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Covet To Return With Sophomore Record Technicolor, Share Endearing Video For New Single ‘Nero’!


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February 18, 2020

Raucous grime-punk outfit PENGSHUi are ready to crack your cranium open with the burst of sonic discharge that is their self-titled debut album. Forget what you knew about Hadouken! or Astroid Boys, this trio are the rawest, hardest, most aggressive take on this crossover style sound that you’ve ever heard. Brace yourselves.

“YES MATE, COME ON”, belts bar spitter Illaman as the hum of Chris Hargreaves (AKA Fatty Bassman) 4 string feedback machine...

February 5, 2020

By now you may well have already heard of the global phenomenon The HU (not to be confused with Roger Daltrey and co). Despite forming less than four years ago, the Mongolian group have shaken the musical world with their unique brand of “Hunnu Rock”, with their music video for 'Wolf Totem' already boasting well over 25 million views since its release in late 2018. Chances are you've probably come across this video at some point, as it became a v...

November 6, 2019

It’s been a long time coming, but the debut album from London duo Anavae is finally here. 12 bursts of sound pushing the envelope further than ever before, 45 sees the band break down the boundaries of genre and bend them to their own will. The result a collective of songs that emerge from the ashes of inner turmoil, like a gold-coated phoenix taking flight to be admired in all its shimmering glory.

The scope of this album is gargantuan, from bomb...

October 28, 2019

Fresh off the release of their latest single ‘One Man Army’ British metal crew Shvpes assembled a top class line up of bands for their headline show at Mama Roux’s, a nifty little venue tucked away in Birmingham. 

Opening the night is Chapter And Verse [8], a band who captivate and mesmerise through poetic lyricism and beautiful melody, laden with bursts of Darren Goslings lively guitar noise and Kevin Millers pounding drum beats. They start...

October 8, 2019

Norwegian prog-metallers Sarpedon, after some setbacks and line up changes, got together a finalised crew of six members to begin recording their sophomore full length release: Before The Nightingale Sings back in 2016. After a good few years of hard work, it is now, in the final quarter of 2019 that they unleash it upon the world.

The opening track 'Spiritual War' bursts to life with a clash of thrashy, chunky guitar, blasting drum beats and hard...

February 19, 2019

Lisbon Hardcore unit PUSH! recently dropped their latest album Dark Dive, a blistering foray of gnarly brutalism that marks their third full length release as a band. Visceral and raw, this album embodies many of the qualities that keep fans coming back to the genre, making prevalent use of each members instrumental abilities alongside frontman Nuno Cruz's rough vocal style.

'Free At Last' opens the record up with a bang. Chuggy guitars and lots o...

February 12, 2019

InVisions are a Metalcore band from York, UK, and with their secondary album Between You & Me, they could potentially become the highest bidders for the title of heaviest Metalcore band in the world right now. Combining crushing riffs with huge orchestral synths amongst a plethora of other sound, ranging from tight Deathcore vocals through Nu-Metal verses, they wear their influences on their sleeves and accentuate each and every one of them to th...

January 22, 2019

Fast approaching is the release of Chapter and Verse’s second EP; just a slither, a small taste of what’s to come from a band ready to leap from the shadows into the spotlight. With so many elements at play, Glow should solidify the East London quartets place as a band you’ll want to put your support behind.

Opening with the sombrely melodic ‘The Casket’, you’re introduced to vocalist Josh Carter’s unique brand of emotionally ripe poetry, comparat...

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