Belzebubs - Pantheon of the Nightside Gods | Album Review

Belzebubs are not the sort of metal band one comes across often, in that the ‘band members’ presented to the public are actually fictional, animated characters! The band itself is a spin-off of the eponymous web comic. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it’s like a cross between Nemi, Metalocalypse and the Addams Family. The comic mainly follows Sløth the guitarist and vocalist of Belzebubs, and the day to day life of his band and family; it’s an affectionate parody of the black metal lifestyle and tropes. Belzebubs’ web comic background might lead one to think that their debut album Pantheon of the Nightside Gods would be some sort of comedic novelty. However, despite their cute, comic ae

Booze Cruise Festival Unveils Full Lineup And Day Spilts For First Ever UK Event

After quickly becoming one of the fastest growing festivals over in the mainland, Booze Cruise Festival have unveiled it’s full lineup and day splits for it’s inaugural UK event. Taking place at The Exchange and The Stag And Hounds in Bristol between the dates of 24th and the 26th of May, the premier DIY punk festival will be hosting over 50 artists from 9 countries over the course of the festival, with Bong Mountain, Cultdreams and Apologies I Have None set to headline the festival's UK debut. Also set to appear during the course of the weekend are the likes of Weatherstate, Fresh, The Winter Passing, Ducking Punches, Oxygen Thief, Woahnows, Kali Masi and many other fantastic artists well w

New Years Day - Unbreakable | Album Review

Since their formation back in 2005, there has always been a strength evident within New Years Day. The four-piece, fronted by the impressive Ash Costello, have established themselves as something that needs to be acknowledged. They grew into the metal scene with their 2013 release Victim To Villain and now they are beginning to truly flourish into their rightful place surrounded by fellow bad-ass female-fronted ensembles. The group have been teasing fans with an EP release of covers last year, but they finally unveil a new chapter of pop infused metal. What they’ve now introduced to the table is Unbreakable: 12 tracks of non-stop flair and prowess that solidifies their growing presence. ‘Com

Weatherstate - Born A Cynic | Album Review

Since 2016’s Dumbstruck/Dead Ends, Bristol based punks Weatherstate have kept quiet on the artistic front - teasing only limited material, it's all made for great anticipation about what comes next. Everything comes to a head on new record Born A Cynic, an album that sees their familiar charm paired with more angst than ever before, making for a potent debut full length effort. Opening single ‘Ghost’ crashes in with force, setting the tone from the off. Clear influences from bands like Green Day, Lit and Millencolin make for a bouncy yet angsty sound. Pop punk riffs and the ‘woe is me’ lyricism literally oozes teenage rebellion; the 90’s punk scene is back with a vengeance. Despite rarely st


If you cast your mind back to last month, you may recall a news story documenting how almost 50 million songs where accidentally deleted from the social media platform MySpace due to a botched server migration. Whilst this may sound trivial, for the alternative scene it was a disaster akin to the destruction of the Library of Alexandria. The popularity of the once great social media behemoth ushered in an age of prosperity for core orientated music and the global alternative scene as a whole. Thousands upon thousands of sacred texts where lost to the passage of time and this pivotal point in time for alternative music was lost to the ages. Despite this, there’s still artists creating art tha

Trade Wind - Certain Freedoms | Album Review

When hardcore giants Jesse Barnett (Stick To Your Guns) and Tom Williams (Stray From The Path) were on tour together back in 2013 a creative seed was planted. Over the course of the following years, an EP, and a full-length album later, that seed flourished into the project we know as Trade Wind. If you've never heard the band's work and you're expecting something akin to the members' other projects, you'd be way off the mark. Trade Wind make beautifully crafted atmospheric soundscapes with a tinge of subdued introspection, resulting in an airy dream-like signature sound somewhat comparable to the likes of bands such as Cigarettes After Sex. On this their second full-length release, the band

RXPTRS - I | EP Review

Hardcore punks RXPTRS have been making noise in the South-West music scene for little over a year. The five-piece have worked hard to earn themselves support slots with Phoxjaw and Seœur, to name just a few. In the true spirit of DIY punk, they’re released their first EP, I, themselves, and the refined nature of each song has exceeded all of our expectations. ‘Vultures’ sets the tone with technical riffs and a harsh vocal so powerful it grabs all attention. Spanning multiple styles with one song seems a mighty feat, but this has been effortlessly achieved here, as vocalist Simon Roach switches seamlessly to a smooth yet equally powerful clean vocal. While there seems to be a lack of low end

Black Tree Vultures - S/T | EP Review

Cutting rock with metal and a modern edge, south coast rockers Black Tree Vultures return with their sophomore, self titled EP. Providing more of the hard hitting rock/metal hybrid that has seen them grow in the past twelve months. The follow up to their underground acclaimed debut EP Sanity saw the quartet touring throughout the UK during 2018. Converting metal veterans and rock fans all over. Countless hours in the rehearsal room has paid off as they encapsulate elements of traditional metal with a new exciting style. Having only formed in 2017 the band are a compatible machine when it comes to recording. Stepping into Outhouse Studios with John Mitchell (You Me At Six, Enter Shikari, Arch

The Shrine - Cruel World | EP Review

One of the biggest stories in the rock world last year was the resurgence of the 1970’s classic rock sound. Your mileage on the band will vary but it’s hard to deny that the rise of Greta Van Fleet was built on taking a classic sound and spinning it for modern audiences. At times it might be sneered at but it’s something that’s happened throughout music history, and it will continue to happen. This is a trend that looks set to continue through 2019 with The Shrine looking to cement a place amongst rock music’s elite. Although the Venice, California natives have been around for a shade over a decade now, they return heavier than ever with their latest EP Cruel World. Think Black Sabbath mixed

Live Review: The Black Dahlia Murder w/ Ingested | Rebellion, Manchester | 10/04/19

Over the course of a career, few bands can achieve such a status wherein they become utterly synonymous with the genre they exist within. Any conversation about melodic death metal will consistently bring up a few bands: some pioneers, some who elevated the genre, and some who dominated it – but without a doubt, no discussion about melodic death metal would be complete without the inclusion of Michigan legends The Black Dahlia Murder. Almost two years after the release of the band's eighth studio record Nightbringers, The Black Dahlia Murder hit Manchester with local boys Ingested for a night of technicality, brutality, and a nostalgic trip through their back catalogue. Getting the night sta

Samsara: Track By Track With Venom Prison

As you most probably know, Venom Prison’s latest record Samsara is easily one of the best extreme metal releases in recent years. Incendiary, intense and justly righteous, it’s a masterful demonstration on how brilliant the extreme music can be when utilised as a weapon against injustices. Here, guitarist Ben Thomas walks us through Samsara one track at a time, exploring the thought processes and lyrical themes that sculptured the record. Matriphagy This was one of the first songs we started when writing the album. We wanted something punchy, fast and would grab attention immediately. We also wanted something diverse to open with that could hint at all the different elements of the album to

Archaic Decapitator – The Apothecary | EP Review

Many bands hold the weight of experience into each and every song. Therefore it surprises when you learn of their relatively little output. Connecticuts Archaic Decapitator are one such band. This Death Metal five piece are bringing out their second EP since their debut album, The Apothecary April 19th. Instantly theres a striving ferocity to their music. Death Metal sounding so alive and feral, imbued with a melodic overtone that make sense of their European Melodic Death Metal influences, but, sound distinctly separate from such bands. They also manage hints of symphony to their songs but this atmosphere is but a brief supporting element to the ferocious Metal on display. Come for their de

Live Review: Orchards w/ FES & Dirt | The Crofters Rights, Bristol | 02/04/19

As with any gig of this stature, it’s commonplace for there to be hesitant and shy murmurs within the crowd prior to when the local support make the transition from soundcheck mode to performance mode. However, once Bristol’s Dirt (8) (The artist formally known as Bloodrag) kick into their set with a cartilage rattling bassline, it’s clear they are among instant friends tonight. The group live up to their namesake fully, providing filthy and toxic high pressure sludge infused grunge that boils with youthful apathy and shivering energy. Whilst this may suggest a level of passive indifference, theres a strong sense of delicate refinement in their sound. Navigating through testimonials that exp

Orchards w/ FES & Dirt | The Crofters Rights, Bristol | 02/04/19

Last week the magical math poppers in Orchards stopped off in the west country for a wholesome evening at The Crofters Rights, Bristol. Joined by the fantastic FES and Dirt, sold out show was nothing less than a brilliant showcase of left field innovation. Check out the shows Ollie Weaver snapped below!

Blood Command - Return Of The Arsonist | EP Review

The return of Blood Command is an exciting time. The unique and utterly powerful Norwegian group made a big statement with their 2017 record Cult Drugs. Since the release of the 10-track treat, the band have gone on to support Rolo Tomassi thanks to their self-described ‘deathpop’ vibes. The four-piece are adding to their repertoire with brand-new EP Return of the Arsonist: five tracks of intrigue and prowess. The record strengthens their diverse amalgamation of styles and genres, all led by Karina Ljone, their dynamic front-woman. ‘Don’t Strike A Match, Use The Lighter’ sets the tone for what’s to come. The song doesn’t just spark intrigue from the title alone, the atmospheric synths that i

Hath – Of Rot and Ruin | Album Review

When the violent hordes are determined to keep the sides of Death Metal and Black Metal apart, it is the more interesting bands that play into the crossover of Blackened Death Metal. Taking that down tuned and deep guttural sounds into what is otherwise essentially Black Metal seems to repeatedly come up with striking bands. Hath make their debut with Of Rot and Ruin on 12th April and fit within the idea of Blackened Death Metal but can it make a mark? It is a long album and to get an idea of their style, there are all the hallmarks of Blackened Death Metal with an almost Vader sounding vocal style with a bit of Bloodbath in there for good measure. This ferocity doesn't leave behind some of

Raketkanon - RKTKN #3 | Album Review

According to Wikipedia, the worlds most reliable source of information, the country of Belgium is home to between 10 and 20 nuclear weapons. The majority of these weapons of mass destruction are simply on loan from the United States, stored and kept secure in a base in the north east of the country. However, despite it’s placid and idyllic reputation as a country of peace and tranquillity, the nation has birthed a weapon so devastating, it’s sheer magnitude is greater than the combined power of all the aforementioned nuclear devices. It’s goes by the name of Raketkanon. Since their formation in the quaint medieval town of Ghent, the group have been praised for being arguably one of the most

After The Burial - Evergreen | Album Review

After 2016’s Dig Deep, After The Burial had established themselves as one of extreme metal’s up-and-comers. Led by stand-out single 'Lost In The Static' and earning the band tour support slots alongside the likes of Thy Art Is Murder, the band were able to display their prowess through their burgeoning blueprint; pummelling riffs juxtaposed with blistering, sharp and precise lead passages.With new album Evergreen, not only have After The Burial taken a leap, they have released an album of astonishing power, structure and instrumentation. Opening track 'Behold The Crown' begins a jaw-dropping opening quintet of tracks on Evergreen. A sinister clean passage fades into the abyss before a bouncy

Pup - Morbid Stuff | Album Review

Despite everyone’s unique and often contrasting ideals and ideologies, it’s likely that there’s one thing the majority of the population detests; fraudulent motivational platitudes. Cliched and generally awful expressions such as ‘Good things that comes to those who wait’ and ‘Time heals all wounds’. We all know that such expressions and aphorisms are nothing more than a jumble of irritating words that are void of all logic. However, if there’s one expression that’s worthy of the accolade of the worst of all time it’s this classic statement - ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. It’s a skin crawling statement, one that your mum may plaster on the living room wall. However, when you d


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