Invenire Pondere Sanctuarii: Mysterious New Collective Plagues Have Emerged


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August 25, 2019

Having seemingly dropped off the edge of the world, Aviana have made their return. The Gothenburg metallers had spent large portions of the last couple of years inactive due to the departure of their former vocalist. However, with new record Epicenter, Faith hast been restored in Joel Holmqvist, the bands new vocalist, which means the band can pick up where they left off with their 2017 debut Polarize.

Time away from a band can be benefi...

June 21, 2019

Experimental, eclectic and evocatively produced, the latest release from American alternative metal band VEXES has a lot to give.

Ancient Geometry is a fast paced combination of heavy, tremulous guitar riffs smattered over an ever present rock and roll drum beat. It makes for quite a lightly juxtaposed performance that doesn’t appear to align with the title specifically but ultimately is an at times enthralling listen.

As the bands name suggests,...

May 11, 2017

Citing influences from Slipknot and Alter Bridge, Italian alternative metal outfit ANEWRAGE are a bunch that manage to cause a surprise in more ways than one. 

On the band - drummer and programmer Alessandro Ferrarese said: We consider ourselves more a family than a band. We’ve all know each other since we were kids and we’ve been playing together since we were 12. ANEWRAGE is just a nickname, a monicker; something we can use to call this...

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