Deathflux - Execrated | Album Review

Deathflux hail from Nottingham, UK and peddle a modern, mechanical take on metal that owes as much to industrial as it does to thrash; a dystopian view of the world channelled through seven tracks of pummelling aggression. The single word track titles embody the single-minded focus of the music and the titles also allude to the dystopian world contained within with titles such as ‘Forsaken’, ‘Consume’ and ‘Bludgeon’. Debut album Execrated lands with the relentless fury of opener ‘Forsaken’ and doesn’t let up from there. Unbeknownst to this reviewer until recently, the word “execrated” also perfectly encapsulates the theme of Deathflux, meaning to “feel or express great loathing for”, an apt

Shields - Life In Exile | Album Review

Since their formation in 2012, Shields have been grafting away with their take on modern day metalcore, developing and making attempts a Since their formation in 2012, Shields have been grafting away with their take on modern day metalcore, developing and making attempts at perfecting themselves with every release. Life in Exile is what could be considered their long overdue debut album; promising twelve tracks of scream your lungs out anthems that could rival UK scene heroes such as Architects and While She Sleeps. As soon as opening tracks ‘Intimacy’ and ‘Black Dog’ kick in you know how this album is going to go; it follows every metalcore trope laid out by every band of this ilk before th

God Is An Astronaut - Epitaph | Album Review

Since their inception 16 years ago, the Irish trio God Is An Astronaut have become to be one the most formidable forces within the post-rock scene and movement. Often being stated as on par with illustrious acts such as Explosions In The Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the act have been perceived as a major influence within the genre ever since the release of their first album; 2002’s The End Of The Beginning. Whilst a large sum of their soundscapes from previous releases are known to convey images of curiosity, wonder and vivid intensity, their latest release, Epitaph is a more sombre, sober and withdrawn exploration of the subject of loss. The title track and opener does a fantastic j

Live review: Casey w/ Endless Heights and Rarity | 18.04.18 | Asylum, Birmingham.

There is no denying that South Wales five-piece Casey have had an absolute whirl-wind of a year. The band absolutely smashed summer performances at both Download Festival and Slam Dunk, and gained a prized support slot with Aussie favourites the Amity Affliction on their most recent European tour. Astonishingly, Casey managed these successes off the back of their freshman release Love is Not Enough, which demonstrates just how rapidly the band have made waves within the UK scene and beyond. Flash-forward to the present, and the ambitious sophomore album Where I Go When I Am Sleeping has been circulating the airwaves for just over two months and has received critical acclaim. Casey played a s

Boss Keloid - Melted On The Inch | Album Review

Regardless of what musical genres you pursue, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as when you stumble upon a band who sound purely homegrown and have strayed from the set path of their respective genre. One such band is Wigan’s Boss Keloid, who certainly raised a few eyebrows with their 2016 debut Herb Your Enthusiasm. As the moniker suggests, it was a weed-ravaged, monolithic introduction to an act who have strayed from the green light of atypical progressive stoner doom to forge their own path and sound. Fast forward a few years and the act have now signed to the revered Holy Roar Records and are on the cusp of releasing their sophomore record, Melted On The Inch; a record that not only

Wiegedood - De doden hebben het goed III | Album Review

Wiegedood are a contemporary Black Metal band from Belgium and have recently released their third album in their trilogy De doden hebben het goed III. As a tribute to the loss of a friend, the band are consumed in Death down to their name meaning “Death in the Cradle”. A strong sense of Black Metal before even beginning their music. As a third part of their trilogy there is a climactic edge to be had from the album; to be the best of its predecessors – a name to live up to. A constant and atmospheric tremolo pick to a firmly held aggression, their music feels deeply rooted in all things traditional Black Metal. The drums offer a tuning that is unique to the harsh and raw recordings of such v

Cancer Bats - The Spark That Moves | Album Review

Stalwarts of the Canadian metal scene, Cancer Bats have been peddling their furious brand of hardcore fused with a hefty dose of sludge for near fourteen years now with nary a misstep along the way. The band have carefully crafted their sound over time, from the early days of Birthing the Giant to the explosive fury of Hail Destroyer through to 2015’s more experimental and arguably expansive take on their now-signature sound, Searching for Zero. After three years away, touring like madmen as both Cancer Bats and their Sabbath-worshipping alter ego Bat Sabbath, on April 20th, and with absolutely no warning whatsoever, Cancer Bats self-released their sixth LP The Spark That Moves. The opening

Live Review: The Wonder Years w/ A.W. | SWX, Bristol | 17/04/18

Since their inception in a south Philly basement in 2005, The Wonder Years have gone from strength to strength with each passing release, failing to lose a trace of momentum in the process. Such drive has only intensified with the release of their sixth full length; Sister Cities. The record has been hailed unanimous by fans and critics alike to its mature take on contemporary alt-rock whilst still retaining the anxious and exposed dynamics the group have been revered for. In support for this fantastic record, the group have endeavoured on UK headline run, stopping off at Bristol’s SWX in the process. Opening for this tour is the Los Angeles musician A.W. (7.5). Equipped with just a singular

Edenthorn - Exist | Album Review

Edenthorn’s second album Exist is a surprising one. Forming in 2013, the four-piece from Durham label themselves as alt-rock, which seems perfectly appropriate at the start of their new release – to the point where they almost verge on generic. Opening track ‘Out of The Dark’ lacks the energy required from a song in its position and becomes dull very quickly, with an unfortunate lack of zest on the behalf of the instrumentation. Potential is clearly there though, with lead vocalist Kyle Togue’s strong, passionate voice ringing clear, but it just doesn’t hit the spot. Following track ‘Heart’s Still Beating’ also falls short with the same issues, not kicking this album off to a good start. How

Live Review: Trivium w/Code Orange, Power Trip, And Venom Prison | O2 Academy, Birmingham | 17/04/20

The modern day landscape of metal and all its sub-genres hasn't seen anywhere near the amount of picture-esque landmark moments that the 80's, 90's, or even early 2000's saw, and it's fair to say that both creatively and commercially; metal had a rough ride through the late 2000's - early 10's. The last two years has seen a change in the winds of metal though, and every band on stage tonight has played a sizeable role in it happening. If we've been starved of landmark moments in heavy music this decade, this tour is an exception to the rule. Death metal bone rattlers Venom Prison [7.5] open proceedings, and the size of the crowd here to see them tells you everything you need to know about th

Live Review | Lets Eat Grandma w/ Hvnter & The Tates - Undertone, Cardiff | 12/04/18

Let’s Eat Grandma describe themselves as an experimental sludge pop duo consisting of childhood friends, Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth. They released their debut album, I, Gemini in 2016 and have since attracted a following of curious fans. Ahead of the release of their second album, the pair have headed out on a lengthy tour of the UK. We headed to Cardiff to see this ethereal duo for ourselves and to watch the madness unfold. First to face the slowly growing crowd was Hvnter (7). His music was an interesting take on modern pop music, with swaggering drum machines and droning synthesisers, but the greatest surprise was his powerful vocal. While he struggled to talk about himself to the

King Goat - Debt of Aeons | Album Review

Brighton’s own progressive doom metallers King Goat caused waves in 2016 with their debut release Conduit, that had many outlets raving about the band, earning them a well-deserved place on many end of year lists. Now 2018 has rolled around and the band are returning hot off the heels of a tour with titans of gloom Paradise Lost to unleash sophomore effort Debt of Aeons. I had the fortune to catch them on their outing in Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms where the band premiered the eponymous title track of the album, whetting plenty of appetites for new music and showcasing a promising progression from their sprawling as well as crushing and epic debut. Debt of Aeons delivers on the promises of Con

Ivan Moult - Longest Shadow | Album Review

In a world filled with over produced and over hyped records from some of the music industries giants, it becomes increasingly harder to find something that feels genuine, raw and with a true sense of personality in regards to an artist’s vision and standpoint. Fortunately the latest offering from Ivan Moult gives all of the above and more, with his sophomore album release Longest Shadow. The Cardiff based singer-songwriter with a flair for Traditional Folk music mixed with Americana, Blues and Indie Rock, has carefully created a nostalgia inducing easy listening masterpiece that can truly take you on an almost out of body experience, while dissecting the narrators emotional state of mind, as

Live Review: Rolo Tomassi w/ Palm Reader and Cryptodira | The Exchange | 06/04/18

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of Rolo Tomassi. Since their humble origins in 2005, the group have been hailed for their experimental approach to progressive music whilst smashing pre-existing stereotypes and tropes along the way. Following the release of their fantastic new album Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It (Read our 10/10 review here!) Rolo Tomassi are back for a sold out headline run accompanied by the brilliant Palm Reader and Cryptodira. Whilst they may be on their very first adventure within our country, the New York experimental extreme metal act Cryptodira (8) perform with a level of confidence and charm that’s not typically associated with emerging acts. Open

Introducing...Spanish Love Songs

Certainly, there’s been an unmistakable rise of coarse and rugged pop-punk bands in recent years, with acts such as The Menzingers, The Wonder Years and The Smith Street Band enjoying the spoils of colossal followings. Whilst such a rise may be due to a range of various principals, many young acts are attempting to jump on this continuing bandwagon, with various degrees of success. However, one act that clearly has the earnest passion and power to make a name for themselves in this worldwide scene is the Californian 5 piece Spanish Love Songs. Originating in Los Angeles in 2014 after the dismantlement of a previous project, the act take the intensity and contagious energy of intimate DIY sho


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