Neck Deep Announce New Album And Release New Single

Welsh pop punk breakout stars Neck Deep have revealed details on their new record as well as released the lead single from the record. All Distortions Are Intentional will be released July 24th 2020 via Hopeless Records. Produced by Grammy nominated Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco, One Direction, Ariana Grande) All Distortions Are Intentional is set to be the most conceptually creative record Neck Deep have ever penned. The album is said to be centred around a loner named Jett, and feature battles with existential confusion, disconnection, and the search of meaning. On the ideas behind All Distortions Are Intentional, vocalist Ben Barlow said: “Modern music is so much based around ‘the sing

Heavy Music Awards 2020 Finalists Announced

The finalists for the fourth annual Heavy Music Awards have been announced, comprising 11 categories of 7 nominees, entirely based on the nominations of almost 700 individuals working across the music industry. We were lucky enough to weigh in on this and it is amazing to see some Noizze-championed bands and indivudals on the bill including: Sleep Token for "Best Album" Employed To Serve and Venom Prison for "Best UK Band" Cold Years, Ithaca, Nova Twins and Pengshui for "Best UK Breakthrough Band" The Hu and Polaris for "Best International Breakthrough Band" Wales' own Romesh Dodangoda for "Best Producer" As in previous years, the field is wide open, with artists facing off from all sides of

On Record With InTechnicolour: The Albums Behind Big Sleeper

Imagine a band boasting members of Delta Sleep, Luo and Broker – what does it sound like? Whatever you’re mentally envisioning, it probably differs greatly from the actual reality. Formed of UK left-field royalty, Brighton’s InTechnicolour present slack and stoned desert groove with a vibrant and contemporary twist. With their new album Big Sleeper out now via Big Scary Monsters, we got in touch with the band to find out what albums where inspirational crucial to the development of the record. Related: InTechnicolour - Big Sleeper | Album Review Baroness - Red Album Dave Jackson (Guitar): When I used to date a girl that lived back up north near my home town of Darlington, I would spend many,

Malevolence Release New Video For 'Keep Your Distance'

Sheffield hardcore heavyweights Malevolence have stopped with the teasing and finally released a new video and single 'Keep Your Distance' The track itself is the first single released from the bands upcoming EP The Other Side which is slated for release on April 24th this year. You can pre-order your copy here. As if a new Malevolence track wasn't exciting enough, 'Keep Your Distance' features guest vocals from Knocked Loose vocalist Bryan Garris. On the new single, the band said: “Keep Your Distance encompasses the difficulty in making the decision to cut off those around you that bring nothing positive to your life, it was written about positive aggression; having the strength to remove a

Nova Twins - Who Are The Girls? | Album Review

The ever-expanding rock genre has been continuing to shift and broaden thanks to many rising bands who are unafraid to take a risk or do things outside the usual mould. London two-piece and best friends Nova Twins are one of the latest breakthrough acts to find themselves in a genre of their own. Constructed in a sonic world found in amongst rock, grime, DIY, punk and everything in between, Nova Twins continue to spread the word of their individual style in the form of debut LP Who Are The Girls? Made up of 10 volcanic tracks of genre-shifting energy and remarkable boldness, Who Are The Girls? is bound to turn a few heads. It’s one of their first big releases since joining 333 Wreckords, the

Pointing Fingers: In Conversation With The Guru Guru

Belgium – a quaint and historic country famed for it’s luscious pastures and serene cobblestoned streets. However, beneath the nation’s charming facade a musical creature of utmost peculiarity contorts in perpetual restlessness. Enter the surrealist world of the ever idiosyncratic beast that is The Guru Guru, Belgium’s latest musical export of top tier quality. A band that deals in what they define as ‘borderline-rock’, the quintet's output obtusely disregards both genre conventions and musical norms. Fronted by music schoolteacher Tom Adriaenssens, The Guru Guru are a unique breed of artist. Collectively, they journey roads so far untravelled, travels that are soundtracked of their most re

Slam Dunk Festival Announces Final Names For 2020, Confirms Stage Splits!

A crucial staple of the alternative festival season, the borderline legendary Slam Dunk Festival have announced it’s final names for 2020 as well as confirming the all important stage splits today. First of all, joining the already stacked line-up today are Stand Atlantic, With Confidence, Roam, Wargasm, Static Dress, I Am The Avalanche, Vukovi, Yours Truly, Sleep On It, The Bottom Line and 3OH!3, with the later having already being confirmed for the festival warm up party at O2 Academy Leeds. Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade, Vinnie Caruana of I Am The Avalanche and This Wild Life will also be appearing on the coveted acoustic stage this year. In relation, DJ Jacky P, the DJ of Scarlxrd, will

36 New Artists Confirmed For 2000 Trees Festival 2020!

Photo: Ben Morse The award winning and universally lauded 2000 Trees Festival have confirmed a mammoth 36 artists for 2020 today. As anticipated, it’s an utter stormer of an announcement. Joining a line-up that’s already composed of heavy hitters such as Jimmy Eat World, Knocked Loose, Creeper and many more are the Californian punk jumpstarts Spanish Love Songs, the template defying powerhouse that is Nova Twins and the ever enigmatic The World Is A Beautiful Place & I’m No Longer Afraid To Die. Also joining the bill this morning are Beach Slang, Demob Happy, Hundredth, Airways, Hotel Lux, Together Pangea, The Virginmarys, Haggard Cat, Fangclub, ‘68, DITZ, Stake, Static Dress, Erica Freas, D

Introvert - Mending Breaking | EP Review

Mental health has been at the forefront of many messages bands are voicing to their fans in recent years, as it has become more prevalent to tackle in wider society. It can be a real struggle dealing with your demons and the emotional strain it can put on oneself. This is a reason why Introvert have released Mending Breaking, their newest EP. The Australian punks have releasex six tracks dealing with self-loathing, depression and ideas that toy with crucially required escapism. It’s no surprise that punk has had a sudden revival with what feels like a sea of problems washing up, receding and washing up new deeply personal problems. The band have commented on how the EP transitions from the s

God Dethroned – Illuminati | Album Review

Somewhere between Black and Death Metal there is a rather dark blend referred to as Blackened Death Metal. It uses the atmospheres and raw power of Black Metal with a more brutal edge. Harder guitars and harder gutturals and harder drums. It can be a rather difficult midway to spot but there are some fantastic bands to come out of this sub-genre. One such band is God Dethroned. Known for a rough rounded Death Metal feel with a constant hook of melodies hidden within its darkness. God Dethroned are perhaps a lesser known, but none-the-less important part of Extreme Metal history – or at least earlier albums have been. Illuminati is the eleventh album, following from their third run with the b

ArcTanGent Festival Announces Third Wave Of Acts For 2020, Confirms Second Headliner!

Boasting a lineup that’s already topped by the likes of Opeth, Swans, TesseracT, The Locust and Maybeshewill, the award winning celebration of contemporary music that is ArcTanGent Festival have announced their third wave of artists for 2020 today, including their second main stage headliner. Headlining the coveted main stage on Thursday is the illusive and championed Chelsea Wolfe. Having released her acclaimed sixth long play Birth Of Violence back in September via Sargent House, Chelsea Wolfe has spent the last decade captivating audiences across the globe with their innovative and haunting fusion of folk, doom, post-metal and goth. With her headline set being her first ever ArcTanGent pe

Live Review: Equilibrium w/ Lord of the Lost & Nailed to Obscurity | O2 Islington Academy, Londo

Born to be epic. Not many bands can sum up their entire feeling in a song title. Equilibrium might have some thunderous riffs that might put them in the camps of Death Metal, but their Folk Metal slant has many layers of melodies and symphony that gives them a larger than life feel. They do this without falling into the cheese of Power Metal. If it sounds like a strange mix of genres then we’re almost there. Extreme Folk Metal never sounded so hard hitting and yet larger than life than with Equilibrium. It would stand to reason that their live shows would similarly have this feel in mind. The personality of enlarged but extreme metal climbing a mountain in front of you, but so many bands can

Krvsade - Judgement Day | EP Review

There are plenty of tasty riffs to come your way in this new EP from North Carolina thrash metallers Krvsade. This band offers little in the way of introductions but list their influences as ‘Sepultura, Death, Morbid Angel, Vader, Slayer and Kreator’, which becomes quickly apparent once you dive in to their latest offering. Being an EP made up of three tracks, Krvsade waste no time in getting straight down to business with the furiously energetic title track ‘Judgement Day’, a song which is guaranteed to make you want to break stuff (as all good thrash tunes do). Despite being the shortest song out of the three, it holds its own nicely and sets the bar for what’s to come. The next two songs

Inspirations: On And Off Record With VASA

Regardless if you're a post-rock aficionado or a genre casual, the incredible sophomore record from Glaswegian post-rockers VASA is sonic tale that offers universal relatability An instrumental concept record that details the turbulent adventure that is growing up, Heroics is a jubilant and relatable contrast against the tawdry soundscapes commonly associated with post-rock. We recently spoke to guitarist Scott Coupar, who detailed the five albums and five non-musical inspirations crucial to the creation of the record. Related: VASA - Heroics | Album Review And So I Watch You From Afar - All Hail Bright Futures "This album dropped around the time Blaine and John finished university and the

Polaris - The Death Of Me | Album Review

Just over two years since the release of their breakthrough debut album The Mortal Coil, rising Aussie metalcore stars Polaris are back with an album that shows progress and promise. Within the ten-track release, Polaris explore multiple areas of metal, from classic chuggy hardcore to melodic, production-filled metalcore and a healthy pinch of nu-metal. All of these subgenres are undertaken with expertise and minimal downfalls, conveying this is a diverse and progressive band that won’t be limited to one basic, repetitive sound. Many comparisons can be also drawn to Architects, from the airy production in ‘Martyr (Waves)’ to Jamie Hails’ screamed vocal style in opening track ‘Pray For Rain’.

All Time Low Release New Single And Video

In the wake of the bands new album Wake Up, Sunshine being announced, All Time Low have released 'Sleeping In' - and accompanied the single with a video. The video itself is in conjunction with North Shore Animal League America, a no kill rescue charity based in Nashville Tennessee, where the music video was shot. You can donate to the charity here Check out the video for 'Sleeping In' below: Wake Up, Sunshine is due for release on April 3rd via Fueled By Ramen, you can pre-order the record here. Fans who do pre-order the record will recieve both 'Sleeping In' and lead single 'Some Kind Of Disaster' as a download. On the new album, vocalist Alex Gaskarth said: “We got back to how we started,

InTechnicolour - Big Sleeper | Album Review

Big Sleeper is the latest offering from supergroup InTechnicolour. If you’re not sure who they are, well, you will be after listening to this album. To clue you in though, InTechnicolour is a supergroup hailing from Brighton. Members of Delta Sleep, LUO and Broker form the quartet and they will change your perception on stoner-rock in just nine songs. ‘Miami Funk’ is first off the mark to grace your ears. While there’s not really much Miami, there is a little funk within this atmospheric tune. Snarling guitars and Tobie Anderson’s anthemic vocals form the driving force of ‘Miami Funk’. Experimentation with loud and quiet is the dominant aspect of this song, and while it’s wonderfully intelli

VASA - Heroics | Album Review

Hailing from Glasgow, the groove bearing post-rockers VASA made a vibrant splash in 2015 with their debut Colours. A distant and joyous cry from the tawdry atmospherics often associated with post rock, VASA painted a spattered collage that illustrated the upbeat joys and carefree wonder this often misunderstood genre is capable of. However, five years have passed since that debut, a passage of time that has brought forth the reluctant gift of maturity to the Scottish collective. Thankfully, such a new found sense of wisdom hasn’t bunted VASA’s love for child like musical wonder. In contrast, such time has given the band the experience necessary to channel their feverish musical excitement in


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