DZ Deathrays - Positive Rising: Part 1 | Album Review

Brisbane-based group DZ Deathrays are no stranger to the music scene. Having been a band for ten years and put out a number of EPs and full-length records as a duo, they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Their 2018 album Bloody Lovely catapulted the band into the touring spotlight; taking on headline festival spots, along with some of the biggest venues of their career to-date. Following this hectic touring schedule, they are ready to share their newest addition to their growing catalogue. With the growth of the band and the addition of a third member, DZ Deathrays are back with Positive Rising: Part 1. With less restraints and more experience under their belt, the

Gender Roles - Prang | Album Review

Brighton’s Gender Roles are an embodiment of the city’s DIY music scene. Their debut album Prang is something unexpected. It’s grown from experiencing loss in a place as eclectic as Brighton, and from the off, the LP will have you invested and hanging on to its every note. The sweet and melodic sound of ‘You Look Like Death’ quickly gives way to some fast-paced riffs. Tom Bennett’s vocals are delivered with a clarity few bands of this calibre have, his shouts drawing you into the Gender Roles story. From here, the fast pace gives way to something delicate. ‘Always’ was the starting point in the creation process for Prang. The song tells of the loss of a loved one, and it offered the theme fo

ArcTanGent Festival 2019 - The Review | Thursday

Photo: Dean Harries (WeTheDee) The UK's best small festival came to town (or more accurately, a muddy field in Bristol) for its 2019 outing featuring arguably its best lineup ever, if not the best weather forecast. Punters have been arriving in droves since Wednesday night and with more on the way today, five thousand people will be descending on Fernhill Farm for a weekend of post-rock, math-rock, noise rock, extreme metal and absolutely everything in between and adjacent. It'd be an understatement to say we were excited to get down there for for a showcase of some of the best bands from across the planet - from Danish blackgaze courtesy of Møl to headliners Coheed and Cambria. Read on for

Seratones - Power | Album Review

There is often a lot made of ‘evolution’ and ‘growth’ when appraising a band or artist. Some bands change very little and then there’s bands like Seratones, who have taken the blueprint from their early breakthrough and thrown it straight out of the window. Gone is the Punk sensibility of their debut, 2016’s Get Gone, and in its place is a wicked blend of Rock n Roll, Soul, and old school R&B. The band’s entire philosophy has changed, and the results are stunning. For their new album Power the band have gone back to the future to create something new and exciting as A. J. Haynes (Vocals/Guitars) explains: “Soul was what I danced to in the kitchen with my mother…Things are really heightened a

Aviana - Epicenter | Album Review

Having seemingly dropped off the edge of the world, Aviana have made their return. The Gothenburg metallers had spent large portions of the last couple of years inactive due to the departure of their former vocalist. However, with new record Epicenter, Faith hast been restored in Joel Holmqvist, the bands new vocalist, which means the band can pick up where they left off with their 2017 debut Polarize. Time away from a band can be beneficial; it’s time to recuperate and collect ideas, experiment with new sounds, building on what is already established. In the case of Aviana they have done this through the inspiration of 90’s nu-metal, folding the iconic sound into their already established G

Life Right Now - Avant Garde | Album Review

By definition, avant garde is “new and experimental”. Life Right Now’s debut album may be new and experimental for them, but how avant garde can electronic hardcore/metalcore actually get nowadays? Written by a super group made up of members from Atilla, It Lies Within, Nevada Rose and Deception of A Ghost, is this album just the ultimate mashup of an outdated genre? There are clear references to each member’s respective bands and their influences such as We Came As Romans and Issues, which convey a certain standard in terms of creativity. However, the lyrical themes and production standard on display here would not suggest the tracks on offer here were written by established musicians. The

Of Shakespeare, Space and Aspiration: An Interview With Junior

Shortly before the their set at Cheltenham's Frog And Fiddle, the penultimate date of their UK tour celebrating the release of their fantastic debut Beautiful Life, we caught up with Cardiff's most action packed pop punk trio Junior to discuss the record, touring, Heads Above The Waves, space, Shakespeare and a lot more. So you released your full length debut Beautiful Life last week, how are you finding the reception? Mark Andrews (Bass, Vocals): Yeah, it's been really, really great, these run of shows we've been on have been really fun. I would say it's been the best tour we've done so far in the UK. I had a little bit of a break from touring so it's been really nice to come back and we've

Cultdreams - Things That Hurt | Album Review

Regardless of the limitless and bountiful joy that the human experience provides, it’s inevitable that we all experience excruciating trauma and tragedy at points within our own lifespans. After all, as the old saying goes, existence is pain. Whilst some artists create art that provides an escape and distraction from the relentless agony that’s synonymous with life, others utilise it, using it as the inspirational fuel to power their own endeavours and art. One such act that has become renowned for utilising their experienced trauma for fantastic effect are Cultdreams. A duo formed of friendship, collaboration and shared trauma, the group demanded attention in 2017 with their fantastic debut

Amanita Virosa - Original Plague | Album Review

Finnish ‘hospital metal’ band Amanita Virosa take their name from a poisonous fungus also known as ‘the destroying angel’. 4 years on from their debut Asystole, they bring us their sophomore album Original Plague. Perhaps contrary to what one might expect it to be, ‘hospital metal’ appears to be a mixture of black and death metal, evident in the heavy rhythm section and evil-sounding growled vocals, but with the added feature of heavy keyboard usage, which really sets them apart from their contemporaries in the blackened death metal umbrella. For example, ‘Despair Is For The Living’ opens with a black metal-esque melody, but played on keyboard instead of a guitar as would be traditional to t

Heavy Music Awards: The Lowdown

So this week sees the third annual Heavy Music Awards take place and we for one are stoked! Who’s in the awards shortlist? Who’s playing? When and where is it? Here is a recap of everything you need to know... Following nominations from almost 600 industry insiders representing hundreds of organisations, the shortlists are truly representative of heavy music and on Thursday the winners will be announced. Categories include the likes of “best producer” and “best photographer” which are crucial individuals that play a massive part in the music industry but are often overlooked for praise. HMAs co-founder Dave Bradley said, “We’re overwhelmed by the support the HMAs have received from the indus

Knocked Loose Announce UK Tour

Savage hardcore quintet Knocked Loose have announced have a winter tour across the UK in support of their upcoming new record A Different Shade Of Blue, out August 23rd via Pure Noise Records. Tour support comes from Malevolence, Justice For The Damned, and Renounced, making this one of the most stacked bills of the year. You can check out 'And Still I Wander South' taken from Knocked Loose's upcoming album below: Full tour dates (tickets on sale Wednesday 21/08 via 1st December ULU London 2nd December Rebellion Manchester 3rd December The Fleece Bristol 4th December The Mill Birmingham 5th December The Grand Glasgow 6th Decem

Mallory Knox - S/T | Album Review

After the sudden departure of lead singer/front man Mikey Chapman in early 2018, the remaining members Mallory Knox have been hard at work picking up the pieces and emerging as a fully fledged four-piece with their co-lead vocalist and bassist Sam Douglas now taking on full duties as lead vocalist. With the partial line up change and a yearning to shatter all pre-conceived notions of who Mallory Knox were, they are here to instil the newly invigorated tight band dynamic with hints and tricks of the old school MK charm which is still very much in abundance. The opening tracks for the bands new chapter lay the groundwork for an enjoyable listening experience, yet they can leave you wondering w

Big River - Redemption | Album Review

In a style as one would expect from a blues rock band, Kent-based Big River’s album debut begins with a harmonica solo. It’s clearly taken from a live recording, and it’s a little odd that no one cut the audience whoop at the end of the track. Thankfully, the album really begins to get into the swing of itself with the sophomore track, “Blues Blood Baby”. It instantly has all the makings of a solid blues rock classic: strong riffing, a catchy harmonica line, and versatile vocals. The third track, “Mama” is even more interesting rhythmically, and it’s noticeable that the band toes the line between the boundaries of blues rock and hard rock pretty well. The middle section of the album continue

Pijn & Conjurer - Curse These Metal Hands | Album Review

A meeting of minds at ArcTanGent festival last year saw rising the UK’s rising stars Conjurer and Pijn play what appeared to be a one-off set under the moniker Curse These Metal Hands, one that was rapturously received given both bands released arguably stellar albums that year too. Fast forward a year and coinciding with both bands appearing at this year’s incarnation of the same festival comes a collaborative effort carrying the same title that will see them performing jointly over the weekend as well. Curse These Metal Hands, despite what might be thought given both bands’ output, is an exploration of joy and positivity set to crushingly heavy music.. Opener ‘High Spirits’ served as the l

Top 10 Picks For ArcTanGent 2019 - Part Two

ArcTanGent, the premier celebration of all things post-, math- and just plain heavy kicks off tomorrow and it's set to be a muddy one, with its best ever line up across the three days. You pretty much can't go wrong no matter who you pick to see this year - but bearing that in mind, here's the second part of our Top 10 bands you really should get stuck in your ears this weekend, and you can catch our Part 1 here. Conjurer Hailing from the Midlands, UK, Conjurer exploded onto the scene with 2018’s sublime debut Mire, an uncompromisingly heavy blend of sludge, doom, death and black metal that refuses to be pigeonholed. The band describe themselves as ‘UK based riff music’ and it’s a simple mon

Krysthla - Worldwide Negative | Album Review

Back in 2015 Krysthla announced their arrival to the UK metal scene with A War of Souls and Desires, a record that, in a nutshell: was nothing short of an exceptional debut, and one that is absolutely worth a listen back to for anyone who might have missed out on that release. Comprised of three members from the sorely missed and widely lamented Gutworm, tracks like ‘The Human Cipher’ and ‘Caged Earth’ are just three examples of the blood bearing hooks the record possessed that got punters interested in the first place. In similar fashion, 2017’s Peace in Our Time garnered international attention from critics and listeners alike with a ferocious follow up to their debut album. With all this

Top 10 Picks For ArcTanGent 2019 - Part One

Prepare thyself, the world’s premiere celebration of math rock, post rock, noise rock and general weird contemporary rock is nearly among us. Since it’s humble beginnings in 2013, ArcTanGent Festival has grown in an utter behemoth of a weekend, one that attracts connoisseurs and fanatics of all things weird, wonderful and intense from all across the globe due to it’s consistently fantastic lineups, flawless organisation and intimate atmosphere. Now in it’s seventh consecutive year, the festival has fully pulled out all the stops, with this year’s lineup being their most impressive thus far. With Meshuggah, Battles and Coheed And Cambria topping one of the biggest contemporary alternative mus

Carnifex – World War X | Album Review

As one of the kings of the hill when it comes to deathcore, Carnifex are in the winner’s circle when it comes to the top spot. With their newest offering World War X, the Cali-quintet are bigger, bolder and darker than ever. Straight out the gate the title track boasts a blackened orchestral opener not unlike something you would see on some big budget movies or a Call Of Duty loading screen (depends how you look at that one). Thematically this really sets the tone for the rest of the album, an all out extreme display of black synths, volleys of crushing guitars which does echo some existing black metal you may have heard before. A prime example especially on track ‘No Light Shall Save Us’ Al

Ones To Watch: Reading And Leeds Festival 2019

With the August bank holiday looming, we’re officially counting down the days until one of the biggest, and arguably one of the best, British festivals of the year. Since residing In Brahman Park in the early 2000’s, Leeds Festival has welcomed some of the world’s most prestigious acts; Oasis, Metallica and Eminem to name a few. A festival that has always been acknowledged for its wide calibre of artists, this year boasts extreme talent across an array of genres, so we've taken the difficult job on of condensing this years festival down to the top 10 acts you definitely shouldn't miss. Blood Youth Where?: The Pit When?: Sunday For all things heavy, The Pit showcases a huge cluster of talen

Live Review: Junior w/ Valensole & Down Not Out | The Frog And Fiddle, Cheltenham | 08/08/19

Whilst it may be evidently clear that the quintet are only just making their initial foray into the often treacherous word of the live scene, it’s also unambiguously crystal that tonight’s local openers in Down Not Out (7) possess a certain promising degree of collective skill and charm. Despite only forming in the preceding months of this year and having only performed a handful of performances thus far, the Cheltenham collective are evidently the focus of a budding following, and going from this evening’s set, it’s easy to understand why. With their youthful, yet pacifying and educated take on inclusively modern pop punk, the group radiate the engaging and warm charm that’s synonymous with


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