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September 9, 2020

You may not be acquainted with the indie-pop quartet Snow Coats as of yet, but believe us, you’re going to be hearing their name repeatedly over the next few months. The product of the burgeoning Dutch indie scene, the group have spent the last year riding a wave of success within the Netherlands following the release of their debut long play Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders. Whilst the band are yet to break into our scene just yet, they're set...

September 4, 2020

They say love is dead, but according to '68 love is ain't dead. From the land of the brave and free (Atlanta, Georgia), the musical duo delivers a small appetizer in the form of a semi-surprise EP. Following up on the 2017 record Two Parts Viper, former The Chariot frontman Josh Scogin this time employs the young Nikko Yamada as the band's new drummer. Their bluesy punk rock drew the attention of Alice In Chains and Foo Fighters produce...

September 4, 2020

There comes certain moments in bands’ careers when they decide to lay down the gauntlet, shooting for the stars with an eye on achieving musical immortality. Baltimore’s Exist are only on their third album, but with Egoiista, they have accomplished something quite brilliant; a dense and heady puzzle, a musical jigsaw that has been handed over with too many pieces to fit together.

Egoiista is Prog with a capital ‘P’. There are fusion solos, cosmic,...

August 31, 2020

Eleven albums into an illustrious career, Pain Of Salvation are arguably the quintessential prog band. Always changing and evolving their sound, the band have remained consistent throughout. 2017’s In The Passing Light Of Day was a very intimate affair written in the wake of vocalist Daniel Gildenlow’s hospitalisation and subsequent near-death experience that seemed to harken a return to guitar-driven music. 

On eleventh album Panther, the band se...

August 28, 2020

Following on from the success of her haunting debut, Ancestry, Brighton-based artist Lucy Feliz showcases her latest release Last Of The Sun with a pinch of vulnerability.  However, it’s clear from the off that this is Feliz at her best, offering a tender lull of melancholic acoustics.

This release immediately possesses an ethereal eminence, with hazy whispered vocals and soft, psychedelic tones presenting a recent maturity to her sound. Open...

August 27, 2020

The latest release from WACO, Yorkshire’s pop-sitive intergalactic punk band, will bring a smile to your face. Hope Rituals is a tribute to WACO’s late bassist, Chris Cowley, and it tackles some weighty themes. But, as always, WACO has approached these issues with a smile on their face and have produced an album that’s helped them to heal. Oh, and it’s jam-packed with divinely inspired psych-punk bangers – what’s not to like?

‘Wrecking Ball’ intro...

August 27, 2020

Jesus Wept are one of those bands that can be easily missed. Confused with others and budding beneath the surface of an ever dying American Death Metal scene. Apartheid Redux is their debut album, taking songs from their EP and their single 'Comfortably Dumb' and giving it a whole-ness. Despite their relative freshness, they're putting a lot of stock in these songs.

The defining moments of these albums are in the thundering steady beats in the dru...

August 27, 2020

Recently the rock and metal world has seen a number of scenes reviving the styles of years gone past. Whether it's heavier bands like Code Orange that fuse heavy hardcore and metalcore with the industrial elements of Nine Inch Nails, or bands like Ocean Grove and Blood Youth that take heavy influence from the nu metal of the late 90's and early 2000s, amalgamating stylings from genres of this bygone era is very popular right now.

Another rev...

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