Live Review | Five Finger Death Punch w/ In Flames and Of Mice & Men | Barclaycard Arena, Birmin

Mounds of stained snow lay in organised piles around Birmingham’s Barclaycard arena as people slowly filed in through the front doors and into the welcomed arms of warmth from the vast venue. Of Mice & Men were up first and although the set contained no flashy stage production with the exception of their huge band-title backdrop, their technique and song catalogue was a fitting warm-up for the acts to follow. Since Aaron Pauley’s decision to move into the spotlight as not only the bands lead singer (replacing Austin Carlile) but as their long-time bassist as well, the group have unquestionably had their career catapulted forward due to this line-up alteration. Up next was In Flames with some

2017 Top 10 Albums of the Year | Jac Holloway |

2017 has been an incredible year both for us in Noizze and for music in general. This has made the task of whittling down 10 musical highlights of the year incredibly difficult but here they are. To begin, here are 10 honourable mentions (Yes it was THAT difficult): A Thousand Horses - Bridges Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark? As It Is - okay. The Cadillac Three - Legacy Lower Than Atlantis - Safe In Sound Paramore - After Laughter Stray From The Path - Only Death Is Real Seaway - Vacation Thy Art is Murder - Dear Desolation Jamie Lawson - Happy Accidents So without further ado here is the top 10: 10. Papa Roach - Crooked Teeth For Papa Roach fans Crooked Teeth will have been a huge surp

Live Review | Skinny Lister w/ Beans On Toast | The Globe, Cardiff | 06/12/17 |

Beans On Toast [9] opens the evening and whether you are here to see him or not you will be hard pressed to fight this his comical lyrics and oddly endearing music. Frontma/comedian/lyrical genius Jay McAllister (Beans On Toast) takes a comical and charismatic approach in his live show. For those that enjoy the vibe of open mics and catching that really talented drunk guy giving it a go in the pub you will absolutely love this refined musician and his quirky stories. Political themes are rife in “Smells Like B******T” whilst “Beer & a Burger” is about a typical night out in Wolverhampton. The way in which these songs are presented could not be any more British but that is probably why he has

Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello Interview

Only five months have passed since we last down with Eugene Hütz, but the intervening period has been a busy one for him. His band, Gogol Bordello, recently launched their seventh full-length studio album, “Seekers and Finders”, and they have been touring it across North America and Europe relentlessly ever since the end of the festival season. However, if this busy schedule has taken its toll on their frontman, he hides it well. A Ukrainian native who has spent the past few years living in Brazil, Hütz clearly doesn’t agree with the cold British December; he wears two thick coats over his stage attire, and complains about the weather all the way to the bus, where he makes sure to turn all o

Talk Show - Permanent Honeymoon Album Review

Talk Show have managed to rack up quite an impressive following with their interesting blend of pop-rock fusion with accolades from the likes of Boo Hewerdine, Squeeze, and Frank Turner. Their newest release, Permanent Honeymoon, claims to have a sound that fuses Velvet Underground with Kraftwerk, and that description fits the band quite accurately, with a touch of Boo Hewerdine’s songwriting style as well. It is difficult to pin down the bands sound when the most obvious way of describing their sound is by comparing them to acts from the 1970s; the worry remains that most of the songs on the album will sound as if they are a few decades too late. There is an element of modern pop-rock in th

Live Review | Gogol Bordello | Manchester Academy | 12/12/17

Manchester Academy is perhaps one of the bigger venues Gogol Bordello have played in the UK. The “Seekers and Finders Tour” has definitely been a step up for the band, it would seem, and for an act renowned for its frenetic performances and close interaction with its audience, it was interesting to see how an impressive two hour headline spot from them would react with what has, in recent years, become such an enormous production. As eccentric as ever, the lights dimmed to a Hungarian folk dance playing over the speakers, with Sergey Ryabtsev (violin) and Pasha Newmerzhitsky (accordion) taking the stage to perform the opening bars of “Did It All”, before the rhythm section of the band quickl

Live Review | Eliza Carthy and The Wayward Band w/ Duotone | Rescue Rooms, Nottingham | 11/12/17

Eliza Carthy and her new “Wayward Band” lineup have been tipped as a "must see" and ever since the launch of her latest album, Big Machine, earlier this year she has been touring and playing quite extensively. Tonight in Nottingham's Rescue Rooms she graced us with her A-Class performance. Support act, Duotone [6], came on with no introduction and simply started looping cello patterns; his entrance was so subdued that most of the audience did not seem to realise that this was the support act until he had almost reached the end of the first song. He pulled off the “mysterious man in black” trope well between songs though, with good musicianship and an impressive command of technology backing

Live Review | Martyn Joseph | The Greystones, Sheffield | 26/11/17

Martyn Joseph is a well-known Welsh singer-songwriter who is known for touring America a hell of a lot and doing everything he can to be hugely charitable. Recently, he was doing a music project in Palestine, giving children a place to vent and let out their emotions during an incredibly awful time in their lives. He has also done similar projects in Guatemala, throughout Africa, Mumbai, and in Canada. The ‘theatre projects’ for children give parents more time to work, to find work, and break the circle of poverty. The venue was packed from the outset with the energy and excitement in the room running high. On stage at 20:15 on the dot and, straight away, began the first two songs, instantly

2017 Top 10 Albums of the Year | Simon Chisholm |

It has come to that time of the year where we pause and reflect upon the changes that have happened in the music industry over the past year. It has been another tumultuous year internationally, with several scandals hitting former stars and yet more shocking deaths of some of the greats. The sudden losses of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington hit the mainstream music industry hard; with tributes pouring in from around the world. More recently, Tom Petty and now Malcolm Young have also passed, reminding us that even iconic figures share in mortality. However, it has not all been sadness, as 2017 has also been a fairly great year for new musical releases. Even within the confines of the UK

Lovebites: 'Awakening From Abyss' - Album Review

Japan’s metal scene hasn’t always been the most well-known outside of breakout stars such as heavyweights Dir en grey and “kawaii” metallers Babymetal. Dig further in, however, and one finds a rich tapestry of bands of all manner of shapes and sizes. Alongside this and quite unlike more well-known Western bands, metal in Japan has also flown the flag for not only female-fronted bands but also an ever-increasing number of all-female bands. Only forming in 2016, Lovebites are continuing this proud tradition of bearing the torch for women in metal. If the album art wasn’t already a dead giveaway, the one-two combo of instrumental opener ‘The Awakening’ and ‘Hammer of Wrath’ makes clear that thi

CHON w/ Yvette Young, The Fleece, Bristol.

Last week we got the pleasure of checking out the boys in CHON tearing up The Fleece with their math-core sound, with support from the lovely Yvette Young. Check out Kierans snaps!

Tom Crow: Fault Lines Album Review

Tom Crow is a singer-songwriter based in Wales though you may think you are listening to a Country come Grassroots style Americana band after taking a listen to debut album Fault Lines. With his 'Ghostriders' at his back to provide instrumentation from double bass and guitars to piano and backing vocals the album provide some huge highlights, The album is packed to the brim with songs written by true musicians. Let's get stuck in: The album opens with "Fourteen Locks", a solemn and thought-provoking track that glistens with subtle vocal harmonies and a great concept. The inclusion of various instruments from the outset is great to hear but it is even more impressive that they blend so well t

2017 Top 10 Albums Of The Year | Kristian Pugh

For all the horrendous things we have seen transpiring in the music industry over the last 12 months we can all take solace in the fact that 2017 has been an exceptional year for music. New bands bursting into the limelight, old ones re-energised and current ones releasing their best work yet; the genres of rock,metal and everything in between and beyond are in a creative renaissance as we speak. Let's enjoy it. 10: Phinehas - Dark Flag Gutteral breakdowns and mesmerising tech elements, Phinehas really bought their best foot forward with their latest record. If you're a fan of pounding riffs flowing effortlessly into solos with ripping vocals on top of them; you'll feel at home here. 9: Th

Will Marshall's Top 10 Albums of 2017

End of year lists are always tricky and this year is no exception; 2017 had some standout releases of all shapes and sizes. Some of the best albums i heard this year came from relative newcomers, or bands unafraid to blend genres and try new things. Equally there have been fantastic albums by bands who prefer to revel in the days of bygone glories (looking at you, Savage Messiah) that have still managed to update their source material for the modern metal fan. So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my favourite releases of 2017. Mastodon - Emperor of Sand Emerging from a period of immense struggle for many of the band, Emperor of Sand is easily their strongest work sinc

Witchery: 'I am Legion' - Album Review

Sweden’s’ resident occult-obsessed blackened thrashers Witchery is a long and storied one, and I Am Legion marks the seventh entry into the band’s catalogue. Opening with the incredibly short scene-setter “Legion” (more on that one later), we are quickly thrown into the first full track of the album “True North” which features an intro from what sounds suspiciously like an electric organ. This is swiftly followed by a mid-paced, thrashy stomp and raspy vocals courtesy of Angus Norder (Nekrokraft) that have just the right amount of malice as well as some rather gurgled, yet very intelligible, roars of the title itself. The tempo barely shifts at all before fourth track “Of Blackened Wing”, wh

2017 Top 10 Albums Of The Year | Josh Bates

Lets be real, 2017 has been one hell of a crazy year for a lot of things… From political controversy across the world, to headlines we never thought we would even see in our generation. But in the mist of it all new music has been the bright side of the year, and as always the art that has bought everyone together. There has been too many outstanding releases this year for me to recall them all, but here is a list of my top ten albums / EP’s that really blew me away across this 356 day roller coaster. Here's to another great year of music! 10) Counterparts - You’re Not You Anymore Counterparts latest record is hard hitting from start to finish, leaving you with no room to breathe behind the

Top 10 Albums Of 2017 | Dan Hillier

Let’s be honest, 2017 was a bit kack. From Brexit to the rise of radical extremist views, the year has been a clusterfuck of massive proportions. Thankfully though, music has provided a much-needed solace from the ever unravelling of the world. And what a year it’s been for new releases. Whilst there’s no way I could list all the albums, EPs and demos that have made the extended music scene so great, here’s my top ten picks from the year. Before we dive in, I would like to make special honourable mentions to Elbow, Enter Shikari, The Black Dahlia Murder, Chon, Helpless, Comeback Kid, Fangclub, Can’t Swim and Martyr Defiled for releasing some of the best music to be found. 10: Los Campesinos!

2017 Top 10 Albums Of The Year | Dan Hallam

10) Darkest Hour – Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora Returning to the front of the pack with a career best record. Darkest Hour’s ninth studio record is a vicious, kick to the balls of a record. Combing the best elements of all their previous fan favorites with a newfound ferocity. FFO: At The Gates, Power Trip 9) Coltsblood – Ascending into Shimmering Darkness Quite possibly the heaviest doom band on the planet. Ascending into Shimmering Darkness is the soundtrack of the human psyche’s worst thoughts. Proper horrible music. FFO: Primitive Man, Grief, Bell Witch 8) Full of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstasy Trumpeting Ecstasy sees Full of Hell taking their brutal mix of death metal, grindcore, pow


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