The twenty-two year old artist was recently nominated as one of the top four independent artists by CBC’s Searchlight Competition. Her nine piece live band boats of Humber Jazz graduates Juno nominated musicians who will add another dimension to her already eclectic musical sound. Inspired by an array of different genres, Andi takes pride in personally writing and producing tracks that “combine to form a sound that is truly representative of me.” Currently, in the process of writing her upcoming record, Andi’s songwriting focus is on exploring social issues and communic

Gogol Bordello: 'Seekers and Finders' Album Review

Continuing with the trend of previous albums, “Did It All” begins Seekers and Finders with an emphatic and energetic ending reminiscent of 2013’s Pura Vida Conspiracy. However, an increase in the production budget is clear as the track progresses; although some of the vocals are notably lost in the mix behind the instruments. Frontman Eugene Hütz’s vocals are a lot less gritty than in previous releases, and as “Walking on Burning Coal” progresses they do begin to sound too over-produced. The second track, despite being previously released as a single, is certainly not as strong as the album’s opener, feeling at times more like the mainstream rock sound that Gogol Bordello have been previousl

Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Disomus | Album Review

The mid 00’s were a special time for heavy music. The immense popularity of what became to be known as Deathcore was at an all time high, every man and their dog seemed to be peddling their wears of death metal and hardcore infused beatdowns upon everyone with a Myspace profile and six inch long fringe. One band in 2005 however, took what was becoming a very stagnant, almost fad of a genre and gave it a well-deserved kick up the arse. That band was Through the Eyes of the Dead. Soon as ‘Two inches from a main artery’ reached the ears of many impressionable youngsters, on the search for the step in brutality. You can only imagine the bodies being flung around to their impeccable noise. After

Buried Realm - The Ichor Carcinoma | Album Review

September 29th 2017, sees the release of Buried Realm’s debut album The Ichor Carcinoma, which sees the next chapter in the soul key band member Josh Dummer’s, emotionally charged dark twisted vision come to life in the form of a hard hitting, electrifyingly intense experience for fans of Heavy Metal to experience and enjoy. The album itself has been described by its creator as an exploration of “Mental and Physical battles of terminal illness/disease and an attempt to rebuild”, which really rings true with the overwhelming atmosphere resonating out of my headphones while listening intently to each track. The records overall flow truly stands, especially when continuously listening track by

Mastodon - Cold Dark Place | EP Review

2017 marks the year of the Mastodon. Not only have fans been treated to one of the best albums since Crack The Skye with the sensational Emperor Of Sand, but out of nowhere – BOOM! – the Georgian quartet announce a new EP, Cold Dark Place. Promises of a proggier follow-up were made by the band did get us excited, but we couldn’t help but feel a little cautious with what they had hidden up their sleeve. In a nutshell, CDP can easily be likened to the band’s Crack The Skye era; sculpting out similar textural landscapes and tones in a considerably denser time-span. With homages that are inescapable to the 2009 masterpiece, CDP manages to retain its own identity with themes and motifs that are u

Sleeping With Sirens - Gossip | Album Review

It’s safe to say that when you think of Sleeping With Sirens, this album isn’t exactly up to their post-hardcore roots that you’d find on some of their earlier efforts. Sleeping With Sirens have certainly lost their old edge that drew in so many listeners, however - they are diversifying their sound, and bringing in new fans even if their old ones may have not followed through. It certainly seems that Sleeping With Sirens are taking a different direction from their previous album Madness (2015). The album itself follows a rather basic pattern, especially during opening tracks such as ‘Gossip’. Leading single ‘Legends’ brings a good overall vibe of the album, as it seems most of the album st

Counterparts - You're Not You Anymore | Album Review

Take just one peak at Counterparts Twitter account and you'll see they're a band who don't take themselves too seriously. It's a style that makes the Canadians an ever more relatable, and charming outfit. The truth is though, musically - Counterparts should be taken just as seriously as any other band in the hardcore genre - because they're up there swinging fists with almost every single one of them. New record You're Not You Anymore finds the quintet blending the passionate vocal style of Being As An Ocean with the quivering rhythmic pace of The Ghost Inside better than they ever have. Add in the element of the extra levels of hook being involved in the record - and what we're looking at


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