David Sanchez: "I didn't care about being 'IN', I still really don't"


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October 10, 2019

When you think of the ancient Irish capital city of Dublin, you may think of picturesque cobblestone streets, fanciful hospitality and most probably Guinness. However, within beneath it’s labyrinthine streets a technological wonder of man’s creation lies restless, one that has previously been dormant for seven years. However, this bastardised beast has arisen once more. Dearly beloved by lovers of all things avant-garde and mentally stimulating,...

November 28, 2017

In an increasingly divided genre that sees new subgenres spring up all the time, it’s refreshing to see a band returning to the roots of the genre to play some no-nonsense rock and roll. Dublin’s Samarkind, formed just 12 months ago in 2016 and featuring vocalist David P. Byrne (Assassin, Friday’s Child) and guitarist Michal Kulbaka (Lancelot Lynx), are stripping the genre back to its bare essentials - heavy grooves and a massive dose of the blue...

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