Orphaned Land: 'Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs' - Album Review

Since forming in 1991, Israeli metallers Orphaned Land have gone from strength to strength, peddling their self-labelled “oriental metal”, fusing the more usual sounds of melodeath and power metal with the unique flavours of traditional Israeli instruments and middle Eastern melody. Twenty-plus years into their career and the band have amassed quite a following thanks to their positive message and ability to unite fans across the spectrum of many different nationalities and faiths; even earning them the Global Metal award from MetalHammer in 2014. Come 2018 and the band are gearing up to release new album Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs, a concept album five years in the making that draws in

Hexis: ‘XII’ – EP Review

Hexis, a vibration from the underneath of both Denmark and Italy for a sound inspired by Black Metal and Hardcore, are eight years in the running. Boasting to be the best of both worlds with an aggressive stance for the future. They have, as most good Black Metal does, rise from the ashes of the undergrowth of many scenes. It is perhaps not surprising that despite their eight-year maturity that they’ve survived underneath the surface. XII, off the back of 2017’s second full length Tando Ashanti, marks a solid aggressive push for the band to spread more fires. The rough vocals amount to a grim snarl over oppressive and forceful instruments. Surprisingly holding nothing back to launch straight

Deep Purple's Roger Glover: "As Long As We're Enjoying It We'll Try And Keep Going&

Photo Credit: Amy Farrer Photography The word iconic gets thrown around quite a bit in music, but nothing fits its definition more than Deep Purple. Known as one of the holy trio of heavy metal, arguably no band has influenced the genre more than the Hertford quintet. Five decades since their inception, the band still continue to expand their legacy, touring at every opportunity, most recently to coincide with the release of their twentieth studio album InFinite back in 2017. Noizze writer Morgan Richards spoke to bassist Roger Glover on their expansive rock and roll story, continuing to write new music, retirement rumours and their controversial induction into the Hall of Fame. True tales

Winchester - Life Begins At These Dead Ends | Album Review

For a band that only went public in October 2017, Winchester really have popped up from nowhere as they drop their debut album just four months later. The post-hardcore three-piece’s self-released Life Begins At These Dead Ends is interesting in its narrative, with the six-word title split up between three songs throughout the track-listing, adding an effective subtlety that implies a deeper concept yet to be revealed. The intro to title track part 1 ‘Life Begins’ is a very promising start as lead vocalist/bassist Adam Catalan’s soothing tones and distressing lyrics are accompanied only by a chilling lead guitar melody leaving you unprepared for the distortion to come. However, the gravely,

Hundred Year Old Man - Rei | EP Review

Since storming onto the scene with debut single Black Fire, Hundred Year Old Man have been whipping up a storm up and down the UK with their mix of Post/sludge/doom metal, coupled together with some incendiary live performances. 2018 will bring forth their debut album, however they’ve fired off a warning shot in the form of a new three track EP Rei. Kicking off proceedings with opener ‘Sun & Moon’. Starting off with some brooding ambience that crawls right under your skin, which slowly starts to build up the dynamics over the course of its six and a half minute runtime, with the added bonus of the cathartic throat shredding of Paul Broughton. The atmospheric build up displayed giving Cult of

Revival of The Get Happy Tour | Bowling for Soup, Aquabats and Army of Freshman!

Bowling for Soup are returning to the UK next month with the “Get Happy Tour”. The band’ll be bringing previous tour collaborators Army of Freshmen and the costumed crusaders Aquabats across the Atlantic for the first Get Happy! in 11 years. Sure to be a treat for fans of all three of the bands the tour will playing in nine cities across the country including Cardiff, Glasgow and London. All three acts have spanned lengthy careers making it an evening for celebrations. Ventura, CA spawned Army of Freshman will be playing “Under the Radar” - their third record from way back in 2006 - in full to celebrate the groups 20th anniversary and headliners Bowling For Soup playing their 2002 fourth rec

Crossfaith - Wipeout | EP Review

Never one to follow convention; Crossfaith have opted to release their third EP in a row with their latest three track offering Wipeout. Each song on this here offers up a different focal point of the various styles and sounds that make up the bands unique formula; vocalist Kenta Koei states: "WIPEOUT is about our future... no one can stop the future, so we chose to dive straight in. These new songs are the guide for where Crossfaith are going” Title track ‘Wipeout’ showcases how far Ken has come as a lyricist, with a colossal chorus ready to be screamed at the top of your lungs, mix-master Terufumi Tamano delivering an infectious dreamscape of electronic symphony in the background, the trac

Conjurer - Mire | Album Review

Since coming completely out of nowhere with a shit kicking debut EP; I, Coventry extreme metallers Conjurer have been laying waste to cities up and down the UK and pretty much winning everyone over with their complex blend of death, post, doom and sludge metal. Don't confuse them as a band that sound like a mish-mash of the aforementioned genres - instead the metallers share more sonic similarities with a ten tonne truck than anything else. Conjurer have been threatening us with a release of epic proportions for a while now - and doomsday has now arrived in the form of Mire. From the get go of album opener ‘Choke’, Conjurer do not fuck around. Kicking off proceedings with what can be describ

Great Collapse - Neither Washington, Nor Moscow... Again | Album Review

Great Collapse are the melodic supergroup, formed of ex-members of talented bands such as Death By Stereo, Rise Against and fronted by Strike Anywhere vocalist Thomas Barnett. As Barnett claims, the songs on Neither Washington Nor Moscow…Again are rather ‘angular’, and rough around the edges to really add to their finesse of visceral punk rock. Of course, the visceral angular tracks such as ‘Atomic Calendar’ and ‘Colony Blackout’ bring the dark anger and hatred quite clearly, the overall ideas of ‘horror’ that are said to be brought in the tracks however are lost behind a wave of angsty, similar sounding punk tracks spanning the course of 11 tracks. As Barnett states, ‘We wanted to give a so

Calling Apollo - The Great Depression Act II | Album Review

Wales has seen an array of breakthrough acts over the past year including Dream State and Holding Absence, as well as Cardiff melodic rockers Calling Apollo - who might just be the next big thing. The quintet, comprised of vocalist Christian Neale, guitarists Dan Hughes and Kevin Williams, bassist Luke Walters and drummer Zak Woolf, are currently gearing up for the release of the The Great Depression: Act II. The record acts as the direct followup to 2016s The Great Depression: Act I, which explored the political attitudes of 1920s USA and how these are mirrored in modern day UK culture. It was a diverse and interesting theme that swam throughout the record, luckily enough this second instal

Download Festival Adds Over 60 Bands To Lineup

This evening Download Festival added a whole host of bands to an already stacked bill, with some interesting additions and positions for those playing. Already announced were acts such as headliners Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N Roses and Ozzy Osbourne as well as Parkway Drive, Meshuggah, Bullet For My Valentine, Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria & more. They will be joined by the likes of: Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown, Volbeat, Blessthefall, Bury Tomorrow, Malevolence, Thy Art Is Murder, and Neck Deep. You can find an updated tour poster below:

Arcaeon: 'Balance' - EP Review

Arcaeon are newcomers to the UK music scene, forming early in 2017 but already have a niche carved out for themselves aping prog/tech metal and other metal core acts from SikTh to Architects and Northlane and blending them together. Balance sees them taking their tentative first steps as a band, an EP clocking in around twenty-five minutes containing five songs. The band meld polyrhythms alongside softer (I hesitate to say quiet) passages as well as clean and screamed vocals. This lends itself to songs feeling more lethargic than they are as complex guitar lines sometimes underpin far less energetic, spaced out vocal lines such as the clean vocal lines in ‘Mind’s Eye’ that does nothing for t

Lord of Pagathorn: 'Daimonos Philia' - Album Review

A fowl shriek in the northern cold darkness of Scandinavia only too happily backed by a fierce array of tremolo picking and blast beasts. Lord of Pagathorn is one of the Black Metal acts that always feels below the surface. Deep below the surface and in the dark depths of the more unearthed Black Metal – hiding in the corners of darkness. This Finnish band have certainly been enacting their evil music on us for a very mature amount of time – since 1992 to be exact. But like many bands of this age to keep beneath a darkened black spot they’ve not offered many albums in this time. Daimono Philia marks a second cry from hell in album form from the band and appears as a direct follow up to Nekro

Tiny Moving Parts - Swell | Album Review

In this confusing, continuously shifting world that is the extended alternative music scene, it’s not unusual for emerging acts to rigidly cling to a subculture and it’s formulaic conventions for affirmation. With this in consideration, it’s easy to see how Minnesota’s Tiny Moving Parts have garnered such a wide spread reputation. Throughout their short, yet illustrious career they’ve managed to bridge a gap between the conflicting emo and math-rock genres and scenes, taking inspirations from both but never being restricted in the process. The result of such creativity is a highly intricate and DIY sound that’s both unique, familiar and most crucially, thoroughly engaging. Whilst 2016’s Cele

Of Mice & Men - Defy | Album Review

Orange County’s Of Mice & Men have been through a fair amount since their arrival on the metalcore scene in 2010; with the biggest turmoil coming in the form of original vocalist Austin Carlile leaving the band twice, this time seemingly for good. Come 2018 and the odds, seemingly, were not stacked in their favour, but instead it appears that this change has in fact had miniscule effect on the band. If anything OM&M are back and refocused; releasing the aptly-titled Defy - the first to feature bassist Aaron Pauley taking over both clean and screamed vocals. Opener ‘Defy’ is an absolute rager with a riff designed to incite pits - in keeping with the band’s clearly-stated intention to write so

The Xcerts - Hold On To Your Heart

The Xcerts are a band that can only be described as one of rocks best kept secrets, a band with an entire catalogue of surefire hits that somehow always managed to slip under the radar. This might be finally set to change however, with their fourth studio release 'Hold On To Your Heart', the Brighton based three piece have made a bold move into a more indie-pop territory, and pulled it off astoundingly. Intro track 'The Dark' is a gloomy, moody, piano led piece that manages to feel both homely and unsettling at the same time, the warm tones of the piano and vocal harmonies in the background, contrasting with harrowing lyrics like; “wasted dreams are scattered out in the streets”. 'Daydream'

Live Review: Seaway w/Woes & Lizzy Farrall | The Bodega, Nottingham | 11/01/2018

With a fresh release on their shoulders, Canadian outfit Seaway are back on our shores to showcase their new material, alongside upcoming pop punk quintet Woes (7) and Chester-based talent Lizzy Farrall (8). Singer songwriter Lizzy Farrall [8] takes the opening slot this evening, with an already busy Bodega falling silent to her powerful vocal range. Having recently signed to Pure Noise Records, Farrall takes control of the stage, intertwining her beautifully honest lyrics with such a strong yet delicate style of singing. 'Broken Toy' is utterly angelic, whilst relaying the epitome of teenage heartbreak. Despite the melancholy presented, Farrall’s stage presence is quite the opposite, conver

Crimson Star - Bay View | EP Review

A three-piece of fledgling hard-rockers, Birmingham’s Crimson Star spent the summer of 2017 working with Romesh Dodangoda, a producer esteemed for his work with a few little bands such as Don Broco, Lower Than Atlantis and Bring Me The Horizon. The result of this was Bay View, a five-track EP thick with riffs and brooding basslines but lacking in lyrical substance. Bay View opens with latest single ‘The Pragmatist’, introducing the listener to lead singer James Shaw’s impressive Manson-esque vocals. Right away, influences from elsewhere in rock can be heard; the darkness of Muse is evident all over the release, as well as the dirty groove of Royal Blood. Such comparisons should be drawn with


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