The Pearl Harts - Glitter And Spit | Album Review

The Pearl Harts are self-proclaimed music outlaws who have never done things quietly. This DIY duo have toured extensively for four years and have finally released their debut album, Glitter and Spit. Their sound akin to Royal Blood, you can imagine the two-piece sitting comfortably on any rock festival line up, but their experimentation with harmonies, synths and samples sees them making noise in a way few rock bands do. ‘Black Blood’, the first track on the LP, is sure to draw you in with sleazy guitar hooks and clever lyrics that are dripping with attitude. Echoing vocals from both Kirsty Lowrey and Sara Leigh Shaw, coupled with punchy drums opens the door to the rest of the album, which

Harakiri for the Sky Interview

Noizze: Hi, I hope you’re both well. Thank you for agreeing to do this email interview. Firstly for the benefit of people who may not have heard of you before, may I get a quick introduction and your music? JJ: You are welcome. HFTS is a Post Black Metal band from Salzburg and Vienna, founded in winter 2012. The band is me J.J., singer and texter of the band and M.S. who writes the songs. For playing live we have session members that tour with us. Noizze: After receiving universal praise for your previous work III – Trauma did you feel any pressure following it up in the writing process for your new record Arson? JJ: No, we just continued where we ended the story of III: Trauma. We usually d

Jamie Lenman: A Battle With Confidence

Photo Credit: Martin Thompson Despite an impressive ten year career, adoring loyal fanbase and three incredible records under their belts, alternative rock trio Reuben always seemed to fly under the scene's radar and were undoubtedly one of the most underrated British bands of the early 2000s. Ten years since their split and former frontman, Jamie Lenman, still remains one of rocks biggest unsung heroes. With outstanding new album, Devolver now in his arsenal, we caught up with the singer-songwriter about the challenges of starting a solo career, lessons learnt from Reuben, and how he always likes to keep people guessing. Reflecting back on their nonstop touring and the mark that Reuben left

Affasia: 'Adrift in Remorse' - EP Review

Metal has a tendency to lend itself to experimental song structures and epic sounding riffs. For some this sense of atmosphere is a powerful tool whilst to others it holds back the intensity of the heavy riffs. For those who feel it is a tool can find many of the offbeat and peculiar bands arising from beneath the surface. Taking roots from Melodic Metal, Doom and Shoegaze, Affasia are one of the bands just beneath the surface, energetically rising – but slowly. Adrift in Remorse is their debut EP but it feels important for them; having been initially released digitally, to be then pulled for a Transcending Records release in the end of February 2018. Slow but brutal, the music feels its way

Live Review: Jamie Lenman w/Loa Loa & Gender Roles | The Haunt, Brighton | 10/02/18

After a three year break from music, ex-Reuben frontman, Jamie Lenman made his return last Autumn with the release of his outstanding second studio album Devolver. February 10th saw him performing the new material to a packed out crowd at one of Brighton’s best loved club venues, The Haunt, and it was an absolutely brilliant night of rock n roll. Loa Loa (6.5/10) opened up the evening, barrelling through their 30 minute set of melodic punk tunes. Frontman Josh Rowley delivered a vigorous vocal performance balancing cleaner melodies with a growling tone that showed off some hardcore influence in the punk-rockers scrappy sound. The bands latest single ‘Give Me What I Want’ was a particular cr

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes to play intimate show at Camden's DM Boots Room.

It's not often you get to write about the potential show of a lifetime, but this one actually is; Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes will be playing in Doc Martin’s Boots Room in Camden Market March 10th. That’s right, Carter’s bringing a full band line up in to the 60 capacity venue for a one off show that’s sure to be insane. Returning to the stage after their headline tour in 2017 that was crowned in a throat-to-the-throttle headline appearance at Brixton Academy fans can look forward to an uncontrollable atmosphere comparable to firestorm in a bell jar. Frank Carter has said: “We love small gigs, we love Camden and we love DMs. This show is going to be the perfect combination of all 3! Its

Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It | Album Review

Following a near thirteen year career, Rolo Tomassi have been producing some of the best and obscure heavy music in the United Kingdom since their inception. Always producing top-notch quality music, yet forever progressing forwards, whilst continuing to be one of the hardest working bands in their scene. With their previous album Grievances being their best release yet, one would struggle to see how anyone could top this, but most bands aren’t Rolo Tomassi. Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It is Rolo Tomassi’s fifth album, and to be frank: It’s fucking excellent. This album sits as the crown jewel upon a throne of near perfection. Taking all of the best, most refined parts of Grievances, mi

Pushing Daises Drop Video For Latest Single 'Picture Frame'

Accompanied by a fantastic video, rising Bristolian emo heroes Pushing Daises have just unveiled their latest single ‘Picture Frame’. The release comes ahead of a bustling schedule for the group, with a new album and tour dates coming shortly. On the new single, vocalist Bert Martinez-Cowles notes: "It relates to the death of family members and how short life can be. Those unexpected tragedies and illnesses that occur and can really take effect on how people perceive life and the effects it has on the people who were closest to them." The release comes after their 2016 EP, Stay Sad, which helped solidify their status within the UK emo scene. The group have toured extensively with the likes D

Funeral Shakes - S/T | Album Review

Featuring Em Foster of Nervus and former Gallows sticksman Lee Barratt, Funeral Shakes are an outfit that despite being well within their infancy bring a fair bit of experience to the table. Coming from two bands with plenty of adoration and respect hanging off their names brings with it a certain level of expectation - so how do the band live up to this? The album opens with 'Over You', easily one of the best tracks on the album so it's no wonder that it was chosen as one of the band's singles. Despite the high energy, it's relatively lacklustre from a songwriting standpoint. Nothing new, nothing interesting, just samey: and all this is without taking into account the generic music video wh

Nervus: 'Everything Dies' - Album Review

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the contemporary UK alt scene for a while now you’ve probably already spotted the name Nervus popping up all over the shop. From touring with the emo darlings in Creeper all the way to signing to the illustrious label that is Big Scary Monsters, the act seem to be enjoying the spoils of a blossoming career, one that is completely deserved considering their history. Whilst it was unanimously celebrated within certain circles upon it’s release, the material within their debut, Permanent Rainbow, was never intended to be distributed. In fact, it predominately served as a cathartic outlet for openly transgender front woman Em Foster. With its authentic documentat


If you cast your mind back to 2013, you might remember a certain San Francisco act called Deafheaven bursting into the scene. Whilst blackgaze was already an established genre and movement, albeit perceived as something niche, the act arose to prominence thrusting this stereotypically unapproachable genre into the spotlight. Whilst some have disregard the genre’s surfacing as nothing more than a flash in the pan, the recent emergent of many a blackgaze act has shown it’s here to stay. One such act, Møl, are clearly destined to be among the leaders of such a prolonged movement. Hailing from the Danish city of Aarhus, whilst the act officially formed in 2013 it only took them approximately 3 y

Every Time I Die To Play One-Off Intimate Show at London's The Garage

Metalcore legends Every Time I Die have announced they will play a special intimate one-off show at London’s The Garage on May 29th and you can bet it'll be one for the ages! Tickets go on sale Feb 21st here ETID will be bringing the party to venues across the UK as well as Slam Dunk Festival - catch them on these dates: Saturday 26th May - Leeds City Centre Sunday 27th May - Hatfield Park Monday 28th May - NEC Birmingham Tuesday 29th May - The Garage London Check out their video for 'Map Change' taken from their latest album Low Teens below: Low Teens is available now via Epitaph.

Live Review: Bowling For Soup | Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff | 16/02/18

It might be “stupid, contagious, to be broke and famous” but Bowling For Soup deliver yet another masterclass of their Punk-Rock 101 reputation. Celebrating the fifteenth [1] anniversary of their critically-acclaimed record Drunk Enough To Dance, the band mixed the album’s eighteen song track-list with their other cult favourite hits including 'Almost', 'High-School Never Ends', 'The Bitch Song' and '1985' among others to really complete an evening of ultimate nostalgic partying. Fun from start to finish. A true testament to their back-catalog. Surprisingly this was Bowling For Soup’s first ever show headlining an arena in their twenty-four year existence as a band. Front-man Jarett Reddick,

Paradise Lost Drop Lyric Video for Host - Remastered Single 'So Much Is Lost'

The godfathers of gloom Paradise Lost have released an all-new lyric video for ‘So Much is Lost’, taken from their upcoming reissue of Host - Remastered. Released in 1999, Host is their legendary seventh album that marked a shift away from their death 'metal roots to more melancholic electropop territory Jaime Gomez Arellano, who remastered the album, states: “ 'Host' is a fantastic album with a stellar production. When I had the opportunity to remaster it, I focused on warming it up through analogue tape and giving it more of that analogue 'vibe' since a lot of records from that period were a bit thin sounding in comparison to today‘s standards. The remaster resulted in more depth and bass

Black Moth: 'Anatomical Venus' - Album Review

After releasing two acclaimed records, the pressure is on for Black Moth to deliver the goods on album number three, Anatomical Venus. It’s also their first release with new guitarist Federica Gialanza (formerly of an all-female Sabbath tribute band) and also their first for new label Candlelight Records. By all accounts, the band are bringing out the big guns; this time around they’ve worked with producers who have worked with a wide variety of bands such as Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir and even indiepop outfit Maximo Park. Thankfully there’s no trace of that here; Anatomical Venus was inspired by medical models from the eighteenth century used to teach about the body, specifically the female

Necrophobic: 'Mark of Necrogram' - Album Review

Blackened Death Metallers Necrophobic are veterans in their field. Bringing us aggressive and evil sounds since 1989 all the way from Sweden. Their eighth studio album Mark of Necrogram is their first full length since 2013 and follows 2017s EP Pesta. Scandinavians have a real magic for all things Black and Death, bringing us some truly violent sounds in a way that sounds purely Scandinavian. Necrophobic have come far to hone their sound and feel like a cross between Old Man’s Child and Thy Serpent with a little bit more Death in them. Mark of the Necrogram starts all guns blazing with its title track and keeps to a relentless mix of blastbeats with a tremolo picking melody. Their vocals giv

Live Review: Marmozets w/ Queen Zee | Student Central, London | 07/02/18

Already a strong contender for album of the year with their second record; Knowing What You Know Now, Marmozets have wasted no time getting out for some intimate shows in support of the 12 track LP barely two weeks after its late January release. Opening the night, up and coming band with a transgender agenda Queen Zee [7/10] (Formerly known as Queen Zee and The Sasstones) do a great job of kicking things off with their ruckus like dynamic punk noise, incorporating small moments of funky bass, melodic vocals and even doomy sounding hardcore into their vicious groove. Set highlights come from a short and sweet speech about shutting down homophobia, transphobia and other injustices that are no

Senses Fail - If There Is Light, It Will Find You | Album Review

For all those invested in the dynamic post-hardcore scene, New Jersey outfit Senses Fail have been a household name since 2002. Despite numerous line-up changes, near break-ups and personal trauma, the now three-piece are back with a seventh LP, If There is a Light, It Will Find You: a raw, vulnerable and wholeheartedly genuine effort that may just be their magnum opus. Opening on bass-heavy, Blink 182-influenced ‘Double Cross’, the direction of this record isn’t immediately obvious, the track sounding more like an ode to the formative glory days than an amalgamation of sixteen years of growth and change. However, things soon pick up on passionately emotional ‘Elevator to the Gallows’, combi

American Nightmare - 'S/T' | Album Review

Back in the heyday of the late 90’s and early 00’s, American Nightmare were the most important band in hardcore. Wielding a perfect combination of the crushing aggressive Boston hardcore sound, with the kind of lyrics and melody you’d find on your favorite Smiths record. Following a pair of incendiary EP’s, coupled with two of the most important hardcore records of the time and a name to change (the band changed their name to Give up the Ghost due to a lawsuit), American Nightmare sadly broke up due to internal issues, at a time when they were seemingly at the top of the game & popularity. Fast forward to 2017, six years after the band announced and played the first of their reunion shows, a

Live Review: Cassels & Youth Man | HY Brasil Music Club, Bristol | 14/02/2018

From its exterior, the HY Brasil Music Club looks like your average contemporary metropolitan café/bar. Yet if you where to ask any local with even the slightest interest in underground music about the establishment, it would likely provoke many a tale detailing its importance to Bristol’s music scene. Formally known as Start the Bus prior it’s redevelopment, the venue has served as a platform for both surfacing local acts and travelling musicians, becoming synonymous with the underground music subculture within city. With this in consideration it’s no surprise that this is the venue to play host to Cassels and Youth Man; potentially two of most exciting and crucial acts within the DIY scene


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