King Mothership Announce Album Details And Reveal First Single


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July 17, 2020

If you like your rock music loud, bolshy, and tinged with furious early-2000s urgency, then Asylums are the band for you. Their second album Genetic Cabaret is a political commentary on all things Donald Trump, Brexit, widening class contrasts and generational divides. It offers you something to scream along to at the top of your lungs and lyrically, Asylums have written some simply impeccable powerful protest songs forged via personal and societ...

July 16, 2020

“Just because The 1975 are the biggest guitar band in the world, doesn’t mean that we have to go full fucking 80s,” laughed Rob Flynn, bassist and vocalist of The Winter Passing. Not that they have anything against The 1975, but The Winter Passing wanted their second album to be a true representation of them. 

That album, called New Ways of Living, is a collection of deeply personal songs, and it’s one that we absolutely love. When starting the wr...

July 2, 2020

New Ways of Living - the sophomore album from Irish indie/emo quintet The Winter Passing - is a wonderfully upbeat, versatile LP. It’s easy to envision these songs blaring through open car windows on a sunny road trip, or hearing the anthemic choruses being sung in a sweaty, crowded venue. There are also moments of contemplation on the record, with quieter tracks ‘I Want You’ and ‘Mind Yourself’, which encourage a moment to just listen quietly....

June 23, 2020

Just before the United Kingdom shut down, Gloucestershire alt-rock band Mirages were busy rehearsing with their newest band members. They were due to play their first gig as a unit, which was unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, cancelled. So what are they planning next? How are they entertaining their audience during this period of rare downtime that many of us are experiencing? We spoke (remotely) to guitarist/singer Jake Chown to find out. 


June 17, 2020

For reasons we don’t need to explain, festivals this summer are - unfortunately - a no-go. But Sub Cultures, fresh from from the South-West, will bring the festival to you with their summery brand of indie-punk. The band are spread throughout the Forest of Dean, South Wales, and Gloucester, but they haven’t let this distance stop them from making music. 

Frontman Kane Radnor explained that their second single, ‘Alone’, was recorded “during Lo...

May 14, 2020

Over the past six years, Sertraline has established themselves as incredible prog-rock bruisers. They’ve expanded their horizons since then and their latest offering, Clouded Minds and Silver Lines, has built on the riff-heavy foundations to offer up five spectacularly bold new tracks. 

Sertraline’s signature sound includes interesting vocals - from guttural growls to stunning melodic crooning, Clouded Minds has it all. The vocals flow with the mu...

April 23, 2020

Much like 2017's full length Normal, The latest offering from Pittsburgh folk-punk mainstay The Homeless Gospel Choir is filled with emotion and loathing for our current geopolitical climate masked by pretty pop-punk. However, This Land Is Your Landfill see's Derek Zanetti - the man behind the project - with more venom in his words, more frustration in his bloodstream and more energy in his delivery. The upbeat guitars gently shift focus from the...

March 11, 2020

As you may have heard, Haggard Cat are the band that entombed themselves within concrete for 24 hours in protest of Brexit. A collective that have always laughed in the face of conformity and obedience, they’re a duo that has never approached music conventionally and their latest venture, Common Sense Holiday is no different. It’s 11 tracks of varying length, each commenting on different aspects of modern life and it's respective turmoil and...

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