Light Years - Afterlife | Album Review

Light Years make it clear even from just their Facebook bio that they love Blink 182 – and don’t we all? But there’s a fine line between being so in awe of a band that you’re inspired to make music to parallel their iconic sound and just ripping them off entirely. Whether it’s a combination of Pat Kennedy’s vocals which sound a bit too much like Mark Hoppus at times, or the scattering riffs; most songs on Afterlife could snuggly fit in on the Teenage Dirtbags compilation album or an American Pie remake. Opening track ‘Back Then’ leads you into a false sense of security. With lyrics that tell of the band’s first tour accompanied by old-school pop punk melodies, the nostalgia hits home here. A

Preparing for Bloodstock 2019! | Festival Announcements

With the recent announcements coming in for this major festival of Metal, it is hard not to be excited. As the bands also seem to be as well, recently Grand Magus has been put in charge of Friday’s Sophie Lancaster stage as the Frontman/Guitarist comments: “We are honoured to be headlining the Sophie Lancaster stage and we will put our hearts and souls into making it something special for all of you. Can't wait to see you all!" We also saw Death Angel, Ross the Boss and Metal Church added to the already stunning looking Ronnie James Dio stage, as Death Angel frontman Mark Osegueda shows his excitement: “We promise to show you how eager we’ve been to get back to BLOODSTOCK with a pure thrash

The Howling Lords - Texas Medicine | Album Review

Dirty blues is a genre one might expect to thrive most heavily within the murky swamps of the Louisiana Bayou, but Scottish trio The Howling Lords provide enough hard-edged, fuzz-infused tones that bring the genre much closer to home. The windswept and salt-blasted Isle of Lewis, (where the band call home) sits on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean; providing a sublime habitat for the raw, gritty, high energy sound encapsulated on Texas Medicine, the follow up to their self-titled debut. Existing as an outfit since 2015 and releasing their debut in 2017, the as yet unsigned band have conquered venues throughout Scotland and the UK on self-organised tours. All while remaining motivated by an insa

Monasteries - Pulmonary Failure | EP Review

While on the cusp of it, extreme metal may come with its fair share of limitations - when doubled down on the reward is often worth the risk. And that's the most poignant description you could possibly hand to Monasteries latest haymaker of an EP Pulmonary Failure (possibly the most metal name for an EP in the history of music). Confined to a post-it note, Pulmonary Failure is little more than a 20 minute slaughterhouse of beatdown annihilation. But the EP deserves more credit than this rather simplistic stamp. Here we have a record that does much more than just try to beat its predecessors BPM. There's a structured finesse pulsing through the veins of Pulmonary Failure that may catch yo

Accept - Symphonic Terror Live at Wacken 2017 | Live Album Review

Throughout Metal history there have been many times when the links to classical music has been emphasised – whether by documentary, covering songs or incorporating it into the musical style; like in Symphonic Metal or the guitar riff of Accept’s ‘Metal Heart’ falling into ‘Fur Elise’. Metallica made a further statement on this with their live album S & M, which saw them tour with a full orchestra to enhance their music live. Since then bands such as Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon have done similar things. Though, perhaps it was a long time coming, but Accept has always made the most sense to offer up their orchestral set and they finally did for Wacken 2017. Whilst Accept’s guitarist and founder

Slam Dunk Turns Up the Heat with Latest Line-Up Additions

While fans continue to dwell under the lack of a midlands date next year, the annual day event Slam Dunk Festival has shared eleven new hot additions to their 2019 line up. Renowned for their colossal pop-punk bands that appear each year, the festival also manages to reel in some of the greats in modern ska, rock and metal. The first wave saw Baltimore pop-punters All Time Low take the headline spot for the May Bank Holiday celebration. Joining them on the high tiers will be Welsh metal titans Bullet For My Valentine, making their Slam Dunk debut. They will be extending their current Gravity tour and take a headline spot on one of the many iconic stages that will be appearing in Leeds and Ha

Introducing... Cutting Teeth

Introducing... Cutting Teeth. Hailing from Yorkshire, the five piece are definitely out to turn heads with their latest release 'First Cut'. Charging and dominant riffs layered with commanding vocals and that's just the start of it. Start to finish the EP is an onslaught on the ears. Opener "Devils In Details" opens the EP like a huge kick to the nuts whilst "Life Of A Loser" shows off a little more technicality. There is enough variance in the EP to make it more than a straight up metal album and the rock and roll elements applied throughout really set this apart from anything on the underground metal scene. Having played with some of the great talent in the UK from rising underground stars

Introducing... FORT

It is a great time to be alive when looking at the South Wales rock scene. Some huge names are beginning to establish themselves (Dream State, Casey, Holding Absence) and it really feels like this is further inspiring the local talent to push the boundaries. Here is something a little different but no less talented... Introducing... FORT. The band hail from Pontypool, South Wales and what they have managed to produce is nothing short of spectacular. Pulling off instrumental music is not easy. Expression without vocals can, for many bands, be like cutting off a limb but that is not the case here. Cramming in emotion and mental imagery the two songs on the bands Double A Side single total almo

Live Review: Rolo Tomassi w/ Blood Command, Cassius, Bone Cult | Nottingham Rescue Rooms | 30/10/201

Expectations are always high when Rolo Tomassi are in town and tonight's Halloween one-off special is no exception; it's a late one though, with doors not until 8pm and a curfew of 12pm. Bone Cult (4) have the unenviable job of warming up a two-thirds empty venue. Being on just fifteen minutes after doors, the duo’s electronics-heavy, fog-shrouded set does little to get what little crowd there is moving. There’s an over-reliance on drum sampling and electronic effects that doesn’t stand up too well tonight and the songs blend together throughout the set with no clear distinguishing features. The masks were pretty cool though. The room is looking a bit less empty by the time Cassus (6) take t

Live Review: Moscow Death Brigade w/ Dub Righters | New Cross Inn, London | 08/11/2018

It felt a little unusual, gearing up for a gig at New Cross Inn on a cold November night, how quiet the place felt at first. I’d heard about Moscow Death Brigade’s live shows being a rowdy affair before, and the pairing of the duo with one of London’s most treasured underground punk venues sounded like a winning combination. At the time of doors opening though, the place seemed dead – and given that there were still tickets available on the door it seemed a worry that the London crowd weren’t in the mood to come out on a Thursday night for some underground hip hop hardcore metal straight out of Russia. The mood shifted when the first support, Dub Righters, took the stage though, and the punk

In The Woods... - Cease The Day | Album Review

Two years ago, Norwegian avant-garde prog metal band In The Woods... announced to the world that they would be releasing their first new material since the band's 1999 release Strange In Stereo, 17 years before. The subsequent album, entitled Pure, was thankfully a comeback album worthy of plenty of praise, but it seemed to be lacking some of the band's atmosphere and experimentation that made their 1990s material some of the best underground metal of that decade. It was a solid enough effort and had plenty of great moments, but it paled in comparison to their 1990s output, in particular their magnum opus, Omnio. However, two years later and In The Woods... are back once again with Cease The

The Wild Things - You're Really Something | Album Review

A BBC TV star, brother, husband and friend. The line-up of British rock band The Wild Things is far from normal. With ‘American Assassin’ actress Sydney Rae White, husband Rob Kendrick, brother Cam White and drummer Pete Wheeler, the band have digressed from singles to their debut album You’re Really Something. Simplicity can be a virtue, yet at its height a downfall too. Strip the basics further on this album and you will find yourself a band being ‘too simplistic’ – a record with little depth or layering. Even with the combining of rock, country and a 60's style, the tracks do lack a captivating interest. ‘Better Off Alone’ and ‘Tell Me Why’ are two of the prime examples. Listening alone,

itoldyouiwouldeatyou - Oh Dearism | Album Review

For some musical artists, the medium of music serves as a platform to display opinions, thoughts and ideals they personally assume as facts. It’s stream of consciousness documenting how they perfectly understand the world, themselves and social culture. Of course, no one perfectly understands the themselves, yet alone the world around them. One such act who know this true and well are the experimental collective itoldyouiwouldeatyou. Since their inception they’ve remained a source of catharsis within the DIY punk scene, with many heralding the group for their creativity, innovation and human emotion. Whilst their sound and creative ethos has broadened over the years, such ideology has truly

Download Festival Announces Second Wave Of Bands For 2019

It may be November, but Download Festival are already way ahead of the game, announcing another massive 23 acts for the 2019 edition of the much-loved summer-time event. Andy Copping and his crew have been working hard behind the scenes and are finally reeling out the second batch of bands to sink your teeth into. The big ones everyone is talking about is metal titans Slayer, making their final UK appearance after 37 brilliant years. With such a monumental milestone in their career, everyone is bound to be in for an unforgettable, legendary performance; a true celebration for their final sweep at Donington. Making their first ever appearance at Download will be grunge, alt-rock legends The S

Nita Strauss - Controlled Chaos | Album Review

It’s hard to imagine that the same artist that created Controlled Chaos has also shared a stage with Jermaine Jackson, but that’s the beauty of an artist like Nita Strauss. One dimensional she really isn’t. Dig deep enough into her back catalogue and you’re bound to take something pique your interest. Controlled Chaos marks Strauss’ first foray as a solo artist and it does exactly what It says on the tin. Let’s face it you don’t carry around the nickname ‘The Hurricane’ for nothing. From front to back, the album is a whirlwind of swirling guitar riffs, crunching drum rhythms and bucket loads of passion. Speaking on the upcoming release the L.A native comments “From bright and fun to aggressi

Interview: Show Of Hands

On a wet London afternoon before their sold out show at Islington’s Union Chapel, Simon sat down with Steve Knightley and Phil Beer of British folk rock titans Show of Hands to discuss their current tour, plans for the coming year, and the future of the English folk scene… So how’s the tour going so far? Phil: Pretty well really, I suppose we’re coming up to a quarter of the way through at the moment. Halifax, yeah, generally speaking very well. I know there are tales of doom and gloom and falling audiences and stuff, but we do seem to be doing alright at the moment; they have been some fun gigs, we’ve had some lovely audiences. So it’s different being on the road without Miranda (Sykes, dou

Live Review: Sirenia w/ Triosphere, Paratra & Mind Whispers | Tufnell Park Dome | 04/11/2018

Norwegian Symphonic Metal brutes bring pleasure with pain in front of a busy London congregation on the opening night of the Arcane Ancestral Aeons Tour; with plenty of fire, force and determination fierce enough to call upon a battle cry from the plains of devastation. It’s been a short while since Sirenia have visited the deeper chasms of London, however they return in slick form and style in Tuffnell Park; guested by fellow Norwegian progressive-power outfit Triosphere, Indian electronic rockers Paratra and French melodic-death metallers Mind Whispers. Sirenia known for their intelligent take on symphonic metal; layered with soulfully immersed gothic elements and dramatic darkened black m

Live Review: Within Temptation w/ Ego Kill Talent | Brixton Academy | 13/11/2018

From The Silent Force into The Heart of Everything, lustrous Dutch symphonic and alternative metal heavyweights Within Temptation become perfectly irresistible with their exhilarating upcoming 2018 release Resist; championing a beaming supernova naturally robust enough to admiringly shepherd the mass of thousands into the paths of the luxurious grains of paradise. After a minimal break in the Within Temptation camp with flaming debonair vocalist Sharon Den Adel working on her solo project My Indigo and concentrating on family matters along with personal issues, the ferocious elite are back with a superlative promise to conquer the roots of the planet with their resplendent captivating live s

Manga St Hilare w/ Maxsta, Deadly + Traxx | Gwdihw | Cardiff.

Squeeze and Outsiderlab came together to give Cardiff a shit hot show in Gwdihw this month. Manga St Hilare graced Cardiff with his presence for the welsh leg of his tour along with Maxsta, Deadly and Traxx! Check out the shots Dean snapped from the crowd!


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