CATALAN! - Veritas | Album Review

As the ancient proverb goes, we are all cursed to live in times most interesting indeed. With each passing day it feels like we’re treated to another insight into another news piece set to affect conventional life. From climate change, social media, political turmoil, global economic implosion all the way to the constantly ongoing situation regarding the pandemic, trying to unravel the knot of chaos that is modern life feels like a monumental task reserved only for those willing to lead themselves to madness. But yet, attempting, and more or less succeeding, to comprehend and document the topics of 21st century living is Veritas, the debut album from Northern Ireland's post-everything projec

Bloodstock Festival announces ten additional bands for 2021!

As if the line-up wasn't massive enough already, the UK’s premiere open air metal festival Bloodstock has just added an additional ten bands for next years event in the form of five newcomers and 5 artists previously announced for this year’s canceled festival. Joining the colossal bill already topped by Devin Townsend, Judas Priest and Merciful Fate today are Spanish death yob Noctem, Merseyside hell-raisers Defied, Welsh black metal crew Agrona, South Coast doomsters King Goat and post-metal monoliths Garganjua, with all five bands set to appear on the Sophie Lancaster Stage next year. On top of this, it’s been confirmed that Exhumed, Necrot, Idle Hands, Viscera and Savage Master have all

Introducing... BE

Here's something a bit different to wrap your ears around. Newly formed, Essex based electronic duo BE, were pieced together after a strong friendship between Marc Barnacle and Shel Cribben blossomed into a musical relationship. With a shared history of long term activity in the local music scene and a diverse range of influences acquired along the way the duo came together to create something unique. Initially when Barnacle and Cribben started their journey together there was a relaxed approach to making music, with BE acting as a side project to main musical ventures. However, over time this blossomed into an exciting and integral part of the duo's lives that couldn’t be ignored. Fundament

The Infernal Sea - Negotium Crucis | Album Review

Hailing from the waterlogged marshes of The Fens, UK black metal yob The Infernal Sea have spent the last several years enjoying the spoils of a blossoming career and dotting following. Equally the product of their genre founding influences and the burgeoning UKBM scene in which they represent, the group become ambassadors of the national black metal scene following the release of their 2016 debut The Great Mortality. A record documenting the blighting horrors of the plague and the atrocities man inflicted on each other in order to survive (Don’t dwell on it), the album allowed the band to climb the rungs of the ladder whilst showcasing to many that you need not travel to the windswept Scand

Introducing... In Earnest

Introducing... In Earnest, the indie/emo trio from Southend on Sea, UK. Their open and honest sound both lyrically and instrumentally makes for an all encompassing and emotive listening experience. The band have recently released their single '29' ahead of the release of their debut self-titled EP that is due to be released 7th October. The band are made up of front-couple Sarah and Thomas who take a dual songwriting approach and aim to encourage open and honest conversation around mental health. This provides dialogue from two perspectives; a call from one who feels too much and a response from the other who must plead for them to stay alive. We spoke with In Earnest to find out some more o

Svalbard - When I Die, Will I Get Better? | Album Review

Many have demanded to do so as of late, but seriously, let’s talk about the Bristol based Svalbard. The love child of post-hardcore, post-metal and atmospheric black metal is no longer the new kid on the block, but with their emotive take on such a hybridisation, they’ve long stood as one the biggest names on the streets. With their previous long plays One Day All This Will End and It's Hard To Have Hope, the group utilised their ethereally punishing art to narrate a range of cultural and societal issues afflicting those wrongfully underfoot. Such releases rightfully grabbed the attention of many passing peers and followers of the genres they amalgamate, but with their third release When I D

2000 Trees Festival announces 110 artists for 2021!

Photo: Dominic Meason After the summer just gone, it’s safe to say we’re all in dire need of some good and exciting news to get us through a grim long winter. Thankfully, the award winning 2000 Trees have just confirmed the vast majority of next year’s lineup and goodness me is it a barnstormer of an announcement. Following on from the previously announced Thursday headliner of Jimmy Eat World, Thrice will be headlining Friday performing their ceremonial record Vheissu in full. Previously announced for this year’s cancelled festival, 2021 will play host to Thrice’s 2000 Trees debut and is set to be a colossal set by one of the most inspirational acts. Whilst the final headliner is still set

Charlie Hannah & The Hausplants - Special And Different | Album Review

For a long while now, the Kent music scene has been one of the best kept secrets of the music industry, the artists and bands that inhabit mirroring the idyllic country and seaside getaway destination; most people have probably never even been there, but those that have know just how wonderful it can truly be. Charlie Hannah is one such character that seems to be a sort of glue holding a good portion of the Kent scene together, with a multitude of different projects you'd be hard pressed not to have come across one of his endeavours if you find yourself spending a lot of time in the local music venues that occupy this particular 'garden of England'. Having put out a few solo records on his o

Nasty - Menace | Album Review

Belgian bruisers Nasty have peddled their aural wares for sixteen years after originally forming in 2004. Fast forward to now and they’ve laid waste to stages globally, their profile has gradually risen and they’re on the cusp of dropping seventh album Menace, their first album for Century Media. Their no-holds-barred approach is, even by hardcore standards, incredibly abrasive; upcoming seventh album Menace is described by the band as “four dudes doing fucked up music for a fucked up world”. That’s probably the most accurate summation of Menace. Vulgar, short and straight to the point, this is a slab of musical violence bristling with unbridled aggression. This time around Nasty eschew more

Winter Gardens - Tapestry | EP Review

The wonder of DIY and shoegaze is shown in the varying structures and unique paths artists make throughout their music. A group eager to show off their interpretation is Winter Gardens from the South Coast. The four piece make their first official introduction with debut EP Tapestry. Made up of four tracks, the record pulls together their unique blend of punk and dream-pop. Title track ‘Tapestry’ embraces a soft introduction and floaty accompaniments to set the EP in motion. With echoing guitars and the subtle addition of piano and synths, the building instrumentals create their own rich tapestry of sound; a great reflection of the track’s title. During the bridge section, the vocals continu

Jamie Lenman - King Of Clubs | Album Review

It’s no secret that us lot love a bit of Jamie Lenman. Genuinely one of the most versatile, eccentric and hopelessly likeable figures in the UK alt scene, Lenman seems to have a habit to turning whatever musical endeavour he touches into gold. Be it penning love songs to 2000 Trees Festival, covering music written multiple millennia ago or just releasing his own brilliant idiosyncratic content, every piece of work released under his namesake thus far just bristles with unique charm and character. His latest offering, King Of Clubs, offers more of the same; his signature sound prevails and the mini-album is the perfectly appeasing appetiser for whatever Lenman plans next. Perhaps an embodimen

The Ocean - Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic | Album Review

German post-metallers The Ocean have certainly made a niche for themselves within the progressive metal umbrella. Not only have they stylistically managed to master combining the crushing heaviness of sludge metal and post-metal with the delicate intricacies of post-rock and progressive rock, they are also able to write music that tonally relates to a process or period of time they are talking about. Lyrically they are most well-known for writing about different geological timeframes, this being exemplified the best on their 2007 album Precambrian and the more recently released Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic. Both these albums are linked thematically to each other, telling the story of the Earth

IDLES - Ultra Mono | Album Review

Every once in a while, there comes along a band that gives the music industry a good ol' shake up. One such band - as you likely are already well aware - are the Bristolian punk outfit IDLES. Now three full length records into their career, along with a sold out in less than 24 hours show at Ally Pally and multiple upcoming packed out shows at the legendary Brixton Academy under their belts, the global industry has been given no choice but to take this band very, very seriously. At this point it wouldn't be too far a stretch to say the IDLES are one of the most pivotal bands in the entire musical landscape right now, not just because they're bonafide sensations but because they get people ta

Through The Eyes: An Interview with Year Of The Knife

“It’s difficult to sum up my feelings on this year. It’s been hopeless and frustrating and depressing, to be honest.” ​Madi Watkins​, bassist of ​Year Of The Knife,​ doesn’t mince her words when asked about her reaction to the events of 2020 thus far. “There is so much pain and injustice towards black and brown people in the US specifically, and when you stack the pandemic and the issues across the world on top of that, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.” It’s a sentiment many of us will share. ​Year Of The Knife​’s newest album ​Internal Incarceration​ expresses these feelings of frustration in the way that the Delaware band knows best, through pure, cathartic rage. I

Sundressed - Home Remedy | Album Review

It seems as though everyday that goes by in 2020 has been a struggle with very little optimism or hope remaining in the world. The light at the end of the tunnel seems to just be a faint flicker, seemingly extinguished with every small breeze that blows.This is very much a similar reason why Arizona indie-punks Sundressed where birthed into life, being built on the same fundamentals of living on a chaotic planet that at times can be so hard to deal with in the midst of uncertainty. Even more so for lead vocalist Trevor Hedges who began his project in 2012 as a means to ensure his sobriety would remain intact. Related: Mental Health, Recharging, Coffee - A quick interview and chat with Sundre

For The Sake Of The Speed: The Top 5 Best Rollercoasters with Serena Cherry of Svalbard!

The euphoric heights, the stomach wringing lows and the adrenaline pumping inversions. When she's not busy fronting the post-metal powerhouse Svalbard, Serena Cherry is co-running CoasterForce, an online platform devoted to all things rollercoaster related. A bonafide coaster aficionado, Serena has spent years travelling the globe in order to experience the very best of what the world's theme parks have to offer, documenting and videoing her pursuits for fellow thrill seekers. With Svalbard's hotly awaited new record When I Die, Will I Get Better? out this week via Church Road, we got in touch with Serena to discover the best rollercoasters she's got to experience so far. "When I'm not being

Deftones - Ohms | Album Review

Back in January – when we were all oh-so blissfully ignorant to the horrors 2020 would play host to – the world of contemporary music was busy ruminating on the albums that were set to be released over the course of the year. Whist such a list was jammed with a plethora of major artists, one such release topped the list in bold italics; the ninth studio album from Deftones. Following on from nine months of feverish anticipation and speculation, the world is now on the tantalising cusp of experiencing the just recently announced Ohms. But the question remains, is the record worth the countless days of baited trepidation, especially when considering the more polarising nature of 2016’s Gore? W

Válvera – Cycle of Disaster | Album Review

The problem with Thrash Metal is that it's hard to play, and even harder to break through to the genuinely amazing bands that make it such an imitable genre. It's also a genre that has standard the test of time for at least 40 years. As such, it has been tried, tested, told and retold and with many bands aiming for very similar things. Válvera, from Brazil, are amongst a more modern variety, but have these same difficulties as many other Thrash Metal bands do. The rough shouts and fast musicianship is a staple of the genre, not just of Válvera, who wear this badge with pride. The guitars take a focus, throwing in solo's with precision and honed production values, but then so does a lot of Th

Mental Health, Recharging, Coffee - A quick interview and chat with Sundressed

It’s commonly associated as a genre of youthfully giddy rebellion, but indie-punk and pop-punk has served as an outlet of frustration for countless young bands over the decades. However, as such bands age, many make peace with their adolescent woes, losing that drive and spark that fuels their work. In contrast, others substitute the central themes within their art, reinventing their music for other righteous purposes that bolster their skills. Fitting into the latter category is Arizona based indie-punk outfit Sundressed. Originally formed as a way for frontman Trevor Hedges to maintain his sobriety, Sundressed has recently refocused their mission statement. Eight years on from the band’s i

Plague Years - Circle Of Darkness | Album Review

Crossover thrash is having something of a renaissance of late and has always held an appeal for its delighting in the carnage resulting from the collision of breakneck thrash and brutal hardcore. Where better, then, could a band emerge from than the abandoned industrial hellpits of Detroit? If Plague Years have anything to say about it - and they have plenty to say with debut Circle Of Darkness - nowhere does it better. Album opener ‘Play the Victim’ will make abundantly clear if Plague Years are for you or not. A brief ambient intro soon gives way and a thick, chunky guitar tone paired with thunderous drumming enters the fray at a mid-paced stomp. This, too, lasts a very short time before a


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