After The Burial Announce New Album & Drop New Single

Metalcore stalwarts After The Burial have made their return with a brand new single, and details on their next record. The new album will be titled Evergreen, and will be released April 19th via Sumerian Records. Evergreen will be released in conjunction with the bands North American Tour with Parkway Drive & Killswitch Engage. On the album itself, guitarist Trent Hafdahl said: "he song-writing process is almost always the same, but the influence and motivation behind the music is always different. This time around we wrote an album that is wholeheartedly ATB. If you listen back through our catalog you can hear us experimenting with different sounds, soundscapes, playing techniques etc

2000 Trees Announces Third Wave Of Bands And Final Headliner!

Cheltenham's mighty 2000 Trees festival has announced their third and final headliner for 2019; Deaf Havana. Their fifth studio album, Rituals, was released in the August of 2018, suggesting that they’ve got plans to make 2019 their biggest year yet. With a sound that effortlessly combines big post-hardcore riffs and anthemic pop-punk choruses, what’s not to love?They’ll make their first headline appearance on the main stage on Saturday 13th July. Alongside the final headliner, the rest of the 2019 Trees bill is now looking bulky. Joining Deaf Havana on Saturday will be Normandie. Ahead of the release of their sophomore album, White Flag, the Swedish four-piece toured with Aussie hardcore gi

While She Sleeps - So What? | Album Review

With their third record You Are We, While She Sleeps took the leap from metalcore cult heroes, to mainstream rock heavyweights. Released on their own label, recorded in their own studio - it was an anomaly, an album which had a 50/50 split between extravagant quality, and fascinating back story. Fast forward just under two years later and the steel city maniacs are back with So What?, their fourth effort in a frankly astonishing back catalogue. It's absurd to think that less than two years after their best, and most important record to date that While She Sleeps would be able to recreate the same magic that existed within the iron walls of You Are We. And yet, So What? finds a way to sprea

Live Review: Mayday Parade and The Wonder Years w/ Movements & Pronoun | 02 Academy, Bristol | 2

Mayday Parade and The Wonder Years. If any bands can make a co-headline tour work, it’s this pair. They’ve grown exponentially from their early years but manage to effortlessly stay true to their roots. Filling their sets with favourites old and new, the penultimate date of their UK tour was a brilliant one, to say the least. Pronoun (6.5), the solo project of Brooklyn’s Alyse Vellturo, was the first to appear on stage at the O2 Academy. Attendees were still slowly filtering through the doors but Alyse and her band gave everything to their set. The airy brand of pop couldn’t compete with the heavier guitars of Mayday Parade. Despite this, Pronoun’s distinct confidence and enjoyment caught no

ArcTanGent Festival Announces 27 New Bands!

The world’s premiere festival of all things math, post and generally mentally stimulating have just announced 27 bands for 2019 and it is an absolute blinder of an announcement. Joining the ArcTanGent lineup is an act known for providing a show like non other; Carpenter Brut. Blending synthwave with progressive metal sensibilities and wrapping it an aesthetic influenced by retrograde horror films, sci-fi and pop culture, their cinematic sets have become the subject of amazement worldwide and their set is simply not to missed this summer. Also joining the lineup are the progressive metal kings The Ocean, the phenomenal Ithaca, instrumental prog sensations Polyphia, the ever portentous Sleep T

Skinny Lister - The Story Is... | Album Review

Everyone’s favourite folk-punks, Skinny Lister’s new album, The Story Is…, is catchy and upbeat. But of course, you’d expect nothing less from them. Dotted throughout are small moments of brilliance. Their signature tongue-in-cheek humour and rip-roaring folk style prevail here, making their fourth album one of their best yet. The Story Is… highlights the lyrical ability of the six-piece. ‘Second Amendment’ opens the album and immediately draws you in with a cryptic story. Beneath the usual Skinny Lister flair is a hint of something different; a vintage ska sound peeks through as the song grows into something explosive and energetic. Parts of this new Skinny LP shout their new influences fro

Dimlight - A Symphony of Horrors | Album Review

Dimlight’s latest release A Symphony of Horrors forms the final entry in the triple album bundle Kingdom of Horrors, following the albums Kingdom of Horrors and Realm of Tragedy (both of which were released October 2018). Kingdom of Horrors was an album in Dimlight’s usual style of Gothic Symphonic Death Metal featuring deep guttural growls (Peter Invoker) alongside powerful female vocals (Mora Hecate), and Realm of Tragedy was a more contemplative Post-Rock instrumental album - a deviation from the band’s usual style. A Symphony of Horrors is also different from Dimlight’s usual material. Instrumental and cinematic, it was written to accompany their table top roleplaying board game ‘Secrets

Download Festival Announces Another 17 Bands!

Even with it’s lineup already looking colossal, Download Festival have just announced another wave of acts set to join the likes of Slipknot, Tool and Def Leppard later this June. Simple Creatures, the recently formed supergroup composed of All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth and Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus, will be headlining The Avalanche Stage on Saturday night with their appearance being a UK festival exclusive. On the subject, the band has said; “An evening of Trash-Pop reverie awaits you at Download Fest. There will be Creatures. They will be Simple. There will be singing and dancing in a big tent. What more could you possibly want?” Also set to appear at Castle Donington are riff beasts Dinosaur

Evergrey - The Atlantic | Album Review

As with any true progressive metal album, The Atlantic, the upcoming release from Evergrey, opens up with a brutal 8-minute audio assault featuring syncopated drum and guitar beats alongside the demonstration of a wide vocal range that manages to be simultaneously powerful yet soft. It’s an intriguing listen, that immediately becomes reminiscent of progressive metal favourites such as Alcest, Mastodon, or Pain of Salvation. At the same time though, the songwriting manages to remain fresh; Evergrey manage to make the eight-minute opener feel like a four-minute one. They are a band that claims their mission statement is to provide “technically and compositionally outstanding standards” that ar

Pkew Pkew Pkew - Optimal Lifestyles | Album Review

Toronto punk- rockers Pkew Pkew Pkew once revolved their music around the enjoyable chaos of mosh pits and the classic early-20s punk lifestyle. It’s been three since the release of their self titled debut and now the quartet are back with an alternative view on the world, summed up in the form of sophomore record Optimal Lifestyles. The massive 15-track album is packed full of speedy anthems that prove to be easy listening and enjoyable from start-to-finish. There is a matured style of songwriting evident here that showcases a massive leap for the group musically from what they’ve explored previously. Tracks such as previously released single ‘I Don’t Matter At All’ battles the hard truth o

Sugar Horse - DRUJ | EP Review

In an age where the alternative scene as a whole is become increasingly saturated, it seems like it’s become routine for many mediocre acts to promote themselves with increasingly brazen and obnoxious stunts. However, on the other end of the spectrum, it seems like the bands who refuse to play the fraudulent and exhausting game of excessive self promotion are the ones who harbour the most ingenuity, brilliance and innovation. One such act are Bristol’s Sugar Horse. Despite branding themselves as a “decidedly average band that play monotonous rock”, their debut EP Druj is concrete evidence that the truth couldn’t be farther removed. Opener ‘The Crime Song’ stands a poignant statement of inten

5 Reasons you need to be at Pwer Festival this year.

In a time where venues are falling by the wayside and it is getting harder and harder in the rock scene to keep afloat it is all the more important to be a part of moments of unity and special events that showcase amazing upcoming talent. Described as "A Cardiff based festival celebrating the power of young local and national music" Pwer Fest really does push the boat out in mashing bands/artists of different genres together as well as showcasing a fantastic mix of local and national talent. Here are 5 reasons you really need to be at Pwer Festival: MXLLS ​​ ​There are some rising stars you may already know of... The final announcement of the festival came with its biggest announcement of th

Ghost Iris - Apple Of Discord | Album Review

Despite only forming in 2015, Danish tech-metallers Ghost Iris are already releasing their third full-length album. In the few short years since the band's inception, Ghost Iris have constantly strived to evolve and change their sound into something truly unique to them, resulting in a striking and complex blend of djent, metalcore, and tech-metal, with elements of funk thrown in for good measure. Apple of Discord is the next step in the band's sonic evolution, the culmination of the breakthroughs made over the course of the previous two albums, and serves as the benchmark for where the band are now. Ghost Iris are often described as metalcore, but tying them to just one genre would be vastl

Blood Youth - Starve | Album Review

Just when we all thought nu-metal was dead and buried, Leeds-based Blood Youth have resurrected the once mighty genre, merging all the generics you'd find in the genre with their own melodic twist, making for one of the noisiest albums of 2019. After a year of extensive touring with the likes of Crossfaith & Stone Sour, the boys are well and truly back to sonic relevance with their sophomore release, ‘Starve’. 2017’s Beyond Repair offered a softer level of melodic hardcore, which had been carried through from its predecessing EP’s. However, that era is very much dead and gone. Album intro {51/50} is menacing and ominous, before leading us into the vicious title track. From the off, we’re gre

Interview | Burning Witches on how they got their name, tour life and eating children

The tour with Grave Digger has been going on for a while now, how has the tour been for you guys so far? How do you think you have been received by the fans? The tour started on January 11 th and has been going on for twenty-two days now. The tour will end in February and it has been a really good experience for us with plenty of excitement on the road. This is our first tour with a tour bus and we feel we have been received really well by Grave Digger fans and newer fans too along with performing in front of big crowds; even though the venues have been quite large and some have been small. Your band name has a simplistic but effective title, where did the decision come from to call yo

Mortanius - Till Death Do Us Part | Album Review

In the world of heavy metal in 2019, it takes a lot to stand out, especially if the band in question is still in its infancy. You might have a very talented line-up, or impressive songwriting skills, but where bands truly shine is their ability to stand out from the crowd. This doesn't necessarily mean re-writing the genre, but rather offering something that pushes music forward. Mortanius are a fairly young band out of Pennsylvania, self described as “if Dracula formed a progressive power metal band.” Recently they have had some instability in their lineup, resulting in only two permanent members, vocalist Lucas Flocco and bassist Jesse Shaw, but in spite of this they have stuck to their gu

Thy Art Is Murder's Sean Delander: "We feel more comfortable with our music now than we eve

To find Alexandra Palace, you have to traverse a minefield of roundabouts and hilly areas before the you get to the venue, the Palace standing out like a rural lighthouse, juxtaposing the London skyline with the natural features. There aren’t many venues like Alexandra Palace, and Thy Art Is Murder know it. “When you walk up those stairs and you see these bands that have played, not even metal bands, just iconic bands, it’s just insane,” bassist Sean Delander told Noizze on the afternoon prior to their show supporting metal monsters Parkway Drive. The band are capping off a wildly successful response to new album Reverence with another series of face-melting shows, and the London date at one

Brutal Assault Festival Announces Final Acts For 2019

Following the steady stream of exciting news coming from the organisers of Brutal Assault Festival since the new year, another two big updates on the lineup was recently dropped with a massive February update. The first announcement were the Swedish “metal eminence” Soilwork, straight out of Helsingborg with a 20-year career blending melodic metal into a staggeringly successful live show, with support from notable names in the progressive metal industry such as Devin Townsend. Continuing on a trend of progressive metal, The Contortionist also joins the lineup, with the announcement that festival goers should forget any expectations they may have for progressive metal during their set. Well-k

Avantasia - Moonglow | Album Review

Even through the combustible proceedings of the single releases ‘The Raven Child’ and ‘Moonglow’, the elegantly dramatized Symphonic Power Metal project of outlandish Edguy vocalist Tobias Sammet progresses with the succeeding Avantasia instalment of Moonglow. After releasing both The Metal Opera and the The Metal Opera Part 2 over fifteen years ago, Mr Sammet could never have imagined that he would release six more illustrious episodes of Avantasia in the meantime; considering the project was only supposed to be a short-lived adventure. With a galloping stampede of special guests, Moonglow kicks off with a priceless agenda and a sincerely-ghostly orientation; delving deep into the paths of


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