Palaye Royale - The Bastards | Album Review

Though it is a tall order, the majority of musicians across the world create such raw and emotionally charged soundtracks in an effort to navigate their treacherous paths for view of peace and an escape from inner turmoil. Such a trusted and proven method has recently been illustrated by Palaye Royale‘s distinct shift in their musical wonderland to what can only be described as a sinister and overtly-aggressive space on their long awaited 3rd studio album The Bastards. This brutal hyper-reality created by the Kropp brothers delves into the trauma laden mind of their front man Remington Leith, who details such deeply personal subject matter relating to his turbulent and troubled upbringing.

Bleed From Within - Fracture | Album Review

Metalcore is a confusing subgenre. Initially coined as a joke term back in the 90s for metallic hardcore bands like Hatebreed, this is a style that now encompasses such a broad variety of bands that it's almost completely meaningless. On one hand, you have bands like the aforementioned Hatebreed and Counterparts who are much closer to hardcore and post-hardcore than they are metal, and then you have bands like Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall who can be more described as metal bands that have hardcore influences. On top of that, metalcore became a dirty term in the late 2000s and early 2010s thanks to bands such as Asking Alexandria, which led to metalcore being synonymous with bands that

Lamb Of God Post Killer New Track 'Routes'

Photo Credit: Travis Shinn The groove metal sensations have gone and done it again, Lamb of God have released 'Routes' today, the fourth single taken from their new, self titled record. Featuring the vocals of Testament vocalist Chuck Billy, the track was lyrically inspired by front man Randy Blythe's time spent protesting during the No DAPL movement. An event that started with just a few native women and children camping near the site of a pipeline construction being built near their water supply and unceded treaty land - it quickly grew to garner national attention. The Lamb Of God vocalist said: "I went to Standing Rock because I had heard reports of violence committed on the peaceful pro

Happy Accidents - Sprawling | Album Review

Belonging to the same London niche that's home to artists like Charmpit, Fresh and Dream Nails, indie-punk songbirds Happy Accidents have spent the last several years enjoying the modest spoils that come with a budding fanbase. Swiftly signing to Alcopop Records after forming, the group released two long records – 2016’s You Might Be Right and 2018’s Everything But The Here And Now, respectively – to applause from the demographic that adored them. On the surface, it seemed the group had everything an emerging artist could ask for. However, despite such modest successes, there’s been change in the house of Happy Accidents as of late. Last year saw the dynamic being shaken up after the amicabl

Antethic - Mythographer | Album Review

Saint Petersburg - one of the more progressive regions of the great Russian expanse – has steadily garnered a reputation for hosting some truly innovative and groundbreaking musical artists over the past decade or so. Maybe it’s the city’s more social progressive sensibilities or its rich cultural history, but nevertheless, Russia’s second largest city is now a hub for technical aural modernism. Embodying such a fact is the city’s latest prime electronic orientated post-rock export Mythographer, the third album from genre dynamos Antethic. Released May 29th via Holy Roar, Mythographer is the group’s first international release, their initial statement to many encountering them for the very f

A Matter Of Indie-Punk and Perspective: Introducing Happy Accidents and Sprawling

Composed of one Rich Mandell and one Phoebe Cross, whilst they may seem initially relatively unassuming, Happy Accidents are a collective that harbour an abundance of substance and self-cultivated experience. Belonging to the same safe inner-city sanctum that’s home to artists such as Fresh, Charmpit, Dream Nails and countless other socially conscious punk artists, the London indie-punk two-piece are one of those artists that soundtrack both the quiet moments of your life and the more celebratory grandiose ones. Marring wry, borderline withheld composure with excitable punk energy, the group encapsulate the mood of the nation’s frustrated ageing youth. This, combined with their DIY orientate

The Shock Doctrine: Track By Track With COPE

The world is an awful state right now, with many finding exhaustion and misery within the seemingly endless barrage of torment raining down. Documenting this and how the powers that be can find opportunity within such torment, is the debut album from London based hardcore crossovers COPE. A wild and bucking journey through political and cultural discourse, The Shock Doctrine see's COPE secure a promising future for themselves with their molotov cocktail of riffs, harmonies and hardcore orientated rage. With the record now out in the wild, guitarist and songwriter Josh Bowles sets down the meaning and inspirations behind each track on the album. COPE - The Shock Doctrine | Album Review Life I

Scavengers: The Top 5 Best Welsh Artists You Need To Hear Right Now

For a hot minute now, the friendly neighbourhood alt-rock quartet Scavengers have been busy staking their claim within the constantly expanding and flourishing contemporary South Wales scene. Marring roguishly wholesome charm with massive melodies and fat groove, the group are one of those few select bands that are youthfully fresh whilst sounding like they've been honing their skills for years - something they proved with their debut EP Are We Alone Now? Self-released last month, the extended play established their charm and finesse with confident aptitude. Whilst the name Scavengers is now firmly etched in the cement of the local scene, vocalist and frontman Marek Ball got in touch to info

David Sanchez: "I didn't care about being 'IN', I still really don't"

Birthed in the mid 2000's, Colorado's Havok under normal circumstances would have had their work cut out for them in their quest to make themselves future stalwarts of thrash metal. You'll remember that as we were reaching the middle of the naughties, Nu Metal had arguably already peaked - and the new wave of American heavy metal was in full swing. The likes of Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Machine Head, and Devildriver had charged through the gates of alternative culture to create a groundswell of opportunistic fervour. By that token then, your average thrashers were to have their backs bound to a wall if they were looking to re-live the genre's hay-day of the mid 80's, but Havok aren't y

Flight Of Eden - Dante's Inferno | EP Review

Dante Alighieri's 14th century epic, Divine Comedy, is opened with his now famous work, Inferno, which tells his journey through Hell itself. In this poem, he depicts hell as having 9 circles of torment, with each circle depicting a different transgression. The poem was written as a representation of a person rejecting sin and instead committing their soul to God. This epic poem is the basis of the subject matter of the second EP from Reading-based progressive metal band Flight of Eden, which borrows its title from Dante's poem. The band, formed in 2015 after the disbandment of Zodiark, was then put on hold after bassist Christian Sturgess became involved with another British progressive met

COPE - The Shock Doctrine | Album Review

“There are forces out there that want to see you suffer. When you are too tired, exhausted, miserable or apathetic to stand up for your rights, they will take them from you. That is the shock doctrine.” Few descriptions of an album’s inspirations are so succinct and so apt than COPE guitarist Josh Bowles’ summary of the band’s debut album The Shock Doctrine. It’s also a rather fitting title given that the band released a couple of EPs in 2016 and 2017 but have been mostly quiet since, bar the odd single now and then - especially when opener ‘Life In 3D’ bares its teeth and immediately goes for the throat. The pummelling, churning riffs show a marked step up from previous EP Tooth & Nail, and

SANS - SANS | EP Review

Hailing from the winding streets of inner Bristol, SANS are a technically interesting, if not face melting proposition. A band that are removed from mundane standard convention, the South West trio have spent the last several years melting flesh and short-wiring synapses with their sweat soaked mix of post-punk, noise, hardcore and just general aural relentlessness. It was something the group expressed turbulently with their 2019 debut Misophonic Songs, a record that firmly put them on the map of all things wild and idiosyncratic. Whilst a full year hasn't even past since that record, the group are back with a self-titled EP in the form of 3 open hand blows to the nose that will leave one di

Caligula's Horse - Rise Radiant | Album Review

If there's any band out there that consistently sets very high standards for themselves with every consecutive album, it would be Brisbane proggers Caligula's Horse. However, what makes Caligula's Horse such a great band is that they not only keep these high standards, but they seem to outdo themselves on each and every album they release. Their previous effort, In Contact, took all the best elements from their previous releases and blended them all together into a fantastic album that can really only be described as the pinnacle of their discography so far, which, as a whole, is a masterclass in modern progressive rock. The band's fifth album, Rise Radiant, simply continues in the high stan

Exclusive Video Premiere: The Nightmares 'The Falling Dream'

We're incredibly pleased to exclusively reveal 'The Falling Dream' - the latest track from Newport based 'Noir Pop' outfit The Nightmares. Released via Stereo Brain Records, the track tells the story of both soul searching, and risk taking in the bands patented, synth lead style. Where the bands previous efforts like 'Adore' and 'Life Won't Wait' see the quartet hitting a sweet spot between Creeper and The Pet Shop Boys, 'The Falling Dream' is their most ambitious, genre spanning release yet. You can feast your ears on 'The Falling Dream' below: The Nightmares are: Adam Parslow Benjamin Mainwaring James Mattock Ellie Coburn Facebook:/thenightmares666 Twitter: @THENIGHTMARESUK Facebook:/s

Crossfaith - Species | EP Review

Eight years ago, Crossfaith released their revered Zion EP worldwide, shining a huge spotlight on the band on a global scale. With that spotlight they've been slowly building their profile and securing their legacy in stone, from their unparalleled live shows to their expansive library of ragers, bangers and anthems. With their new EP, Species, the Japanese titans are set to usher in a new age of chaos, with their sights set on huge stages and an even huger sound, they've held nothing back on this latest release. One thing that's glaringly apparent with the Species EP is that it's crushingly heavy, from start to finish it just doesn't relent. Opening track 'Digital Parasite' serves as a chao

Folk And Friendship: Who's Who on Non Canon II

Friday last saw Non Canon – the solo project of Oxygen Thief’s Barry Dolan – release his highly anticipated and fantastic sequel album. Simply titled Non Canon II, the release witnessed Dolan document our increasingly turbulent culture with folk wit and rich, luscious instrumentalism. Whilst the record is a solo affair in name, Non Canon II is actually the product of collaboration and friendship, a release that saw a manner of musicians peppering the record with their talents. With that in mind, we got in touch with Barry Dolan to find out who’s who on Non Canon album number two. Non Canon - Non Canon II | Album Review “Like my debut album, Non Canon II features guest appearances from a numb

Overrider - Cyc|er | Album Review

For an act that are the product of technology – both digital and analogue – some may find surprise in the fact that the anonymous duo Overrider keep a scarce online presence. No bios, no shameless self-promotion and certainly no social media pages can be found regarding the Manchester electronic newcomers. However, this becomes evidently understandable when experiencing their art. An act that calls the black light lit pits of cyberspace their home, Overrider are band that inhabit the space between digital intensity and reflective ambience, the curious chambers between unquantifiable human emotion and algorithmic data. It’s something they showcase in neon light with their debut record Cyc|er.

Rise Radiant, Fatherhood, Prog, Dynamics, Australia and Steely Dan: An Interview With Caligula's

If there is any modern band that consistently sets high benchmarks for themselves with each passing album prior to execceding such benchmarks like it's second nature, it's Perth proggers Cailgula's Horse. With the release of their highly anticipated fifth album Rise Radiant drawing near, we got in touch with guitarist Sam Vallen to ask a few questions about the new record, member dyanmics, fatherhood, touring, Covid-19 and Steely Dan. Rise Radiant has been the first album with new bassist Dale Prinsse onboard, how has he settled into the band? Sam: "Dale has actually had a presence in the band since its very beginnings. He's an old friend of mine and he actually worked with me on the record

Sobriquet – A Hundred Thousand Tongues | EP Review

With an opener as vicious as ‘Higami’, it seems Sheffield five-piece Sobriquet are set on causing mayhem. This hardcore outfit offer a fresh take on their genre, making for an explosive listen. With vocalist Ludovico Fahey’s opening snarl and some heavy-hitting riffs, influences from bands like Fever 333 spring to mind. Fahey’s monstrous tone solidifies his place as one of the freshest vocalists in the UK scene from the off. However, as the single proceeds, Fahey intertwines clean choruses with brutal screams to make an unusual hybrid of styles. As the EP continues, we find that clean vocals and a softer sound become more apparent. Second single ‘Eros’ sounds somewhat bouncy and feel-good in

Jamie Lenman Announces New ‘Mini-Album’ King Of Clubs, Returns With New Single And Video ‘The Road T

Never the one to stay formant for long, Jamie Lenman has returned with a brand new single ‘Road To Right’ alongside news on a freshly announced ‘mini-album’ King Of Clubs. Released September 25th via Big Scary Monsters, King Of Clubs is the follow up to Lenman’s 2018 covers project Shuffle and is set to be his first original full length since 2017’s Devolver. Originally set to be an EP, the record came into creation following an abundance of written material and was once again produced by frequent collaborator and producer Space (Idles, Black Futures). According to Lenmen himself, the upcoming record is his most aggressive and political record since his solo debut Muscle Memory and to sum up


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