Gav's Top 10 Albums of 2018

2018 has felt a little like a game changer. Like something is building and amounting to something. There has been a lot of good music coming out and it feels like a lot better music to come as well. Bands are developing and thriving in a way that can get you excited for music and Metal once again. It's been quite hard to get this list down to 10 but here are my personal picks for the top albums of the year! The Algorithm - Compiler Optimization Techniques Facebook: /TheAlg0r1thm/ Twitter: @The_Algorithm Bandcamp: / The Algorithm are an interesting band that combines Synth Wave esque atmospheres with the powerful punches of Metal. Many bands to do this will eit

Top 10 Albums Of The Year - Dan

In hindsight, 2018 hasn’t been a particularly positive year. Leading on from the events of previous years, it’s been yet another twelve months of equal socioeconomic downfall and upheaval, with the times yet to come only continuing on this global downward spiral. Yet, with this in mind, this has proven to be the catalyst for an incredible year of music; potentially the best year for the music scene as a whole for some time. In turn, this only makes the near impossible task of compiling my top ten releases of the year even more troublesome. To kick off the list, here’s some honourable mentions. Spanish Love Songs – Schmaltz Turbowolf – The Free Life Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit Fucked Up – D

Top 10 Albums 2018 - James

10. Frozen Crown – Kings A dark horse in the room echoes in the momentous halls of the highest ‘Kings’, Frozen Crown are a Italian power metal quintet sharply commanding the metal masses with their soulfully fresh and catchy melodic metal; honouring the forefathers of heavy metal through their commitment taking their own crown and throne into battle before entering a modern void. ‘Kings’ maybe something that is honestly familiar, however this a huge step into a slickish new vortex of showered melodic metal; shadowing the surrounding walls of the power metal universe in the upmost fashion. 9. Sirenia – Ancestral Ancient Aeons Boisterous Norwegian gothic-symphonic metallers have just magnifi

The Bands That Conquered 2018 - Part Two

Following on from the first half of our list, (You can read part one here!) we continue to look at the bands who have made the biggest impact this year and have well and truly conquered our national scene. Conjurer Imagine making a list of all the bands that have dominated the scene this year and not including Conjurer. Whilst rumblings of their impending breakthrough where felt not long after the release of their debut EP in 2016, the group broke the Richter scale in March with the release of their debut full length Mire. Monstrously bastard heavy, the record is a solid slab of earth shattering riffs and grooves, with it’s tight control of melodics only intensifying the apocalyptic density

Top 10 Albums 2018 - Simon

Another year, another selection of awesome and weird music. Once again, here’s my end-of-year countdown of some of the albums that have caught my eye over the last 12 months. It’s less folk-oriented than in previous years, with a heavy focus on the political that has dominated many releases of the year, but hopefully there’s a fun and diverse selection with something everyone will appreciate. Before we get started, there’s also three runners up that deserve an honourable mention despite not quite making the list. Runners Up: Dimmu Borgir – Eonian The Turbans – The Turbans (2018) La Pegatina – Ahora o nunca 10. Hentai Corporation – The Spectre of Corporatism: Starship Shaped Schnitzels fro

Currents - I Let The Devil In | EP Review

On the face of it, Connecticut based metalcore band Currents don’t seem like a band worthy of much attention. Most new listeners would probably go into their first experience with the outfit assuming them to be yet another metalcore band that have all the drop Z breakdowns you ask for, but do very little to move the scene forward. Whilst they aren’t exactly introducing anything new to the progressive metalcore genre, Currents proved on their debut LP The Place I Feel Safest that what they lack in originality, they make up for with extremely good songwriting, impeccably tight musicianship and a vocalist whose deliveries are filled to the brim with emotion. Rather than leaving fans waiting ano

Mourning Sign - Contra Mordum | Album Review

Since reforming in 2016 Swedish Doom machines Mourning Sign are set to release their latest, heaviest and if anything slightly more prog sounding doom venture Contra Mordum. The first release since the bands departure from the scene in 1997 making this release filled with a sense of headbanging nostalgia and enough new tricks up their sleeves to really show that Mourning Sign are back and are as strong as ever. The album opens with track ‘Dualism’ a true demonstration of what is to follow with the rest of the album. The track in true Doom Metal style is a heavy, gritty opener with those blood curdling vocals intertwined with guitar melodies truly setting their niche. The track features quite

Crevassian – Crevassian | EP Review

New to making headways on the scenes of all things that go beyond Metal, Crevassian are an English quartet of post Metal atmospheres. Their instrumental approach to Metal has been grouped up into their debut EP, also entitled Crevassian. This marks a next crucial step for the band and may well build up a reputation for the band. The four tracks of sheer atmospheres, echo the moods of sentimental and heavy guitar playing. For it is in the long and drawn out riffs that a sense of background is established and in which the band delights. Slow and melodic with a heavy supporting punch, the EP is a good collection of confident and forceful Post Metal. Despite the good production values, the EP do

Top 10 Albums 2018 - Koen

10. Now,Now - Saved It's been six whole years since Now,Now released their last record. The duo's change to a new more electronic sound, with their own production, does them a great favour. Songs so dark they can make you feel their heartbreak vicariously. 9. Hellions - Rue "Try developing a NEW sound in 2018" is one of the YouTube comments below the video for "X (Mwah)". Yet Hellions did that. Combining... well, about everything. Punk rock. Funk. Rap? Hardcore? Circus music? It's all in there and it just WORKS. Give it a spin. 8. nothing,nowhere - Ruiner Only about half a year after his last record, nothing,nowhere just dropped a brand new one. But don't expect it to sound rushed or slop

Top 10 Albums 2018 - Jac

This year has been full of releases with a tonne of big names and evener bigger albums. As usual this list is extensive and hard to squeeze only 10 bands into. Firstly some honourable mentions in list form or you will be reading this post for days: Honourable Mentions Bad Wolves - Disobey State Champs - Living Proof Black Stone Cherry - Family Tree Good Charlotte - Generation Rx You Me At Six - VI Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises Beartooth - Disease Now let’s get into it... 10. Breaking Benjamin - Ember Sometimes sticking to what you know is a fantastic move. For Breaking Benjamin, who have a rather large following, are far past their make or break point and could be playing a

Live Review - WSTR w/ Hey Charlie & Between You & Me | Deaf Institute, Manchester | 11/12/18

A year ago to the day, Liverpudlian pop punk collective WSTR last stepped foot on Deaf Institute’s stage. Despite supporting fellow Brits Roam, it was clear they’d brought their own crowd to the sold out show, as fans knew every line from their debut album Red, Green or Inbetween. Since then, they’ve signed to Hopeless Records and released a second album Identity Crisis (which was rated 7.5/10 by Noizze) and have sold out multiple dates of this tour single-handedly, or so it seemed. Grunge-pop trio Hey Charlie [6/10] were at the mercy of a classic opener’s crowd. With less than 50 people in the 260-capacity venue at the start of their set, no one would have blamed them for appearing nervous

The Bands That Conquered 2018 - Part One

As we approach the end of December, it’s tradition to introspectively look back at the year behind us. Whilst this year may have been a turbulent one in more ways in one, it’s been an unquestionably incredible year for music as a whole. With that in mind, we look at the bands who have conquered the alternative scene this year. MØL Image: Black Tea Photography This time last year Holy Roar Records used their powers of clairvoyance to state that a Danish band under the moniker of MØL would be one of 2018’s biggest success stories. After being snagged up by the label, the hints of their impending success began to trickle in. Upon it’s release early this year, ‘Penumbra’, the lead single from th

Vvorse – Ajatus Vapaudesta | EP Review

Something dark this way comes; Ajatus Vapaudesta, the second EP output from Finnish hardcore crew Vvorse puts a black metal twist on the hardcore formula. Formed in 2014 and hailing in from Jyväskylä, Finland, this quartet have crafted a record full of doom, gloom and despair riding atop punkish noise to deliver a range of gnarly and unconventional sounds straight to your eardrums. The five track release is full of moments that'll take you off guard,. Such as the sudden appearance of soft strumming of guitar in secondary track 'Aivan Tarpeeksi Kauan', leading into a buildup of drums that drops the track back into it's more punk rock style sound. This is in stark contrast with the powerful me

Dirge - Lost Empyrean | Album Review

The age-old saying of patience being a virtue is a cliché, but it bears true in so many different circumstances. In the case of post-metal, this couldn’t be truer, with patience truly being a rewarding experience. Bands under this umbrella like Neurosis, Cult of Luna and ISIS write their albums to really be listened to as albums. Listening to individual songs really doesn’t paint the entire picture of a post-metal album. Perhaps in the age of iTunes and Spotify, this is why post-metal has remained largely underground, with its mammoth-sized riffs and slow-moving songs that are the musical equivalent of the earth’s continents moving. Whereas a lot of metal focuses on giving the listener memor

All Ears Avow - Skin & Bones | EP Review

All Ears Avow aren’t quite the new kids in the block anymore. With their brand new Skin & Bones EP, their fourth extended play during their tenure as a band so far, the Swindon quintet continue to drop new infectious tunes. One spin of this record has the ability to give you a solid idea of what the band is going for: solid pop with a nice rock twist. Unafraid to experiment with some different flavours, like some fresh disco for instance, all while keeping their core fully intact. Vocalist Claire Sutton is an important factor in what makes this band sound unique. Her stylish vocals often pulsate full of interesting melodies and bursts of energy which set All Ears Avow apart from other pop-ro

Oxygen Thief - Confusion Species | Album Review

It’s almost difficult to believe that four years have passed since Bristol’s Oxygen Thief released their sophomore record The Half-Life Of Facts. However, when introspectively looking back at 2014, the year feels like a lifetime ago. As we now continue to be swallowed further into this new and frightening post-Trump and pre-Brexit world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay consciously buoyant on all things related to the chaotic realm of politics. Whilst we all know we’re continuously being swallowed into a stomach of global vitriol, to take action against such a movement has become exhausting. We all want to change the world and see the reintroduction of misplaced common sense but

Holding Absence Announce New Album & UK Tour

Cardiff starlets Holding Absence have announced a new, self titled album that will be coming next year, as well as a UK tour in support of the record with Capsize. On the bands newly announced album, vocalist Lucas Woodland said: "After what feels like the longest time, we are incredibly happy to announce our debut self-titled album, “Holding Absence”. Lyrically and musically, we have pushed ourselves so hard to have an album that we fully feel represents this band in the best way possible. We’re so proud of this release, and cant wait for you guys to hear it." The track list for the album is as follows: 1. Perish 2. Your Love (Has Ruined My Life) 3. Like A Shadow 4. You Are Ever

Sigh - Heir to Despair | Album Review

Sigh, how can anyone really describe a band like Sigh. The Japanese Avant Garde bands could be grouped into Black Metal, and certainly albums like Hangman's Hymn, which is perhaps their most famous, can be seen as a Black Metal album. Before Ihsahn and Shining took Saxophone's into Black Metal, Sigh had redefined the Jazz instrument as a satanic and darkly alluring weapon of sound. Despite this, each of their albums have been distinctly different but distinctly Sigh, making them a little difficult for audiences to get into, and to be able to classify. So taking Black Metal, and more broadly Extreme Metal, or even broader still music in general, into more and more experimental areas... we hav

This Wild Life Share Acoustic Cover Of 'Doomsday'

American duo This Wild Life continued their vein of posting intimate covers of songs today as they released an acoustic version of Architects track 'Doomsday'. On the cover itself, Kevin Jordan said: "When Doomsday was released earlier this year it moved me both musically and lyrically. Underneath an onslaught of riffs and heaviness was this beautiful melody and devastating story of losing a loved one. It’s always a challenge to make a song your own while maintaining its integrity, I hope we did this song justice." This Wild Life are soon to embark on an EU/UK tour, dates are below: Mon 21 Jan France-Paris-Backstage By The Mill Tue 22 Jan Germany-Berlin-Cassiopeia Wed 23 Jan Germa

Introducing...Follow The Cipher

Follow The Cipher were born from an original solo project constructed by guitarist Ken Kangstrom in Falun, Sweden, however the outcome was very much different from what was originally planned. On the brow of auditions, Ken met colourful vocalist Linda Toni Grahn, and immediately a bond was created. So, from there forth the story of Follow The Cipher began and something incredible was about to happen. After some time spent being creative in the studio, Ken and Linda decided they would like to recruit new members for their band. After some long hard work with members in and out of the band, Linda and Ken would go on to find permanent band members; Karl (Drums), Viktor (Guitar) and Jonas (Bass)


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