2000 Trees Festival 2019: The Review - Friday

Photo: Gareth Bull Bristolian singer/songwriter Gaz Brookfield’s (8.5) vibe fit perfectly with the Forest Stage’s intimate setting. His songs were perfectly crafted stories, capturing the attention of his audience. Technical issues prompted Brookfield to head into the middle of the crowd after one song, resulting in a huge singalong. From the amusing ‘The Diabetes Blues’ to the sombre ‘Tale of Gunner Haines’, Brookfield’s set and chatter between songs kept the Forest captivated. There was laughter, some sadness, and lots of singing – everything you could ask for to set you up for a day at Trees. itoldyouiwouldeatyou (7) gathered quite the crowd in the Neu tent. With a pop-punk/emo sound simi

THECITYISOURS - Low | Album Review

In a genre that’s uncontrollably overflowing with fresh meat, it’s easy to blend in with the crowd. From palm-muting bass to solo riffs, all the generics of metalcore are constantly covered in the UK’s heavily populated scene. However, London-based quintet THECITYISOURS are on course to catapult into the limelight with new release, Low, proving that it’s still possible to produce a fresh offering in this overly saturated genre that pushes past the generics. Ominous opener 'Ashes' seemingly holds deeper connotations than what floats on the surface, expressing a melancholic tone whilst unleashing a vicious riff that all metalcore fans could get behind. This brutality certainly sets the tone fo

Reptilium – Conspiranoic | EP Review

Sometimes grindcore is hard hitting and fast. By the very nature of extreme metal, being an underground genre of metal, there is the edge of the ...other. Reptilium are a South American band that are parts grindcore and death metal, but with an edge that reminds one of bands like The Berzerker: all dirty and with an industrial twinge. This little EP, Conspiranoic, is a blemish of dirty death metal. It's disgusting and hard hitting. Several walls smashing together in four tracks. Hard and fast, blunt and brief, back and in. Whats surprising is the moments that the tracks beat into a rhythm that is almost melodic. It is an almost awkward EP, but in a way that is also unique. The four tracks sl

Russian Circles - Blood Year | Album Review

Approximately 15 year’s following their initial inception, it’s difficult to visualise the post metal scene without the presence or influence of Russian Circles. Following their formation in the early 21st century, the post metal juggernauts arose to prominence due to their collective dynamism, texture rich soundscapes and flawless utilisation of atmospherics. Every release thus far has gardened nothing but acclaim and praise, with their last respective release, 2016’s Guidance, being hailed for it’s phenomenal ambience and contrast between sonic luxurious beauty and narcotic dread. As predicated, the group’s upcoming offering Blood Year is set to continue this unbroken streak of excellence.

Festival Review: Slam Dunk North 2019

This year was a monumental one Slam Dunk. For its 13th year, organisers had scrapped the Midlands date and took its first step to develop North from a multi-venue city event to a fully-fledged outdoor festival in Temple Newsam Park, matching South’s move from The Hatfield Forum to Hatfield Park last year. The big move did spark some apprehension amongst North attendees, fretting over transport, weather and the general functionality of the festival. As usual though, Slam Dunk didn’t disappoint. WSTR – Monster Energy Stage Most years, any opening act struggles to pull a decent crowd together no matter what stage they’re on. However, now that most public transport arrangements got attendees to

PENGSHUi Announce UK Tour Dates

London's PENGSHUi have announced their first ever headline UK tour - starting in Winchester and ending in their home town. Despite not even releasing a full length record to date, the three piece have already made a name for themselves with potent singles like 'Control' and 'Leave It' gaining attention from the likes of Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, and BBC Radio 1. You can check out the bands video for their latest single 'Leave It' below: If you managed to catch the band on their summer festival run you'll be aware of their live intensity - full dates of their October 2019 tour are below: 17th Winchester, The Railway Inn 18th Cheltenham, Frog & Fiddle 19th Cardiff, SWN Festival 21st Covent

Onwards And Upwards: An Interview With Normandie

Photo: Dominic Meason After the release of their second album, White Flag, Swedish post-hardcore band Normandie have been touring relentlessly. We caught up with drummer Anton Franzon and singer Philip Strand ahead of their set at 2000 Trees festival to talk touring, new music, and interesting venues. Hey guys, how are you feeling about playing tomorrow? Is this your first time here? Philip: Yeah, it’s our first time here at 2000 Trees. We’ve heard a lot about it. There used to be a similar festival in Sweden where you can actually bring your own booze from the tents to the stages and I like that vibe. I love it. Anton: Yeah, it’s a really nice vibe here. We think so too! Can we ask about th

2000 Trees Festival 2019: The Review - Thursday

Photo: Gareth Bull Bristol math rock three-piece Sœur’s (7.5) first set of the weekend was colossal. The harmonies of vocalist/guitarists Tina Maynard and Anya Pulver were hauntingly beautiful, a perfect juxtaposition with their meaty riffs. They flew through old favourites including ‘Fight’ and ‘Slow Days’ and treated us to newer material too. Their latest single, ‘Do What I Want’ sounded huge with the audience singing the words back to the band. With a sound influenced by grunge, punk, math rock and so much more, Sœur attracted a crowd with a multitude of tastes and proved to them that they’re more than worthy of the hype they’re attracting right now. With a sound comparable to that of Mil

Sanction - Broken In Refraction | Album Review

Straight out of Long Island, New York, hardcore quintet Sanction have returned with a deep desire for bloodshed. Armed with their full length record Broken In Refraction, they’re bound to get some limbs flying. Since the release of their EP The Infringement of God’s Plan, the five-piece have received great amounts of validation from the bigger names in the current hardcore scene. Stick To Your Guns, Counterparts, Knocked Loose and Terror are just a few bands that have praised the newcomers, as well as the hardcore platform hate5six. Speaking of the record itself, straight after the ominous introduction track '...An Empty Thought', 'The Final Fraction' hits like a truck straight to the face.

False Advertising: The 2000 Trees 2019 Interview

Manchester three-piece False Advertising are just gearing up for a busy summer of festivals and fun. After a run of dates with the mighty Jamie Lenman, they played at 2000 Trees festival as part of Jamie Lenman’s Lenmania II. We sat down with them after their set to chat all things recording, inspiration, and what’s next for the three. Hey guys! How was the set that you just played? Josh Sellers (bass): Awh man, it was unbelievable. Chris Warr (drums/vocals): Yeah, it was wicked! Josh: We’ve been looking forward to this for months and months. Jen Hingley (vocals/guitar): We found out in November, so it’s been a while… Nice! Isn't this the first time you guys have played here at Trees? Chris:

Sabaton - The Great War | Album Review

War. What is it good for? Well, if you’re Sweden’s Sabaton, 20 years of power metal themed around it - and somehow it’s only on their ninth album they tackle one of, if not the, bloodiest wars of all time. The band have honed their craft over the past two decades and from the first salvo of ‘The Future of Warfare’ it’s evident that despite it taking this long to tackle the Great War, it’s been well worth the wait. Nor could it have come at a better time as the band are able to fully realise their ambition and the scope of the record especially in their live show that now features a two-ton tank and enough fire to make Rammstein blush. In keeping with the breadth of the subject matter, the ba

Valis Ablaze - Render | Album Review

Despite the many twists, turns and tribulations the national progressive metal movement has endured over the past decade or so, it’s felt like Valis Ablaze have been a constant staple of the DIY underbelly of the national scene since their inception in 2012. Even with their own turbulent trails, with the early years of the band being bookmarked by numerous lineup and directional adjustments, the group have been a constant warm, reliable and contentious presence within the scene for many a year now, a trustworthy gateway into a subterranean word of underground, DIY tech metal. Whilst the initial early years of the band’s career may have been fraught with fragmenting uncertainly, the group sta

Sum 41 - Order In Decline | Album Review

In a constant state of anger, confusion, disgust and disenchantment the last few years have instilled into the fabric of today’s hot topics and general conversation on both sides of the Atlantic, the inspiration from such a turbulent time in human history seems to be bursting at the seams from the latest addition to Sum 41’s discography in the form of Order in Decline. Although the name may suggest quite a negative perception with such a blunt and pessimistic viewpoint, no such hindrance can be identified within this 10 track disgruntlement time bomb filled to the brim with suggestive libertarian war chants to captivate a nation of distressed and jaded souls. Written in the first 3 weeks aft

Kid Kapichi - Sugar Tax | EP Review

Currently we are experiencing a new era of confusion and uncertainty with the likes of our political leaders and the warped image of modern society as a result of the influence social media has on everyday living. Artists nowadays are using their music to frame their disdain against how the world has turned out thus far in the 21 century. Kid Kapichi encompass this concept on their latest EP Sugar Tax. This EP wishes to provide a brief escape from the doom and gloom of reality by equipping social commentary with blistering riffs, infectious melodies and mammoth choruses. Having started out as a band in 2014, Kid Kapichi have had plenty of time to firmly establish their sound, as a blurred mi

Through Fire - All Animal | Album Review

Nebraskan hard rock quartet Through Fire started off their career with a strong debut released through giant genre label Sumerian Records (Asking Alexandria, Periphery, The Dillinger Escape Plan). Now they’re aiming to keep up the bold momentum with follow-up album All Animal, but have they strayed too far from the jackpot? Like their previous release Breathe (2016), the Midwesterners intertwine electronic elements around slabs of heavy rock, although it is rather hit and miss this time around. Title track and album opener ‘All Animal’ continues this industrial feel but when the electronic undertones are introduced, it comes across as ill-fitting and over produced. This doesn’t, however, dim

Salt River Shakedown - Road To The Sacred Island | EP Review

“Less is more.” A phrase popularised by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe but obviously never practiced by rock band Salt River Shakedown. On their new EP Road To The Sacred Island the Glaswegian quartet have thrown caution and conventional wisdom out the window. The EP might only be seven tracks long but it’s a vast expanse of fuzzy guitar riffs, swirling rhythms and towering vocals. The title tracks lets you know immediately what you’re in for as the band’s Led Zeppelin meets Audioslave sound transports you to what feels like another world. Everything is so over the top and almost theatrical, that you don’t so much listen to the record as get pulled along by it. This is all aided by the R

Motive - Fight The World | Album Review

There are many frequencies that have comprised the spectrum of Metal throughout the years, some fading away and others proving persistent. Few have had the longevity of Thrash, with bands like Evile, Gama Bomb, Municipal Waste and Power Trip providing some excellent contemporary contributions throughout the last decade. Motive are here to remind you that Thrash Metal is still very much alive and seeking to invade our airwaves. Fight the World is an album as scorching as its place of birth: Phoenix, Arizona. It's relentless and laden with pace. The album does not aim to blaze new trails or meet any trends, rather Motive deliver their own genuine blend of Thrash Metal. Mike Niggl’s vocals cut

Top 10 Bands To Watch At 2000 Trees (Part Two)

Following on the from first half of our list, here's the second part of our top 10 crucial picks for this year's 2000 Trees Festival. See you down the farm! MØL Over the course of it’s existence, 2000 Trees has proven itself to be one of the most inclusive festivals within the UK. Each year see’s the festival playing host to an incredibly broad range of artists that span the entirety of alternative spectrum. However, this year’s see’s the introduction of a new kind of extremity, with Trees now playing host it’s first blackgaze artist. In true Trees fashion, the festival have got one of the best artists the genre has to offer in order to represent this lucrative musical realm. Hailing from De

Live Review: Babymetal | O2 Academy Brixton, London | 02/07/2019

Babymetal exploded on to the metal scene with their combination of Idol music and heavy metal, beautifully demonstrated with the internet sensation 'Gimmie Chocolate'. Their first album was huge and they quickly became a household name. This was always going to be a tough act to follow but Metal Resistance, their second album, was a solid effort. In more recent years the band, which was originally fronted by the young girls, Su-Metal, Moa-Metal and Yui-Metal, suffered the loss of Yui-Metal. This decision didn't come lightly, but was reportedly due to her health issues. This brought the band's future in question, as they had a big reputation to live up to. Furthermore, they had to replenish o

Live Review: The St Pierre Snake Invasion w/ No Violet, John & Lonely Tourist | The Fleece, Bris

Whilst it may be relatively early this Friday evening, with the majority of Bristol’s workers now jovially descending upon the many drinking establishments of the city centre, The Fleece is already packed to the rafters for the Bristol based singer songwriter Lonely Tourist (9). Authentically rustic and wonderfully charming, Lonely Tourist reels tales of urbanite southwestern life with sun kissed Somerset hospitality. Certainly, the work of Bristol’s own Lonely Tourist is a far cry from the predatory and erratic tendencies of tonight’s headliners, but by beautifully and earnestly performing tracks from his past four records he radiates the magnetism and charisma that the entire lineup as a w


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