Gold Key - Panic Machine | Album Review

For some creatives, self-imposed isolation is the catalyst for fantastic pieces of art. By temporarily cutting the threads connecting one to society, one can tap into the often subdued ley lines of creativity that run throughout the mind, all without facing distraction from the deafening noise of modern life. Highlighting this method is the sublime sophomoric record from relative supergroup Gold Key. The successor to 2017’s Hello, Phantom, the upcoming Panic Machine was recorded outside the remote North Wales coastal village of Arthog. With no phone signal, no access to transport and nothing within walking distance, Gold Key created a breathtaking piece of work that mirrors the isolation, be

Havok - V | Album Review

Though when it comes to size and appeal, thrash metal reached its cultural peak in the 80's, it's bands like Municipal Waste, Revocation, Power Trip, and Havok that have kept the genres modern day heart rate from flat lining. Generally sticking to the classic blueprint left for them: Denver four piece Havok have always took nods at the Mount Rushmore of thrash, but never quite been an outright carbon copy of their fore fathers. Their breakout record Time Is Up not only cemented them as a force, it opened up a whole new conversation about the future of a sector of metal thought to have been on its way to the cemetery. The bands fifth record, aptly titled V, makes subtle yet vibrant gestures t

How Well Do You Know Your Sound?: A Chat With GroundCulture On Their Debut

Having already completed an array of incredible tours and festivals in their time as a band, as well as signing to Hopeless Records, Newcastle melodic hardcore risers GroundCulture are now gearing up for the release of their long awaited debut album How Well Do You Really Know Yourself? To know more about the release, their history and their ethos we had a chat with vocalist and frontman Roy Watson. Related: GroundCulture - How Well Do You Really Know Yourself? | Album Review So, what's in a name? We'd love to know where the name 'GroundCulture' originates, and what it means to you as its members. “GroundCulture is something that for all of us has kinda grown into its own strength and meanin

Scavengers - Are We Alone Now? | EP Review

Much like NY’s resident web slinger, South Wales’ friendly neighbourhood quartet Scavengers have swiftly sauntered onto the scene with earnest swagger, appealing edge and probably a sticky residue. Presenting strutting alt-rock that you can bring home to your parents, Scavengers have quickly constructed a strong reputation for themselves, recently sharing stages with the likes of Junior, Dude Trips and Raiders – all on the back of a small bundle of tracks. With their namesake now etched in the wet cement of the scene, the group are now releasing their debut EP Are We Alone Now? A compilation of tacks both new and old, it’s an authentically wild and youthful release that’s set to launch them

The Shows Must Go On: A Discussion With Cardiff's Fuel Rock Club

Local music venues are the lifeblood of the music scene. It is a statement we are all aware of but one that unfortunately is a common point of discussion between music fans due to the increasing challenges for venues. You hear it all the time, support your small cap venues and ensure bands have somewhere to begin their journey. The importance of this cannot be overstated and lo and behold it is true. At this time when a fan's ability to physically attend their local venue has been stripped away, this issue is more prominent than ever. So we at Noizze have decided to curate a list of the venues we feel are important in the areas we are based. Where better to start than the venue where even No

Good As Gold Group Host ‘The Tours That Never Were’ Fundraiser, All Proceeds Going Towards Bands, Ch

As you will probably know, the Covid-19 crisis has utterly ravaged the music industry. Artists all across the nation have been dealt an incredibly heavy blow by the pandemic, with canceled or rescheduled shows resulting in a loss of income and other financial difficulties due to non-refundable bookings and other expenses. However, it’s not only the musicians that are being effected by this. With every cancelled show, tour managers, sound & light engineers, stage techs, drivers, merch managers and everyone else behind the scenes have been effected financially by this health crisis. In response to this, the Good As Gold Group – The PR agency behind a lot of your favourite bands - have announce

Brandon Neal - Abrandon Hope | Album Review

With another tongue-in-cheek pun title reminiscent of his debut release, 2018’s Abrandon Ship, the scene is set for the second release from one of the UK’s most original DIY singer-songwriters, Leicester’s own Brandon Neal. 'ThreeFall' provides an understated yet catchy opening; one that will probably be familiar to those who’ve caught one of Neal’s live shows in 2019, having been previously released on social media early last year. The eerie background whistles and occasional discordant playing build up the sound well into a strong opener that’s certain to become a new earworm for listeners before it suddenly finishes, and the album launches into a happier sound with 'Grand for a Brandnew'.

Vader - Solitude In Madness | Album Review

Existing at the intersection of Thrash Metal and Death Metal are some really interesting cross over bands. Death Metal made a huge impact going as far back as the 80s with bands like Death and Morbid Angel. Vader has much been a staple of the genre but without the same kind of notoriety. A household name, but not one credited as starting the genre. None-the-less, since 1983, they've released eleven albums with Solitude In Madness being their twelfth. Fast, brutal and with a strong tinge of Thrash, Vader are none-the-less a strong example of the down-tuned brutality of instrumentation, which is Death Metal. But it is Piotr Wiwczarek's vocals that are one of the most iconic sounding Death Meta

2000 Trees Festival Postpones 2020 Event, Confirms Dates For 2021!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it’s been confirmed today that 2000 Trees Festival 2020 has been postponed. Dry your eyes though, as the team have already announced the dates for next year. Originally meant to be taking place on the second weekend of July, the next edition of the festival will now take place July 8th - 10th 2021 at it’s usual home of Upcote Farm, Cheltenham. All tickets will be valid for next year but refunds are available upon request. However, due to the independent nature of the festival, rolling over tickets will help the festival survive this cancellation. Since it’s humble origins in 2007, the award winning festival has become one of the most vital events of the co

'Igorrrr and the Mysteries of Experimental Music' - Interview with Gautier Serre

Most band interviews like to start by saying that this is a band that needs no introduction, well instead Igorrr really are a band that needs one. It is hard to truly explain the uniqueness of Igorrr. They seem to include influences throughout all music and it shows in their music. I say they but it is mainly the passion project of Gautier Serre. Making Igorrr, Serre drafts many musicians into his music and could only in recent years be able to fully tour off the back of 2017's Savage Sinusoid. Their music together being truly experimental in sound scope and by very design. Igorrr really needs to be heard to be believed. We are now on their fourth album, Spirituality and Distortion since the

On Sight - Cause of Pain | Album Review

Cause of Pain, the debut album from New Jersey based group On Sight, is as fiery and aggressive as one would expect from a hardcore release, with plenty of energy to boot. It is though, as a whole, seemingly underwhelming, with its short track lengths (the longest being just over 3 minutes) combined with a total of only 7 songs and a runtime of a mere 15 minutes. Leading the record to be over in a flash and leaving you, the listener, wondering if you missed something. There isn’t really much to differentiate one song from the next - each has the same palm muted riffs and the same growling vocals, which whilst enjoyable do inevitably cause the songs to blend together into one. This makes it d

GroundCulture - How Well Do You Really Know Yourself? | Album Review

“How Well Do You Really Know Yourself?”, a question, an album title, an opening lyric bellowed from the depths of Roy Watson's vocal chords. Newcastle heavy hitters GroundCulture are offering an open door into an auditory experience that aims to shake up your senses and shake down your conscience. The band, formed of the aforementioned Roy on vocals, Lewi Shoulder and Mattie Turner on guitars, George Collings on bass and Josh Murphy behind the kit, have already racked up quite the series of accolades in the few years they have officially existed as a collective, sharing stages with Every Time I Die, Crossfaith, Issues and even 30 Seconds To Mars, alongside festival slots at This Is Tomorrow,

WACO Share Fan-Collab Video For New Single ‘Good Days’, All Proceeds To Go Towards NHS!

The intergalactic London punk quartet WACO have today unveiled the video for their new single ‘Good Days’, with the track being the first offering from their forthcoming second album Hope Rituals. Released via the independent Venn Records, ‘Good Days’ is a throwback to when, well, days where good. However, the track does show the crucial positivity that can still be found, with the respective video being composed of wholesome home-filmed clips contributed by fans. On top of this, all proceeds from the track will go straight to NHS Charities Together in support the of National Health Service's battle aiganst the ongoing pandemic. “We're overwhelmed by the support and creativity from our fans

Religious Trauma & Punk Positivity - A Chat With The Homeless Gospel Choir

Derek Zanetti – commonly refereed to as The Homeless Gospel Choir – is a man who wears his heart and expereinces on his sleeve. Throughout the past decade the Pittsburgh folk punk has been a beacon of hope and relatability for many, with countless fans worldwide engaging with his stark and passionate documentations of much required inclusiveness and our increasingly toxic global culture. With his new and first full-band album This Land Is Your Landfill now out in the wild, we got in touch with The Homeless Gospel Choir for a quick chat on releasing the record during the pandemic, religion, mental health and the punk scene. Related: The Homeless Gospel Choir - This Land Is Your Landfill | Alb

Trivium - What The Dead Men Say | Album Review

A new Trivium album is always an occasion; since 2003’s Ascendancy the band have put out some stellar releases but it’s been tempered with inconsistency and odd choices (Vengeance Falls, anyone?) but fans have always stuck by them for those glimmers of brilliance. After the aforementioned Vengeance Falls and power metal detour Silence In The Snow, the band were seemingly in a rut but expectations were well and truly smashed with the welcome return to form of The Sin And The Sentence, sounding like a band going back to the drawing board and just enjoying writing some great heavy metal. With that in mind, 2020 and a global pandemic sees the band releasing followup What The Dead Men Say, prefac

Downard - Permanent Damage | Album Review

Those loyal to the contemporary Bristolian DIY scene may know the name of Downard well. In fact, those previously acquainted with the act will likely acknowledge their namesake with a secret, knowing grin. For those new to their name, Downard are a noise-rock two piece who’s members are in a long term relationship. So a bit like The White Stripes except for being nowhere near as tepid, a lot more exciting and completely nothing like them. Self-released digitally April 28th prior to being released physically as soon as Covid-19 relents, their awaited long play debut Permanent Damage is a gripping, abrasively raw and mentally engaging barrage on the ears that showcases why this band are held w

Radar Festival Postpones 2020 Event To October, Announces Another Wave Of Bands!

Photo: Andy Ford With coronavirus tightening it’s grip on the world, it looks increasingly likely that Festival Season 2020 is going to be a complete write off. However, Radar Festival have announced today that this year’s event has been moved from it’s original peak summer dates to October along with announcing another wave of bands. Since it's recent establishment, Radar Festival has swiftly become a major event for all fans of progressive heavy music. Taking place in sheltered Guildford venues on the new dates of 16th and 17th October, today's announcement see's Sleep Token, Heart Of A Coward, Phoxjaw, We Never Learned To Live, Shokran Siamese, Cabal, PURGE, Wavey, Viriditas, Icarus Dive

Elephant Tree - Habits | Album Review

After four years away, it’s safe to say that anticipation was running high for stoner rockers Elephant Tree’s return with new album Habits. The time away has seen the band swell their ranks, sign to independent darlings Holy Roar Records and hone their sound to a fine art. The band take elements from extreme metal - tar-thick riffs and grooves straight out of New Orleans - and channel it through a psychedelic haze, leading to a fuzzed-out, chilled sense of peace contrasted by lyrics dealing with loss, regret, mental health and the inevitability of death. The end result is something that while identifiably metal also plays the tropes of the genre off against each other, utilising them in new

Living Through The Mustard Coloured Years - Interview With Wild Cat Strike

Brighton's Indie-math-rock hybrids Wild Cat Strike are a poetic bunch. Weaving their sombre craft with idioms and such in order to enrich their poetic narratives, the group are held dear by a growing demographic, one that's recently been bolstered by their new EP Mustard Coloured Years. With the release out now via Small Pond, we got in touch with frontman Danny Bryom to hear more about the EP, their love for analogies, nostalgia, how one can support artists and labels in this trying time and more. Related: Wild Cat Strike - Mustard Coloured Years | EP Review Mustard Coloured Years is the follow up to Rhubarb Nostalgia and feels like it immediately continues where the album left off. Could y

The Homeless Gospel Choir - This Land Is Your Landfill | Album Review

Much like 2017's full length Normal, The latest offering from Pittsburgh folk-punk mainstay The Homeless Gospel Choir is filled with emotion and loathing for our current geopolitical climate masked by pretty pop-punk. However, This Land Is Your Landfill see's Derek Zanetti - the man behind the project - with more venom in his words, more frustration in his bloodstream and more energy in his delivery. The upbeat guitars gently shift focus from the intense lyrics, and their new sound highlights a figure more aware of the wider picture and more articulate. However, as is the issue with many fully fledged and full band pop-punk albums, This Land is Your Landfill sometimes fails to separate it's


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