Dude Trips Release Alternative, Piano Led Version Of 'Documentaries'

It’s safe to say that the alternative emo quartet Dude Trips have enjoyed the spoils of a colossal year. Following on from a string of sensational extended plays, the Aberdeenshire group released their highly celebrated debut full length Through Love & Death You’re All I Have Left in the tail end of spring. Supercharged with intimate emotional energy, the record allowed the group to travel all across the UK and reach new audiences away from their bustling but isolated local scene. Even with 2019 being a roaring success for the band, Dude Trips already have their eyes on what the new year and decade will bring and have created something truly special to wrap up this year. Released today, Dude

Dank Sludge, Big Riffs and Bristolian Psychedelia: Introducing Ogives Big Band

It’s no secret that Bristol and it’s neighbouring areas are host to some seriously innovative, original and excitingly fresh musical artists. A hotbed for contemporary music, the Bristolian region has birthed an abundance of bedazzling bands throughout the last couple of decades, with artists such as Phoxjaw, Turbowolf, Idles, Heavy Lungs, Memory Of Elephants and countless more calling the city home. However, whilst the South West is home to an ever blossoming math and post rock scene, one band that might have slipped your attention are the contemporary instrumentalists in the Ogives Big Band. Previously known under the moniker of Øgïvęš, the undertaking was previously the personal project o

Live Review: Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy & Hypocrisy | 02 Acadamy, Brixton, London | 30.11.2019

A day for Vikings, Swedes and one of the most important female-fronted Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal bands out there. Line-ups could not have gotten bigger. Giants of Metal converge with some classics and some true veterans and it could only seem like a line up to dream of. Hypocrisy go back almost 30 years and their brutality, though melodic in nature, makes for some truly respectable Metal. Though, they're certainly the least well known of the bunch. Arch Enemy, on the other hand, feel like a house hold name way back to start the new millennium of Metal. Also, smashing out the name for Female-fronted Metal in the same days that Nightwish met their height - just with a little more Death in

Photo Gallery: Stray From The Path | SWX, Bristol | 3/12/19

There seems to be a direct correlation between global political turmoil and the excellence of Stray From The Path. Released just months ago, the group's latest album Internal Atomics stands as Stray From The Path's finest and most volatile work to date. We recently visited Bristol to see the group annihilate the SWX at their one-off co-headline show with Knocked Loose. Check out the shots from Theodore Swaddling below. Related - Live Review: Knocked Loose & Stray From The Path w/ Malevolence, The Devil Wears Prada, Gideon, Loathe, Justice For The Damned & Renounced | SWX, Bristol | 3/12/19

Photo Gallery: Memphis May Fire w/ Walkways & A Hundred Crowns | Rescue Rooms, Nottingham | 10/1

It would be interesting to see just how many miles Memphis May Fire have covered this year alone. Following on from the release of their sixth full length Broken in the tail end of last year, the Texan metalcore quartet have spent the majority of the year brining their work to all four corners of their native United States before capping off the year by brining the sounds of Broken to Europe. We caught Memphis May Fire, Walkways and the local A Hundred Crowns at the Nottingham Rescue Rooms, check out Rebecca Marshall's shots of the night below!

Somehow Jo! - Tusk | Album Review

Tusk, the latest album from the Finnish alt-prog metal group Somehow Jo!, is a new and refreshing take on the genre that charms and delights the listener from the start. When searching for words to describe this album, “fun” springs to mind almost immediately. This record is chock full of funky riffs and a wide variety of discernible influences from all corners of the musical spectrum, whisking you track-by-track on a whirlwind journey that is hectic yet captivating and immensely satisfying. You don’t quite know what to expect with each new song, and even when you think you’ve finally got a handle on it, then comes the synth; a more than welcome addition to an album that clearly thrives on k

Portals Festival Confirms First Bands For 2020, Announces Collaboration With Holy Roar Records!

Returning for it’s third annual event, Portals Festival have confirmed the fist wave of bands set to play the festival next year. Taking place at The Dome, Boston Music Room and Aces & Eights on the 6th and 7th of June 2020, the London festival is set to host some of the best and most celebrated names within the contemporary math and post rock echelon. Headlining the festival will be the dearly beloved French math-rockers Totorro. Silently dormant since their set at the inaugural edition of Portals in 2018, Totorro’s main stage headline set on Saturday 6th June is to be their only set within the UK in 2020. Those who caught their set in 2018 will know this will be a party unlike anything els

Live Review: Northlane w/ Polaris & Void Of Vision | O2 Academy 2, Birmingham | 30/11/2019

If you thought Australian metalcore could do no wrong, you're probably right, the hot bed of talent from down under that has been thrown our way for over a decade has been nothing short of captivating. Parkway Drive are leaders of the pack, but the likes of Dealer, and Alpha Wolf are on the hunt for success too, as are the three bands that crammed a capacity crowd into the nigh-on shaking walls of Birmingham's O2 Academy 2 on a below temperature evening in the nations capital that would soon heat up. Void Of Vision [7] open proceedings with an enthusiastic set. Their brand of hardcore sits more on the venemous side than those who would follow them. The vocals of Jack Bergin cut sharp on tra

Photo Gallery: Knocked Loose | SWX, Bristol | 3/12/19

If this year has proven anything, it's that Knocked Loose are simply unstoppable and unnamable. Following the release of their sophomore full length A Different Shade Of Blue, the Oldham beatdown crew have travelled the globe, spreading nothing but devastation and fury in their wake. We took to their headline show at the SWX, Bristol, to witness the punishment forced upon the South West populace. Check out the shots courtesy of Theodore Swaddling below. Related - Live Review: Knocked Loose & Stray From The Path w/ Malevolence, The Devil Wears Prada, Gideon, Loathe, Justice For The Damned & Renounced | SWX, Bristol | 3/12/19

Knotfest 2020 - 10 Bands Perfect For The UK Festival

After years of begging, hoping and praying, the greebo gods have finally answered our calls. For the first time since the event’s inception in 2012, Slipknot will bring their now annual festival Knotfest to the UK next year. Taking place at the 65,000 capacity Milton Keynes Bowl on the 22nd of August 2020, the day is set to be a colossal celebration of Slipknot’s career and a day of jovial musical aggression, with this year’s events featuring names such as Gojira, Korn, Behemoth, Anthrax and more. Despite yesterday's announcement of the festival, details regarding the line-up are pretty slim. With the full line-up due to come in the forthcoming year, we present the 10 bands that would be per

Live Review: Knocked Loose & Stray From The Path w/ Malevolence, The Devil Wears Prada, Gideon,

Photo: Theodore Swaddling Yep, you read that title correct. In what can only be described as an act of divine intervention, the Knocked Loose, Malevolence, Renounced and Justice For The Damned tour unionised with the Stray From The Path, The Devil Wears Prada, Loathe and Gideon tour for a one off show in Bristol. We popped down to the SWX to capture the absolute carnage that unfolded. Despite it being 5.15PM on a dull Tuesday afternoon, a quite frankly ludicrous kick-off time for a large scale hardcore show, Holy Roar’s Renounced (8) instantly prove to be the catalyst for violence and two-steps aplenty. With the band having paid their rightful dues to the national scene over the past six yea

Photo Gallery: August Burns Red w/ Erra & Currents | SWX, Bristol | 29/11/19

Can you imagine the state of the global metalcore scene if August Burns Red never released their ceremonial third album Constellations? Best not to think about it really. In celebration of the album's tenth anniversary the metalcore pioneers took to the Bristol SWX to perform the album in full alongside Erra and Currents. Check out the gallery of shots Kieran Gallop caught below!

Cutting Teeth - Fracture/Decompose | EP Review

New EP Fracture/Decompose sees Cutting Teeth cement themselves above the hardcore pecking order, taking them out of the cross hairs of a plethora of mediocre bands in the genre and instead placing them with the likes of Sick Of It All and Every time I Die. The Leeds based hardcore outfit break through the gates from the get go with frying vocals and guitar lines paired with fast paced percussion. 'Blistered' sets the tone for the whole EP, loud and here for a bang. The explosive nature doesn't just stop here though - Cutting Teeth manage to withhold the rampant tones found here and look to drill them into your skull throughout the entirety of Fracture/Decompose. 'Muscle Memory' is laced with

Cybernetic Witch Cult - Absurdum Ad Nauseam | Album Review

Cornish psychedelic doomsters Cybernetic Witch Cult bring forth their 3rd album: Absurdum Ad Nauseam. This 3 piece have managed to put together a great slice of ass-kicking stoner doom with a geeky, cult sci-fi/horror movie aesthetic evident on track names such as ‘Hypercomputer part 1’ and ‘Cromagnonaut’. The album opens with a trippy nauseating intro, sounding like something from a horror movie soundtrack. It’s heavy on the FX featuring some rather spacey and retro sounds reminiscent of Hawkwind’s ‘Silver Machine’. As the intro kicks off into ‘Hypercomputer part 1’, we get a taste of Alex Wyld’s powerful baritone vocals (or as the band describes it “cosmic narration”). His vocals can go fr

Lights, Cameras And Mosh Calls - How Nightlives Are Re-Animating The Art Of The Music Video

For a large portion of time, music videos where a key and vital element of an artist’s output. Through the medium of video, artists where able to showcase and express their musical art in a new fashion whilst bringing their craft to new audiences and demographics. Music videos swiftly became integral and crucially vital to the promotion of a new release or to a band as a whole, with labels once supplying vast amounts of money in pursuit of a visual musical experience that would allow their artists to dominate not just the radio waves, but the screen as well. Of course, as we all know, the once lucrative music video industry wasn’t to last. With the dawn of streaming and the age of instant gr

Burden - Out Of Service | Album Review

The end of the year is soon to be upon us and it seems a vast array of artist’s latest work has stemmed into a deeply vulnerable personal space, which really opens up the discussion into the untameable nature of mental health issues. Keeping this in mind the Philadelphia natives Out of Service have taken a deep dive into such subject matter in their sophomore studio album which promises to be another display of their vulnerable yet volatile musical styling’s all wrapped together in the form of Burden. In line with the nature of the word Burden, OOS provide an emotionally unstable personality from the off that feels enshrouded and imprisoned within a literal gag order at times. The emotional

Haggard Cat Breakdown The Walls With New Single European Hardware, Detail New Album

The rambunctious force of nature that is Haggard Cat have debuted their latest single in form of 'European Hardware', which is set to appear on their forthcoming sophomore record Common Sense Holiday, out March 13th via Earache Records. An outspoken rager that documents the obscenity of Brexit and the inevitable cultural catastrophe that is set to follow, the occupying music video is a visual telling of the group’s recent literal entombment. In late October, the group sealed themselves within a concrete tomb for 24 hours in protest of Brexit and to raise awareness of the damaging effects it will inevitably have on the national music scene, our nation's economy and our very culture. A viscera

Live Show: Lacuna Coil & Eluveitie | O2 Forum Kentish Town, London | 16/11/19

Going back some 15 years or more one of the big staples of Metal was a band called Lacuna Coil. Thought of as a female fronted Symphonic Metal band, they seemed to group up easily into the Goth Metal bands of that day that were so popular. However, Lacuna Coil were not this at all. They were always quite unique in boasting two powerful singers in Christina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro, female and male strengths, together. Be that as it may, Christina Scabbia quickly became an icon of female vocalists in Metal and perhaps, along with Angela Gassow, Tarja Turunen, Amy Lee and Sharon den Adel, paved the way for a lot of modern female fronted Metal. One such band could even have been the Folk Metal

Bombus - Vulture Culture | Album Review

Swedish Heavy Metal with a healthy dose of Motorhead influence, a match made in heaven, right? Well, that’s what Gothenburg based Metal practitioners Bombus are aiming for with the release of their brand-new album Vulture Culture. The band’s fourth full length record is a loud, proud, no frills attached brute of an album. From the gritty vocals of Feffe Berglund to the thundering rhythm section, which drives the band relentlessly forwards, Bombus and Vulture Culture are all about power. And lots of it. The brilliantly titled opening track ‘A Ladder – Not A Shovel’ is a bombastic epic from start to finish. If this crunching shot across the bow is your introduction to the band then the 6-minut


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