Luke Rainsford - I Just Don't Deserve To Be Loved | EP Review

By this stage, it’s highly probable you have already registered Luke Rainsford. After releasing two full lengths, Rainsford has captivated many a listener with this tender heart on sleeve approach to dejected acoustic pop-punk. I Just Don’t Deserve To Be Loved, his upcoming EP, clearly states his craftsmanship and lyrical integrity. I Just Don’t Deserve To Be Loved expands on the sonic themes presented within his previous offerings. Taking notable keys from his personal inspirations and weaving in new layers, this EP presents a layer of richness and deepness not typically associated with singer/songwriters. Opening with the gentle ‘Looking For Your Ghost’, the interweaving acoustic tones tha

Live Review: Paradise Lost w/ Outshine, King Goat | Rescue Rooms, Nottingham | 18.02.18

Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms may only be next door to their more well-known cousin Rock City but that doesn’t stop the venue having an identity quite all its own. Tonight it’s the turn of legendary gloom merchants Paradise Lost with support from Brighton’s upcoming epic doomsters King Goat whose debut Conduit set expectations sky-high for the young band. Not ones to rest on their laurels, however, they have finalising work on their sophomore effort Debt of Aeons. I had time for a brief catch up with the band before the show, and they were clearly enthused to be sharing the stage with Paradise Lost as well as fellow support act Outshine, praising the atmosphere of the tour. The outpouring of sup

Live Review: Immersion: Part One - Starset w/ Diskord | 02 Institute 2, Birmingham | 24/03/18

If you know Birmingham, you’ll know that The Institute 2 has hosted many upcoming artists over the years, Starset now being one of them. Emerging on their first UK headliner ‘Immersion: Part One’, the current run has proven to be extremely successful. Selling out 3/4 UK venues, the band are building up a good following overseas. EDM openers Diskord (4) did very little to warm the audience up. The basic beat drops and mixes didn’t bring anything new or exciting and ultimately didn’t fit very well amongst the music genre most fans were a part of. Aside from the consistent repetition of ‘Who’s ready for Starset’ averaging 7/8 times during the full set and failing to create any real communicatio

Impericon Stage: A Noizze low-down.

The main misconception about Slam Dunk Festival is that it’s just solely about showcasing pop punk bands, when in fact they’ve featured a stage dedicated to metalcore and hardcore since 2009. Their annual collaboration with Impericon means you get to see some of the biggest names in the heavier genres, as well as the up-and-comers. Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s Impericon Stage lineup… Every Time I Die Hardcore five-piece Every Time I Die are back and headlining the stage for a second time since their debut appearance in 2012. 2018 marks the band’s 20th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than with another headlining slot? To mark the occasion, even bigger thi

Napalm Death - Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs | Album Review

Napalm Death are a national treasure. Since their formation way back in 1981, the band have been responsible for creating one of the most exciting, excruciatingly extreme sub genres in all of heavy metal: grindcore, whilst not losing an ounce of aggression and extremity throughout their thirty-seven year career. The band have consistently expanded and dominated across other sub genres alongside creating some of the most intense grindcore records known to man, such their late 80’s/early 90’s death metal leaning output, the industrial tinged mid 90’s period, or their Swans-esqe walls of noise drone epics featured on their recent records. Napalm Death have proven time and time again that they’r

Will Haven - Muerte | Album Review

Back with their 6th LP, noise veterans Will Haven have released an apoplectic collection of well crafted and coherent tracks in Muerte. Despite considerable lengths of time between albums since the turn of the century, they have managed to keep their sound fresh whilst sticking firmly to their roots, as previous efforts Open the Mind to Discomfort and The Hierophant show, and Muerte continues this consistent trend. Opening the 11 track album, which aptly translates to "death", is the enormous 'Hewed With the Brand', a brutal and stellar start with pummelling drums and a heavy bassline, the album smoothly transitions from track to track, effortlessly helping to depict and discuss the titular

Demob Happy - Holy Doom | Album Review

It’s been three years since the Brighton based trio Demob Happy released their debut album. Those three years have been spent touring and honing their sound, and their latest LP, Holy Doom highlights just how much they’ve learnt in that time. ‘Liar in Your Head’ explodes with characteristic chunky guitar riffs, but Demob Happy’s experimentation with their sound and the weight of their riffs is evident. It’s clear that the band are still themselves, but there’s growth within this album that shows a maturity that perhaps wasn’t there before. ‘Loosen It’ is one such track that highlights the accessibility of the band now; this song could easily be compared to Royal Blood’s earlier tracks, but t

Cove - A Conscious Motion | EP Review

When a blossoming artist starts to garner media attention from the big leagues, a certain wary skepticism can follow. Can their musicianship justify the hype? The hype, which in Kent metallers Cove’s case, includes a support slot on tour with Feed The Rhino and a Kerrang! premiere? Luckily, the answer in this case is a resounding yes. A Conscious Motion, the hardcore quintet’s newest EP, is abound with both scathing aggression and mathy, Code Orange-esque vehemence that proves their worth among a sea of bands trying to climb the same ladder. Opener ‘Coincidence:Collide’ starts with clean vocals before tearing off the plaster, introducing the listener to the power of vocalist Ben Shorten’s sc

Daze Of June - Heart Of Silver | Album Review

Bursting onto the metalcore scene only three years ago under previous persona Archives of Alaska, Daze of June chose to turn a new leaf in the band's early chapters with a refreshing new name - that would soon spark the release of their debut full length album Heart of Silver. Taking into consideration the bands short existence, Heart of Silver shows extreme musical maturity in this debut which is highly admirable, pushing them amongst the big leagues of metalcore bands, a feat many take multiple releases to achieve. Merging an aggressive edge you'd expect from any hardcore act, with a set of huge melodic hooks that deliver a catchier listening experience for us, Daze of June tick all the bo

The Wonder Years - Sister Cities | Album Review

Even if you’re not up to speeds with the respective news of the Pop Punk genre and it’s related scene, I would happily wager a crisp £5 note that you’ve at least heard of the Philadelphia outfit The Wonder Years. Since their 2010 sophomore record The Upsides, the group have been hailed as the heroes of the modern pop punk movement. Praised for their honesty, flexibility their dismissal of cliched stereotypes, the act ushered in a new era of pop punk, with many acts imitating their sound. Yet, whilst many acts would have locked down on such a revolutionary sound, one of the best elements of this act is the fact that each release sees them evolve and chip away at their established tone, creati

Song Premiere: Roamer - 'Open My Pants'

10 years after originally starting their journey to alt rock paradise, Roamer are on their way to releasing their debut full length record What The Hell - set for release April 27th. Originating from Hagendorf, Switzerland - the bands synthetic approach to rock puts them perfectly in sight for fans of Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Stone Temple Pilots. We're happy to exclusively reveal 'Open My Pants' taken from the album, check it out below: Pre-order 'What The Hell': CD: LP:

Live Review: Cannibal Corpse & The Black Dahlia Murder w/ In Arkadia | The Marble Factory, Brist

If you live in the area, you would probably associate Bristol’s Motion with anything but extreme metal. The venue has been crowned as the 19th best nightclub on the planet and has become closely associated with the EDM scene, with dance heads worldwide making the pilgrimage to this holy house of the rave. However, for one night only, the venue has turned it’s back on the happy go lucky nature of dance music and is playing host to one of the most infamous bands on the planet: Cannibal Corpse. Touring on the back of their 2017 album, Red Before Black, the band have stopped off for a show in the holy house of EDM accompanied by the mighty The Black Dahlia Murder and In Arkadia. Hailing from the

Live Review: Parkway Drive w/ Polar | Camden Underworld, London | 16/03/18

Photo Credit: Elliot Grimme The year is 2008, Parkway Drive are about to play their biggest headline set to date at the Underworld in Camden, London... except wait, it isn’t 2008 at all, it is in fact 2018 and the Australian metalcore titans have announced a string of intimate shows returning to smaller venues across Europe in support of announcing their latest upcoming album Reverence. Given that the band has headlined the 5000 capacity Brixton Academy twice now, going back to such an intimate setting with a crowd only 500 strong hallows back to their early days before the band became one of the most well known and respected names in the genre. They’ve brought with them London based hardcor

Rivers of Nihil: 'Where Owls Know My Name' | Album Review

Rivers of Nihil are one of those bands that are trying new things in Metal. This American quintet have just released their third album, Where Owls Know My Name, since starting in 2009. Each release has allowed them to develop a style that is both brutal but allows them to flow into different areas of music unexpectedly and Where Owls Know My Name is no different. Their music is progressive and experimental and though there are elements of extreme metal there are also moments of taking saxophones in Metal to a more complete Jazz. Extreme Metal dominates the album but there is always a sense of a backing symphonic melody that counters the speed and aggression with a slow build. This may be one

The Crown: 'Cobra Speed Venom' | Album Review

Swedish Death Metal. There’s just something that the Scandinavians have a bit of a knack for. Extreme metal is definitely amongst them. The Crown may not be a household name as such, but their violent and rough form of Death Metal is both well-defined and raw. The Swedes take The Crown back as far as 1990 and Cobra Speed Venom is their tenth release, but their first since 2015’s Death is Not Dead didn’t quite live up to its predecessor Doomsday King. Cobra Speed Venom feels like an aggressive energy with melodic overtones that screams out like a God Dethroned album. It is both raw and brutal with a vocal style that is both deep and with a touch of evil, whilst both being melodic and groove-l

Live Review : The Wombats w/ Bloxx & The Night Cafe | Cardiff Great Hall | 16/03/18

The Wombats released their fourth studio album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life at the start of February 2018. The singles released from the LP have been attracting plenty of radio play, and the album peaked at number three in the respective official charts. Since the release of their debut album in 2007, the demographic of the band’s fans has slowly been evolving. Their new album has attracted a new type of fan, complete with glitter highlights, unmarked Docs and artfully ripped vintage jackets – no misfit indie kids to be seen queuing outside Cardiff’s Great Hall. First to grace the stage in Cardiff was London-based indie/grunge outfit, Bloxx (7.5). Their unique style and heavier soun

Live Review: Waterparks w/ Patent Pending And Dead! | Cardiff Y-Plas | 08/03/18

One of 2017’s highlight breakthrough bands Waterparks released their third studio album in January, and all attention has been on them since. They played the recently refurbished Y Plas on March 8th, and we checked them out to see if they were worth the hype. Currently taking the rock world by storm are London-based punks, Dead! [8.5/10] it’s common knowledge that their live shows are filled with energy and passion – they’ve had plenty of positive feedback from fans and critics alike, and they stormed onto stage in Cardiff with gusto. By way of introduction, Dead! slammed straight into their high-octane track, ‘The Boys † The Boys’. Despite their best efforts, the start of their set fell on

Hundred Year Old Man - Breaching | Album Review

After dropping a very well received EP only a couple of months ago, and hot off the back of a European tour and countless UK shows, Hundred Year Old Man have made a swift return with the debut full length album they’ve been threatening us all with since day one: Breaching. Wielding a volatile mix of Post, Doom and Sludge metal similar to scene leaders Neurosis and Amen-ra, Hundred Year Old Man are aiming to provide the soundtrack to the existential dread that plagues us all. If previous three track EP Rei was the calm beforehand, Breaching is the Armageddon of all storms to follow. Tracks like ‘The Forest’ and ’The Long Wall’ smash against you with such power and aggression it could knock yo

Live Review: Turbowolf w/ Puppy & Big Spring | Trinity Centre, Bristol | 15/03/18

Following on from the release of their critically acclaimed sophomore record The Free Life (You can read our stellar review here) Turbowolf are back with their biggest headline run to date. The group have been rightfully gaining recognition since their debut release in 2011, with their hometown of Bristol being the hotbed of their fan base. Capping off the UK leg of the tour with a hometown date, we caught them alongside Puppy and Big Spring. Whilst the rest of the line-up has their own distinctive persona and sonic aesthetics, opener Big Spring (7.5) choose to pursue a more middle of the road experience. However, as they show within their set, this isn’t a criticism in the slightest. There’


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