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Satan, The Devil, The Prince Of Darkness. Whatever you want to call him, it's safe to say the red skinned dude has been more than an inspiration to music as a medium since the dawn of time. In celebration of their forthcoming EP DRUGS,  a slightly cabin fevered Ashley Tubb of Bristolian doomgaze collective Sugar Horse got in touch to inform us of the best songs ever written about the dark lord below. 

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March 30, 2020

Self-released just this Friday last, And The Rain Stopped - the debut from London based alt-rock trio Birthmarks - is a stellar offering that is essentially impossible within a singular stylistic pigeonhole. Within the suave and seductive long play Birthmarks discuss their open relationships with anxiety, loss, sex and obsession through a myriad of inspirations including, emo, trip-hop, electronica and more. With the record now out we got in touc...

March 13, 2020

If one was to somehow harness and utilise the energy emitted from noise-punks Haggard Cat the global energy crisis would be solved within an instant. A collaboration that laugh in the rosy face of conformity and convention, the duo have spent the last several years bringing their feral craft to all corners of the nation, leaving nothing but waste and bemusement in their wake. However, bigger and grander things await the band from here on out. Rel...

February 28, 2020

The finalists for the fourth annual Heavy Music Awards have been announced, comprising 11 categories of 7 nominees, entirely based on the nominations of almost 700 individuals working across the music industry. We were lucky enough to weigh in on this and it is amazing to see some Noizze-championed bands and indivudals on the bill including:

Sleep Token for "Best Album" 

Employed To Serve and Venom Prison for "Best UK Band"

Cold Years, Ithaca, ...

February 28, 2020

Imagine a band boasting members of Delta Sleep, Luo and Broker – what does it sound like? Whatever you’re mentally envisioning, it probably differs greatly from the actual reality. Formed of UK left-field royalty, Brighton’s InTechnicolour present slack and stoned desert groove with a vibrant and contemporary twist. With their new album Big Sleeper out now via Big Scary Monsters, we got in touch with the band to find out what albums where inspira...

February 27, 2020

Belgium – a quaint and historic country famed for it’s luscious pastures and serene cobblestoned streets. However, beneath the nation’s charming facade a musical creature of utmost peculiarity contorts in perpetual restlessness. Enter the surrealist world of the ever idiosyncratic beast that is The Guru Guru, Belgium’s latest musical export of top tier quality.

A band that deals in what they define as ‘borderline-rock’, the qui...

February 22, 2020

Regardless if you're a post-rock aficionado or a genre casual, the incredible sophomore record from Glaswegian post-rockers VASA is sonic tale that offers universal relatability An instrumental concept record that details the turbulent adventure that is growing up, Heroics is a jubilant and relatable contrast against the tawdry soundscapes commonly associated with post-rock. We recently spoke to guitarist Scott Coupar, who detailed the five album...

February 14, 2020

In many ways, Pat Sheridan embodies exactly what it means to be a guitarist on the front line of extreme metal in 2020. Having been a prominent figure in Fit For An Autopsy's sometimes slow, but always sure ascension: he's one of the many musicians in alternative music that have had to scratch and claw for every segment of success they could dig their nails in to for over a decade, but in essence: there's really no one else like him. 

His pre...

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