David Sanchez: "I didn't care about being 'IN', I still really don't"


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April 29, 2020

As you will probably know, the Covid-19 crisis has utterly ravaged the music industry. Artists all across the nation have been dealt an incredibly heavy blow by the pandemic, with canceled or rescheduled shows resulting in a loss of income and other financial difficulties due to non-refundable bookings and other expenses. However, it’s not only the musicians that are being effected by this. With every cancelled show, tour managers, sound & light...

March 13, 2020

If one was to somehow harness and utilise the energy emitted from noise-punks Haggard Cat the global energy crisis would be solved within an instant. A collaboration that laugh in the rosy face of conformity and convention, the duo have spent the last several years bringing their feral craft to all corners of the nation, leaving nothing but waste and bemusement in their wake. However, bigger and grander things await the band from here on out. Rel...

March 11, 2020

As you may have heard, Haggard Cat are the band that entombed themselves within concrete for 24 hours in protest of Brexit. A collective that have always laughed in the face of conformity and obedience, they’re a duo that has never approached music conventionally and their latest venture, Common Sense Holiday is no different. It’s 11 tracks of varying length, each commenting on different aspects of modern life and it's respective turmoil and...

January 23, 2020

Opening proceedings on this bitterly cold evening are the Cotswold’s own Scene Of My Demise (7). For those select few not overly knowledgable of the history behind the Gloucestershire alternative scene, the group have been a perpetual presence within the area for approximately two decades now. Seemingly unknown to the majority in attendance however, tonight marks Scene Of My Demise’s final show. Even with the collective age of the group potential...

December 5, 2019

The rambunctious force of nature that is Haggard Cat have debuted their latest single in form of 'European Hardware', which is set to appear on their forthcoming sophomore record Common Sense Holiday, out March 13th via Earache Records.

An outspoken rager that documents the obscenity of Brexit and the inevitable cultural catastrophe that is set to follow, the occupying music video is a visual telling of the group’s recent literal entombment. In la...

November 18, 2019

Jamie Lenman is a man that needs no introduction. We’ve watched his energetic performances at 2000 Trees, enjoyed his records for years, and honestly, it’s no secret that we really quite like him. When the announcement of a tour supporting his latest musical feat, Shuffle was released, we jumped at the chance to head to ye olde ship Thekla to party with him and the mighty Haggard Cat.

Opening the show at Thekla was Haggard Cat (9), a band came fro...

Photo: Gareth Bull

Bristol math rock three-piece Sœur’s (7.5) first set of the weekend was colossal. The harmonies of vocalist/guitarists Tina Maynard and Anya Pulver were hauntingly beautiful, a perfect juxtaposition with their meaty riffs. They flew through old favourites including ‘Fight’ and ‘Slow Days’ and treated us to newer material too. Their latest single, ‘Do What I Want’ sounded huge with the audience singing the words back to the band....

August 25, 2018

(Photo: Helen Messenger) 

There seems to be a commonly believed fallacy that the more members and instruments a musical act has, the more deeper and expansive the output. Yeah, it’s completely undeniable that there’s a plethora of acts containing a high number of members who release phenomenal multitextured and dynamic work, but believing that the amount of members directly collarates alongside the quality of work is nothing more than falsehood. W...

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