For the majority, music is a form of escapism; a way to shut out and distance themselves from the mundane realities of life and the horrors we occasionally bare witness to. Such a media stands as a comfort and a way to influence our emotions in a positive manner. Whilst many bands take comfort and pursue the act of improving the attitudes of listeners, the polar opposite of the spectrum is home to those who chose to paint sonic portraits of just how grim, unforgiving and harrowing life truly is. Hailing from Nottingham, Moloch create art that is the sonic manifestation of anguish, fear and loathing. From a conventional and ignorant mindset, there’s nothing conventionally pleasing or approach

7he 7ouch - Seventyseven | EP Review

In their debut EP Seventyseven, newcomers 7he 7ouch combine catchy alternative, and gritty rock ‘n’ roll to encapsulate the horror of having to flee from their financially-torn home of Greece to London. From politics to love, it’s a journey you need to join. The five-piece have made it clear from the first chorus in opening track ‘Solution’ that these are songs designed for big stages. The anthemic instrumentation met with repetitive, chant-like lyrics create the illusion it’s being performed live right in front of you. However, Constantine’s unique vocals do suffer in this track simply due to poor mixing which causes the heavy riffs and intricate drum patterns overpower him. Fortunately thi

Anaal Nathrakh - A New Kind of Horror | Interview with Dave Hunt

Anaal Nathrakh are in support of their tenth album A New Kind of Horror, which is about the First World War. See our Review of the album here. Interview questions were answered by email by Dave Hunt the vocalist for Anaal Nathrakh. Noizze: I hope you’re well? How do you feel about A New Kind of Horror, now that it’s complete and released? Dave Hunt: I am well, thanks. Busy. We’re really pleased with it – not that that will be particularly surprising to anyone, but it’s true. And we’re really pleased with some of the things that have happened around the release, too. We’re very proud of the video that accompanies 'Obscene as Cancer', I think the film makers knocked that out of the par

Chasing Dragons – Faction | Album Review

If there is a band that is difficult to place on the Metal genre spectrum; then one could suggest Chasing Dragons. Fronted by female vocalist Laurie Carnan, Chasing Dragons have already charmed the audiences of Amplified Festival and Hard Rock Hell with their chamber of dramatized dynamics and hefty charismatic allegiance. Releasing their debut album Faction; Chasing Dragons are equipped to pounce onto their prey with their own monumental spark of modified Metal. Faction has been stared upon as a highly anticipated debut album for quite some time now. From the offset Faction emanates with the melodramatic outbursts and diversified vocals; evidently experienced in the band’s live shows and pr

Amaranthe - Helix | Album Review

When music becomes massively addictive and an individual is ordained in the vestry of heavy metal musicianship; then we tend to investigate inside the veins of the vibrant six-piece Swedish-Danish metal outfit known as Amaranthe. Amaranthe are soundly recognized as a zealous elite combining elements of antagonistic Metalcore, attractive Pop and overly emphasised Symphonic Metal into one formulaic foundation to cause a prevalent fever. This year snappishly symbolises the promising release of the bands fifth outing: ‘Helix’ that will be released into the remnants of the wild. Fronted by the dashing female vocalist Elize Ryd, Dynatzty’s own Nils Molin and harsh vocal industrialist Henrik Englun

Live Review: The Story So Far | Manchester O2 Ritz | 12/10/2018

The Story So Far’s Parker Cannon has become infamous for his live show antics whether they be good or bad. From defending crowd surfers from rough security staff at Warped Tour 2014 to causing controversy in the scene for violently kicking a lingering stage diver back into the crowd in 2016, the frontman knows how to get himself into the headlines. But since the Californian five-piece took a short break for the sake of his mental health and returning with their long-awaited fourth album Proper Dose, things have clearly changed. With Proper Dose seeing them strive further away from their pop punk roots while Cannon openly denounced his title of the genre’s leader, who knew what band fans woul

Kagoule - Strange Entertainment | Album Review

Despite building their sound upon the commonly viewed blueprints of grunge, the arrival of the Nottingham trio Kagoule felt like the arrival of the warm winds of change when they released their debut Urth in 2015. A self-confused tribute to the attitudes, aesthetics and stylings of genre that has always remained influential, the record introduced us to an act who were never afraid to deter from roads of convention and pursue more eccentric endeavors. Despite remaining in the hearts of the underground DIY dwellers, the group have seen some serious coverage over the past several years, with the group receiving praise from BBC Radio 1, Rolling Stone and NME and playing the likes of Glastonbury

Download Festival Rekindles the Masses with a Colossal Announcement!

An unexpected turn of events with the strident news of the closing early bird ticket date announcement; Download Festival trailblazer Andy Copping drops the breaking news two days later that a gigantic Download announcement is coming this way; cunningly teasing with pictures through his very own Instagram account. Friday night will see British chart peaking heavyweights Def Leppard take the stage for a gratifying headlining performance of their classic 1987 album ‘Hysteria’ in its entirety. This will be an extravaganza to be witnessed by all to celebrate the triumph of ‘Hysteria’. Assembling the party too, will be the outrageous masquerade of Nu-metal maestros Slipknot, right on the edge of

Slam Dunk Announcement: 2019 Headliners!

Following the controversial site announcement earlier this week, Slam Dunk festival has announced its first wave of artists for the May bank holiday bash. Baltimore pop punks All Time Low are set to headline the travelling festival, marking their only UK appearance of 2019. New Found Glory and LA punk legends NOFX are also among the leading names on the bill. The touring festival is set to hit Leeds’ Temple Newsam Estate on May 25, followed by Hatfield Park on the 26th. However, much to many fans upset, Slam Dunk Midlands will not be taking place in 2019. The event will also see Waterparks, Story of the Year, Mad Caddies & Silverstein grace the stages over the weekend. If that wasn’t enough,

8 Essential Iron Maiden Covers You Need To Hear

For many decades it's felt like covering an Iron Maiden track or two has been a rite of passage for many a young and budding musician. After 16 studio albums, 100 million album sales, 50 years of activity and 2000 live shows, the legacy left in the wake of Maiden is beyond the comparison of most of their peers, with thousands paying respects to one of the most influential bands of all time though covers. Here's just some of our favorites. Lower Than Atlantis - 'The Number Of The Beast' This cover of the 1982 classic was released during a pivotal point of Lower Than Atlantis's career, with the track successfully bridging the attitudes and styles present within the early and most recent work o

Normandie - White Flag | Album Review

Normandie are primed and set for the release of their sophomore album, White Flag, having just completed a supporting run through Europe in tow of Crossfaith, as well as run of UK dates supporting Hands Like Houses (a band the Swedish four piece share many elements of their sound with), as traction builds steadily for their stylish execution of catchy pop-sensibility laden alt rock that they are so clearly adept at creating. 'Ecstasy' opens the album with a massively anthem-like tune perfect for new and old fans alike, featuring segments of crunchy guitar licks from Håkan Almbladh and huge vocals from frontman Philip Strand; this man has a set of lungs on him that could potentially go toe to

Internal Bleeding – Corrupting Influence | Album Review

Sounding a lot like Cryptopsy’s deeper brother, Death Metal’s self-proclaimed inventors of Slam, Internal Bleeding are back with their sixth album Corrupting Influence. Having been around since the early 90s has certainly strengthened their weight in Meaty and Brutal songs. The groovier elements of their music add moments of Aborted and Benighted for good measure making for a formidable Death Metal music ethos. Thick bassy riffs and fast onslaughts of music dominate the album with layers of deep grunts and the occasional snarls. One could be forgiven for being overcome. There is a lot more than meets the eye and under these thick doses of brutality is an unashamed fun, revelling in the stead

Northward – Northward | Album Review

From the ashes of Nightwish and Pagan’s Mind comes a niche new rise of bombastic and playful hard rock developed as new side project of Floor Jansen and Jorn Viggo Lofstad, under the name of Northward. This musical delivery leaves a sentimental taste on the lips and is heavily crammed with fierce energy to smash a swinging wrecking ball into the hardest concrete wall. As many know, Scandinavia is the home ground of the most influential and ballsy true to the heart hard rock and heavy metal. From the offset this is evident from mind crushing opener ‘When Love Died’; released as the first single from this self-titled entry. Superiorly dressed in highly spirited crunching riffs and monumental h

Crossfaith w/ Blood Youth | The Marble Factory, Bristol | 13/10/18

Since establishing themselves as one of the most exciting and inventive acts just a few years ago, Crossfaith have swiftly climbed the rungs of the live circuit whilst remaining consistently exciting and a force to be reckoned with. Following on from the release of their fantastic Ex_Machina (Read our 9/10 review here!) earlier this summer, the act have returned to our shores once more with the fantastic Blood Youth in tow. Check out the shots Georgia captured at their stop at The Marble Factory in Bristol!

Live Review: Astroid Boys w/ Pengshui, Sonny Double 1| Star & Garter, Manchester | 10/10/18

If you've been following Astroid Boys for a while you'll already know that it's not been the easiest of years for the group. Earlier this year it was announced that founding member Traxx had left the band followed by DJ Comfort and drummer Big H, leaving only vocalist Benji Wild now carrying the banner of Astroid Boys. For obvious reasons, this triggered the band to do some re-shuffling to make their material work again in a live setting - with Benji also having to shoulder all of the vocal responsibility from now on. The Astroid Boys hit Manchester's Star & Garter to give fans old and new a taste of things to come from the new lineup and play some old classics alongside a few new surprises.

Introducing...Shred Kelly

Wherever it’s subliminally subconscious or not, it’s inevitable that an act will take influence and creative cues from their physical environment. Regardless if it’s midlands based metal groups creating grimy work influenced by dystopian metropolitan landscapes or the plethora of pop punk groups stereotypically creating art that laments their lacklustre home towns, the environment an artist surrounds themselves in will eventually seep into their output. Hailing from the beautiful and idyllic province of British Columbia, the Canadian alt-folk quintet Shred Kelly have taken the breath-taking beauty of their Canadian environment and infused it with their output, creating work that radiates an

Just About Done - I Am Getting By | EP Review

Aussie pop punks Just About Done have yet again delivered a perfectly poised release, combining angsty grunge with infectious riffs to give us three hard-hitting singles in the form of I Am Getting By. It’s clear from opening single 'Strain' that attitude is key to this band’s appeal – front woman Samantha McGee sets the tone of the EP from the off, oozing fire and frustration. This atmosphere is complimented by huge riffs that keep the energy high throughout this release. '1029' is your bout of melancholy and frustration, with McGee’s lyricism at its most raw and honest point. Again, frustration takes centre stage in this single which is heavily complimented by a ferocious melody which the

Wolf Girl - Every Now & Then | Album Review

Fans of indie pop hooks and fuss free lyrics are bound to fall in love with Londoners Wolf Girl. Their second album Every Now & Then is a collection of tunes that don’t try too hard to impress – which means they do just that. ‘Moody’ sets the tone of the album, with a clearly defined sound that blends pop punk with 80s style classic rock. Their sound may be nothing ground-breaking, but Wolf Girl’s no-nonsense lyrics certainly are. Bassist/vocalist Healy gets straight to the point in a youthful manner with the lyric “I think we should just make out”. While the vocals feel a bit lost amongst the guitar layers, they do plenty to give a unique feel to this track. The bass tone and guitar hooks o


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