He Is Legend - White bat | Album Review

When it comes to rock and heavy metal there is absolutely no shortage of great material to hear. Whether you’re after classic tones or the latest bands that are really cutting edge and standing out from the over-saturated stockpile of modern bands in the genre. However, what is difficult is to find music in these umbrellas that is genuinely fun to listen to, or at least not in a way that allows critics to step out of their reviewing shoes and just enjoy the music. Some bands such as Every Time I Die stand out as bands that accomplish this, and another name that will come to mind is North Carolina four-piece, He Is Legend, a band that stormed onto the early 2000’s scene with their fantastic

Neck Deep Release New Single 'She's A God'

Pop punk sensations Neck Deep have surprised dropped a new single titled 'She's A God', accompanied by a brand spanking new video. On the track itself, front man Ben Barlow said: "She’s A God is a song that is, pretty much, about worshipping your other half, but for the little things like waking up in the morning and seeing them get ready for the day. Those moments where you’re just in awe of how glorious a person can be. It’s pretty simple, no deeper meaning here, just a love song comparing a relationship to theology.” This is the first new piece of music we have heard from the quintet since the release of their third, and wildly popular album The Peace And The Panic, which hit #2 and

Woes - Awful Truth | Album Review

Combining poppy bops with hip hop beats, UNFD’s fresh meat Woes have produced a fresh yet familiar release in Awful Truth that is set to accompany you all summer long. The Scottish boys, who are known for their classic pop-like sound, have taken their material to the next level, incorporating multiple genres to produce a refreshing take on the UK’s pop punk scene. Album intro 'Boy' immediately offers an atmospheric spin on their newly acquired synth-pop sound, blending front man David Jess’ soft vocal tone with electro beats. This eclectic mix of genres seamlessly blending together is apparent throughout the release and works undeniably well. There's a surprising amount of musical depth here

Bury Tomorrow To Play 'Black Flame' In Full On UK Tour

Bury Tomorrow have announced that their latest album Black Flame will be played in full during their headline winter tour of the UK. On the news itself, front man Dani Winter-Bates said: "We are absolutely stoked to announce that we will be playing Black Flame in full on our tour at the end of the year. As this is the end of the Black Flame cycle we wanted to give fans a special chance to see and hear the album as it was written and intended. We hope everyone is excited as we are! Long live Black Flame." The news comes just a few weeks after the band released a deluxe version of the album, featuring live versions of the title track, 'The Age' and opening track 'No Less Violent' as well

Caprice Enchantè: Track By Track With The St Pierre Snake Invasion

The times are-a-changing for the Bristolian gentlemen in The St Pierre Snake Invasion. Last Friday the South West bruisers released their longly awaited sophomore release; Caprice Enchantè, a fantastic slab of poetic, poignant and eloquent turbulent chaos. We recently got in touch with frontman Damien Sayell, who laid bare to the stories and influences behind each track. Put the kettle on and get comfy my friends; this is a wild ride. The Safety Word is Oklahoma "The title is taken from a Jackass stunt, it was our drummer Sam’s idea to name it such (schoolboy error I know). The opening line is a reference to Nikola Tesla, his obsession with the number 3 and what I believe to be a criminal l

Pestis Inferos – Beyond the Veil of Light | EP Review

Making strong waves from the American scenes of Black Metal, Pestis Inferos have just dropped their new EP Beyond the Veil of Light. This is equipped with enough raw energy and evil sounding riffs to make its mark - or at least scold you trying. Packed into this EP is a range of standard blast beats, tremolo picking and fast riffs, whilst layering a very guttural snarl of vocals. This can sometimes feel forced but it is generally a fitting vocal style to the ferocity of the rest of the EP. The guitar riffs rage like a sea of fire and manage to steal the show throughout the EP. Tracks like 'Invoking the Sigil' being amongst the best in the release. Here, in 'Invoking the Sigil', the drums mak

Centrilia - In The Name Of Nothing | Album Review

When it comes to any form of music, influence is a hard goal to achieve. In order to achieve the privileged status of being an influential artist or band, it requires a lot of talent, hard work and dedication to the craft in order to do something that really stands out from the crowd. However, a band not being influential doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be bad, and some great albums over the years have worn their influences on their sleeve. With this in mind, it seems appropriate to talk about the debut album from Scottish metal newcomers, Centrilia. Obviously that term can cover an enormous spectrum of music, but when thinking about the pivotal aspects of what makes a metal band, the

Nova Twins Announce Headline UK Tour

Fresh off their eye opening sets at Download and Hellfest festivals - Nova Twins have announced plans for a UK tour in September. The tour will commence in Southampton, and finish in Bath. Brighton, London, Liverpool, and Nottingham will all play host to the duo during the tour too. Having made their name supporting acts such as Ho9909, Little Simz, and Black Honey - Nova Twins are an act that define independence. From designing their own outfits for all band videos, to art direction - these two ladies have everything under control. Latest single 'Devil's Face' got the ball rolling on a new record, for which they have enlisted the services of legendary producer Jim Abbiss (Kasabian,

VEXES - Ancient Geometry | Album Review

Experimental, eclectic and evocatively produced, the latest release from American alternative metal band VEXES has a lot to give. Ancient Geometry is a fast paced combination of heavy, tremulous guitar riffs smattered over an ever present rock and roll drum beat. It makes for quite a lightly juxtaposed performance that doesn’t appear to align with the title specifically but ultimately is an at times enthralling listen. As the bands name suggests, there is a deeply exasperated urgency on some of the tracks that springs from a place of high powered metal band energy. The band rises to their current project from the disbanded acts Vessl and A Life Once Lost with skill and experience that mimics

Sleep Token Reveal Album Details And Release New Single

The mysterious, yet consistently brilliant Sleep Token have announced details of their upcoming album as well as released the first single from the record: 'The Night Does Not Belong To God'. Debut full length record Sundowning is set for a November 21st release date via Spinefarm Records, but won't necessarily be released under normal circumstances. Fitting in with Sleep Token's fascinating style - every track from Sundowning will be released sequentially prior to the albums release. The tracks will premiere at sundown every two weeks starting with yesterdays release of 'The Night Does Not Belong To God', listen below: On the record itself, the band said: "Sundowning, or sundown syndr

Live Review: Booze Cruise Festival - Sunday

Despite it being transparent that many within the The Stag And Hounds are still nursing sore heads following last night’s debauchery, the masses are out in force this early Sunday afternoon for Dangers Of Love (8). Admittedly adhering to the timeless ideology and sensibilities of the pop tinged punk genre, the group provide an utter blitzkrieg of a set with the act documenting tales of love, loss and adolescent revelry. Either way, going from such a turnout this early on a Sunday afternoon, Dangers Are Love are clearly climbing towards great things, achievements they clearly deserve. Much like Dangers Of Love, The Handsome Scoundrels (7) wear their inspirations on their collective denim slee

Icantdie - Doppelgänger | EP Review

Icantdie are a 3-piece hardcore alternative band from Bridgend/Swansea, South Wales. The Band started out when Vocalist/Guitarist Kyle David Smith started writing demos after the ending of his previous band. Kyle had an interest in not just writing angry music, but music that had a strange overtone... It is safe to say that the band have ticked the angry and often strange box. This is 'Doppelgänger'. This three track onslaught comes out the gates swinging. Opening with the title track ‘Doppelgänger’ there are 50 seconds of full throttle riffs before vocals kick in. The grit and snarl in the vocal delivery makes for a rock and roll/unhinged hardcore fusion that blends stunningly. There is a m

X Ambassadors - Orion | Album Review

X Ambassadors are a trio you may or may not have heard of BUT you will have heard one of their songs/collabs whether you know it or not. If you are unaware of X Ambassadors you may recognise some of their huge singles ‘Renegades’ or ‘Unsteady’ which saw the band gain global success and multi-platinum sales, they’ve also been involved in some big collaborations with the likes of Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons and Ty Dolla $ign on the Suicide Squad Soundtrack, Machine Gun Kelly & Bebe Rexha on the track ‘Home’ as well as with Tom Morello, Eminem, Jamie N Commons and many others. They were also involved in the song-writing and producing of the Game Of Thrones inspired soundtrack ‘For T

The St Pierre Snake Invasion - Caprice Enchantè | Album Review

Despite many attesting to their continuous brilliance, it could be said that The St Pierre Snake Invasion have been dealt a particularly cruel hand. Even with the group being the subject of a devoted following, for the past several years the Bristolian bruisers have contentiously been a common staple within the thousands of ‘X Best Underrated Bands’ articles that are still being lifelessly exhaled into the aether that is the alternative music press. A bittersweetly frustrating accolade to be lauded with, one that the band have wrestled with during the past several years. However, such a fight is about to end in a KO. The group have returned with a new statement; one that demands attention, i

Chernaa - Empyrean Fire | Album Review

Combining the raw chaotic energy of Black Metal and the melodic nature of Post-Metal may not be an obvious combination, but there are many bands that use this as a basis for some hauntingly powerful music. The Prague based Chernaa have just dropped their debut album Empyrean Fire, but it comes with the control and restraint of a later album. The expectant sea of fire in buzzsaw-like guitars married to blast beats that has that eerie sense of melody to it none-the-less is almost instant. Whilst the rasped vocal styles compliment the chaos in an odd music of primal and perfect. But it isn't until later songs that the album starts to really define itself. Up until the fourth track, 'As I Succum

MØL - I/II | EP Review

Back in February 2018 we published an introducing feature on one danish blackgaze act titled MØL. Within that said article we hailed the act to the future of the lucrative global blackgaze movement and scene; a lofty claim indeed. Clearly however we weren’t incorrect with our judgements. Since the release of their simply phenomenal debut in April of that year the Danish blackened shoe gazers arose to become the prominent leaders of the European blackgaze scene, with the contemporary alternative press as a whole labelling their debut long play as the one of the genre’s greatest achievements – an utter triumph of colossal proportions. Whilst Jord may have ultimately gone on to become a modern

Cave In - Final Transmission | Album Review

For long-time fans, news of a new Cave In record is always a bit of a treat. Despite this band being around now for nearly 25 years, they have only released 6 full length albums, and 4 of those 6 came out between the late 90s and mid noughties. Even more so, their last full length - 'White Silence', came out way back in 2011, so fans have certainly had a long wait for any follow-up material. When it comes to their studio recordings, Cave In have always been a band that never seem to want to write the same album twice. This is evident by looking at their back catalogue of work; whilst their early releases such as Until Your Heart Stops are considered extremely influential metalcore albums, at

Quiet Lions - Absenteeism | Album Review

As far as debut albums go, Absenteeism from Quiet Lions is a spectacularly ambitious project. From the band’s grandiose Alt-Rock sound, to the social commentary, numerous narratives and subtle and not so subtle political musings, there’s a lot to unravel here. The Brighton quartet have set out to make a statement with this album and they have gone big. The central theme of the album is social media and its influence on today’s society. But there’s so much more other stuff going on. Through a series of recurring characters, the band touches on feelings of loss of self, politics, isolation, depression, suicide and so much more. The premise is brilliant, and the idea to tell little individual s

Avatar - The King Live in Paris | Live Album Review

13 years on from their first studio album, Avatar bring us their first ever live album The King Live In Paris featuring 11 tracks from their latest 4 albums - Hail The Apocalypse, Avatar Country, Feathers and Flesh and Black Waltz. Avatar are known for their signature blend of hard-to-pigeonhole, avant-garde metal which is reflected in both their grandiose aesthetic and eclectic music. The band use a pseudo-cyrillic font for their band name, wear outfits resembling circus ringmasters or the nobility of a bygone era, and have a frontman (Johannes Eckerström) who is seemingly always pictured with his mouth agape and eyes crazily wide. Their music is a unique amalgamation of the harsh vocals an


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