Beggar - Compelled To Repeat | Album Review

Originally forming in the relative pleasantry of Bristol prior to relocating to the filthy inner chambers of our national capital, Beggar have become a reliable source of underground excellence since their inception in 2011. Organically amalgamating callous extreme metal with adhesive sludge composed of bile and tar, Beggar are a proposition more than perfect for our ongoing global crisis. Whilst their forthcoming debut Compelled To Repeat was initially recorded in more simpler times, it’s impossible not to draw parallels between it’s musical themes and our seemingly endless predicament. A soundtrack of filth, nihilism, severe frustration - and new found experimentation - Compelled To Repeat

The Anatomy Of Birthmarks | The Artists Behind The Band

Self-released just this Friday last, And The Rain Stopped - the debut from London based alt-rock trio Birthmarks - is a stellar offering that is essentially impossible within a singular stylistic pigeonhole. Within the suave and seductive long play Birthmarks discuss their open relationships with anxiety, loss, sex and obsession through a myriad of inspirations including, emo, trip-hop, electronica and more. With the record now out we got in touch with frontman Daniel Cross to discover the artists that where essential to the formation of the band's beguiling sound. Related: Birthmarks - ...And Then The Rain Stopped | Album Review Bjork "I remember buying Debut as a Christmas present for myse

Non Canon Shares Video For Unsettling But Resilient New Single ‘The Saying Of The Seers’

Bristol’s own musical stalwart Non Canon – the solo project of Oxygen Thief's Barry Dolan - has just shared his new single and video for his latest singe ‘The Saying Of The Seers’, the latest single taken from his forthcoming sophomore record. Whilst the track was originally written well over a year ago, it couldn’t be more applicable today. Featuring a mariachi sound that feels like something out of an abandoned New Orleans, ‘The Saying Of The Seers’ narrates isolation, the hollow routine of work and the impact it all has on ones mental health. Yet despite such themes, it’s a song of resilience, something listeners will comfort in during this trying time. “‘The Saying of the Seers’ is a son

Lizzy Farrall - Bruise | Album Review

Growing talent is everywhere. With such a high saturation of bands and artists in the alternative environment, it can be hard to shine. UK-based artist Lizzy Farrall is one to look out for. Previously sharing stages with the likes of Trash Boat, Can’t Swim and The Story So Far, just to name a few, Lizzy has been making her way into the ears of many. The expansion continues with the release of debut full-length album, Bruise. It all kicks off with the previously released single ‘Addict’. There’s plenty of depth evident here straight away. With energetic choruses, bold bass and an amalgamation of background sounds to encourage enthusiastic first impressions to those who may not already be fami

Sugar Horse Unveil Video For Latest Track 'Richard Branson In The Sky With Diamonds'

If you’re from the South West region you’re already probably aquatinted with Sugar Horse. If not, you’re going to be forced to meet their acquittance very soon indeed; today, the Bristol doomgaze cretins have just premiered their new latest single in the form of ‘Richard In The Sky With Diamonds’. The second track to be taken from their sophomore EP DRUGS, the track is an ethereally beautiful yet all annihilating documentation of the wide spread nepotism within the music industry. Much like the previously released ‘Pity Party’ it witnesses the band flex their creatively and amalgamate ambience with devastation. On the track itself, vocalist Ashley Tubb states; “This song is a centrepiece for

Tenside - Glamour & Gloom | Album Review

The alternative music scene in Germany is on a whole different level than the rest of Europe. Rock and metal may be genres for a select few for the majority of the planet, but in Germany, the scene's still alive, breathing and a permeant fixture within the mainstream. So what if we take a look at one of Germany's own export products, Tenside? That name might not ring a bell immediately, but the band from München has been around for quite a while. Last year, they toured all around Europe supporting a metalcore band you might have heard of called Killswitch Engage. Glamour & Gloom is the band's seventh record already, so they should have all required experience under their belt already. Unfo

Holding Absence Share Video For New Single 'Gravity', Announce Exclusive 7" LP!

The figureheads of the South Wales alternative scene Holding Absence have released their video for their new single ‘Gravity’ today along with announcing a surprise new 7” LP that will be released next month exclusively via their website. Limited to only 500 copies and released April 17th, the 7” picture disk will feature their latest song ‘Gravity’ and another new track ‘Birdcage’. Both respective tracks feature some of the UK’s most esteemed credentials, with Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Twin Atlantic) producing the record, Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood (Periphery, Architects) on mixing duties and Jens Borgen (Loathe, Opeth) mastering the release. The LP is the follow up to Holding Absen

Birthmarks - ...And Then The Rain Stopped | Album Review

Like a once closely shielded secret that is now beginning to trickle out, a select few may have already heard the name of Birthmarks within the alternative DIY echelon. However, much like such a secret, it won’t be long now until Birthmarks are a rampant point of topical conservation - a discussion the band will incite with their forthcoming debut full length. Self-released this Friday ...And Then The Rain Stopped is a deeply bare and intimate documentation of loss, mental health, sex and anxiety. Whilst such a sentiment could be applied to an endless myriad of releases, what separates this record from the ever multiplying hordes is how Birthmarks authentically animate such lyrical themes. T

Groundculture Share Deeply Intimate Video For Raging New Single 'Trauma Can Teach'

Newcastle’s premiere alt-metal act Groundculture have today shared their latest single from their forthcoming album in the form of ‘Trauma Can Teach’. Taken from their upcoming full length debut How Well Do You Know Yourself, the track is a detailed documentation into the life altering power of trauma provides and the effect it leaves within it’s wake. On the subject, the band shares; “'Trauma Can Teach'. Three words that we may never have realised the power of. Each and every one of you have so far, made it through 100% of your bad days. It’s a fact, regardless of the pain or doubt you endured to get to this very moment, you’re here right now reading this. Every single situation that broke

Phoxjaw Announce Debut Record 'Royal Swan', Premiere Haunting New Single!

The enigmatic and mercurial Bristolian quartet Phoxjaw have today confirmed their highly anticipated debut long play Royal Swan along with releasing their latest single in the form of “Half House’. Released July 3rd via Hassle Records, Royal Swan is the follow up to last year’s brilliant EP A Playground For Sad Adults and set to continue the band’s trajectory into the dark heart of the scene. Birthed traumatically from a state of cabin fever within Devil's Bridge in Wales, Royal Swan harkens metaphysically back to an eschewed medieval England whilst manifesting thoughts of isolation, claustrophobia, misplaced patriotism and mania. None of this should come as a particular surprise to those wh

Download Festival 2020 Cancelled Due To COVID-19

Due to the accelerating global outbreak of COVID-19, it’s been announced today that Download Festival 2020 has been cancelled. The announcement comes following the cancellation of Download Australia and is the latest major event to be canceled due to the ongoing global crisis. Read the full the statement from the organisers below. “We’ve been closely monitoring this unprecedented situation and it’s become clear that it just isn’t possible for the 2020 festival to go ahead. This decision hasn’t been taken lightly and we’re beyond disappointed, we extend our heartfelt apologies to all of you – we really did try to make this work." "Please rest assured we will be back next year. Now, more than

Silverstein - A Beautiful Place To Drown | Album Review

Canadian veterans Silverstein are celebrating their 20th anniversary with their tenth album A Beautiful Place To Drown, but does it highlight their experience or just their age? When you’ve been writing music for over 20 years, members of this prolific group must have been struggling for ideas. However, they’ve kept the concept of A Beautiful Place To Drown fresh with some of the most innovative collaborations we’ve ever seen. While most bands will include one song (two if you’re lucky) featuring the vocalist of a predictable band of choice, Silverstein have clearly seen enough of this formula over the years. Opening the album with the most radical one, ‘Bad Habits’ featuring guitarist Aaron

Luo - Unspoken | Album Review

Over the past decade or so there’s been an explosion of musical artists blurring the once distinguishable lines between electronica, EDM and experimental rock. Despite such a geyser of content the majority of such artists have used their craft to animate imagery of retrospection, retreading soundscapes and motifs already explored on mass. But yet, there’s a plethora of wondrously innovative artists who have used forward thinking originality to breathe new life into a genre that - in theory - has unlimited potential. Luo proved themselves to be one such artist with their full length debut Sleep Spindles, but the two-piece have reinstated their importance again with their sophomoric effort Uns

Orchards Release Dreamland Sessions Video For 'Magical Thinking', Confirm Rescheduled Tour D

Photo: Jessie Morgan In need of some essential lockdown content in order to keep you sane during this period of isolation? Luckily for us all the fantastic math-pop sensations Orchards have just released their Dreamland Sessions video for their stellar new track ‘Magical Thinking’. As expected, it’s a source of much needed joy and colour. Related: Orchards - Lovecore | Album Review Directed and filmed by Ben Pollard, the video is the latest instalment of the Dreamland Sessions and see’s the band perform their latest single in a special location in Margate. It’s the first track from their brilliant debut album Lovecore to be included within the sessions, with more content to come soon. Check

2000 Trees Festival Confirms Final Headliners, Announces 16 More Artists For 2020!

The live music industry might be in a bleak state right now and this year’s festival season is still a matter of question – but still – the award winning 2000 Trees Festival are clearly looking at the situation with much needed optimism. Today the festival have announced the final headliners for this year’s event along with another 16 fantastic bands. As expected, it’s an utter blinder of an announcement. Headlining the main stage on Friday night will be none other than the horror rock pioneers AFI, with their headline set being their first UK appearance since their mammoth 2017 tour with Deftones. Also confirmed today are Saturday’s headliners Thrice, who will be performing their career def

Heaven Shall Burn – Of Truth & Sacrifice | Album Review

In a little corner of modern Metal, Heaven Shall Burn have occupied a powerful position. Their raw energy and powerful vocals have run at the core of their music. It's actually hard to exactly position where these Germans have put their music. It's strong Metal, it sounds modern and does well for most looking for a powerful punch. Over the years their style has been confident and lends itself to purely screaming. Like a modern Chimaira or perhaps sitting themselves within Metalcore/Deathcore bands like As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel or Suicide Silence. They're known for energy and brutality. Of Truth & Sacrifice is perhaps one of their more ambitious releases, being a double album and despite w

Small Pond Cease All Operations Due To Coronavirus, Offer Space To Relief Efforts, Set Up GoFundMe F

Those local to the Brighton and general South Coast scene will know how vital Small Pond is to the UK’s independent music ecosystem. Unfortunately, due to the escalating pandemic the company has had to close it’s once bustling doors for the foreseeable future. Originally established in 2015, Small Pond has become a vital fixture and resource to countless musicians and creatives worldwide. Remaining loyal to a mission statement that focuses on nurturing emerging talent and further developing contemporary and experimental music, it’s impossible to downplay how crucial Small Pond is to the national scene. With the lockdown now in effect, Small Pond have had to cease all operations, closing thei

Dark Fortress - Spectres From The Old World | Album Review

Bavarian black metallers Dark Fortress bring us their 8th album Spectres From The Old World. Known best for their blend of melodic guitar riffs, ambient keys, versatile vocals and their rapid artillery of a rhythm section. The band serve up their latest slice of this tried and tested formula, and it does not disappoint. After the progressive direction Dark Fortress took on their last album Venereal Dawn; Spectres From The Old World features less experimentation than one might expect. However, whilst this album offers nothing ground-breaking to the genre, it does have plenty of solid, enjoyable song writing. Interestingly, the intro track features the beeping sounds of the Soviet satellite Sp

Slam Dunk Postpones Festival Until September Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak Slam Dunk Festival has today confirmed the festival has been officially moved to September. This is the first major open air event to be effected by the pandemic. Originally taking place during the May bank holiday weekend, the festival will now be taking place at Leeds Temple Newsam on Saturday 5th September and at Hatfield House on Sunday 6th September respectively. It is currently unknown if the line-up will be altered due to the reschedule. The official statement reads; “Dear Friends, For the first time in our 15 years, we have found ourselves being force into postponing Slam Dunk Festival. This is not a decision we wanted to make but are left with

Wallflower Confirm Details Of Debut Record Teach Yourself To Swim, Release New Single!

South London emo alt-rock stalwarts Wallflower have finally announced the details surrounding their longly-awaited debut full length today, with Teach Yourself To Swim being self-released June 5th.. The follow up to their 2017 EP Where It Fell Apart, Teach Yourself To Swim will see the band drawing upon retrospective alternative influences. Showcasing this is the record’s first single ‘Hungry Eyes’. You can listen to the track below. On the subject of the record and new single guitarist and vocalist Vini Moreira-Yeoell has said: "It’s probably one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written. Where most of our songs are written around personal emotions we all experience as human beings, ‘Hungry


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