I Prevail - Trauma | Album Review

Michigan metallers I Prevail first rose to prominence with their unexpected cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’; the single was subsequently included on their breakout EP, Hearts vs Mind - twisting a pop favourite into a beatdown-laden take. The hype only built from there, culminating in 2016’s debut record Lifelines, including opening slots for bands from Hollywood Undead to Pierce the Veil as well as their own headline tours. The question is, can I Prevail keep up the with hype train and deliver the goods on their sophomore effort, Trauma? The end result is, frankly, a mixed bag. The oft-invoked axiom that good music comes from hard times certainly rings true to an extent; Trauma was put

High Rise - Endeavours | EP Review

For a DIY band, Londoners High Rise are doing pretty well for themselves. They’ve defined their sound with four years of releases. Their latest EP, Endeavours, does plenty to show off the production skills of sound engineer Oz Craggs. Unfortunately, it does little to show the band in a unique light. ‘My Solitude, Your Hope’ is packed full of energy with a sound that straddles the line between pop-punk and hardcore. The guitar tone is crisp and clear, and vocalist Jovic Staddon effortlessly switches from his snarling harsh vocals to a smooth one for the chorus. While the transitions between verse and chorus are polished, the overall feel of the track is quite generic, doing little to show Hig

Brutus - Nest | Album Review

For many curious listeners, social media is likely the first destination when conducting personal research on an artist. Whereas many acts use the platform to host long and convoluted biographies on their endeavours and efforts, Brutus opt to host a single sentence; “Trouble Comes In Threes, So Does Brutus”. This is how Brutus establish themselves to new potential followers. It’s effective, it’s provocative and depending on your outlook, it’s an invitation. In essence, it’s the perfect motif for this extraordinary act, a sentiment their devoted followers can atest to. Since their inception, the Belgium three piece have received pundits from on high from press and fans alike, even receiving c

2000 Trees Announces Fourth Wave Of Bands!

We all thought that 2000 Trees Festival was looking mighty fine this year. With two sets from Jamie Lenman, ‘excited’ doesn’t even come close to how we’re feeling. This morning they treated us to a further 23 brilliant bands, resulting in a line up that’s pretty perfect. Hardcore punks Cancer Bats will be bringing their energetic live show to The Cave on Friday 12th July. They’ve been touring extensively over the past year and show no signs of stopping. Their sets are renowned for being jam-packed with hefty fan-favourites. Frontman Liam Cormier can whip a crowd up into a frenzy, so you’d best get your moshing shoes on for their set! Pulled Apart by Horses have been working on album number

Live Review: As It Is w/ Modern Error | Liverpool Arts Club | 07/03/2019

You have to accept it as a rare treat when a band with a popularity the size of As It Is make their return to more intimate settings. And as 'The Great Depression Tour' landed within the claustrophobic walls of the Liverpool Arts Club - you get a sense there will be a palpable energy burning through this evening unlike most you'll have experienced before. Main support band Modern Error [7/10] are making waves in the alternative scene with their blend of post hardcore and straight up rock - and they certainly land with authority tonight. Despite being at the precipice of their career, they strut around with enough charisma to fool you into believing they've been doing this since the turn of

The Alchemy - Chemical Daydream | Album Review

Mallory Knox, Lower Than Atlantis, Lonely The Brave and now The Alchemy? Maybe. The first three bands named there are Alt-Rock bands who have all broken through in relatively recent times and all did so with a similar blueprint. Huge, anthemic choruses with beautifully polished and slick production. The result of this success, of course, is that there are hundreds of bands lined up behind them trying to do the same; so are The Alchemy next in line? Chemical Daydream is the band’s first full length album and while there’s obvious potential there, it doesn’t fully convince. The opening trilogy of ‘Take Me Alive,’ Diamond Bones’ and ‘Better The Devil You Know’ are all top quality tracks but asi

Cellar Darling - The Spell | Album Review

A dark and brooding distorted guitar sound opens up The Spell, the second full-length release from Swiss prog-folk-metallers Cellar Darling. 'Pain' makes for a strong opening song, and it just gets even better when the powerful vocals of Anna Murphy hit their peak in the song’s chorus, coming to an enjoyable climax with a more unique bowed string sound that solidifies the band’s grasp of their genre. It’s immediately noticeable already by the second song of the album that Cellar Darling are a band that know their strengths and what makes their sound unique, and they showcase it well. 'Love' is another track that stands out immediately as it is heard, with a low drone from the hurdy gurdy acc

Tempel - Tempel | Album Review

Norway has a long history of producing some of the most well-known, well-respected, and utterly stellar rock and metal acts that have ever graced those genres. The latest band vying to mark their name into the annuls of Norwegian music history alongside the greats are hard-rock newcomers Tempel. Comprising of three brothers and their best friend, the band blends multiple avenues of hard-rock and metal to create a sound that comes across as something fresh and different, while at the same time capturing an air of familiarity. In this, their self-titled debut, the band condense the very essence of their sound into nine tracks that rip, tear, and shred their way into your skull: not an experien

Parting Gift - Ensom | EP Review

Although Manchester-based quartet Parting Gift have been in the scene for coming up to two years, it seems they’ve finally found their feet with their imminent release, Ensom. The EP comes after a solid start to 2019; signing to major label Fearless Records and touring with the likes of UK talent Blood Youth are just a few highlights the band can look proudly back upon. Despite their debut single 'Be Still' opening the doorway into the hardcore scene that Parting Gift sit within, Ensom takes a more melodic approach, though this initially seems surprising, it soon becomes apparent that the quarter's leap into something cleaner pays them back in dividends. And Although this release only clocks


If you’re local to the welsh capital or it’s surrounding suburbs, the name Nightlives will likely trigger a knowing smile. On the back of just a few tracks the self titled electro-punks have forged a mighty reputation within the welsh capital due to their genre bending hybrid of a sound, an explosive and turbulent stage presence, and a colossal live sound that threatens the implosion of any venue they find themselves in. Even with just 4 tracks under their belts the group are already being heralded as the next Enter Shikari. Truly, for those hailing from more distant pastures, it undoubtedly won’t be long before you’re acquainted with this act. Formally establishing themselves in 2016, the g

From Sorrow To Serenity - Reclaim | Album Review

There are many things that one will associate with Scotland. Rugged highlands, huge mountain lakes, mythical serpents, deep-fried food, whisky, it's a delightful list. However heavy metal is not necessarily something that will come to people’s mind when talking about Scotland, with perhaps the lone exception of Alestorm. However, Scotland does have its fair share of lesser known metal bands, and some of them are exceptional. Speaking of exceptional bands, this brings us to Scottish metalcore youngsters From Sorrow to Serenity. Taking their name from the line of a Killswitch Engage song (hats off to you if you didn't need to use Google), they had quite a rocky period leading up to and releasi

Windfaerer - Solar | Album Review

New Jersey Folk/Black Metal outfit Windfaerer bring us a reissue of their 2012 EP Solar – a highlight from their discography of string-accompanied, atmospheric Folk-tinged Black Metal, which was out of print until now. The song writing in this band is solid as they manage to tastefully write powerful and uplifting songs in a sub-genre which is normally anything but. What really sets this band apart though is their use of haunting Folk instruments – which are reminiscent of barbarian eras gone by and offset the ominous riffing behind. A particularly effective example of this is on the track ‘The Morning Star’ which features a passage where the rhythm section plays blast beats with violin play

Blood Youth's Kaya Tarsus: This Is The Band We've Been Evolving Into

It's often you'll find that at some point in their career bands are faced with a crossroads: stick or twist. Twist and you risk alienating your current fanbase, stick and you run the chance of being called predictable - it's somewhat of a 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' situation. With all that being said though, it's rare that a band find themselves in this predicament before recording their sophomore record. But this was very much the case for Harrogate's Blood Youth. Their debut album Beyond Repair can be considered nothing short of a success - garnering critical acclaim, putting them on pretty much every alternative festival you could think of, and getting them on tours with the

As It Is w/ Modern Error | Liverpool Arts Club

A few days ago Jessie joined the boys in As It Is at Liverpool Arts Club during their "Intimate" Depression Tour, showcasing some of the best intimate venues in the UK along with their most recent album The Great Depression. Joining them on this intimate run were Modern Error. Check out Jessie's shots below!

Live Review: Faun w/ Brother Sea | Islington Assembly Hall, London | 02.03.2019

Folk Rock tends to have a down to earth feel to it (I believe that’s almost a pun). Whereas many bands put on a performance of grandiose splendour to elevate themselves to the status of ‘rock god’, Folk has more interest in presenting themselves almost as musicians who have found old stories and instruments to bring to the awaiting crowd. Standing in the full room was strangely refreshing as it was somewhat easy to get around but very quickly as Brother Sea took to the stage there became a sense of awe and intrigue. They threw in many classic Folk instruments amongst their hypnotic vocals. Like campfire stories each song accompanied an exploration of history and mythology to help to connect

Idiot Pilot - Blue Blood | Album Review

After 12 years of audio silence, experimental rock duo Idiot Pilot have returned with their third full-length record - Blue Blood. Bringing their notorious mix of synth-electronica laced with crushing guitar riffs. Members Michael Harris and Daniel Anderson called an ‘indefinite hiatus’ at the start of 2011. Caused by the bands tour exhaustion and desire to pursue other projects - the hands of father time have moved and the band are ready to release new music for their long awaiting fans. Blue Blood brings together the strongest elements of the first two albums: Strange We Should Meet Here and Wolves. All while entangling a sense of maturity and development of what the two-piece can achieve

Venom Prison - Samsara | Album Review

No matter how captivating and riveting the genre may be for the most part, the lyrical content featured within the realms of death metal stereotypically revolves around instances of sadistic violence and catastrophe, both fictional and historic. Whilst numerous bands have used their malevolent craft to address poignant issues within our culture, the popularity of poster bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and Morbid Angel at the turn of the century has led to the mainstream populace to believe that death metal is nothing more than playful slasher flicks in audio form. One such band who has weaponised their art to take on sociopolitical issues within our culture are Venom Prison. Since th

Live Review: Korpiklaani w/ Turisas & TrollfesT | Islington Assembly Hall, London | 26.02.19

As a bit of a one-off show this may seem strange but the line up is magical. Turisas and Korpiklaani with first act TrollfesT are quite a strong unit. TrollfesT being brought in as more than just openers as they have collaborated with Korpiklaani and it helps the immediately evident camaraderie between the bands. Folk Metal is fun, fantastic and fighting hard. This marks for a show to make a statement of some of the important bands of Folk Metal history. Turisas broke amazing ground with 2004's Battle Metal, whilst Korpiklaani have given us many classics to drink and to party by: 2009's 'Vodka', 2005's 'Beer Beer' or 2006's 'Happy Little Boozer'. Pairing these bands up is inspired and if the

Bloodstock Add Seven New Bands and Thirteen New Coach Pickup Points!

The UK’s premiere metal festival Bloodstock have added a slew of names to an already great 2019 line-up along with a huge 13 new coach points, to make it even easier to get to for what is sure to be one of the biggest and best years yet! Belgian death metal kings Aborted recently released their latest album TerrorVision and will be playing the Ronnie James Dio stage on Sunday, saying “Bloodstock! It’s been a while! We couldn’t be more thrilled to lay waste to thee in the most offensive of manners this coming summer. Prepare my friends, the blastbeat is coming!” Hailing from sunny California, Skeletal Remains join the mayhem on the Sophie Lancaster stage on Saturday - they’re currently tourin


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