A Slow Unfolding Of Wings - Introducing Exploring Birdsong And The Thing With Feathers

In January of this year, we released a two part article documenting a variety of bands that where set to dominate this year. Luckily for us, the majority of artists we featured erupted this year, with a number of listed artists going on to become colossal success stories. Yet, there was one band we featured that has spent the vast majority of this year within the shadows. However, that’s not to say the said band have not successfully established themselves. There’s still some time left to this year, time that will see Exploring Birdsong majestically take flight. Hailing from the historic streets of Liverpool, a city known for it’s musical importance, Exploring Birdsong are a tantalisingly un

Slam Dunk Festival Announces More Bands For 2020, Confirms Biggest Opening Party Ever!

Photo: Esme Surfleet One of the key dates within the alternative summer festival season, Slam Dunk Festival have announced even more artists for 2020. Joining the bill are Refused, with the today’s announcement coming shortly after their highly publicised co-headline tour with Thrice. Since their formation in 1991, the Swedish hardcore sensations have become of the most decorated and revouluitnary punk acts in the world, with their revolutionary sound inspiring artists from all across the spectrum of alternative music. Staying within the vein of hardcore punk, scene veterans Comeback Kid and Deez Nuts have also been confirmed for next year’s edition of Slam Dunk. On the subject of returning

Live Review: Moonspell, Rotting Christ & Silver Dust | Islington Assembly Hall, London | 29/10/1

Moonspell, Extreme Metallers known for their theatrical performances and unique blend of Metal genres, are thick on tour and storm London with Rotting Christ and Silver Dust. The Islington Assembly is a large venue and it befits bands who are large, bombastic and perhaps even epic. Silver Dust are a Swiss Rock band and their stage presence immediately sets the tone. A multi-media performance combining interactive videos with their live show, it boasts a larger than life stage presence that builds up their performance in a way that their music might not be able to. It's a visual treat and makes for a memorable performance. Backing this the band clearly enjoy what they bring to the stage and i

Live Review: False Advertising w/ Big Thing / Bloom | The Big Top, Cardiff | 16/11/19

Manchester’s False Advertising took to the road a little over two weeks ago, playing shows to support their debut album, Brainfreeze. We headed to Cardiff' The Big Top for a night of brilliant live music. First to take to the stage was Bloom (8). This duo has been relentlessly playing shows in South Wales since their formation in February and after hearing them play live, it’s no surprise that their name is on so many gig posters right now. They filled their set with enjoyable original songs which showcased frontwoman Sophie Bryan’s phenomenal vocals. From the incredibly pop-punk ‘Advantages’ to the funk-infused ‘Can’t Take Me Anywhere’, Bloom’s set was filled with intelligently written toe-

Bellevue Days - It's Can't Possibly Go Wrong Ever | Album Review

Ever since releasing their debut EP in 2016, the Croydon emo collective Bellevue Days have spent the past several years wearing a slightly romantic facade, so to speak. A common staple of the DIY live circuit, the band have spent the past several years slowly but steadily building a reliable and dotted fanbase across the nation, with their introspective and withdrawn take on the genre allowing the band to be commonly associated with acts such as Luke Rainsford, Don’t Worry and Muskets. Whilst their earnest material has allowed the band to be the subject of a budding following, their debut album see’s the group renounce the relative shyness of their previous work in order to truly detail thei

Sleep Token - Sundowning | Album Review

Sleep Token are one of the most talked about, but at the same time cryptic bands in the UK scene of the past few years. Whoever is behind this project has carefully crafted it so that nobody, not even their own label mates, know who is actually in the band. The outfit perked up a lot of ears with their first two EPs, which featured an unusual blend of down-tuned djent riffs mixed with ambient sections that would sit right at home on a Sigur Ros album. These two polar opposites were brought together by the soaring vocals of the front man - simply known by his pseudonym, Vessel. Whilst their first two EPs showcased authenticity mixed with a host of potential, there was always the danger that t

Earth Moves - Human Intricacy | Album Review

We're living in a time where we're told that 'rock is dead' or 'heavy music is going out of fashion' more often than ever - but if you're a fan of heavy music, you know that this is far from the case. If anything, recent years have seen heavier genres enter into somewhat of a renaissance with elements from a plethora of genres being fused in new and interesting ways resulting in the creation of exciting, emerging sub-genres. With the constant exploration of these new territories comes the introduction of many fresh and exciting band's spearheading their chosen disciplines and making a name for themselves within the national scene. One band doing just that is London-based quartet Earth Moves

Left Behind - No One Goes To Heaven | Album Review

West Virginia-based metal collective Left Behind’s latest album No One Goes To Heaven is their first since joining label giant Pure Noise Records (Knocked Loose, Terror, Counterparts), meaning expectations were high. As the album title suggests, the theme circulates around vocalist Zach Hatfield dismissing religion as a means of solace for his mental illness or situation. With a clear, coherent tone similar to Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch, his message is made abundantly clear through cutting lyrics such as “It’s my time / I’m ready / Just let me fucking die” (‘What Makes You Hurt’). The simplistic yet brutal descriptions of his suicidal state captures listeners’ attention through pu

Getting into the Spirit of Heilung: An Interview with the Epic Experimental Folk band

Heilung are a European Experimental Folk band and if you've heard of them then you're likely to know of their pure hypnotic live shows and epic visuals. They've quickly become a staple of modern Folk, fresh of the back of this years album Futha and only looking to get bigger. We managed to catch them for a quick interview on Noizze: How are you? Heilung: Very fine, thank you. Wish the same to you. Noizze: How would you describe your music to a newcomer? Heilung: It´s indescribable, really, you can only experience it, but maybe we can inspire the reader´s imagination with a list of our instruments: human bones, drums with goat, horse and deer skin, swords and spears. The vocals shift between

Live Review: Periphery w/ Plini & Astronoid | O2 Academy Bristol | 11/11/19

Given the fact that this dreary and cold Monday night is playing host to very first UK performance from Astronoid (7), it’s no surprise that their namesake may be foreign to many gathered here within the Bristol O2. Yet, opening with the celestial clarity of ‘A New Colour’, it swiftly becomes clear that they’re among a plentitude of like minded individuals this evening. With a setlist composed of material from this year’s self-titled release, the Massachusetts's dreamy post-metallers captivate the already bustling academy with ease, with their trademarked dream thrash dynamism playing directly into the hands of those who reveal in unique creativity. As the group swerve from the daredevil spe

Caspian Return With Cathartic Video For 'Flowers Of Light', Confirm New Record

The post-rock sensations Caspian have announced their fifth full length record On Circles, which is due to be released January 24th via Triple Crown Records. Their first record in over four years, On Circles has been highly-anticipated amongst the global post-rock scene since it was initially teased in March 2018. The follow up to 2015’s Dust And Disquiet, the record is produced will the esteemed Will Yip (Code Orange, The Mezingers, Turnstile) and will see the group introduce vocals into their work for the first time, with Kyle Durfey of Piano’s Become The Teeth providing vocal work on ‘Nostaglist’. The announcement comes following the group’s stage headline performance at ArcTanGent 2019.

2000 Trees Festival Announces Jimmy Eat World As First 2020 Headliner, Confirms New Charity Partners

The award winning 2000 Trees Festival have announced that their first headliner for 2020 is none other than the colossal Jimmy Eat World. The announcement follows the release of the group's excellent tenth full length record, Surviving. A celebration of contemporary and alternative music as a whole, 2000 Trees has grown massively since it's humble inception in 2007, with the Cotswold festival now being one the major events in the summer festival season. On the subject of announcing Jimmy Eat World as it's first headliner, festival organiser James Scarlett has said; "We don’t usually announce Trees bands before Christmas but having Jimmy Eat World as Main Stage headliner just got us too damn

Live Review: Impericon Never Say Die! Tour | The Mill, Birmingham | 11/11/2019

Since its inception, Impericon's Never Say Die! Tour has done a consistently good job of showcasing the underbelly of metal sub-genre's. Its inclusion of bands such as Thy Art Is Murder and Whitechapel all the way through to Being As An Ocean and Northlane over the years has been a cold hard statement that metalcore, deathcore, and hardcore are all thriving, as opposed to simply surviving. This years assault of breakdown centric firearms was no different - as a cold, damp night at Birmingham's The Mill would go on to emphasise. Great American Ghost [6] put in a motivated effort to start proceedings with a bang. Front man Ethan Harrison's bellowing vocal scratches play off charmingly against

Download Festival Unveils Second Wave Of Bands For 2020!

The world’s premiere alternative music event Download Festival have announced their second wave of bands for next year’s event and it’s an utter mammoth of an announcement. Joining the previously announced headliners of Kiss, Iron Maiden and System Of A Down are the Danish ‘rock n’ roll’ juggernauts Volbeat, metalcore legends Killswitch Engage and the Japanese kawaii-metal sensations Babymetal. On the subject of returning of Download Festival, Jessie Leach of Killswitch Engage has said; "We are honoured and excited to play the mighty Download festival once again! We are ready to kick out our new songs and play the old anthems as well! Download crowds are always incredible and we are eager to

Live Review: Jamie Lenman & Haggard Cat | Thekla, Bristol | 11/11/19

Jamie Lenman is a man that needs no introduction. We’ve watched his energetic performances at 2000 Trees, enjoyed his records for years, and honestly, it’s no secret that we really quite like him. When the announcement of a tour supporting his latest musical feat, Shuffle was released, we jumped at the chance to head to ye olde ship Thekla to party with him and the mighty Haggard Cat. Opening the show at Thekla was Haggard Cat (9), a band came from the wreckage of HECK. They’re a riff-slinging, face-melting duo that showed Bristol no remorse. Opening with ‘First Words’, a song from their forthcoming album, the two immediately found their groove. While their new material puts out a slightly d

Raised Fist - Anthems | Album Review

When you think about Swedish bands that have left an undeniable mark on music, despite their incredibly respectable tenure it's not likely your first thought will go to Raised Fist. The Swedish punk band have been doing the rounds for over 25 years and are now presenting their 7th studio album, Anthems. Outside of Sweden they may never have managed to reach skyscraper, but in the walls of their homeland you find a band of unstoppable force. The band are well-known for their old school punk sound, with a flair of post-hardcore blended in: rough on the edges and in your face when it needs to be, a similarity they share with their country companions Refused. Listening to Anthems, you'll notic

Lande Hekt - Gigantic Disappointment | EP Review

A solo venture can be an exciting one. The commencement of Lande Hekt’s own venture lies in the form of debut EP Gigantic Disappointment. Widely known for her part in the loveable indie rock trio Muncie Girls, Lande experiments with 80’s influences for a fresh perspective on what we’ve heard from her previously. Recorded during a time in Australia with Ben David of The Hard Aches, the seven track EP takes a route away from the norm and into a more personal journey for Lande. It’s a new experience for the multi-talented instrumentalist, initiating the first time Lande addresses every element in the formation of the record. Being able to personally shape the guitars, drums, bass and vocals pre

Golden Core - Fimbultýr | Album Review

To try and describe Golden Core’s music in basic terms of genre and style would be more than futile. The Norwegian duo’s music is a fuzzy blend of Norse mythology, US Stoner Metal and a hell of a lot of noise. Fimbultýr serves as the bands second full length album, follow up to 2017’s aptly titled Norwegian Stoner Machine and what an album it is. If you’re worried that Norwegian Black Metal shrouded in mythology, heavy riffs and blood curdling screams might not be your thing, don’t. There is so much more to this album than meets the eye, and to look upon it as just another Metal record full of screaming does it a shocking disservice. Fimbultýr is enigmatic and engaging in equal measure, with


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