LOWLIVES - Burn Forever | EP Review

With the release of their debut EP Burn Forever, Lowlives are one of the latest bands to join the ever-growing grunge revival movement, yet they do so with a few tricks hidden up their sleeve that set them apart from other bands repping the scene right now. Title and opening track 'Burn Forever' perfectly encapsulates what this band is all about, heavy guitar riffs, smashing drums, huge choruses and more riffs; this is music made for mosh pits through and through. Fans of frontman Lee Villains (formerly known as Stitch D) previous band, The Defiled will already be aware of his impressive vocal capabilities, boasting an eleven second long scream on second track 'Black Hole' that could put mos

WSTR - Identity Crisis | Album Review

It's fair to say that currently pop punk is in an unusual state. The sex and genitalia jokes that helped shape what the genre became in the mid to late 90's would feel out of place in this day and age. And by that same token - the drunken, naive party anthem style of pop punk has been well and truly driven into the ground. The truth though, is that pop punk doesn't seem to be keen on reinventing itself any time soon; so if you didn't tune out in the early 10's you're probably happy to stay along for the ride. Liverpool's WSTR hit somewhat of a home-run with debut record Red, Green, Or Inbetween. They managed to find a breathing space where they could be light, naive, and unabashed while n

The Used w/ LOWLIVES | 02 Academy | Bristol

A few days ago The Used hit Bristol 02 Academy with their rescheduled show to wow crowds with a setlist full of hits. Brought with them were LA (and English) boys LOWLIVES.

Muncie Girls - Fixed Ideals | Album Review

When an act cites the writings of Sylvia Path as a key inspiration it implies a number of factors. One may perceive it as a sign of intelligence and consciousness, others may see it as a sign of pretentiousness, a superficial attempt to be seen as academic. Luckily, the Devon indie punk group Muncie Girls established their intellect and perception in 2016 with their fantastic debt record From Caplan To Belsize. Radiating charm, charisma and personality, the record documented a range of social issues through snaring hooks, pop orientated sensibilities and personal, yet universally relatable lyrics. Whilst the group could have effectively coasted on the critically successful sound found within

Tenements - What Doesn't Kill You Is Only Getting Stronger | EP Review

Having built-up a fan-base through consistent touring with the likes of Betraying the Martyrs, Novelists and InVisions, Tenements have also dedicated a monumental amount of time to their newest EP release What Doesn’t Kill You Is Only Getting Stronger. Opening up strong with ‘The Fear’, the post-hardcore outfit bring out an interestingly haunting approach here and despite not being the most memorable track you'll ever discover, the clever use of atmospheric tinges within the track truly helps set a tone to the EP. Undeniably, the three standout tracks found on the EP do arrive towards its end. ‘Silhouettes’ incorporates a powerful chorus and bridge, powering the track and perhaps even saving

ArcTanGent 2018: Day Two - Friday | Festival Review

Photo: Joe Singh As the ominous late morning clouds drift high above the fields of south Bristol, there isn’t any better time for main stage openers Seven Colour Drive (8) to kick off the day. Maleficent and ill-boding, the distant ambiance that these local Bristolians conjure swells and swirls before breaching with magnificent force, the sonic equivalent of forewarning winds that suddenly crescendo into a devastating hurricane. Whilst not by any means the only act to take this mourning approach to post-rock today, the way Seven Colour Drive demonstrate forewarning and premonition post-rock that ebbs and flows between ambiance and directiveness is spectacular to bare witness to. Pensive and

Delta Sleep: The ArcTanGent 2018 Interview

Photo: Helen Messenger Whilst the act have been a permanent staple of the UK math rock scene for many a year, Delta Sleep have been on everyone's lips following the release of their fantastic sophomore record Ghost City. We sat down with Dev (Guitar & Vocals), Dave (Bass) and Blake (Drums) at ArcTanGent to chat all about the concept and recording process behind the album, touring in Mexico and Japan and being responsible for making the festival stop letting bands DJ. How's your year been so far guys? Dev: Yeah it's been great man. Dave: Actually, weirdly this year has not been that busy really, it was like the end of last year when it was really busy. Like a year ago today we did the album (

Omnium Gatherum - The Burning Cold | Album Review

Despite many countries producing many Melodic Metal or Melodic Death Metal bands, there will always be a certain something to be said for Scandinavian Melodeath. Finland’s Omnium Gatherum have certainly got the experience of 20+ years under their belt and this being their eighth album and first since they signed with Century Media Records after the success of 2016’s Grey Heavens, the band must be excited and easily have reason to be. The Burning Cold certainly captures a sense of charming melody made epic, accompanying their usual hand at powerful, but not overpowering, Extreme Metal. What seems to achieve this is the fast and insistent drums never letting go – hats off to their new drummer

The Top 5 Crucial UK Two Piece Acts In 2018

(Photo: Helen Messenger) There seems to be a commonly believed fallacy that the more members and instruments a musical act has, the more deeper and expansive the output. Yeah, it’s completely undeniable that there’s a plethora of acts containing a high number of members who release phenomenal multitextured and dynamic work, but believing that the amount of members directly collarates alongside the quality of work is nothing more than falsehood. With that in consideration, here’s our list of our top 5 crucial duos who prove couples can do it better, both live and in the studio. Kamikaze Girls With their roots firmly embedded within the riotgrrl and DIY Punk scenes and movements, Kamikaze Girl

ArcTanGent Festival: Day One - Thursday | Festival Review

Photo - Joe Singh One of the acts responsible for Holy Roar’s recent trailblazing run of success, Yohkai stage openers Boss Keloid (7) present their progressive and dense melting pot of psyched uber-sludge to the early arrivals. With a set primarily composed of material from Melted On The Inch, the fashion in which the Wigan collective present a genre typically perceived as inaccessible to those unacquainted is universally appealing to those who appreciative of innovation within the genre. Concise and refined, yet still basking in the reverberating grit and sonic gravel in which ‘Chronosiam’ and ‘Jromalih’ deliver, the way in which such distortion and heft co-aligns with the air pockets of g

Stillbirth – Annihilation of Mankind | Album Review

With some industrial elements, Stillbirth are a Death Metal/Grindcore band from Germany. Annihilation of Mankind marks their fifth studio album since 2015’s Global Error. Despite the raw aggression that tends to accompany many Grindcore acts, and the short song structures that accompany their absolute burst of balls-to-the-wall power; this isn’t the end all formula for these bands. The precision and technical proficiency can take some bands from a Blast Beat fast, hard-and-everything approach into something with more versatility. Perhaps the framework of Death Metal is the emergence of Stillbirth’s music. What proceeds with their fifth album, shows a confidence and sheer joy for their sound.

Concrete Kingdoms - S/T | EP Review

Drawing inspiration from classic rock bands such as Guns n Roses and Audioslave, Scottish rockers Concrete Kingdoms have compiled an EP that is a solid starting block from them as an outfit. Titled Concrete Kingdoms; the EP is a story of hard-hitting guitar hooks and a sound that shows which direction the band is heading in. From the opening chords of ‘Time to Play’, the classic rock influences are easy to hear; the riffs are hook and the lyrics are kept tastefully simple, which is a clever way of making a statement. The song moves at a slower pace than most rock songs, and when coupled with front man Mark Hawthorne’s full vocal, the track becomes full of character and depth. While the repet

Dali Thundering Concept at TechFest UK 2018 | Interview

In conversation with Dali Thundering Concept to discuss their music and the festival whilst at TechFest the UK Tech Metal festival! For TechFest: Facebook: /uktechfest Twitter: @UKTechMetalFest Website: For Dali Thundering Concept: Facebook: /thedalithunderingconcept/ Twitter: @theDaliTConcept Bandcamp: / For Noizze Facebook: /NoizzeUK Twitter: @NoizzeUK Website:

Exocrine - Molten Giant | Album Review

Righty, before we dive head first into this review, one element of this record must be made transparently clear beforehand; Molten Giant, the third album from the French tech-death outfit Exocrine is a concept album detailing a nuclear war between mankind and a gigantic lava monster. Yes, it might be the most stereotypical tech-death concept in existence, but all comical jabs aside, Exocrine clearly now how to masterfully animate such a monstrous narrative. Devastating, all annihilating and incendiary, this is the closet you may come to an authentic sonic imagining of the apocalypse at the hands of a monolithic, celestial behemoth. Whilst this may not be Exocrine’s first outing, having respe

Unanimated – ‘Annihilation’ | EP Review

Unanimated are a band whose journey go back a long way to 1988 but have since had their fair share of hiatus’ and turmoil to get where they are. This Swedish Death Metal band had reunited I 2007 after a 11 year hiatus and after 2009’s In the Light of Darkness, have since not released an album. They have, however, recently signed a three album deal with Century Media Records and just as a small tease of what could come soon, we have Annihilation. This four track EP, comes a little like a three track EP, in that three songs are of hard enforced Death Metal with their signature Black Metal edge – an edge that runs them close to God Dethroned – with an atmospheric track of guitars and chanting a

Valis Ablaze at TechFest UK 2018 | Interview

In conversation with Valis Ablaze to discuss their music and the festival whilst at TechFest the UK Tech Metal festival! For TechFest: Facebook: /uktechfest Twitter: @UKTechMetalFest Website: For Valis Ablaze: Facebook: /valisablaze/ Twitter: @Valis_Ablaze Bandcamp: / Website: For Noizze Facebook: /NoizzeUK Twitter: @NoizzeUK Website:


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