King Mothership Announce Album Details And Reveal First Single


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November 29, 2018

Light Years make it clear even from just their Facebook bio that they love Blink 182 – and don’t we all? But there’s a fine line between being so in awe of a band that you’re inspired to make music to parallel their iconic sound and just ripping them off entirely. Whether it’s a combination of Pat Kennedy’s vocals which sound a bit too much like Mark Hoppus at times, or the scattering riffs; most songs on Afterlife could snuggly fit in on the Tee...

November 28, 2018

With the recent announcements coming in for this major festival of Metal, it is hard not to be excited. As the bands also seem to be as well, recently Grand Magus has been put in charge of Friday’s Sophie Lancaster stage as the Frontman/Guitarist comments: “We are honoured to be headlining the Sophie Lancaster stage and we will put our hearts and souls into making it something special for all of you.  Can't wait to see you all!" We also saw Death...

November 28, 2018

Dirty blues is a genre one might expect to thrive most heavily within the murky swamps of the Louisiana Bayou, but Scottish trio The Howling Lords provide enough hard-edged, fuzz-infused tones that bring the genre much closer to home. The windswept and salt-blasted Isle of Lewis, (where the band call home) sits on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean; providing a sublime habitat for the raw, gritty, high energy sound encapsulated on Texas Med...

November 27, 2018

While on the cusp of it, extreme metal may come with its fair share of limitations - when doubled down on the reward is often worth the risk. And that's the most poignant description you could possibly hand to Monasteries latest haymaker of an EP Pulmonary Failure (possibly the most metal name for an EP in the history of music).

Confined to a post-it note, Pulmonary Failure is little more than a 20 minute slaughterhouse of beatdown annihilation....

November 27, 2018

Throughout Metal history there have been many times when the links to classical music has been emphasised – whether by documentary, covering songs or incorporating it into the musical style; like in Symphonic Metal or the guitar riff of Accept’s ‘Metal Heart’ falling into ‘Fur Elise’. Metallica made a further statement on this with their live album S & M, which saw them tour with a full orchestra to enhance their music live. Since then bands such...

November 27, 2018

While fans continue to dwell under the lack of a midlands date next year, the annual day event Slam Dunk Festival has shared eleven new hot additions to their 2019 line up. Renowned for their colossal pop-punk bands that appear each year, the festival also manages to reel in some of the greats in modern ska, rock and metal.

The first wave saw Baltimore pop-punters All Time Low take the headline spot for the May Bank Holiday celebration. Joining th...

November 27, 2018

Introducing... Cutting Teeth.

Hailing from Yorkshire, the five piece are definitely out to turn heads with their latest release 'First Cut'. Charging and dominant riffs layered with commanding vocals and that's just the start of it. Start to finish the EP is an onslaught on the ears. Opener "Devils In Details" opens the EP like a huge kick to the nuts whilst "Life Of A Loser" shows off a little more technicality.

There is enough variance in the EP...

November 27, 2018

It is a great time to be alive when looking at the South Wales rock scene. Some huge names are beginning to establish themselves (Dream State, Casey, Holding Absence) and it really feels like this is further inspiring the local talent to push the boundaries. Here is something a little different but no less talented...

Introducing... FORT. The band hail from Pontypool, South Wales and what they have managed to produce is nothing short of spectacula...

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