Introducing... Denio

Four piece Indie band Denio, based in Liverpool, have been making somewhat of a dent recently in the music scene with singles "There I Said It" and "Dreaming". Noting influences from the likes of Mac Demarco, Tame Impala and Jungle as well as a collective love for 80's bands like Talking Heads the band have an excellent pool of talent to draw from. In addition, band members Daniel and Andres Hernandez throw their Venezuelan roots into the mix and the result is quite remarkable showcasing a South American inspired rhythm and melody which is completed by Vocalist Mike Davis' unmistakably British lyrics. This may sound like the finished product may sound chaotic but this couldn't be further fro

Avatar's Johannes Eckerstrom: "It was time for our darker, attitude era"

As 21st century metal continues to evolve, few are as adaptable to change as Avatar. The Swedish giants have morphed into a multitude of lifeforms over their decade and a half long span. Yes, theatricality has remained the bands ultimate go-to, but as we reach a pivotal turning point for the five piece - their ability to change with the wind has never been more important. That wind change facing Avatar is, of course, the trials and tribulations of modern life. And as you'd expect, the world looks like somewhat of a different place today than it did when the Swedes journey began. That's not to say the band yearn for time travel, but if the quintet were ever planning on taking a harsher look a

Pain Of Salvation - Panther | Album Review

Eleven albums into an illustrious career, Pain Of Salvation are arguably the quintessential prog band. Always changing and evolving their sound, the band have remained consistent throughout. 2017’s In The Passing Light Of Day was a very intimate affair written in the wake of vocalist Daniel Gildenlow’s hospitalisation and subsequent near-death experience that seemed to harken a return to guitar-driven music. On eleventh album Panther, the band see no reason to change one tradition, delivering another concept album. The album centres on a world with a small population of panthers, those different such as on the autism spectrum, living in a world populated by, and designed for, dogs - or, neur

Introducing... Squidge

Established in 2016 alternative punk outfit Squidge hailing from Southwest UK have built a solid platform for themselves. With an EP and a number of singles under their belt the band have broken into their local scene by force supporting bands such as Sick Joy, Muskets, Phoxjaw and Bean on Toast. The band have just dropped their new single "Cardboard Box", a straight up, no fuss anthem that roars for 3 and a half minutes with particular bounce and flare in the chorus. The song boasts singalong qualities and is backed by meaty riffs that make for a track that boosts the band's flourishing back-catalogue. The energetic nature of the song is juxtaposed with its lyrical content that depicts refl

Glass Heart Drop New Single Another Day

Another Friday, another release day and "Another Day", the newest single from Glass Heart. It's the band's 5th release since their inception and follows the hugely successful single "Dark" released on 12th June. "Dark" hit some massive milestones for the band amassing an impressive 42.6k views on facebook and 87k spotify streams (not bad for 2 months work). It also got the band featured on Spotify's "New Core" and Amazon Music's "Best New Bands" playlists. Going Dark: An Interview with Glass Heart Now the band take a step forward with their synth-tinged, emotively driven new single "Another Day". This anthem of a single was released today with an accompanying video and it is clear the band h

Lucy Feliz - Last Of The Sun | Album Review

Following on from the success of her haunting debut, Ancestry, Brighton-based artist Lucy Feliz showcases her latest release Last Of The Sun with a pinch of vulnerability. However, it’s clear from the off that this is Feliz at her best, offering a tender lull of melancholic acoustics. This release immediately possesses an ethereal eminence, with hazy whispered vocals and soft, psychedelic tones presenting a recent maturity to her sound. Opener ‘Cowgirl’ encapsulates this vibe perfectly; ghostly vocal tones intertwining with beautifully soft drumbeats to create a sorrowful yet unusually fulfilling sound. This enigmatic tone flows through each single, particularly in ‘Wild Orchids’, highlight

WACO - Hope Rituals | Album Review

The latest release from WACO, Yorkshire’s pop-sitive intergalactic punk band, will bring a smile to your face. Hope Rituals is a tribute to WACO’s late bassist, Chris Cowley, and it tackles some weighty themes. But, as always, WACO has approached these issues with a smile on their face and have produced an album that’s helped them to heal. Oh, and it’s jam-packed with divinely inspired psych-punk bangers – what’s not to like? ‘Wrecking Ball’ introduces Hope Rituals, speaking of hardship, struggles with loss and how they can have a monumental aspect on how we live. These deeply personal thoughts are sung over a track of stripped back raw acoustics, which always makes the bare emotion hit home

Jesus Wept – Apartheid Redux | Album Review

Jesus Wept are one of those bands that can be easily missed. Confused with others and budding beneath the surface of an ever dying American Death Metal scene. Apartheid Redux is their debut album, taking songs from their EP and their single 'Comfortably Dumb' and giving it a whole-ness. Despite their relative freshness, they're putting a lot of stock in these songs. The defining moments of these albums are in the thundering steady beats in the drums and the absolute carnage in their snarling and fierce vocalist. When 'Buried Face Down' hits, it pounds and sparks up in your ears. It's not a particularly unique angle, there are many bands that have a similar old skool Death Metal theme. The di

Narrow Head - 12th House Rock | Album Review

Recently the rock and metal world has seen a number of scenes reviving the styles of years gone past. Whether it's heavier bands like Code Orange that fuse heavy hardcore and metalcore with the industrial elements of Nine Inch Nails, or bands like Ocean Grove and Blood Youth that take heavy influence from the nu metal of the late 90's and early 2000s, amalgamating stylings from genres of this bygone era is very popular right now. Another revival scene going on right now is the riff-gaze revival, that being shoegaze bands that take an equal amount of influence from grunge, alternative metal and hard rock. Some of the biggest 90's bands that played this style would be The Smashing Pumpkins, Hu

Dream Nails - Dream Nails | Album Review

It’s almost mad to think that Dream Nails are still yet to release a full-length record. In their relatively short carer thus far, the London punk witches have become synonymous with feminist DIY punk, taking their queer riot grrl rage to all across the European landmass and becoming the sound of protest near and far. Given this, it’s not too surprising all eyes of the punk inclined are now on the band on the run up to the release of their self titled debut long play. Thankfully, the band do their reputation and the scene justice by providing a recorded experience that’s authentic, barbed and a whole lot of fun. ‘Jillian’, an ode to body positivity and queer joy, springboards the record off

Lonely The Brave Reveal New Album Details

Photo Credit: Carla Mundy Cambridge rockers Lonely The Brave have finally released details regarding their upcoming, third record. The Hope List will be released January 22nd via Easy Life Records. You can pre-order the record HERE. That's not the only good news for the day regarding the band though, the five piece have dropped a video for 'Open Door', the third single taken from the album. Guitarist Mark Trotter had this to say about the record: "Given everything that’s happened to this band, it would have been remiss of us to try rushing into this or do something that wasn’t right. It takes time,” the guitarist reasons. “We’ve been a band for over 10 years and stuck in our ways a lot. Ther

Oceans Of Slumber - Oceans Of Slumber | Album Review

American prog-metallers Oceans of Slumber may be a name unknown to many. Often, music as textured and challenging as progressive metal requires a listener to allow themselves to be immersed into a world created by the artist and, as a result, is lost in the tide of more immediate and instantly-rewarding artists. However, with their fourth and self-titled release, Oceans of Slumber have created an album of majesty and beauty that few artists in alternative music would be able to replicate. Brimming with atmosphere and quality, OOC’s upcoming effort is a mesmerising journey; combining doom-laden breakdowns with moments of intangible, ethereal melody. Opening duo 'Soundtrack To My Last Day' and

CLT DRP - Without The Eyes | Album Review

Whereas the genre of punk and its corresponding scene have long been stereotypically perceived as confrontational, a lot of current artists don’t resonate any sense of urgency whatsoever. With the advent of pop-punk, the vast majority of UK punk bands appear to be male dominated units lamenting their dull love lives whilst awkwardly trying to grapple with issues they don’t fully understand, let alone have experience with. Granted, there are a myriad of DIY artists doing the genre justice right now – Dream Nails, Nova Twins and Petrol Girls for example – but the wider scene is lacking ingenuity, both in terms of musical and lyrical progression. Enter Without The Eyes, the debut record from el

Orchards drop surprise new EP, announce rescheduled dates for 2021!

Brighton math-poppers Orchards have had a bit of a hit and miss year thus far. On one hand they released an utter blinder of a debut with Lovecore, a full-length jam packed full of hooks, riffs and twinkly doodley alt-pop wonder. On the other, they’ve been completely unable to promote it, perform it or give it the live treatment it desperately wants. Nightmare. However, the band haven’t just been sat at home wallowing like the rest of us. Today Orchards drop Acoustic, a surprise EP consisting of intricate acoustic and remixed renditions of tracks from Lovecore. Recorded across separate locations over the lockdown period, the EP see’s the band providing a freshly chill and intimate take on bo

Sensory Amusia – Bereavement | EP Review

Music comes in waves of trends. Death Metal like all Metal falls victim to these popular ideas. A lot of Metal is complicated by the march forward and looking back constantly. The idea is reigniting the passionate fire whilst finding an original voice. But many bands follow the same path – hence we have trends. Sensory Amusia fall into these ideas with their latest EP being Bereavement. A well produced release, Sensory Amusia strive for that mix of Death Metal, Deathcore and some Technical playing. The issue is far from their playing, each song being a solid example of what they can do and how effective and energetic this music is; the issue is that it fails to offer anything new. Relying on

The 13 New Faces Of Hardcore

Photo Credit: Getty Images Since its formation in the blood, beer, and various other liquids stained walls of underground clubs across East and West Coast North America - hardcore has always managed to reinvent itself. Sure, the amount of face lifts the genre has undergone has sometimes begged the question of what hardcore actually is: early adopters Cro-Mags sound nothing like late 90's extremists Converge. Ironically though, it's this level of shape shifting that has often made hardcore the most interesting sub-sector of the alternative conversation. During the 80s boom period of heavy metal the loudest, sometimes most compelling beckons for anti-authority were coming from Black Flag and A

Blues Pills - Holy Moly! | Album Review

Sauntering back into the light of the psychedelic-blues scene after a brief four year break recovering their exhausted and empty minds and bodies from extensive touring, likely readjusting to the chaos that the world seems to be spiralling into. Blues Pills are back with their latest album Holy Moly!, a record that sees the band going back to basics whilst exploring their love of 60's garage rock and devilish blues to monumental success. It seems impossible to step away from the music when you have the work ethic of a band like Blues Pills, especially considering how they embarked to Sweden to create their own studio just for a singular record. The desire and idolization of owning a studio a

Madina Lake Unveil New Single 'Silver Lines'

Still relatively fresh out of hiatus, US rockers Madina Lake have shared a single from their upcoming EP The Beginning Of New Endings, which is set for release on September 18th via Strange Entertainment (The Orchard/Sony). Titled 'Silver Lines', front man Nathan Leone had this to say about the track: "Silver Lines is about the importance of having somebody close to you that reflects the best version of yourself. We all beat the crap out of ourselves so it helps to have a balancing force." The Beginning Of New Endings is the first new music we've received from Madina Lake since 2011's World War III. You can pre-order the new EP here. You can check out 'Silver Lines' via Spotify here or on yo

Glass Ocean - The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else | Album Review

Prog rock is a fickle genre, with a fine line present between innovatively driving and tediously dull. Unfortunately for Australian collective Glass Ocean, their debut album The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else falls into the latter. The 11-track release is full of confliction. How can an album feel so busy yet unfulfilling? The trouble lies with the instrumentation’s failure to intertwine. In all but one track, it translates as the guitars, bass and drums merely coexisting in the same piece, rarely complimenting or even cooperating with one another. They use their off-the-beat and complex rhythms as a USP but lead guitarist Julian Dobric layers plucked solos and chords directly o

Deftones return with massive new single, confirm details on new upcoming record Ohms!

After months of anticipation, Deftones are back with details on their long awaited ninth full-length record and their massive new single, the title track of the record. Titled Ohmns and released September 25th via Warner Records, the record is the follow up to the alt-metal legend’s acclaimed 2016 record Gore. The confirmation of the record comes after the band publicly teased the album art, designed by White Pony artist Frank Maddocks, in Los Angles earlier this week. Offering a first taste of the record is the soaring lead single and title track. Check out the track and the Rafatoon directed video below. Recorded at Henson Studios and Trainwreck Studios, Ohmns see’s Deftones collaborate on


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