King Mothership Announce Album Details And Reveal First Single


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May 29, 2018

There’s a common and frustratingly fraudulent misconception in the mainstream media concerning extreme metal and music as a whole. In a manner most ignorant and somewhat uneducated, many people foreign to the genre perceive the subject matter within all extreme musical content as nothing more than frenzied, demonic and comical preaching’s of violence and occult worship. As we all know, It’s a ridiculous and cliched stereotype that many acts have...

May 29, 2018

Today’s entertainment addicts are constantly yearning for new and exciting content to quench their thirst for any number of reasons and time-frames, usually resorting to the popularisation of over-saturated, sloppy and recycled material being pushed on a daily basis. For artists such as Snow Patrol, the decision to wait and create the art that is right for them shall surely be greeted by a pleasant welcome from fans, with tracks revealing the gut...

May 29, 2018

When it comes to industrial music, there seems to be a very clear divide. German Industrial is so unique, so powerful and so big. It’s instantly recognisable. The strong beats accompanied by industrial sounds and oomph-esque guitars. Gottwut aren’t long on the scene, coming from 2015 and actually, in a twist, coming from Moscow and not Germany at all. However, the German sound is so inherent to their sound that the influence is unmistakable. Kong...

May 27, 2018

Kicking off day two, Weatherstate (8) bring their Descendants influenced, poppy, punk rock to the Vocalzone Stage. Performing to a small crowd at this early time in the day doesn’t affect the band as they sound tight and sound raw but completely polished. Even though the audience turn out wasn’t huge, they clearly pleased the crowd that were there. It’s exciting to see where the band will take their potential in the future.

Over to the smallest...

May 27, 2018

Fan of crazy talented vocalists, passion-filled music and sonically driven songs? Good, you are in the right place. Introducing... Run Maggie Run.

Formed in late 2015, Run Maggie Run was the solo project of singer/rhythm guitarist Gavin Rees.  While the initial recording was full of emotional feel, a full band line up joined to add to this brooding talent.

Commenting on their progress and what led them here the band state "...we've had a major...

May 26, 2018

When Bleeding Through originally announced that they called it day back in 2014, quite a few metaphorical tears where shed within the international metalcore scene. Founded almost 20 years ago in 1999, the Californian metalcore group arose to prominence in their respective scene following their 2003 release This Is Love, This Is Murderous. The album, and the records that were released in the following years, helped to usher in a new wav...

May 25, 2018

Teddy Rocks started as a solitary show back in 2012 with the means to raise money for children’s cancer, and ever since, it has continued to grow whilst also raising an astonishing amount of money for an incredible cause. This year Teddy Rocks returns bigger and better in every way. The line-up is stacked with exceptionally varied acts and the production quality rivals the biggest UK festivals. With each return the quality keeps improving. Luckil...

May 24, 2018

Touted as one of the future forerunners from the recent melodic hardcore resurgence, I, The Mapmaker have shown critics why they both have and deserve the buzz that surrounds them. The south coast quintet have come out all guns blazing with their first release, Searching, an elegantly crafted and superbly mixed effort thanks to the wonders of Lewis Johns.

Right from the offset with the huge, gritty riffs of 'Ghostwalker' all the way through u...

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