Introducing... Pay The Man

Pay The Man is the musical project of Kyle David Smith based in Bridgend, Wales. The Solo Acoustic Project was formed in 2016 as a means to continue gigging after the indefinite hiatus of Kyles previous band Caesars Rome. Since then he has worked hard to make sure Pay The Man was added to any bill in the welsh music scene, even playing a few tours. However, the project had felt something was missing in order for the project to stand out. This was achieved with the help of Illustrator and friend Emma Fairbrother with the creation of the “Coin Kid” cartoon character. What once started out as a request for a T-shirt design had escalated to a musical concept focused on the character visually to

The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds: Track By Track With SeeYouSpaceCowboy

Despite only forming in 2016, San Diego’s SeeYouSpaceCowboy have burst into the spotlight of the DIY metalcore scene with energy and fervour most bands can only dream of possessing. Amalgamating metalcore sensibilities from throughout the history of the genre whilst adding their own characteristic dynamics, the punishing quintet have swiftly become a rallying point for those oppressed by our current global sociopolitical climate, with the group forcing the brilliant extremity that’s within the alternative queer scene into the public eye. With the group having just released their fantastic debut long play, The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds, we recently got in touch with the ban

Godeater - All Flesh Is Grass | Album Review

Once in a while, a debut album comes along that absolutely obliterates everyone's expectations and sets the band up as the next exciting prospect to take the scene by storm. Glaswegian technical death metal band Godeater may just be the next band to become the pride of the British death metal scene with the release of their utterly stunning debut album All Flesh is Grass. Raising the curtain on the album is the two-minute slaughter 'Anoxia'. Heavily melodic runs up and down the fretboard are backed by machine gun-esque drums that alternate between blast beats and more unrelenting double kick patterns. Right off the bat, the album feels like an offering from a band that have a deep knowledge

Aswekeepsearching - Rooh | Album Review

There’s a lot of common misconceptions about the nation and culture of India. Those ignorant may perceive it as a third world nation, one devoid of a national alternative music scene and a country that is lagging behind it’s western counterparts in terms of bustling music scenes, However, such delusional beliefs are nothing more than uneducated fallacies. India is in fact host to a thriving and blossoming alternative scene, one that champions authentic skill and innovation. Proving such a fact spectacularly are the post rock quartet Aswekeepsearching. With their origins tracing back to 2014, the collective have effortlessly and inadvertently become the face of Asian post rock in recent years

Finding Optimism In Earth's Inevitable Demise: An Interview With Cassels

Whilst we may be within an era of history where ceaseless cynicism has replaced optimism, our nation’s current grim sociopolitical landscape has been the catalyst for some fantastic art and music. One such band who have are using their output to detail our ever deteriorating siltation and dying planet are the Oxford duo Cassels. Ever since their respective origins, the sibling two piece have shunned conventional genre conformity to create punk tinged odes to cynicism. Sardonic and occasionally misanthropic, the collective present youthful innovation and authentic originality, with their respective sound borrowing traits from a plethora of genres without ever adhering to the sound of a partic

Swedish Death Candy - Are You Nervous? | Album Review

Since their formation in 2014, London based acid rockers Swedish Death Candy have been heavily layering their sounds to create their own works of musical art. Now, following their 2017 self-titled debut, the four-piece are ready to share their sophomore album Are You Nervous?. Hand selecting the right tones and ideas allows each track to stand out in their own way. The opening track from the new album, ‘Interstellar Love Machine’ wastes no time in demonstrating this. The result is a fine-tuned exploration, taking the listener on an expedition of floating synths and matching vocal appointments. ‘Modern Child’ lures you further into the album, with contagious choruses and fascinating hooks. He

Car Bomb - Mordial | Album Review

If there is a label to keep an eye on at the moment, it would have be Holy Roar. 2019 has seen the release of two pioneering records with Conjurer and Pijn’s Curse These Metal Hands and MØL's I/II, just to name a few. To put it simply, Car Bomb’s fourth release is unreasonably good. It is the auditory journey of being thrashed up and down in the ocean, smashed between pressure zones, observing both chaos and beauty. The Long Island four piece made their debut with Centralia in 2007, and following some runs with Gojira, Car Bomb gained deserved attention with their follow up w^w^^w^w. This ferocious album was followed by 2015’s Meta, building on their signature sound. Where Djent followed up

The Universal Language Of Post Rock: An Interview With Aswekeepsearching

For many, the subcontinent of India and it’s surrounding regions aren't exactly locations that are synonymous with thriving music scenes and cutting edge artists. However, this has proven to be a misconception. India is now host to a thriving national scene that champions contemporary and heavy music, with large scale events now gaining attention on the global festival circuit. One of the most prominent bands that have emerged from this blossoming national scene are the phenomenal Aswekeepsearching. Amalgamating traditional Indian soundscapes and sensibilities with contemporary post rock practices, the quintet have been making waves on a global scale following the release of their 2017 recor

Creeping Death - Wretched Illusions | Album Review

There’s nothing creeping about the Texan death metal pact Creeping Death. After all, the action of creeping suggests a level of quiet slyness, the polar opposite of what Creeping Death embody. Forming in 2015, the American death metal ravagers have resonated a sense of crushing brutality with their previously released craft, with their take on musical violence being simplistic yet still devastatingly effective. Much like a clawhammer to the bridge of the nose. Fast, savage and rememberable. In truth, it’s a sentiment the group have only doubled down on with their forthcoming debut long play Wretched Illusions. However, if their EP’s and singles so far have been quick and mindless assaults of

Mother's Tomb - Absent Not Dead | EP Review

Mother's tomb are a fairly new band from Atlanta, Georgia. The band was formed after founder and guitarist Jason Schwartzwalder moved from Tampa back home to Atlanta. This EP, Absent Not Dead, is their first release since their formation last year, and features four tracks of enjoyable, old school melodic death metal. The EP will satisfy fans of thrash and melodic death metal alike, with tracks here sounding like a nice blend of Gothenburg metal reminiscent of In Flames as well as At The Gates, and 80s thrash metal that bay area fans will appreciate. Whilst there are only 3 full tracks and one instrumental intro on this EP, and despite Mother's Tomb only being a band for little over a year,

Slam Dunk Festival Announces First Wave Of Bands For 2020!

Following on from the colossal success that was Slam Dunk Festival’s transition to outdoor sites last year, Slam Dunk have announced the first wave of bands set to grace Hatfield and Leeds in May 2020. Headlining the event next year will be none other than Don Broco, with their two respective sets poised to be group’s only UK festival dates of next year. No strangers to the hedonistic ways of Slam Dunk, the group’s headline performances are set to be massive return to the festival that has nourished them from the very start. Joining them for next year will be the pop punk turned alt rock prodigies The Wonder Years, pop punk jumpstarts State Champs, teenage heart breakers Mayday Parade and ea

SeeYouSpaceCowboy - The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds | Album Review

Despite forming in the tail end of 2016, many have associated California's SeeYouSpaceCowboy with the sound of the MySpace scene of yonder. A peculiar association depending on your viewpoint, but if one was to listen to the group’s craft thus far, such connotations would be understood. As proven on the compilation of work that is Songs For The Firing Squad, the group previously resonated a sense of fervent experimental creativity and technicolour violence that classified this age in alternative music. It was indeed a curious connotation, but one that did ultimately classify the aesthetic within their previous work. However, the group have shed such curious, quirky and adolescent designations

Sœur - No Show | EP Review

The brilliant three-piece math grunge group Sœur have released their third EP, No Show. Building on the foundations of 2018’s Fight EP, No Show offers a fleeting glace into Sœur’s world of personal growth, neatly wrapping it up in grunge-infused guitar riffs. The EP’s title track is comprised predominantly Sœur’s signature sound. Huge riffs quickly submit to stunning sultry vocals before exploding into a cleverly melodic chorus. Tina Maynard and Anya Pulver’s contrasting vocals are gripping, each offering different words and emotions to this piece, including a sense that the three have been working to better themselves. ‘Do What I Want’ offers yet more of Sœur’s unique genre-bending riffs wh

The Beginning And The End - OUROBOROS | EP Review

If you’ve ever wondered what the end of the world sounds like then wonder no more, because this EP gives us the answer. The debut EP from The Beginning And The End has been four years in the making, and certainly a labour of love for creators Matt Jones and Jamie Fraser, but OUROBOROS is finally here. It’s difficult to know what to make of OUROBOROS, it’s sprawling, dark, bleak and in places nigh on impenetrable. It’s a niche record for a niche audience, but even taking that into account, it’s difficult to label OUROBOROS as a success. The production is patchy, with the levels in particular, being very inconsistent. At times, especially on opener ‘Terminal’ the vocal gets lost in the vast ex

Download Festival Announces Headliners And First Wave Of Bands For 2020!

Photo: Abbie Shipperley If you where to cast your mind back to this year’s Download Festival you might remember things being a little...moist. However, the legendary festival have just announced their first wave of bands for 2020 and it’s certainly enough to blast anyway any potential dark clouds. Returning to headline the world’s most esteemed celebration of heavy music once more are Iron Maiden, with their performance set to be one of only two UK shows next year. Joining them are the iconic KISS and the colossal System Of A Down, with both respective headliners being UK exclusives. On the subject of returning to Castle Donington, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has said, "Next year we

TripleMurder - Pre-Meditated | EP Review

Debut EP Pre-Meditated from Canada metal stalwarts TripleMurder is an aggressive, yet at times melodic release that will appeal to fans of the metal from the 2000s. Its mix of the post-thrash, groove laden riffs of Pantera/Lamb of God with the melodic deathcore reminiscent of The Black Dahlia Murder, makes for a ruckus atmosphere that when it pays off - is ultimately savage. The Canadians are not afraid to wear their influences on their chest, but among many pull-off riff and breakdown sections, Pre-Meditated has some stand-out moments that warrant it a listen. ‘Sacrifice' begins with a riff-heavy and fairly catchy section that uses some great vocal delivery to really make it pop. The solos

Introducing... Glass Heart

So here is a band you likely won't have heard of yet but that doesn't mean you don't know who they are... Ushering in a new era to bolster and strengthen the Welsh scene further and rising from the ashes of South Wales' own Breathe In The Silence come rock trio Glass Heart. When the guys in BITS took a hiatus it wasn't long until new music came through the fray in the form of 'Perpetual Motion'. The song felt like a shift from their previous sound and really pushed away from their rock laden anthems and towards a more atmospheric feel whilst maintaining their core sound. Following this came a silence (excuse the pun) and from this emerged Glass Heart. We asked the band why they chose to begi

Introducing... Fairway

The latter half of this year bears witness to the first stop on an exhilarating journey for London Alt Rock/Pop Punk newcomers Fairway, with their debut single ‘Fade Away’ being released across all major streaming platforms TODAY. In addition the band are set to drop their debut EP early next year. Consisting of four best friends pumping out some proper old school anthems with pop punk sensibilities Fairway wrap their sound up in a galvanised alternative twist and deliver some ever yearned for 2000’s nostalgia reminiscent of an early day Mallory Knox cross-fertilised with a late-noughties ‘Love Drunk’ era of Boys Like Girls. After six months of playing the rounds and growing their fan base F

Blink 182 - Nine | Album Review

Perhaps at this point the best way to describe the quality of Blink 182's career is that, despite new record Nine falling short of the mark, this still somehow translates into a high quality pop punk/rock record. Nine is a collation of old and new, it pairs classic sounds with new directions that while some fans will find distasteful, others will bask in the opening of a new musical space for the band. The Californian's Previous, aptly titled release California was evidence that life after Tom DeLonge could still move forward, and that new guitarist Matt Skiba was a more than capable replacement - Nine is no different in that regard. The first half of the track list here bare's similarities

Tides From Nebula - From Voodoo To Zen | Album Review

Hailing from the architectural splendour of Warsaw, Tides From Nebula faced a considerable change at the beginning of this very year, with the group making the transition to a three piece following the departure of Adam Waleszyński. Whilst the adjustments of a lineup can derail any band, many post-rock bands have met their untimely demise via the means of departing personnel. However, the Polish dynamos have persevered, with the group now being on the cusp of their fifth record and their first offering since becoming a three piece; From Voodoo To Zen. Even with the group now navigating new waters and dynamics, From Voodoo To Zen stands the group’s most ambitious, rich and creative to work th


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