"In these times of crushing capitalism, the punks shine through" - Introducing the translu

Dublin has long enjoyed a global reputation for many a year, with it’s earnest cobblestoned streets, emerald decadence and Celtic lilt captivating the minds and hearts of countless of visitors. However, beneath such cobble the city is host to a flourishing and robust contemporary music scene, one that nurtures emerging talent and collectively fights back the all sterilising nature of gentrification. One such band to emerge from the fray is the ethereally devastating three-piece Bitch Falcon. Bitch Falcon are an act that’s essentially impossible to ignore nor forget – and not just down to their striking namesake. Forming in 2014 and currently composed of Lizzie Fitzpatrick (Vocals, Guitar), B

Fall Of Messiah - Senicarne | Album Review

French post-metal quintet Fall Of Messiah aren’t afraid to gaze into the maddening abyss and ponder the more depressing nature of existence. The group have often veered towards toying with more macabre psychological exercises, something their 2016 breakthrough Empty Colours showcased vividly. Four years on and with the world continuing to spin dangerously off it’s axis, it’s no surprise Fall Of Messiah’s latest record Senicarne see’s the group tackle their biggest and bleakest subject to date. Roughly translating to ‘rooted’ in French when read in reverse and ‘old flesh’ in Latin when read forwards, Senicarne documents how neither human relationships nor nature is safe from the ravages of en

Limos – Tales of the White Eye | EP Review

In the crossroads of extreme metal, Black Metal intersects with Death Metal in sometimes obvious, sometimes obscure ways. Bands that generate that fanbase can be hard to describe. With a rough edged Melodic Death Metal band like God Dethroned there is almost a blueprint. Whilst Blackened Death Metal Bands make it incredibly clear. Limos, a recent act from Finland, are completely within this area. Despite the clear similarity to God Dethroned it would perhaps not be giving them enough credit. Atmospheric and proud the sheer Death Metal approach and rough exterior, gives way to some remarkable musicianship. Despite all the mood, it is with the Melodic overtones that Limos are able to build the

Osyron - Foundations | Album Review

Canadian progressive power/symphonic metallers Osyron bring us their latest release Foundations. Established in 2006 as Morbid Theory, they went through a few lineup and stylistic changes and re-emerged as Osyron in 2012. Foundations is the band's third album as Osyron and mixes different styles – progressive and symphonic/power metal with elements of folk and middle-eastern influences, also technical elements. It also sounds like they're inspired by film and/or game soundtracks – as is evident in the intro to the opening track 'The Cross', which establishes early on the dramatic and symphonic mood of the album. Perfectly matching this melting pot of influences is the vocalist – Reed – who i

Bleed From Within's Ali Richardson: "We don't actually know what we're capable of&q

Photo Credit: Tom Armstrong It's not an overly grandiose claim to make that Bleed From Within's career can quite literally be split into two halves. From sonically, to line up & behind the scenes settings - the Scots have lead an almost Clarke Kent like double life: from the rough around the edges deathcore outfit - to front runners of modern British Metal, the five piece re-galvanised two years ago and never looked back. New record Fracture was of course at the tip of the bands reclamation spear. It's an album that delivered the kind of heavyweight, encompassing punch of metal you'd expect from the likes of Parkway Drive or Trivium - two bands the quintet unquestionably have their sights on

Broadside - Into The Raging Sea | Album Review

If you catch a glimpse of the album artwork for Broadside’s brand-new instalment, Into The Raging Sea, it can be understandable to expect something a bit different from the Vancouver based pop rockers. Serving as a visual contrast to the 2017 Paradise, this third record presents a fresh mindset for the quartet. From the outset, the new Broadside manifests a darker periphery in previously released single ‘The Raging Sea’. It’s a steady paced track, carefully constructed with a hard-hitting chorus and passionate lyrics. Relaxed instrumentals allow these vocals to take centre stage. It’s something unlike anything that was apparent in the preceding release and it proves to be an exciting directi

Neck Deep - All Distortions Are Intentional | Album Review

At album four one of the biggest risks a band can make is being boring. With an established sound it’s all too easy to fall back on old tricks and pump out the same tired routine. Another of the bigger risks is evolving to a completely new sound. Without a bridging release, your audience receive an album from a band they no longer recognise. Thankfully Neck Deep avoids either of these pitfalls but somehow still don’t manage to play it safe. With All Distortions Are Intentional, the Wrexham based boys of Neck Deep find themselves tackling a concept album. A record based on stories with familiar themes but new characters. A risk with concept albums is they often sacrifice some of the bands rec

The Acacia Strain - Slow Decay | Album Review

Times are tough right now. The last few years seem to have been one weird nightmare after another, an apparently never ending stream of reality-shattering alterations to the world’s status quo. How one reacts to these strange days depends on their perspective and worldview. It’s of course preferable to have hope, to remain optimistic in the face of the oncoming danger. However it’s also tempting to succumb to despair, to view everything through blackened eyes, watching it all come tumbling down. The Acacia Strain have long ploughed this particular nihilistic field, however now it seems that the world has caught up with their vision. Nihilism does contain its own form of redemptive qualities,

The RXPTR Shack: 5 bands and their perfect cocktail counterparts as told by RXPTRS

Lacerating riffs and cocktail sophistication - a timeless, perfect mix. Bar from writing and playing feral metalcore in the vein of Every Time I Die, Cancer Bars and While She Sleeps, Bristolian metalcore yob RXPTRS love nothing more than a good, high percentage alcoholic beverage. Whilst the summer has long been a season associated with social drinking, for obvious reasons, this year has been a bit different. With that in mind, the band got in touch to disclose their top five music related cocktails for you to enjoy in the comfort and safety of your own abode. Enjoy responsibly / messily. Related: RXPTRS - I | EP Review "Missing the festival vibes and all-day drinking? Fear not. We have tak

Royal Swan: On and Off Track with Phoxjaw

Differing yourselves from your contemporaries can be a difficult task for many emerging artists. In order to truly stand out you need to offer an experience utterly unique, incomparable and beyond standard norms. Some artists trying to offer such fall flat. For others, crafting an unparalleled experience comes naturally. The Bristol based quartet Phoxjaw fit effortlessly into the later category. From the very early days, it was clear that Phoxjaw where something new, with their initial EPs Goodbye Dinosaur and A Playground For Sad Adults showcasing an utterly belligerent sound that was familiar but freshly reinvigorating. However, their recently released debut Royal Swan bypassed all lofty e

Haken - Virus | Album Review

Since their inception back in 2007, British proggers Haken have been steadily building an impressive discography and showing themselves to be one of the best examples of modern progressive metal. Some fans even argue that they have filled the empty space left by Dream Theater who, in recent years, have not exactly been garnering as much praise as they did in their heyday back in the 90s and early 2000's. Whilst this could be up for debate, it's inarguable that the quality of Haken's music has definitely set a high benchmark for progressive metal bands in 2020, and they even gave themselves a tough task of following up their fifth studio release, Vector, which was seen by fans as a return to

Asylums - Genetic Cabaret | Album Review

If you like your rock music loud, bolshy, and tinged with furious early-2000s urgency, then Asylums are the band for you. Their second album Genetic Cabaret is a political commentary on all things Donald Trump, Brexit, widening class contrasts and generational divides. It offers you something to scream along to at the top of your lungs and lyrically, Asylums have written some simply impeccable powerful protest songs forged via personal and societal scrutiny. However, you enjoy something a little more adventurous, dynamic and more than a clear nod to their their clear as day influences, this may not be the fresh relief to the itch you're seeking for. ‘Who Writes Tomorrow’s Headlines?’ is incr

Behind The New Ways of Living: A Brew and Chat with The Winter Passing

“Just because The 1975 are the biggest guitar band in the world, doesn’t mean that we have to go full fucking 80s,” laughed Rob Flynn, bassist and vocalist of The Winter Passing. Not that they have anything against The 1975, but The Winter Passing wanted their second album to be a true representation of them. That album, called New Ways of Living, is a collection of deeply personal songs, and it’s one that we absolutely love. When starting the writing process, they asked themselves what they would do if this was the last record The Winter Passing would release. New Ways of Living was the result of that. “I’d write a record that could be left in the hemisphere of the world forever and I could

Decay - Staring At The Sun | Album Review

In recent years, Liverpool has proven to be a hotbed of alternative talent. The hometown of the likes of WSTR and Loathe, post-hardcore collective Decay are yet another Scouse name we’ve been watching closely. Last week brought the release of their debut album, Staring At The Sun, which sees them develop at a remarkable rate. The foundations of the 10-track release are built on feelings of grief, heartbreak and depression, which contrast with the celebration of their musical breakthrough last year with debut EP Modern Conversation. The highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows make for a turbulent record that has no room for stagnancy. It races from bright and mellow tunes like the ope

PWER Festival Confirm 2021 Return!

Cardiff's much beloved PWER Festival will be returning in 2021, it has been confirmed today. Standing as a sturdy pillar of supporting up and coming artists, PWER Festival has done a tremendous job of spotlighting the industries future heavyweights since 2017. Having featured acts such as Dream State, Vukovi, Soeur, CHROMA, Cassles, and False Advertising - it comes as little surprise that festival organisers Luke & Calum are eager to get the ball rolling for 2021. Speaking on its history, and what comes next - the duo had this to say about PWER: "Pŵer is Welsh for power; the kind of power that ignites sparks, generates movement and break through barriers. We set up Pŵer Festival 3 years a go

Sharptooth - Transitional Forms | Album Review

There must be something in Baltimore's waters, because hardcore band Sharptooth are back, bigger and badder than ever before. The quintet introduced themselves in 2017 with their fierce debut album Clever Girl, a piece of work that may or may not have been titled in honour of a certain reptile. A solid piece of work, but riddled with a few beginner's flaws. However, for their newest work -Transitional Forms - they spared no expense. Hold onto your butts, this is going to be a wild ride. The first exposure we get to this sophomore record is the lead single "Say Nothing (In The Absence Of Content)", which is a big riff-filled track criticising their corner of the music scene for it's lack of m

The Long Faces - Documentaries | EP Review

You may have not encountered The Long Faces before, but believe us, many have. Despite only having a small bundle of tracks to their namesake, the young five piece have amassed over 2.5 million streams on Spotify, became the central point of a global fanbase and have found themselves included in an end of year list by a popular radio station in El Salvador – quite a bit of a stones throw from their hometown of Canterbury. Lofty accolades indeed, especially when considering the lack of press coverage and a scarce live presence. With this in mind, it’s easy to ponder why the band have managed to secure such achievements whilst remaining unknown. This is a question that’s easily answered when l

Voivod - The End Of Dormancy | EP Review

Canadian progressive metallers Voivod have been at this a while; since their thrash/speed metal roots in the 1980s, the band have undergone multiple evolutions and metamorphoses to emerge in their current form, playing a blend of thrash and progressive metal that has elevated them to being one of the ‘big four’ of Canadian thrash. Having been fairly quiet since the release of their last album The Wake in 2018, it’s apt that Voivod are re-emerging with an EP titled The End Of Dormancy; rather than being brand new music, it is instead a reimagining of its title track from their previous album along with a live version of it and classic song ‘The Unknown Knows’. 'The End Of Dormancy' forgoes th

Zines, Scenes and Violent Noise: Introducing Only Fools and Corpses

Birthed in industrial South Wales, Swansea/Newport-based trio ​Only Fools And Corpses​ have come out alive and fighting, lunging for the world’s throat. Conceived in summer 2018, guitarist & vocalist Cameron Mcintyre, bassist Dan Richards and drummer Jack Hughes began ​Only Fools and Corpses ​as jam sessions planned around Cameron’s idea for ​“an EP about a mind collapsing, just a few really horrible, themed songs about mental collapse and people’s legs coming off.” Although that idea has yet to come to fruition, the band​ ​have remained ambitious. Counting The Jesus Lizard, Self Defense Family and Sleaford Mods as key influences, ​Only Fools and Corpses ​incorporate those acts’ idiosyncrati

DITZ - Five Songs | EP Review

To say DITZ kicked the hornets nest when they arrived on the Brighton scene would be a wee bit of an understatement. A more fitting analogy would be that they lit the nest on fire and dropkicked it right into the fray. From refusing to comply with genre guidelines and not playing ball with rigid scene norms, the Brighton noise-punks where quickly left separated and shunned from the horde of contemporaries they share a town with. A tricky place to be when initially establishing oneself, but a fantastic position to be in when wanting to be noticed. After being snagged up by Alcopop Records and being heralded by artists such as Idles and Slaves, DITZ are a new breed of noise-merchant, something


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