Svalbard - It's Hard To Have Hope | Album Review

There’s a common and frustratingly fraudulent misconception in the mainstream media concerning extreme metal and music as a whole. In a manner most ignorant and somewhat uneducated, many people foreign to the genre perceive the subject matter within all extreme musical content as nothing more than frenzied, demonic and comical preaching’s of violence and occult worship. As we all know, It’s a ridiculous and cliched stereotype that many acts have worked incredibly hard to stamp out. Once such act who have used their platform to document and state opinions on difficult and often uncomfortable subjects in a positive manner are Bristol’s own Svalbard. Unafraid to confront subjects that some band

Snow Patrol - Wildness | Album Review

Today’s entertainment addicts are constantly yearning for new and exciting content to quench their thirst for any number of reasons and time-frames, usually resorting to the popularisation of over-saturated, sloppy and recycled material being pushed on a daily basis. For artists such as Snow Patrol, the decision to wait and create the art that is right for them shall surely be greeted by a pleasant welcome from fans, with tracks revealing the gut wrenching ending stages of a pain we are all well versed in. Wildness is an Alternative Indietronica Rock sermon, adding personal commentary on the story arch of a doomed love affair’s final moments, death and resting place. With a narrative so easi

Gottwut – Konglomerat | Album Review

When it comes to industrial music, there seems to be a very clear divide. German Industrial is so unique, so powerful and so big. It’s instantly recognisable. The strong beats accompanied by industrial sounds and oomph-esque guitars. Gottwut aren’t long on the scene, coming from 2015 and actually, in a twist, coming from Moscow and not Germany at all. However, the German sound is so inherent to their sound that the influence is unmistakable. Konglomerat is their just released debut album. As mentioned their influences really shine through on the album non-stop, it’s hard to actually separate them from German Industrial and this isn’t a bad thing. Serving up a steady beat of hard hitting dru

Live Review: Teddy Rocks Festival - Part Two.

Kicking off day two, Weatherstate (8) bring their Descendants influenced, poppy, punk rock to the Vocalzone Stage. Performing to a small crowd at this early time in the day doesn’t affect the band as they sound tight and sound raw but completely polished. Even though the audience turn out wasn’t huge, they clearly pleased the crowd that were there. It’s exciting to see where the band will take their potential in the future. Over to the smallest stage at Teddy Rocks, the up and coming Leamington Spa based band True Heights (7.5) begin their early afternoon set. Taking influence from UK rock bands such as Lower Than Atlantis and Mallory Knox, straight away it was clear that their songs were

Introducing... Run Maggie Run

Fan of crazy talented vocalists, passion-filled music and sonically driven songs? Good, you are in the right place. Introducing... Run Maggie Run. Formed in late 2015, Run Maggie Run was the solo project of singer/rhythm guitarist Gavin Rees. While the initial recording was full of emotional feel, a full band line up joined to add to this brooding talent. Commenting on their progress and what led them here the band state "...we've had a major lineup change, added a variety of new sounds to our repertoire, and have all grown so much – both individually and collectively. These developments, along with the experience gained from the first record, have us very excited for this next chapter in o

Bleeding Through - Love Will Kill All | Album Review

When Bleeding Through originally announced that they called it day back in 2014, quite a few metaphorical tears where shed within the international metalcore scene. Founded almost 20 years ago in 1999, the Californian metalcore group arose to prominence in their respective scene following their 2003 release This Is Love, This Is Murderous. The album, and the records that were released in the following years, helped to usher in a new wave of American metalcore that was encapsulated within the expanding NWOAHM. It was a promising time not just for metalcore, but American heavy music as a whole, with many young eyes turning to the once alien and disagreeable culture of heavy music in search of

Live Review: Teddy Rocks Festival - Part One.

Teddy Rocks started as a solitary show back in 2012 with the means to raise money for children’s cancer, and ever since, it has continued to grow whilst also raising an astonishing amount of money for an incredible cause. This year Teddy Rocks returns bigger and better in every way. The line-up is stacked with exceptionally varied acts and the production quality rivals the biggest UK festivals. With each return the quality keeps improving. Luckily this year the festival was gifted with glaring sun and a great turn out. To ease us into day number two was Dream State on the main stage. Straight away, coming onstage oozing confidence, it became quickly evident that they were made for stages thi

I, The Mapmaker - Searching | EP Review

Touted as one of the future forerunners from the recent melodic hardcore resurgence, I, The Mapmaker have shown critics why they both have and deserve the buzz that surrounds them. The south coast quintet have come out all guns blazing with their first release, Searching, an elegantly crafted and superbly mixed effort thanks to the wonders of Lewis Johns. Right from the offset with the huge, gritty riffs of 'Ghostwalker' all the way through until the closing (and titular) track 'Searching', the band takes you on a journey that explores feelings of rage, sorrow and sadness, mingling the expressions together seamlessly whilst maintaining the same standard and style of music. It is as if Casey

Top 10 Acts To See At Download 2018 - Part 2

Carrying on from our Part 1 for unmissable acts at Download 2018 (which you can find here) is our part 2 - this time we've picked a few underdogs but also a few bands that are perhaps lower down the billing, but whose influence on metal or just their sheer live presence makes them utterly unmissable for any aficionado of heavy music. Helpless Riding high on critically-acclaimed release Debt, Plymouth’s powerviolence trio Helpless are going from strength to strength and laying waste to ears and stages all over. Channelling raw aggression, hatred and serious amounts of nihilism, Helpless deliver the kind of aural pummelling that isn’t for the faint of heart but is intensely cathartic. The band

2000 Trees Festival Announce Final Acts For 2018

The annual award winning 2000 Trees Festival have announced the final wave of acts set to perform at this year’s event and believe us, the line-up is something else. Nestled within the beautiful rolling hills of the Cotswolds and taking place between the 12th and 14th of July, 2000 Trees has swiftly become a favorite for those seeking more intimate and welcoming alternatives to the colossal alternative festivals that dominate the season. Headlining this year’s event are post-hardcore legends and pioneers At The Drive In, the genre blending juggernauts Enter Shikari and fan favourites Twin Atlantic. Also set to make an appearance are Arcane Roots, Creeper, Basement, Turbowolf, Black Peaks, Be

Introducing... Written Years

One of the best things about music is how a song can tell us so much in a very short period of time. Whether it is fictional or non-fictional, an outburst or message of calm, an expression of hate or love there is always some kind of message or story behind the song and furthermore behind the artist/band. Sometimes the story transcends beyond this and upon further research you can find some incredible stories whether that be within the story of the music or the past of the band/artist. Introducing... Written Years, a Vancouver-based quartet composed of Wade Quellet, Kane Enders, Brian Dyck, and Alex Richardson. During the lengthy recording of Written Years’ forthcoming release, Wade Ouellet

Hostile Array - S/T | Album Review

Bursting out of Frederick, Maryland are post hardcore outfit Hostile Array, with the riffing tenacity of Architects and the political spin of Rage Against The Machine; the quintet's debut record is set to make a name for them straight off the bat. This ambitious debut carries with it a message that the band are keen to make sure is heard and that is simply: we should question the status quo more often. Vocalist Brendan Frey comments "This album really focuses on some of the political issues that frustrate me the most. I don't consider myself to be very liberal or conservative, but I am passionate about addressing issues of corruption on both sides of aisle. Our hope is to motivate others to

Live Review: A Night With Machine Head | O2 Academy, Birmingham | 17/05/18

It's an unusual, yet exciting atmosphere that fills Birmingham's O2 Academy tonight, there's no support bands to discuss or wait with baited breath for, instead - everyone in attendance is awaiting a mammoth length set from one of the most coveted, and respected bands to live within the metal community - Machine Head. It makes sense for the quintet to set out on this kind of venture too, with a back catalogue of the most elite status and a new record to boot; how many people are really going to complain about witnessing 25+ Machine Head songs? Despite never quite making it to superstar status in the genre, it's hard to think of metal without Machine Head; and if bands such as Metallica, Sl

Introducing... Basement Revolver

Introducing... Basement Revolver, a trio fro Hamilton, Ontario. The trio combine a lucid concoction of indie rock, alternative rock and shoegaze. This is combined with the incredibly dreamy and passionate voice of Chrisy Hurn makes for a foundation to the trio's music that is instantly infectious. The trio have just released their latest single "Baby" which sets the precedent for their upcoming album out in the summer. On the song, vocalist Chrisy Hurn states "Baby is about feeling sad and down even though you are generally happy about everything and everyone in your life. It’s about feeling confused about what I want in life, and how that affects other people. It is about crying a lot and f

Ritual Necromancy – Disinterred Horror | Album Review

Although a lot of modern Death Metal looks to a highly polished sense of brutality paired with precision, the roots of Death Metal were far more sporadically intense. Taking Thrash to an extreme, Death Metal sometimes shared a raw nature that Black Metal took to the forefront. With this a lot of the older Death Metal bands have a thundering bass and a course sense of punishment that runs through it. Despite the growing popularity and diversity of Death Metal there are many bands that still prefer this under polished atmosphere that feels violent as hell. Ritual Necromancy are one such band. With Disinterred Horror, we see their second full length album and first since 2014’s EP Void Manifest

Jonathan Davis - Black Labyrinth | Album Review

As the frontman of one of the most iconic metal bands of the past thirty years, with one of the most recognisable voices in the industry, one may initially be sceptical of a Jonathan Davis solo album, wondering how exactly it may differ from a Koяn release even as he gazes up to the sky on the beautiful album artwork, resembling some kind of dreadlocked Jesus. The opening track 'Underneath My Skin' though manages to immediately make a listener throw aside these assumptions. The lyrics and vocal delivery are trademark Davis, but the musical accompaniment sounds closer what we might expect from a hard rock band such as Stone Sour; as opposed to the founding father of nu metal, with catchy chor

Top 10 Acts To See At Download 2018 - Part 1

We’re almost only 2 weeks away from the world’s most renowned and esteemed annual alternative music event, Download Festival. With the gates welcoming you to the hallowed grounds /muddy fields of Donnington Park opening in the morning of Wednesday 6th of June, this year looks like another one for the history books, with the legendary Guns N Roses headlining alongside Avenged Sevenfold and Ozzy Osborne. However, the undercard for this year is truly something spectacular, with tonnes of fantastic emerging talent taking to the festival’s stages over the course of the weekend. With this in mind, here’s part one of our top 10 acts you would be a fool to miss at Download 2018. Employed To Serve Si

Fallen Legion - Downfall | EP Review

Canada is no stranger to producing bands all across the rock and metal genre. Now rising through the release of their previous EP Infinite Archive in 2015, Fallen Legion are looking to take another step towards star status with new EP ‘Downfall’. Opener ‘Cipher’, while being a different approach to the rest of the EP, feels very out of place for ‘Downfall’ as a whole. While its purpose in relation to the other tracks may not be very clear, the static, woodwind style playthrough is still a relaxing opening to a quickfire release. ‘Escapegoat’ brings a good play on words, offering a heavy running theme of cowardice throughout the lengthy track. However, while the track has its good strengths,

Dream State - Recovery | EP Review

Welsh post-hardcore upstarts Dream State were covered recently on these here pages as ones to watch out for in 2018 - certainly prophetic as the band have so far been announced to play several festivals throughout the summer including 2000 Trees, Download and Slam Dunk as well as supporting appearances with Japanese pop metallers Babymetal. To accompany the band’s rising star comes their latest EP, Recovery, featuring their white-hot viral hit ‘White Lies’ as well as followup single and equally irrepressible rager ‘In This Hell’ as well as three brand new tracks that surely have big shoes to fill given the runaway success of the previous singles. By all accounts, Recovery is the sound of Dre

At The Gates - To Drink From The Night Itself | Album Review

You would be a fool to believe that At The Gates aren’t one of the most influential acts within the global melodic death metal scene. The group successfully cemented their importance to such a scene in 1995 with the masterpiece that was Slaughter Of The Soul, a record that popularized the rising Gothenburg sound and spawned countless imitations that attempted to recreate and mirror such an iconic and landmark release. Despite it’s colossal success, the group disbanded the following year only to spectacularly arise from the ashes in 2014 with the follow up release At War With Reality, a record that silenced cynics who were disbelieving that the group could release a record that could suitably


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