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Haggard Cat Breakdown The Walls With New Single European Hardware, Detail New Album


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September 18, 2018

 Photo: Joe Singh

It's difficult to pinpoint an act who embody the spirit of tasteful left-field experimentation more than Arcane Roots. Whilst at ArcTanGent we sat down with Jack Welch (drums) to chat about Melancholia Hymns, the Landslide EP, and upcoming electronic tour. 

Hi mate, you've got two sets ahead of you today, how you feeling about it?

Jack: Very excited. We haven't played here for a couple of years but last time we...

September 13, 2018

 Photo: Carl Battams

As the masses furiously down coffee to subdue those ever-lethal end of festival hangovers, the Frenchmen in Jean Jean (7.5) take to the breezy air to provide the visceral soundtrack to everyone’s hungover extensional crisis. Supplying post-rock with substantively cinematic influence, the group’s output carries enough emotional and climatic heft to rival the work of Hans Zimmer. With the group performing content from their most...

August 11, 2018

 Photo: Joe Singh

Goodness me, we’re only a short number of days away from the incredible alternative and contemporary music celebration that is ArcTanGent. This time next week we’ll (hopefully) be basking in the late summer sun getting our collective minds blown by some of the best experimental music and artists available. With that in mind, here’s part two of our top 10 bands to see at the festival next week.

Pijn & Conjuer: Curse These Meta...

 Photo: Ben Morse

Haggard Cat (8), a duo formed of the former band HECK opened the main stage for final day of 2000 Trees 2018. The band drew quite the crowd, despite the early slot and quite a few obvious hangovers! Opening with a repeated guitar riff, the crowd fell silent as punchy drums were brought in and the song transformed into ‘Grave Digger’. The duo didn’t let up with their onslaught of riffs, which were cleverly coupled with danceable e...

August 4, 2018

 Photo: Joe Singh

And thus, we enter into August, the final month so summer, and ultimately, the impending end of this year’s festival season. Boo. However, on the other hand, we’re now only a few weeks from the world’s best experimental and contemporary music festival, ArcTanGent. Sat atop the scenic Mendip hills between the dates of 16th and 18th of August, the festival focuses on presenting the best of what post-rock, math-rock and contemporary...

August 3, 2018

 Photo: Dom Meason

Scottish rockers The XCERTS released their fourth studio album, Hold On To Your Heart in January. We caught up with Tom Heron (drums) between the band’s sets at 2000 Trees festival to talk about touring, recording, and their plans for the rest of 2018!

Hi Tom! Murray and Jordan just played their Forest Session. How was that?

Tom: They did, yes! I had the pleasure of watching my own band play a few songs. They did well!

What wa...

 Photo: Dom Meason

Despite the odd smattering of precipitation which may have just been the result of the date being Friday the 13th, the second day of 2000 Trees 2018 was fantastic. With sets from Grumble Bee, Vodun, Creeper, Touche Amore, Jamie Lenman, Twin Atlantic and many, many more, you can imagine what went down. 

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Jack Bennett performs under the alias of Grumble Bee (8). He opened the Forest...

July 27, 2018

 Photo: Dom Meason

Londoners Press to MECO released their second album, Here’s to the Fatigue earlier this year, and we caught up with them between their sets at 2000 Trees Festival to chat about writing music, playing shows, and who was worth watching at the festival.

Hey guys, how did you find your set?

Lewis: It was great!

Luke: Yeah, we really enjoyed it!

You’re playing The Forest tomorrow, how is it playing full sets then switching to the strippe...

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