Bury Tomorrow - Black Flame | Album Review

There's an argument to be made that Bury Tomorrow have been the most improved band in British metal over the last three years. The quartet's decade long stint as an outfit has seen them go from metal bruisers with scores of potential to fire-starters capable of swinging punches with the likes of Architects, Bullet For My Valentine, and While She Sleeps. The bands ultra good guy, friendly persona has put them in good stead over their last 10 years, but it was last album Earthbound that made you force-ably take notice. New record Black Flame very much feels like the culmination of a wealth of experience, craft, and flammable desire to create the best 45 minutes of metal they possibly could

Introducing...Ronin 浪人

U.K. based Music producer Ben Lynch, otherwise known by his stage name Ronin has been breaking through the online music scene for numerous years now. Tackling everything from: feisty instrumental led metalcore, to dubstep, hard-hitting rap, and everything in between, Ronin is an artist certainly not afraid to escape his comfort zone and dip his feet into divergent water. Taking his first steps into a musically driven life by picking up a guitar, Ben fell in love with the alternative music scene, soon leading him to assemble a number of bands throughout his youth that focused on molding metal/hardcore material. Soon discovering the art of music production through his studies, Ben broadened h

Kasabian w/ Trampolene | Bristol O2 Academy | 20/06/18

Despite Kasabian being all dominant indie juggernauts, last week saw the group take to the stage of the Bristol O2 Academy for a one off warm show in preparation for their Isle Of Wight Festival headline performance. With Welsh alt rockers Trampolene in tow, you can imagine how this night went off. Luckily our own Kieran Gallop was there to capture all the madness that ensured.

Brandon Neal - Abrandon Ship | Album Review

The good-humored wittiness in the album’s title should already have listeners slightly clued up as to what they will experience with Brandon Neal’s debut release, even for those who haven’t noticed the young songwriter making a name for himself up and down England over the past year. The title track takes the form of a chugging Tom Waits-esque introduction which builds nicely into the melancholic fingerstyle playing behind “Repetitive Routine”. The vocal delivery sounds surprisingly polished for a singer on his first release, and by the end of the track it’s clear that Neal has been honing his craft well in the recording studio. The mood changes suddenly for “What A Wannabe” as Neal ditches

Youth Man - Five Songs | EP Review

Following a trio of acclaimed EP’s, the past several months have seen some changes within the Youth Man camp. Acclaimed for their feverish and primal DIY aesthetic and sound, the collective recently saw the departure of their respective bassist before signing to the youthful Alcopop! Records. Rather than seeking another member, the project marched on as a duo, forging and creating their latest offering, simply titled Five Songs. Whilst their characteristic and distinguishable sound remains evident, Youth Man have trimmed and refined their output, resulting in an EP that is both familiar but contains matured insight sure to raise the collective eyebrows of their loyal fanbase. Opening with th

Download Festival 2018 - Sunday: The Review

Photo: James Bridle It's been a wild one at Donington Park this year but sadly all good things come to an end and the final day of Download 2018 dawns and people are struggling out of their tents for one last day capped off by the mighty Ozzy Osbourne. If you where to ask any act who has previously played either tent at 11am on Sunday, the chances are the tale told might not be a positive one. It’s the final day, it’s already blisteringly hot and the majority of attendees are subduing lethal hangovers with poor quality coffee and overpriced bacon sandwiches of questionable origin. However, in contrary to the circumstances the Avalanche Stage is rammed and there’s an infectious level of antic

Modern Comforts - Restless Youth | EP Review

Midlands based band Modern Comforts released their brand new EP Restless Youth earlier this month, which is something all fans of rock and roll should be excited for. Playing shows constantly across their hometown of Burton-on-Trent for the past two years, and other surrounding areas - Modern Comforts currently dominate their local music scene, proving to many they are an ambitious and striving young band with a combined talent that continues to grow. Whilst much current day rock and roll is labelled “cliché” and new acts instantly being shot down as “gimmicks”, Modern Comforts are one of few smaller bands that prove the genre is still alive and kicking. Using the simplicity of classic indie

Centauro – Daño Colateral | Album Review

The problem with Thrash Metal is that, despite some absolutely fantastic bands, they generally live by play it fast. Unfortunately, this leaves many bands sounding very similar as they attempt to almost out-do each other in speed with very similar guitar riffs. Certainly not applicable to all Thrash and there are many that really break through it with some memorable and powerful efforts. Centauro are one of the bands that keep things interesting. Coming from Mexico and being one of the few Metal bands that keep the language to their mother tongue may make it a start, but with their new album, Daño Colateral, there may be more. So, with all Thrash there is certainly a lot of energy that’s pou

Helpless: The Download 2018 Interview

Powerviolence, as the name implies, is among of the most extreme forms of metal orientated music. Whilst it may remain a genre reserved for the sidelines, one of the best acts within the UK who embody the genre and it's nihilistic ethos are Plymouth's Helpless. We caught them shortly after their devastating set on the Dogtooth stage to chat about their thoughts on large scale festivals, the south west music scene and the joy of people watching at festivals. Hi guys, how did you find your set? Russel: Really cool, really enjoyed it actually. Steve: Yeah, it was fun. Russel: Personally, I don't know about these guys but I was a little bit nervous at first. But as soon as we started playing it

Jamie Lenman: The Download 2018 Interview

Photo: Kyle Mcloughlin If there's one man who embodies and manifests the innovation, creativity and musical prowess within alternative music it's undoubtedly Jamie Lenman. Ever the gentleman, we got to sit down with him before his set at Download to chat about Devolver, the transition to Big Scary Monsters, his opinions on people asking for a Reuben reunion, channeling the energy of Satan, ice cream and more. Hi Jamie, how are you? Jame: Yeah I'm good man, it's a beautiful day out here, it's bright, it's not too warm, a gentle breeze is caressing my neck, I feel good. How you feeling about your set? Jamie: You know what I haven't really had the chance to get into the zone for it! Since I got

In The Cards - Eyes Beyond Reflection | EP Review

Stoke On Trent is not a city widely regarded for a bubbling music scene. However, of the cities slowly building repertoire comes alt-rock band In The Cards, preparing to take their next steps into the music industry with their powerful new release Eyes Beyond Reflection. With opening tracks, you can generally start with one of two ways, viciously fast paced or slow and sombre. In The Cards’ opening track ‘Mazes’ is the latter. Simplistic is the best way to describe the track, soft with nothing too complicated or overbearing to lose sense of the main focal elements. Of course, this slow mood is captured well but also proves to be a slight complication very early on. With an atmosphere of simp

The Blood Choir - Houses Of The Sun | Album Review

Contrary to popular belief, operating a full time music endeavor isn’t the most easy or practical thing in the world. It’s time consuming, a money pit and most crucially of all, requires monumental amounts of effort. With that in mind it’s no surprise that many emerging acts can’t fulfill their dreams due to the practicalities and restrictions that life places upon all of us. It’s a sad reality, with many a promising talent being subdued to external circumstances. One such band who were forced to call a hiatus where the Bristol based duo The Blood Choir, an act who combined many an artistic influence within their haunting and unique 2012 debut No Windows To The Old World. Despite all odds an

Download Festival 2018 - Saturday: The Review

Photo: Caitiln Mogridge Attempting to ease hangovers this morning are Texans Whiskey Myers (6) who play a Southern-fried take on bluesy, country rock. It’s easy, inoffensive listening but still packs a decent wallop; the band pack some seriously bluesy riffs into their easygoing rock’n’roll. People clearly like being eased into their Saturday morning too - punters are strewn across the grass, basking in the glorious sunshine the day has also bought. The band confidently strut their stuff and despite the odd overlong outro or instrumental seeming a bit too much like a jam session, the band help to shake hangovers from the previous night and warm the crowds up for the monstrous day to come. Wh

Cut Short - Impersonal | EP Review

Let’s get straight to the point: Impersonal, the debut EP by Cut Short. It bangs. This four piece are set to burst onto the scene with their barrage of darkly toned, choppy metalcore influenced noise. The industrial machine-like introducing riff of opening track ‘Manic’ coupled with vocalist Harry Benyons distressed vocals, hitting the mark somewhere between the styles of Crystal Lake's Ryo Kinoshita and Thornhill's Jacob Charlton, is sure-fire enticement material. Right before heavy hitting second serving ‘Solitary’ , the first single released by the band, slams in with a more melodically driven, ambient sounding bridge segment and chugging doomy ending riff dished out by guitarist Mikey An

Mayday Parade - Sunnyland | Album Review

With current trends falling in and out of fashion every other day, its impact on society is that of an extremely short attention span and a deep seeded need for transcendent entertainment 24/7. But many trends of yesteryear yearn to escape this dreaded state of obscurity through attempting to raise their profile for a new age of fans to experience and mull over. One such cavalry attempting the feat of the re-insurgence of an early millennial favourite genre are the Floridian Alternative Pop Punk/Emo band Mayday Parade, with their anxiously awaited 6th studio album, Sunnyland. The new record harkens back to the mainstream golden era of Pop Punk, which spanned nearly 15 years of teenage disill

Boston Manor: The Download 2018 Interview

Photo: Sarah Koury Since releasing their debut full length Be Nothing in 2016, Boston Manor have been on a trail blaze of success that has culminated in opening the main stage at Download 2018. Shortly after opening the festival we got to sit down with Ash and Jordan to discuss the pre-show jitters, their upcoming album, the UK pop punk scene and getting speared into the mud at a Skrillex show. Hi guys, what was it like opening the main stage at Download? Ash: It was terrifying mate, fucking terrifying. We always go to these kind of festivals and we see the main stage acts and we're always like 'holy shit, imagine playing up there one day.' Jordan: We were playing on such a big stage, it was

INTERVIEW - Say Anything's Max Bemis

(Photo Credit: Brandon Keith Osborn, During this years Slam Dunk Midlands festival we sat down with Max Bemis of Say Anything to talk about his time at the festival, his role behind the scenes in Say Anything, and to needle him for news on any new music. Noizze: So thanks for taking the time to speak to us, How are you finding the festival so far? Max Bemis: Incredible, it’s one of my most favourite show ever, and definitely my favourite in the UK we’ve ever done. N: So who are you most excited to see on the bill this weekend? MB: There’s so many good bands, I always look out for Jimmy Eat World, I love Jimmy Eat World if I had to pick a band, but I love all

Employed To Serve: The Download 2018 Interview

Photo: Daniel Waverley Grey Potentially one the biggest breakout successes of 2017, Employed To Serve have been enjoying the spoils of success following the release of their fantastic and crushing sophomore record The Warmth Of A Dying Sun last year. After leveling the Avalanche Stage at Download 2018 we got to sit down with vocalist Justine and guitarist Sammy to talk about the Download experience, creating a collective space between the band and fans and watching someone being shackled to stocks and having their hair shaven off whilst listening to the Nyan Cat song. Hi! How are you guys? Sammy: Yeah good man! Justine: Buzzing! Sammy: Yeah, absolutely buzzing after playing. So this was yo

Download Festival 2018 - Friday: The Review

Photo: Paulo Gonçalves Opening a stage at any festival regardless of its size and stature can be a daunting and towering challenge, even more so when you’re responsible for opening the main stage at the one and only Download Festival. Luckily, Boston Manor (8) both rise to the opportunity and smash it, showcasing their take on pop-punk tinged alt rock with confidence and finesse. Despite the act being atypically associated with the underground circuit it’s simply staggering to see tracks from their 2016 debut Be Nothing sound oddly at home on such a colossal stage. Despite performing on such a stage, their DIY and youthful ethos shines through beautifully in a fashion most subtle, underlinin

State Champs - Living Proof | Album Review

If there's one band that have taken the modernisation of pop punk and ran with it, it's without doubt Albany New York's State Champs. Their debut record The Finer Things hit with such a balance of melody and pace that you couldn't help but feel like the quintet were an outfit that were certain to catch on fire; turns out, it didn't take them long to become the band at the forefront of pop punks new melodic charge. The bands third album Living Proof finds them in the space and time in their career where they have little room for failure or complacency, and despite the fact that State Champs' last two albums have bought them undoubted success - we've seen before that one dud record can send


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