Winds Of Plague - Blood Of My Enemy | Album Review

Since it’s inception, Deathcore has been a dirty word on the tip of metal fan’s tongues. Having seen it’s better days of the mid to late 00’s come and go, the genre as whole seems to still thriving, with new bands keeping the flame alive. Most of what could be considered the old guard has retired or are nothing more than a memory of simpler times. One of these bands however refuse to give up the ghost, with Winds of Plague returning to the frontline with another slab of symphonic black metal infused deathcore that is Blood Of My Enemy. The record is the newest output in four years since their previous work Resistance, following a short hiatus to regroup. Winds of Plague were a key player in

Harbour Sharks - A History Of Violence | Album Review

Harbour Sharks harmonise gritty djent guitar lines with Post-Hardcore vocal melodies in such a way that delivers the listener the best of both world of Punk and Metal. A History of Violence is a great debut release, from its showcase of musical ability and song writing to its production. The London based three piece tantalise the listener with a broad spectrum of alternative music. From the records punchy beginnings, which nod to bands such as A Day to Remember and Chunk! No Captain Chunk! It progresses towards softer and slower melodies, complemented with attentive guitar riffs, capitalising on the bands ability for songs reminiscent of Pop-Punk bands like New Found Glory and Neck Deep. A H

Ah Ciliz/Chiral: 'Origins' - Split Album Review

An ice cold sky oppressively weighing itself down upon us. The night could never feel colder than when ringing out over the wastelands of Europe, Black Metal takes its evil standing. Chilling through your ears. Black Metal lends itself to experimentation and atmosphere in a way like no other Metal genre. Italy doesn’t exactly get the most attention when it comes to Metal or Black Metal, even. Ah Ciliz and Chiral are up and comers from Italy and offer atmospheric Metal that recalls England’s Winterfylleth, Norway’s Arcturus, Finland’s Thy Serpent and early stages of Norway’s Troll; mixed in different ways that make for the completely different music of Italy’s atmospheric Black Metal bands, A

Savage Messiah: 'Hands of Fate' - Album Review

Traditional heavy metal has mostly taken a backseat in modern metal, with the genre’s ongoing fragmentation into the billion-and-one genres on display today. Clearly London’s Savage Messiah never got the memo, and play the kind of rollicking, balls-to-the-wall heavy metal that never truly went away and has been sorely missing from the forefront of the genre. Hands of Fate is the Brits’ eagerly-awaited fourth full length album and sees them stripping back the sound of previous albums and going for a far leaner, more accessible sound that sacrifices nothing of heaviness but adds a plethora of massive vocal hooks, shredding guitar solos and riffs aplenty. Boasting songs that run the gauntlet fr

The LaFontaintes - Common Problem | Album Review

Let’s be honest with ourselves; the vast majority of rap-rock hybrid acts are a bit naff. The bulk of these groups you see doing the rounds within the alternative scene rely heavily on exasperated gimmicks or genre stereotypes in order to be relatable or notable. Sure, it’s always a laugh to get drunk and raise £4.99 pints in air to Limp Bizkit’s ‘Shotgun’, but can one really stand back and defend the musical integrity of such a track? Not really. With this in mind, it feel’s somewhat like a crime for Motherwell’s The LaFontaines to be lumped into this often-scrutinised sub-genre. Originating in 2010 in the sunny pastures of northern Scotland, the group have gained a cult status within the u

The Infernal Sea - Agents Of Satan | EP Review

Fresh from their recent signing to the exciting up and coming newbloods Apocalyptic Witchcraft, UK Black/death metal titans The Infernal Sea return to the fold with a two track EP Agents of Satan to quell the masses while they work on their follow up to the brilliant The Great Mortality. Opening with a chilling sample, first track Agents of Satan brings together both their brand of blackened death metal with elements of d-beat/ latter day Darkthrone. The marrying of these give the track an overall sense of punk urgency, whilst remaining heavy as fuck for lack of a better term. Second track 'Skinwalker' is the more traditional affair, being a blackened death metal maelstrom of a track. Whilst

Diet Cig, Mothclub, London.

Isha caught the newcomers in American punk rock, Diet Cig, through the lens a few days ago at a very shiny looking show! Check out her snaps!

Review: Pigeon Detectives with Little Comets - Nottingham Rock City

Nottingham’s Rock City looks busier than ever in what can only be described as an evening of indie excellence. Celebrating a decade since their first release Wait For Me, The Pigeon Detectives (9) are indisputably one of the most exciting live bands in this scene, and with a support as strong as North East quartet Little Comets (9), this Friday night was sure to be a wild one. Little Comets are certainly a crowd pleaser, despite their minimal stage presence. Their lack of charisma however, is certainly overshadowed by the care which is so blatantly put into their music. Frontman Robert Coles is locked on his guitar, concentrating on each and every tone found in their electro indie-rock feel.

The Used - The Canyon | Album Review

The Used spent the majority of last year touring across America and Europe in celebration of their 15th anniversary. For a band in today’s alternative music climate having been going strong for such a long time is quite an achievement in itself, however The Used have also been delivering consistently excellent albums ever since their self-titled debut back in 2002. The band’s eighth album The Canyon sees a few changes, most noticeably that this is the first album to feature guitarist Justin Shekoski following the departure of Quinn Allman in 2015. It’s also the first with producer Ross Robinson, as the majority of the band’s work has previously been produced by John Feldman (with the excepti

Live Review: Chon w/ Yvette Young | The Fleece, Bristol | 17/10/17

Despite only playing their first European performance in 2015 at the final rendition of Hevy Festival, the sheer speed of how quickly Chon have amassed such a large following on our shores has been outstanding. This is even more incredible when taking in fact that the instrumental math rock quintet have never undertook a full UK headline tour up until now. In support of their new and critically acclaimed release - Homey, Chon have endeavoured on their first full headline tour on our shores, stopping off at the legendary Fleece in the process. Whilst the inclusion of an acoustic singer songwriter on the bill may be bizarre choice for those uninitiated, Yvette Young (7.5) is a fantastic and o

Cannibal Corpse - Red Before Black | Album Review

After thirteen studio albums, two live records, amassing a large cult following, and nearly thirty years of brutality and controversy; Cannibal Corpse are about to make their return to the forefront of the death metal scene with their fourteenth record for the masses to devour: Red Before Black. From the first hit of the play button, Cannibal Corpse go straight for the neck with the title track. Featuring some of the catchiest, yet most aggressive riffs they’ve conjured since their early 90’s heydays, whilst retaining a huge element of groove throughout that requires mandatory head banging. Songs like 'Shedding My Human Skin' and 'Firestorm Vengeance' open with such powerful riffs you can’t

Live Review - Wildwood Kin w/The Club Brothers and Clara Bond | The Louisiana, Bristol | 5/10/17

After releasing their debut album Turning Tides in August, Exeter-based folk band Wildwood Kin announced their first headline tour in support of the album. We headed to Bristol to catch them playing The Louisiana, following in the footsteps of James Bay, Jack Savoretti, and Florence & the Machine, who have all played this venue on their way to where they are today. The first band of the evening was The Club Brothers [9], a trio of wonderfully talented musicians hailing from Devon. They played jolly, upbeat covers, as well as a hauntingly beautiful original which was played unplugged in the crowd – a nice touch, and definitely a good way to grab the audience’s attention. After a cover of Jess

Damned Spring Fragrantia: 'Chasm' - EP Review

Since the band’s inception in 2006, Italian techy mob Damned Spring Fragrantia have been making waves, releasing two EPs and a full length. Since welcoming a new guitarist into the fold last year, the band have beavered away on the new EP Chasm, the follow-up to 2012’s full length Divergences. The band have been gradually mixing tech and djent elements into their sound since starting out and Chasm certainly bears this out. The guitar tone is crisp and chunky without sacrificing cleaner, more melodic passages; the drumming frenetic and skittish and the vocals eschew clean singing for a more mid-pitched scream with the occasional foray into deeper territories, but these are few and far between

Festival Review | The British Sound Project - Manchester | 29/9/17

In the back end of September we caught a special celebration of British musicat the Victoria Warehouse, Manchester in the form of The British Sound Project. With a stellar line up of bands playing the night, this could very well be the best small festival of the year. Kicking things off on the main stage is Sittin' Pretty [6], who cook up an interesting mix of indie and blues-rock, vocalist Conor Wilde smiling in delight as he shakes away with his tambourine. Sadly their set is plagued by muffled vocals from the sound system. This however does not stop their terrific onstage charisma shining through, and with a style somewhat similar to indie-rock heavyweights Cage The Elephant, this band ha

Fleurety: 'The White Death' - Album Review

There are bands that try to push boundaries and there are those that really explode through them. Black Metal actually by definition lends itself to the later. Underneath the surface of 'buzzsaw' extremity lies bizarre atmospheric sound effects, vocal play and truly unique song structures. Just to look to bands like Anaal Nathrakh, Deathspell Omega and Aborym. Making for their third release in 26 years, The White Death, by Norway’s Fleurety is out this Friday (27th). Fleurety is everything you’d expect from Black Metal’s more experimentally out there bands and their long standing career just shows their determination to keep making music whilst their output being mostly Demo’s and EP’s succe

Stray From the Path w/ Capsize, Obey the Brave and Renounced - Birmingham

Off the cuff of Stray From the Path's release of Only Death is Real, the New-Yorkers set off on a massive tour of Europe, stopping off in Birmingham to unleash chaos on the second city. Photo Credit : Oliver Hardingham Opening the show were one of UK hardcore's brightest talents, Renounced [7.5]. Playing to the show's early dwellers, the band played with sheer aggression and tenacity, gaining them a very positive reception. Incorporating tracks such as 'As Delicate as Moths Wings' and 'How Heavy The Downpour', Renounced's set showcased some of the heaviest riffs and vocals of the evening. Next to take the stage were the last minute addition of Obey The Brave [7], who's fusion of hardcore/met

Live Review | Arcane Roots w/ Gold Key At The Fleece, Bristol | 15/10/17

Whilst they’ve kept themselves busy with touring with a wide range of prestigious names, such as Muse and Enter Shikari, as well as playing the vast majority of major alternative festivals on our shores, the technical progressive powerhouse Arcane Roots have rarely been one to be seen on extensive headline tours. Never the less, in support of their critically acclaimed sophomore full length, Melancholia Hymns, the south London trio have braced the depths of the van once more for their first major headline tour in several years. Despite the tense anticipation within the venue regarding tonight’s affairs, there’s a subtle yet prominent level of disappointment in the atmosphere. Whilst initiall

Noija - Colorblind | Album Review

Swedish alt-rockers Noija came out of nowhere and burst onto the scene in early September by dropping the video for their debut single 'Unknown' (which as of writing this has racked up over 58k views on Youtube). Their debut album Colorblind is the product of only 12 months experience as a band: they only formed in late summer 2016 and have been attempting to refine their sound ever since. There seems to be a buzz building around this band in various places around the internet, but does Colorblind hold up? The band's anthemic first single 'Unknown' opens the album, and if you're familiar with the genre, you may feel that the track falls into the trap of sounding like a That's the Spirit B-si

Live Review | Papa Roach w/ Ho99o9 & Dead! At O2 Brixton Academy, London | 10/10/2017

As their Crooked Teeth album cycle brings them back to the iconic O2 Academy Brixton for the 5th time on a headlining tour run, nu-metal champions Papa Roach are always ready to bring the thunder. Before we get a taste of that storm though, London based quartet Dead! [6] bring their mish-mash of musical flavours to the table, knocking out a cover of The Who’s ‘My Generation’ to help get the crowd on board, as they fling themselves about stage, members ending up on top of the drum kit and the floor simultaneously. You can tell the band has made a real effort here, decorating their amps and equipment with bouquets of flowers for a bit of aesthetic has allowed them to remain a memorable and sta

Live Review | Leveret | City Hall, Sheffield - 15/10/17

What happens when you get one of the UKs most in-demand concertina players, one of the UKs most popular tune writers and ceilidh players, and the lead fiddle player from the UKs most beloved folk big bands onstage together in a trio for an evening of folk tune chamber music? The answer to that, of course, is Leveret. The setting for their show at Sheffield City Hall was as nice and intimate as ever; emphasised by an unpretentious opening of a cheerful Sam Sweeney tune set followed by “New Anything”, the eponymous signature set from Leveret’s debut release. This tour has seen the trio play some of their biggest venues yet, to audiences that have been more than receptive, even as Andy Cutting


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