Through Love & Death, You're All I Have Left: Track By Track With Dude Trips

It's a big day for the Aberdeen based emo band Dude Trips. Released today is their stellar debut, Through Love & Death I All I Have Left, a cathartic and therapeutic narrative of the band's struggles with love, death, release and acceptance. We spoke to Shaun Ross (Vocals, Guitar) and Jamie Mathers (Vocals, Bass) about the tales and stories that shaped each track on the record. Blank Canvas (Shaun Ross) We chose this track for the opener because we felt it was a good introduction to the “Love" half of the record. The song itself was written in the midst of Jamie & Shaun coming to terms with their long term relationship break ups, so typically some of the lyrics came across as bitter. In Betw

Pleiades - All At Your Mercy | EP Review

Hailing from canal crossed urban labyrinth that is Greater Manchester, whilst the name Pleiades may not incite much of a reaction from many within the national alternative scene, those acknowledgeable of this band will undoubtedly meet a mention of this act with a knowledgable grin. Since releasing their debut EP Symptoms Of A Human Being in 2016, the quintet has been bedazzling the depths of the underground post-metal scene; a select choice for the most seasoned of genre connoisseurs. However, whilst the past year or so has been relatively quiet for the band, the group are now on the cusp of releasing their sophomore release, a prophesied record that’s the product of an age of experimentati

Frank Iero & The Future Violents - Barriers | Album Review

During the search for oneself in the midst of this chaos inducing reality, we seek divine intervention in one’s life to truly inhabit the realised and desired perception of ourselves, which for the longest time seems to have succumbed to the deeply damaging and suppressive nature of modern society. In the wake of such obstacles lining the way to personal freedom and fulfilment comes the surprising third solo studio album Barriers by the Punk/Emo Rock veteran Frank Iero with his newly established backing band The Future Violents. The entire record seems to hold a dark undercurrent to its lyrical content, which suggests a theory of needing emotional availability to be brushed under the carpet

Dude Trips - Through Love & Death, You’re All I Have Left | Album Review

Scottish alternative emo quartet Dude Trips are on the precipice of releasing their debut album Through Love & Death, You’re All I Have Left on 31st May, 2019. The band come from the far north-eastern coastal wilds of Fraserburgh, though their sound draws from much wider and more varied influences than their seaside town origins. Since forming in late summer 2016, the band have released two EPs: Sad Lads—written on a whim in an attic, with the end goal of playing a single show in Aberdeen—and Keepsake, which was mostly written in a renovated granny flat. With forthcoming debut album Through Love & Death, You’re All I Have Left serving as the band’s first fully formed piece of studio work,

Tanith - In Another Time | Album Review

Brooklyn/Newcastle self-professed old school heavy rock act Tanith manage to tastefully and authentically resurrect the early 70s rock sound of groups like Uriah Heap and Wishbone Ash, incorporating some of the subtleties found in these bands such as elements of folk, psychedelia and prog. After issuing the teaser EP Citadel, they now bring us their debut full-length album In Another Time featuring 2 songs from Citadel (‘Citadel’ and ‘Eleven Years’) and 7 new songs. Whilst there are clear influences from 70s heavy rock bands such as Uriah Heap, it is also apparent that there are some subtle influences from later rock and metal – for example the galloping guitar and bass lines on ‘Book of Cha

Daniel Tompkins - Castles | Album Review

Going it alone within the music industry can be a frightening yet exhilarating venture to take on, which can open up the flood gates to an artist’s true potential outside of an already established dynamic that has captured the attention of fans across the globe for an extended amount of time.The risk taker behind this eerie road of self discovery comes from none other than the lead vocalist of the Milton Keynes native progressive metal band TesseracT - Mr Daniel Tompkins. Breaking slightly away from the roots of the band that gave him notoriety, Tompkins’ debut album Castles sees a slight genre shift, with the incorporation of Electronica and Post Hardcore Rock sensibilities riddled across t

Petrol Girls - Cut & Stitch | Album Review

Since breaking onto the scene with their self-titled EP in 2016, feminist punks Petrol Girls have certainly made a mark on the industry; turning heads with their angsty yet undeniably important message. New record Cut & Stitch is just as explosive as you’d imagine, combining post-hardcore energy with passionately brutal lyrics to bring a sound that’s acquainted, yet unquestionably fresh. We’re immediately greeted with an opening intro, discussing the depths of sound as we know it. It’s clear that these guys have taken a more experimental route on this release; placing an intro and multiple interludes throughout proves that there are no rules here, just brutally honest lyricism from start to

The Language Of Injury: Track By Track With Ithaca

It's almost surreal to think that it's almost been four months since the metallic hardcore bruisers in Ithaca released their full length debut The Language Of Injury. Released via Holy Roar, the record is still a highly celebrated staple within the national scene, with many attempting to decipher the meaning behind the tracks. Here, the band breaks down the stories and details behind each track on the record. 'New Covenant' This is actually the first song we wrote for this album and it’s very much about letting go of the past and starting again. The name ’New Covenant’ comes from feeling like we’re reshaping ourselves into something new and starting a new family for ourselves. It’s only fitt

Savage Messiah - Demons | Album Review

With a name like Savage Messiah these guys couldn’t be anything other than a kick ass metal band. The long hair, beards and endless flood of spine crunching riffs merely confirm your suspicions. Savage Messiah exist to give you the loudest, fastest, hardest, most whiskey drenched metal experience of your life. Nothing more. Nothing less. 2017’s Hands Of Fate was undoubtedly one of the best metal releases that year. So, expectations from fans and music critics alike were high with the announcement of a new record. Through that album the band had begun to really develop and diversify their sound, and the results were staggering. One of the worst things a band can do is stagnate, but probably t

Harbinger - Compelled To Suffer | Album Review

Branded as one of the most talented rising hardcore acts of the year, Harbinger have finally dropping their highly anticipated debut record. With two previous EP's to their name, refining their sound has been their one main goal and here to emphasise this is Compelled To Suffer. A finished product that tells the story of two years worth of blood, sweat, tears, and riffs finally coming to fruition. Opener, ‘The Awakening’, delves into a haunting ambience before progressing into its heavier nature, yet this comes across as unnecessarily rushed. It's evident that Harbinger have a knack for building up a trembling atmosphere with their instrumentals, yet by the same token they seem reluctant to

Martyrdöd - Hexhammeren | Album Review

Hailing from Sweden, Martyrdöd relish in D-beat, crusty noise that has perhaps more in common with punk than the aptly named melodic death metal and Swedish death metal. Now on their seventh album, the Swedes are showing no signs of slowing down and from the outset, Hexhammeren goes scorched earth with its title track and refuses to let go the chokehold from there. Even fifth track ‘Bait and Switch’ with its doomier passage 2/3rds of the way through is no less intense - it pours on the scorn and malevolence, with brief spoken word moments before more aural battering from Mikael Kjellman’s caustic roars. Along with Kjellman’s vicious barks, he pulls guitar duty along with Tim Rosenqvist and n


There’s a common misconception that the more members a band has, the louder and greater the respective output. Sure, artists such as Slipknot, Rammstein and Godspeed You! Black Emperor are certainly capable of producing quite the racket. But sometimes all you need is two people, a battered drum kit, a trusty guitar and a shared sense of creativity and integrity. Cassels have proved this. Cultdreams have proved this. Haggard Cat have proved this. John are also proving this. For those not in the know, John consists of two members. One member is called John. The other member is also called John. During the day, John works as a decorater, whilst the other John works as a chef. However, during th

It's Okay To Talk: Track By Track With Allusinlove

The amazing Allusinlove are currently gearing up for what is set to be a massive and prosperous summer. In the space of just a few months, the band will be playing Download Festival, Behave Festival and 2000 Trees Festival, all before heading out towards the mainland to tour alongside the prolific and legendary Skunk Anansie. However, preceding these adventures is the release of their highly anticipated full length debut It's Okay To Talk, which is released on June 7th. Ahead of it's release, we spoke to guitarist Drey Pavolovic, who indulged us on the details and stories behind each track on the record. 'Full Circle' "'Full Circle' is about stars dying - particularly your star. At first you

Borders – Purify | Album Review

Rowdy Lincoln outfit Borders are a group of lads that have been sure to be gracing your playlists recently; and if they have, you know they have been brewing towards their latest crushing venture, Purify, an all-out 10 track, mostly politically driven, assault - in a typical British metalcore fashion. Off the bat, Purify defines what tracks are going to be fan favourites and what tracks are going to fade into the album unlikely to see much action. The prime example of a solid favourite would definitely be ‘A World Apart’. A metalcore album, in the scene right now, would not be complete without a huge chaos inspiring breakdown in the mid-point of this track. It rings true with titans, namely

Download Festival Announces Final Bands For 2019!

With less than a month to go before the biggest weekend of the heavy music calendar, the legendary Download Festival have confirmed the final names for this years event. Joining the already staggeringly colossal lineup are Epica, Elevana, The Inspector Cluzo, Palisades, The Beaches and Blurred Vision. They will be joining the previously confirmed lineup which is being headlined by Def Leppard, Slipknot and Tool and also boats the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Slayer, Enter Shikari, The Wonder Years, Rob Zombie and The Fever 333, just to name a few. The festival has also confirmed it’s final names for this year's exhilarating WWE NXT UK matches. With the full-scale bouts again taking place with

Like Satellites - Nothing Left To Say | EP Review

So far 2019 has been an absolute stellar year for Pop Punk. Rock music is now well into its renaissance with the new wave of classic rock taking centre stage, and now it’s also time to party like it’s 2002. In a good way; promise. Nothing Left To Say is the debut EP from fast rising four piece Like Satellites; and it’s a record that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s quite the feat to produce something that conjures nostalgia yet also still sounds current, but that’s exactly what the Toronto based quartet have accomplished. You can still hear the fading strains of Warped Tour gone by, filtering through the band’s music but, at the same time, this record is as up to date a

Live Review: Brutus w/ Cassels | The Exchange, Bristol | 04/05/19

It’s a been a fairly quiet few months for the art punk brethren in Cassels (8). With the duo now about to enter the phase of time where they will need to promote their upcoming release, it’s no surprise that the group are firing on all cylinders tonight. Despite their notable absence from the national touring circuit, the duo seem reinvigorated in every sense of the word. Somehow even more sardonic, cynical and culturally misanthropic than ever before, there’s a profound level of focused and calculated urgency and haste within their set this Saturday evening. Tracks from their debut full length Epithet shiver with excitable yet cynically frustrated energy and tension, with the confessional r

Defeater - Defeater | Album Review

Since their formation over ten years ago, Defeater have become a constant fixture and true staple of the hardcore genre. Beginning in the infancy of their career, Defeater quickly set themselves apart from their contemporaries by weaving intricate stories and concepts within the confines of each album, and have gone on to become true giants of melodic hardcore. In this, their fifth album, and the band's first release in almost four years, the Defeater strip things down to the purest essence of their sound, and the resulting work is something existing fans will adore, while also providing an excellent starting point for people wanting to explore the band's work for the first time. With produc

Employed To Serve - Eternal Forward Motion | Album Review

It’s amazing to think that two years have passed since Employed To Serve released their brilliant sophomore release The Warmth Of A Dying Sun. A ferocious slab of deep rooted loathing and animosity toward modern life, the record thrust the metallic hardcore collective into the spot light of the national heavy scene. Considering the time that has passed since the release of this aforementioned record, one might be curious if the anger, bitterness and frustration the group once harboured has waned over the years. However, those familiar with this act will undoubtedly know the answer to such a ridiculous question. Enteral Forward Motion, the group’s third full length, only doubles down on such

Stray From The Path Sign To UNFD & Announce UK Tour

It's been a busy day for hardcore quartet Stray From The Path. As the New Yorkers announced their signing to UNFD as well as revealing new UK tour details & the release date for their upcoming live album titled Smash Em Up: Live In Europe 2019. Due for release May 17th, the album captures the quartet at their most potent, and vicious live, as evidenced by their new live video with Architects front man Sam Carter, filmed live in London: On the live album itself, the band said: "We’ve wanted to do a live record for years now, but the stars really never aligned for it. An opportunity presented itself on our latest tour supporting While She Sleeps, and we were fortunate enough to be able to m


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