Stray From The Path - Internal Atomics | Album Review

It’s fair to say that Stray From The Path are connoisseurs of causing controversy. With a discography as politically fuelled as theirs, it’s easy to assume that proceeding material will follow a similar theme. However, new record Internal Atomics quite literally strays from their usual political path, proving that they’re certainly no one trick pony. Sure, you can find all of their usual musical characteristics throughout the release; their fiery and hard-hitting candour is stronger than ever before, in the form of ferocious down-beat riffs and punchy lyricism. This structure has forever been in Stray’s favour, and shows no sign of evolving. Internal Atomics though sees vocalist Drew Dijorio

Sleep Paralysis, Political Corruption And Substance Abuse: Sugar Horse Unveil GakEater

In 2016, a dark and miserable entity emerged on the graffitied and drug addled streets of Bristol. With effortless skill in hybridising the deeply atmospheric nature of doom with the shimmering, occasionally euphoric tendencies of shoegaze, Sugar Horse swiftly became a constant yet praised presence within the contemporary Bristolian DIY scene. Off the back of a handful of SoundCloud tracks, the doomgaze collective found themselves manifesting their dread alongside such esteemed artists such as Vennart, Brutus, John, The St Pierre Snake Invasion, Pijn, Phoxjaw and many others, earning both plaudits and acclaim. However, released just earlier this year, it was their fantastically unsettling de

CREATURE - Hound | EP Review

Metal is often unrelenting, forceful and powerfully delivered meaning that getting a balance of heavy riffs, harshly defined vocals and interesting lyricism is key to crafting a great set of tracks. A consistent style in the way a band releases their tracks is the key to creating a sense of solidarity in sound and image, particularly as they evolve. It is without doubt then that CREATURE want to create a very specific image about their band if their latest releases are anything to go by. An image of horror, despair and harshly violent clashes of style and sound are conjured up on their latest EP Hound. Ripples of violent guitars and a heavy, unrelenting drum beat rule much of the EP, which i

Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream: Final Cut | Album Review

Another year has passed and it seems the familiar goose bumps following Ice Nine Kills darker days of yore have dragged their way back to celebrate this year’s All Hallows Eve with their Final Cut edition of their bombastic 5th studio album The Silver Scream. As many INK fanatics are well aware of, the bands dedication to the retelling of the much loved classic Horror laced literature and motion picture marvels is truly a wonderfully petrifying experience that the band are commended on time and time again. But this year their attention has shifted to celebrating the glory of last year’s epic addition to their discography, while further feeding the public’s thirst with six new scintillating t

Live Review: Conjurer w/ Earth Moves & Armed For Apocalypse | The Crofters Rights, Bristol | 28/

Despite this late October evening playing host to one of the first true chills of the impending winter, as Armed For Apocalypse (8) tear into their set the temperature within The Crofters Rights suddenly peaks to volcanic levels. Presenting a rapturous amount of heft and density within their primordial groove, the Californian punishers charge through material from last year’s Palm Reader EP with so much density it’s a surprise the foundations of this venue don’t crumble from the sheer force. It’s a pulverising wall of sound, with the hulking and down tuned riffs of tracks such as ‘Worlds Beneath’ and the title track of the aforementioned EP aurally assaulting the South Western populace with

We Lost The Sea - Triumph And Disaster | Album Review

Coping with the loss of a close friend is a difficult situation for anyone to find themselves in. The death of a band member can make moving forward an extremely difficult task, and this has been evident countless times in the past. Any band that chooses to continue and release music following this should, at the very least, be respected for choosing to cope with the loss of a close friend by using their creative outlet. Few bands, however, did this to the same level of quality and emotional rawness that Australian Post Metal band We Lost the Sea achieved with their 2015 release, Departure Songs. Following the death of their front man Chris Torpy in 2013, rather than looking for a replacemen

Live Review: Cradle of Filth - Cruelty and the Beast and 'Into the Pallademonium' | London P

5th May 1998 saw the release of Cruelty and the Beast, the third album by Cradle of Filth. Perhaps a step up in ambitions for the band; a concept album about Elizabeth Bathory. 20 years on, it remains an important album for Cradle of Filth – part of their "early career". It is perhaps for these reasons that in November 2019 we're to see a remastered re-release entitled: the Remistressed edition. Fully supported with a tour performing all songs. The importance of this album can be summed up with songs like 'Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids', 'Beneath the Howling Stars' and 'Bathory Aria'. Their romantic and dark overtones supporting the melodies of ambitious pieces of Extreme Metal. Cradle of Fil

Live Review: SHVPES w/ Chapter And Verse, Pengshui, & Press To MECO | Mama Roux's, Birmingha

Fresh off the release of their latest single ‘One Man Army’ British metal crew Shvpes assembled a top class line up of bands for their headline show at Mama Roux’s, a nifty little venue tucked away in Birmingham. Opening the night is Chapter And Verse [8], a band who captivate and mesmerise through poetic lyricism and beautiful melody, laden with bursts of Darren Goslings lively guitar noise and Kevin Millers pounding drum beats. They start their set off with their latest release, ‘Bad Blood’, vocalist Josh Carters voice reaching far into the back corners of the room while guitarist Ashley Morton lays down a stylised, suave-ish riff. Filling out their set with reprisals of ‘Shelf Life’ and a

White Reaper - You Deserve Love | Album Review

With the current state of world affairs and the less-than-stellar predictions surrounding the future of humanity, we can all collectively agree that we all need some more love in our lives. At least this ideology is agreed upon via the Kentucky native garage rock band White Reaper who have released their greatly anticipated third feature length album You Deserve Love. Written and recorded in the final stages of their tour with The Struts in autumn 2018, it seems WR shared more than just a tour bus with the English Glam Rockers when dissecting their newest instalment to their discography. The inspiration behind the album is truly a collision of several nostalgia inducing genre’s including the

Take Offense - Keep An Eye Out | Album Review

Since forming in 2005, Californian hardcore outfit Take Offense have been the lifeblood of the underground scene in their hometown of Chula Vista and beyond. In 2011 the band's politically-charged debut album Tables Will Turn saw the band's heavy blend of punk and thrash find the ears of the wider hardcore scene and suddenly their fanbase was growing. Keep an Eye Out comes as the band's third full-length album - breaking a six-year drought since their last - and marks the band's first release since signing to Pure Noise Records, joining the likes of Bearings, Can't Swim, and Counterparts. As is to be expected from Take Offense, the energy on Keep An Eye Out is very politically charged, with

Thornhill - The Dark Pool | Album Review

The Dark Pool is a colossal offering from Aussie hardcore outfit Thornhill. Heavy lyrical themes are neatly concealed by chugging guitars and powerful vocals to create an album that refuses to be pinned to one genre. The style and power of into track ‘Views From The Sun’ are gripping. Lead vocalist Jacob Charlton’s vocals reach impressive highs and convey defiance as he sings “I don’t need you around”. Coupled with an onslaught of riffs and pounding drums, it’s attention-grabbing nature introduces the band brilliantly. From one assault of guitars to another, ‘The Haze’ showcases not only Thornhill’s impressive sound, but their lyrical ability. Filled with intelligent metaphors, Charlton’s vo

Live Review: Press To Meco w/ Chapter And Verse, I, The Lion & Common Spit | The Frog & Fidd

Despite being relative newcomers to the game that is the live circuit, the instrumental two piece Common Spit (9) clearly know this scene, it’s inhabitants and how to appeal to them. However, it’s not surprising, given the circumstances. Composed of members of the south west promotional collective Blowout, Common Spit’s take on contemporary and idiosyncratic math rock is simultaneously angular and smooth; a polished yet serrated diamond of technical properties if you will. Performing content from their debut Silly Names EP, the duo’s craft this eve entertains a calculated acidic jazz delivery with proven and modernised DIY math rock sensibilities. Almost magnetically, the way in which the gr

Slow Crush - Ease (Reissue) | EP Review

Recognising the roots of a band can be a rewarding journey to see how far they have come and commend previous accomplishments. And that’s exactly what Slow Crush are doing with their latest release. Following their debut full-length album Aurora in 2018, the Belgian shoegazers are re-releasing the EP that started it all for them: Ease. Their ability to transport listeners to faraway landscapes during the duration of each track exhibits their ease with the sound they have assembled over their active years. Tracks such as ‘Dizzy’ play homage to the indie genre from the 80’s and 90’s, while still managing to mould something unique of their own. ‘Dizzy’ plays through a world of imagination, taki

Of Catharsis And Choirs: An Interview With Grayscale On Nella Vita

Despite hailing from the distant metropolis of Philadelphia, the alt punkers in Grayscale have certainly made an impact on our shores recently following the release of their sophomore release Nella Vita in September. From running with pop punk get up kids Real Friends to having just been announced for the juggernaut of an event that is set to be Slam Dunk 2020, the rise of the Philly collective is utterly indisputable. Prior to their show at Bristol’s Thekla with Real Friends we got to sit down with frontman Collin Walsh to discuss touring the UK, the catharsis courtesy of Nella Vita, the difficulties of recording and much, much more. How have you been first of all? Collin: I’ve been good ma

Live Review: Real Friends w/ Grayscale & Belmont | Thekla, Bristol | 17/10/19

As Belmont (5) kick off their first show in the UK ever with their full length debut’s first single 'Hollowed Out” it is rocky to say the least. Vocalist Tax Johnson looks less than thrilled with his performance, perhaps it’s the jet lag but by the time the band have found themselves at home on stage with 'Albert' the set is recovered as an honest effort, the audience more than happy to welcome the band on the first step of their UK journey. The tone for the night is set with 'By My Side' as a fine example of the pop-punk Belmont are best at, rough around the edges vocals that build to a swell in gang vocals and climaxes. Production value rises as Grayscale (7) take to the stage, opening wit

The Scourge - Warrant For Execution | Album Review

The metal scene is rife with both artists trying to push genre boundaries and those who bring a more tried and tested sound to the table. At times this can leave listeners longing for the best of both worlds: a sound perfected with modern technique, production and finesse. Texas 3 piece The Scourge have had their shot at this with Warrant for Execution, and it's a well aimed shot at that. Thrash revival has brought a slew of great bands over the last 10 years or so, with many other artists perhaps falling under the radar. Whilst a passion for classic tunes is always important, perhaps the most important part of delivering a modern take on music from yesteryear is technical mastery. This is a

Dawn Ray'd - Behold Sedition Plainsong | Album Review

If you started listening to Black Metal because of your disillusionment with mass-religion then recently you might find yourself frustrated at the hordes of ‘TRVE KVLT’ black metal fans who, like fundamentalist christians, mock LGBT+ rights, spew climate change denial and feign ignorance to global economic issues. A genre that has been so dogged by the far-right has recently seen perhaps a recent shift from full to nazism from the classic ‘keep politics out of music’ brigade who seem so happy to put up with the status quo and enable fascism. Such a neo-liberal response and a sheltered view of society has been challenged by a number of artists and fans who make up what some have referred to

Norma Jean - All Hail | Album Review

It’s a true rarity that you get to see a band hit their peak 7 albums into their career, let alone find a band hit their seventh album without a single original member left. However, this is exactly what happened when metalcore heavyweights Norma Jean released Polar Similar, an album that was as crushingly heavy as it was painstakingly beautiful, along with an exceptional vocal performance from front man Cory Brandan. In the aftermath of the record: Norma Jean certainly left themselves with a daunting task; to release a follow up to Polar Similar that was, at the very least, just as good as its predecessor was a herculean task - but one the band refused to shy away from.. Fast forward 3 year

Lindsey Stirling & Speelburg | Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith London | 14/10/2019

The internet has managed to give a voice to so many individuals. Some with incredibly diverse and unique talents. Crossing genres and thresholds into a new universe of appreciation. It is perhaps one of the strongest reasons for modern diversity in music. Everyone can find, listen and understand a lot more music, thanks to the internet. In the early days of YouTube, Lindsey Stirling seemed to understand this, and she developed her unique blend of Electronic dubstep with dance, video and violins. Now, 12 years later, on her 5th album Artemis, she's a long way forward from the dance violinist recording her own videos to eager audiences. The Eventim Apollo is a large and classical minded theatr


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