The Shows Must Go On: The Crucial Refuge Of The Mothers' Ruin


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March 5, 2019

A big name in extreme metal, Children of Bodom bring a genre blend of Melodic Synths, Neoclassical arrangements and fast and powerful Metal; taking cues from Black/Death Metal. It is actually incredibly difficult to define their genre, they are just Children of Bodom. Since exploding in to the scene with albums like Are You Dead Yet? and Hate Crew Deathroll, or the even earlier Follow the Reaper or Hatebreeder, they have struggled to live up to i...

August 6, 2018

In conversation with Ravenface to discuss their music and the festival whilst at TechFest the UK Tech Metal festival!

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May 22, 2018

Although a lot of modern Death Metal looks to a highly polished sense of brutality paired with precision, the roots of Death Metal were far more sporadically intense. Taking Thrash to an extreme, Death Metal sometimes shared a raw nature that Black Metal took to the forefront. With this a lot of the older Death Metal bands have a thundering bass and a course sense of punishment that runs through it. Despite the growing popularity and diversity of...

May 8, 2018

The Norwegian Black Metal band, Dimmu Borgir, are no strangers to controversy, particularly surrounding musical style and genre. Their brand of Symphonic Black Metal has taken Black Metal to more mainstream audiences. In more recent years the line-up has had a bit of a shift around. Long-time members ICS Vortex and Mustis left the band before the release of Abrahadabra, leaving behind some signature clean vocals and trading synths for a full scal...

May 1, 2018

Canadians seem to have a bit of a knack for metal and if anything, it’s only growing. AxMinister are one such piece of Thrash to come out of this country and do so with a theatrical edge. They like their metal to be ‘Metal!’ and this certainly shows in their music too. Though this, The Crucible of Sin, is their first EP or Album since their debut album back in 2015 – Betray Everything.

Instantly the playful tone is set with a few moans of pleasure...

April 3, 2018

 Primordial are one of those rare metal bands from Ireland that have actually made a huge impact. Their contributions to Black Metal allows them to stand amongst many an evil giant. Combining Black Metal and Folk Metal isn’t new but their sound struck a distinct meld of experimental Black Metal with clean harrowing vocals, accompanying a bleak worldview as the raw sounds meld with snarls to develop their sound. Exile Amongst the Ruins is their ni...

February 20, 2018

Blackened Death Metallers Necrophobic are veterans in their field. Bringing us aggressive and evil sounds since 1989 all the way from Sweden. Their eighth studio album Mark of Necrogram is their first full length since 2013 and follows 2017s EP Pesta. Scandinavians have a real magic for all things Black and Death, bringing us some truly violent sounds in a way that sounds purely Scandinavian. Necrophobic have come far to hone their sound and feel...

January 16, 2018

New to the scene, Obscene, release their debut EP this Thursday (18th Jan). This Death Metal act from Indianapolis have only been around since 2016. Bands such as this are always interesting to give a try, as there’s usually the mark of a band trying to find their sound; both in the raw energy and the chaotic experimental nature of their music. Obscene are no exception to this. Serman to the Snake reflects a certain raw energy and chaos.


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