Invenire Pondere Sanctuarii: Mysterious New Collective Plagues Have Emerged


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October 31, 2019

Metal is often unrelenting, forceful and powerfully delivered meaning that getting a balance of heavy riffs, harshly defined vocals and interesting lyricism is key to crafting a great set of tracks. A consistent style in the way a band releases their tracks is the key to creating a sense of solidarity in sound and image, particularly as they evolve. 

It is without doubt then that CREATURE want to create a very specific image about their...

June 21, 2019

Experimental, eclectic and evocatively produced, the latest release from American alternative metal band VEXES has a lot to give.

Ancient Geometry is a fast paced combination of heavy, tremulous guitar riffs smattered over an ever present rock and roll drum beat. It makes for quite a lightly juxtaposed performance that doesn’t appear to align with the title specifically but ultimately is an at times enthralling listen.

As the bands name suggests,...

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